Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Actor Dawn Wells, best known as Mary Ann in the 1960s sitcom "Gilligan’s Island," died from COVID-19 complications, her publicist said


Dawn Wells, Mary Ann on 'Gilligan's Island,' Dies at 82. Wells died of causes related to COVID-19.


Ted Cruz is pocketing the money he's raising for Georgia Republicans. And he's not alone.


“Kelly Loeffler has been campaigning with a klansman,” Ossoff repeatedly declared when asked if he was worried about allegations surrounding Raphael Warnock


The weaselly semantics here (“distribute” instead of “vaccinate”) are the same as the Trump administration’s efforts to blame states for the country not having adequate testing capacity in February, March, and April.


He died of coronavirus yesterday at 41 years old


He thinks this is negotiating


Mitch McConnell’s sister in law received a $350,000-$1,000,000 PPP loan. Mitch McConnell’s wife received an appointment with a $219,200 annual salary. Mitch McConnell’s brother in law received an appointment with a $197,300 salary. You *might* qualify for a $600 payment.


When signing a trade deal with China you have to be careful. You only see what you can get, not what you might lose. It’s not only about Uyghurs and labor rights, there is something deeper that goes to the heart of democracy. This was a lesson Taiwan learned in recent decades.


Trump pardon of Blackwater Iraq contractors violates international law - UN


What the actual fuck is wrong with Mitch McConnell?


Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai resigned from media firm as court releases judgement on bail decision


China sentences 10 seeking to flee Hong Kong to prison terms


Just in: China's Shenzhen Yentian prosecution announced that the 2 #HongKong underage detainees had "voluntarily pleaded guilty" and hence decided not to charge them for illegal border crossing after "legal scrutiny & closed hearing". They're expected to be handed to HK police.


BREAKING: Chinese court jails 10 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists for up to three years.


Ventilators that the Obama administration agreed to buy for $3,280 each suddenly cost $15,000. It turns out they were “functionally identical,” according to House investigators, and the “waste of taxpayer funds” may have reached $500 million.


If Senator Mitch McConnell allows a floor vote, the House bill for $2000 survival checks will also pass the Senate with bipartisan support. Why is he blocking a bill supported by a majority of the American people, the House and the Senate?


You could have gotten a $2,000 relief check this week, if @KLoeffler hadn't stalled relief for nine months.


Louisiana’s newest Republican member of the U.S. House, Luke Letlow, has died from complications related to COVID-19 only days before being sworn into office. He was 41


Breaking: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says a ballot signature match audit in Cobb County found "no fraudulent absentee ballots," and confirmed the "original outcome" of the general election.


BREAKING—Oxford-AstraZeneca #COVID19 vaccine just approved for use in UK. Moreover, the vaccine campaign will now shift to giving as many people as possible their first dose—aim will be to give as many vulnerable people some protection


Congressman-elect Letlow, 41, just died of Covid. A tragedy.


THE ACTUAL MATH! Just so we’re clear, Congress could send each American $2,000 EVERY MONTH UNTIL MAY 2021 for less than the cost of the two early Congressional Corporate Covid Handouts. This is not about money. It’s about greed and hurting people. McConnell & the GOP want this.


"The Trump administration made big promises. I think they may have oversold their capabilities, underestimated the complexity of the challenge, and now we find those vaccines sitting in the freezer." - Dr. Rick Bright, member of President-elect Joe Biden's Covid advisory board


My mother, on her own, found out where the early voting places were and went today to vote for Ossoff and Warnock. I am so happy and proud. This is a longtime Republican, former Trump supporter. And let me tell you it was Warnock that convinced her. So happy.


Flynn started to more aggressively court his QAnon fans this year, taking the “QAnon oath” in July and appearing on QAnon podcasts after receiving a pardon in November. Now he's selling t-shirts.


“The Obama administration opened 25 “pattern or practice” investigations of police departments compared to one under Trump.”


N.Y. prosecutor hires forensic accounting experts as Trump criminal probe escalates


Feds investigate evidence Nashville bomber hunted ‘lizard people,’ other alien beings


Once in office, I will be asking the American people to wear a mask for the first 100 days of my administration. Not as a political statement, but as a patriotic duty.


Alexander Vindman has no regrets about his role in Trump's impeachment. "I was able to do my part — defend this nation in a very meaningful manner and expose corruption by the chief executive." "I feel that in that regard that I have served my nation."


Jon Ossoff


.@senatemajldr and Senate Republicans are the only ones standing in the way of $2,000 direct payments to American families. The President, the House, and @SenateDems are all on board. Let’s get this done.


Kushner Cos., the family business of White House senior aide Jared Kushner, has filed papers to raise at least $100 million by selling bonds in Israel


House Democrats have fought for covid relief checks since May. Mitch McConnell pressed “pause” and millions suffered. Today he blocked checks, again. We can’t afford more “pause” and delay. #Georgia elections are 1 week away. Help


McConnell blocks Senate Democrats' initial attempt to approve $2,000 stimulus checks amid growing pressure on GOP leader to act


Sen. @JohnCornyn just came off the senate floor — where he was talking to @senatemajldr — and told us he’s not supportive of the House’s $2,000 check bill. He says the president’s focus on it “undermines the very positive impact” of the $900b rescue package they just passed.


Ok what a fucking afternoon. We saved a 27 yr old...literally. She coded for 2.5 hours, died on us 3 times, but we didn’t give up!! This is why I love my job & why I know how to put things into perspective!


Trump and McConnell continue to play games with the well-being of Americans


China's Sinopharm said its Covid-19 vaccine proved 79% effective in interim results and is seeking conditional approval from local regulators


EXCLUSIVE — Biden has picked three coordinators to help steer Covid-19 response. — BECHARA CHOUCAIR will be national vaccine coordinator — CAROLE JOHNSON will be national testing coordinator — TIM MANNING will be national supply coordinator


GOP official on testing positive for COVID-19 after White House party: 'I didn't listen to the warnings.' Tom Mountain, the vice chairman of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee, was hospitalized after attending the event


A woman who said she was the girlfriend of the man who set off the Christmas Day explosion in Nashville told police last year he was making bombs in his recreational vehicle, according to a statement and documents the police provided to CNN.


“Just allow us to find the crime”


.@Yamiche: "When something is racist, we should just say it's racist. When someone is lying, we should just say they're lying."


“Can we please help the American people” Mitch McConnell, “I OBJECT, I OBJECT, I OBJECT!”


VIDEO: πŸ‡­πŸ‡· Search efforts for survivors continued overnight in #Petrinja, central Croatia after a powerful earthquake left at least seven people dead and reduced buildings to rubble


Investigation into McConnell and his wife needs to re-open in 2021 Trump just removed the IG investigating Elaine Chao. Chao’s husband, Mitch McConnell, already vetted the replacement. - CREW | Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington


A vote for Kelly Loeffler or David Perdue is a vote for Mitch McConnell. Spread the word.