Friday, November 1, 2019

The White House has appointed Chad Wolf as the latest acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, despite reports that Wolf was a key architect of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

Breaking News: Beto O’Rourke, once seen as a potential 2020 front-runner, is ending his White House bid. Aides say the former Texas congressman will not run for the Senate.

President Trump caused widespread bewilderment today by tweeting that the Labor Department’s October employment report showed the economy added 303,000 jobs — when the actual number was 128,000

NEW: After Trump said he wanted to go to World Series, the RNC secured luxury suite from MLB and paid $465 a ticket. Members of Congress who Trump picked were given free entry. Many questions whether they could take gift because it wasn't a fundraiser:

U.S. judge orders State Department to release more #Ukraine records

The Trump admin’s latest deliverable is a rushed, massively discounted lease sale that not only will devastate our pristine Arctic Refuge, it will shortchange American taxpayers. I joined @senmarkey in leading members of Congress to hold this admin accountable

President Trump has no one to blame but himself for breaking his promise to strengthen background checks and curb gun violence in a meaningful way.

Supreme Court Will Consider Stripping SEC of Disgorgement Powers

Pelosi suggests impeachment inquiry could expand beyond Ukraine

Igor Fruman’s lawyer asked a judge to remove his client from house arrest, saying it was "completely false" that Fruman was fleeing the U.S. when he was arrested at Dulles with a one-way ticket to Vienna. The judge denied the motion.

I introduced a bill that would provide a needed check on this President’s abuse of executive power by returning the funds he stole from military projects in WA and across the country, and preventing future presidents from raiding military construction funding for vanity projects.

Syrian President Assad said on Thursday that President Trump is the best type of president for a foe due to his open talk of annexing Middle Eastern oil.

Rep. Adam Schiff on impeachment: "The Founding Fathers understood that a leader might take hold of the Oval Office, who would sacrifice the national security, who would fail to defend the Constitution...and they provided a mechanism to deal with it."

The GOP will switch from "he didn't do it" to "he did it, but it's not so bad." But it is. Trump committed all of the original sins envisioned by the Founders: abuse of power, self-dealing, foreign intervention.

NEW: Days after White House lawyer John Eisenberg moved record of Trump call w/Zelensky into top secret system, he instructed Lt. Col. Vindman—who listened to the call & raised alarms—not to tell anyone what had happened on the call, Vindman testified.

Opinion: The GOP defense of Trump is getting more corrupt. Here’s what’s next.

American billionaires: 607 Americans in poverty: 38M CEO/worker pay ratio: 278:1 Wealth of 3 richest Americans: $345B Wealth of bottom 50%: $250B Top 1% wealth since 1989: +$21T Bottom 50% wealth since 1989: -$900B The billionaire class is crushing everything in its path.

TONIGHT: @SpeakerPelosi explains how she arrived at the decision to pursue impeachment in an exclusive conversation with @StephenAtHome .

Today’s the first day of open enrollment on, and high-quality coverage might be more affordable than you think. Nearly 9 in 10 customers qualify for financial help—so if you or someone you know needs insurance, #GetCovered today.

“If social media is ever to become a force for spreading valuable information . . . then social media giants must invest in policies that promote the truth,”

Pressure is building for Google to pick a side between the positions on political ads staked out by Facebook and Twitter

Exclusive: U.S. withholding $105 million in security aid for Lebanon

Browder’s evidence named Boris Johnson’s election adviser Lynton Crosby & former Labour attorney general Peter Goldsmith among those who have conducted advisory and lobbying work on behalf of Russians who wanted to avoid being hit by EU economic sanctions.

Astoundingly corrupt actions. " WH lawyer accused of moving Trump transcript to secret server"

Giuliani looks for lawyer as DOJ case against associates advances

Schiff: Impeachment inquiry doing the work Barr shirked

Schiff: Expect impeachment inquiry transcripts release next week

Missouri tracked patients' periods in GOP anti-abortion effort

As impeachment enters next phase, witnesses tell consistent story

More than 40 pounds of fentanyl seized in Ohio drug bust that officials are saying amounts to "chemical warfare."

“The 1991 Intelligence Authorization Act prohibits the U.S. government from using covert actions — which include propaganda — to “influence United States political processes, public opinion, policies, or media.”

NEWS: A defiant @realDonaldTrump signaled he's disinclined to cooperate w/ House Dems in impeachment proceedings, while suggesting he might read transcript of Zelensky call aloud to nation in "fireside chat."

Andrew Napolitano: Ken Starr "handed a tremendous amount of evidence to the House Judiciary Committee. How did he generate that evidence? In secret. What did he do? He put witnesses on before a grand jury ... Congressman Schiff is, in my opinion, following the rules of the House"

“Morrison told impeachment investigators that the account offered by William B. Taylor Jr., the acting ambassador to Ukraine, is accurate.”

The Trump admin is withholding $105 million in security aid for Lebanon, which could pave the way for #Russia to move in

Trump, Lifelong New Yorker, Declares Himself a Resident of Florida

To call the impeachment proceeding Soviet-style implies it's a frame-up. So here's a question for Rep. Scalise: Do you believe Col. Vindman is lying? Do you believe Bill Taylor is lying? Do you believe Fiona Hill is lying?

The Fox panel is squirming in their seats as a result of @Judgenap speaking the truth. They're visibly uncomfortable with this. The Judge has been on fire lately. Great job

I've seen a lot faster..."A fed judge on Thurs fast-tracked a case involving a key impeachment witness ...Judge Leon called the legal dispute over the testimony of Charles Kupperman, a former deputy to former NSA John Bolton, a “matter of great urgency for the country.”

Gosh, it seems like such a simple question: Is it okay for the president to ask foreign governments to interfere in U.S. elections? Republican Congressman @repdonyoung (R-AK) would rather headbutt a camera than answer. GOP: Answer the question.

"This can’t possibly be the outcome you and I want, to have crazy lies pumped into the water supply that corrupt the most important decisions we make together," writes Aaron Sorkin in an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Keystone pipeline spills more than 350,000 gallons of oil in North Dakota

A Trump judicial nominee erupting in tears and playing the victim— a page torn straight out of the Kavanaugh confirmation playbook.

Showdown: “The GOP will fail this test of character. What is more important is whether the American nation passes it and demands the impeachment and removal of the greatest threat to the U.S. Constitution ever to come from the Oval Office”

Dems see their Ukraine impeachment case as so thoroughly corroborated that there’s a question whether additional witnesses will add value. The ones that would are likely to fight them for months. So Dems are prepping to move ahead — possibly without them.