Saturday, October 26, 2019

"“I worked with John Kelly, and he was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great President"

My latest piece on @medium asks "Is William Barr the Head of DOJ or QAnon?” Enjoy.

“Reeker tells House impeachment investigators on Saturday that the top leadership of the State Department rejected his entreaties to publicly support the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine who was the target of a conspiracy-fueled smear campaign.”

UPDATE: Behind closed doors, Amb Reeker is providing much richer testimony to impeachment inquiry than anticipated says Rep Lynch

John Kelly says he warned Trump before he left: “Whatever you do, don’t hire a ‘yes man,’ someone who won’t tell you the truth — don’t do that. Because if you do, I believe you will be impeached.”

NEW: President Trump responds to the John Kelly comments: “John Kelly never said that, he never said anything like that. If he would have said that I would have thrown him out of the office. He just wants to come back into the action like everybody else does.”

"If this area is not cleared from terrorists at the end of the 150 hours, then we will do all the cleansing work," says Erdogan

She is a hero - for Russia. She did as she was required, and got a govt welcome in Russia. Meeting with Putin will confirm he authorized her mission.

Trump called Mattis in summer 2018 and directed him to "screw Amazon" out of $10 billion cloud contract. "Relaying the story to us during Small Group, Mattis said, 'We're not going to do that. This will be done by the book, both legally and ethically."

Video from Dave Eubank shows people fleeing Turkish attacks in Syria - “no cease-fire,” he says

Elijah Cummings wrote three months before this death: "I am among those who have not lost confidence in our ability to right the ship of American democratic life, but I also realize that we are in a fight — a fight for the soul of our democracy."

As Putin Era Begins to Wane, Russia Unleashes a Sweeping Crackdown

Michael Flynn is a felon who was an unregistered foreign agent who lied about his connections to the Kremlin and was being paid $530,000 to work for Turkey's foreign despot—who is now slaughtering American allies in Syria. He was also directly paid by Russia's propaganda outlet.

“It is inexcusable that the people charged with keeping the country safe from terrorism are refusing to show up to testify before Congress”. #McAleenan says he won't testify before House panel despite subpoena

BREAKING: The two arrested Giuliani associates were at the inauguration of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and were added to a list of VIPs designated for reserved seating near the front of the celebration

Remember, this doesn’t just mean Facebook is credentialing Breitbart it is also subsidizing Breitbart. These Facebook approved news outlets are now all being paid.

Russia says U.S. presence in Syria illegal, protects oil smugglers

At the airport, Butina tells a group of journos that “Russians don’t surrender,” apparently forgetting that she pleaded guilty to a felony in the US and testified against Alexander Torshin, which got him booted out of Russia’s Central Bank.

NATO ally Turkey opts to buy Russian fighter jets after defying US and buying Russian air defense systems - yes, NATO ally Turkey....Turkey, Russia close to reaching agreement on Su-35 fighter jet sale

Narrator: There are 200+ House bills the Senate has not voted on yet.

Republicans are saying they are being barred from the “secret” hearings. But here’s a list of every Republican who is allowed into the hearings:

Russian agent Maria Butina returns to Moscow after US deportation

White House fears some GOP senators may choose to retire and impeach Trump on the way out the door

What could go wrong? 🤷🏻‍♀️ — Trump dismisses need for impeachment team: 'I'm the team'

Republicans are effectively sticking their fingers in their ears and humming to block out the sound of the impeachment train. It will not work for long,

For Ukraine, where troops are still fighting Russian & separatist forces, Trump’s Syria pullout is doubly alarming: Not only does it reveal his willingness to turn his back on US allies on a whim, it directly benefits Kyiv's chief military threat: Moscow.

Facebook deleted pro-vaccine ads, but let anti-vaxxer BS to promulgate unfettered. This is so fucking wrong on every level.

Right before the election, Trump promised ten bills focused on various things in his first 100 days in office. None have been signed into law.

Kurdish fighters are facing Turkish-backed militias alone after President Trump ordered U.S. forces to pull back. American troops are still in the region, with Trump tweeting that their new mission is to protect Syrian oil fields.

Fox's Wallace: Republicans angry about impeachment 'process' because they’re ‘having trouble with the facts’

Raise your hand if you think that’s bull or are otherwise willing to risk it.

Use of ‘cyanide bombs’ to kill wild animals authorised by Trump administration

Seth Meyers Dismantles Sean Hannity’s ‘Dumb’ Trump Defense “That’s your argument?!” the “Late Night” host asked in disbelief.

Oh look: a Nazi is threatening real patriots.

Giuliani talks about needing cash in butt-dial to NBC News reporter

Key witness in impeachment investigation asks court if he should testify

Criminal inquiry opened into Trump-Russia probe's origins: NYT

'DOJ is wrong': Trump loses grand jury court fight with Congress

Aggressive reporting requires protections from outside pressure

Farrow recounts struggles at NBC News over Weinstein reporting

NBCUniversal offers NDA releases over harassment claim concerns

Trump owes thousands to at least 12 cities and D.C.

The man who refused to shake McConnell's hand is reported to be Bobby Rankin, who is listed as a pallbearer for Cummings' funeral on Friday, October 25. Nancy Pelosi's face says it all...

Great Newshour segment on protests of unhappy electorates all over world. The summary: People are angry because rich people are insanely rich & too many elected officials want in on that so enable the reaping while nickel-and-diming middle class and limiting many freedoms.

The Fox News crowd thinks that we are human scum. Here are some of their sponsors

Congressman defends Russian Spy.

This mom has a warning for parents of white teenage boys: If you don't pay attention to their online lives, the white supremacists will. "They've studied the way that our young men interact online, and they have looked at what these boys need."

The pain in her voice as she screams “Nobody’s going to say anything?” is literally the pain of every victim anytime you support an abuser, through your vocal support, through your silence, through your looking the other way. You aren’t saying anything.

In Scotland, husband of a Trump Org exec tells a crowd to watch Russian state TV to get a fair view of Trump.

Kurdish fighters are facing Turkish-backed militias alone after President Trump ordered U.S. forces to pull back. American troops are still in the region, with a new mission, to protect Syrian oil fields.

"If I threaten someone, you’ll know it." Kellyanne Conway is sounding like Donald Trump, writes Erik Wemple in Opinions

Rudy Giuliani's brilliant butt-dials just pointed the finger DIRECTLY at Donald Trump, breached the attorney-client privilege if one existed, and added major fuel to the flames that he's working as an unregistered foreign agent

"A key witness in the impeachment investigation filed a lawsuit Friday asking a federal judge to rule on whether he can testify."

As Maria Butina is deported upon release from prison, please do not share this photo of Maria Butina with Donald Trump Jr. It is terribly embarrassing to Donald Trump Jr. Please do not share.

UPDATE: A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to me that the company is not releasing a list of publications that are approved for inclusion in the new News Tab It’s hard to understand how this can be a trusted source of news if Facebook won’t be transparent about what’s included

On new witnesses: At some stage, we have to stop thinking about whether one or the other is the smoking gun. It's a bad frame. We have plenty of smoking guns. .. we are smoking. Each witness is just corroborating the other at this stage.

“Key Witness in Impeachment Inquiry Asks Federal Court to Rule Over Testifying”

Kim Jong-un Breaking Bad: The Secret World of North Korean Meth

With powerful winds in the forecast, Pacific Gas & Electric will decide whether to blackout 850,000 homes and businesses in Northern California to ease the threat of catastrophic fires.

These aren’t hearings, they’re interviews, and they’re always done this way. Also, 48 Republicans are allowed to participate and some chose not to. These rules were set by your buddy, Boehner.

We didn’t got stuck.We evacuated 40 plus people in Medical need! FEMA doesn’t show up internationally, @USAID did a good job even they showed up 10 days later than @WCKitchen We reached this week 1.5 million meals! We built a Dock! Hundreds Chain Saws+Generators+water delivered

The White House Trump statement telling the entire Federal Government to terminate subscriptions to the NYT and Wash Post is a watershed moment in national history. No room for HUMOROUS media coverage. This is deadly serious. This is Mussolini.

Facebook has become a force for evil in the world.

But even if you are only interested in what the impeachment committees might be about to get on sketchy dealings with Ukraine specifically, well, there is stuff in that report about sketchy dealings in Ukraine. And Congress is about to get all that stuff.

New filing in Snyder and Andrew McCabe v. DOJ: Stipulation of Dismissal

48-year-old man from Northern Ireland arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and conspiracy to traffic people after 39 bodies were found in a lorry in Essex, police say

I'm pretty sure McGahn leads to the Russian money during the 2016 campaign. Remember this guy? McGahn's boss at Jones Day. He's the one I'd talk to.

It’s telling that Facebook would look to Tucker Carlson or Breitbart and interpret a large audience and influence as a stand-in for authority and credibility

Eric Trump says they're considering selling because of ethical concerns. We know that's a crock. What's the real reason? It's not making money? The value is dropping with each new scandal? They need to liquidate assets and run while they can?

NEWS: NBCUniversal offers to release "any former NBC News employee who believes that they cannot disclose their experience with sexual harassment" because of an NDA "from that perceived obligation."

Trump wanted the G7 at Doral, but Javanka's anniversary will be at Camp David? These grifters never miss a chance to profit from the presidency and steal from the government.

Pelosi: Today's court ruling "is another blow to Pres. Trump's attempt to put himself above the law ...The decision is also a resounding rebuke to A.G. Barr's brazen effort to hold the President above the law & to prevent evidence of Presidential wrongdoing from being uncovered."

Kurdish fighters are facing Turkish-backed militias alone after President Trump ordered U.S. forces to pull back. American troops are still in the region, with a new mission, to protect Syrian oil fields.

Rudy Giuliani Butt-Dials NBC Reporter, Heard Discussing Need for Cash and Trashing Bidens

Breitbart’s historical role smuggling racist rhetoric and talking points into mainstream political discourse led many to say the site didn’t belong in a group of “Trusted Partners” tasked with serving reliable information.

The Russian government is taking a page from the Soviet Union’s playbook as it seeks to grow the country’s global influence

Facebook shared data with Huawei. Let me translate: You cannot write anything sensitive into Facebook Chat of WhatsApp if you do not want it to be shared with Russian or Chinese intelligence.

The United Auto Workers union and General Motors have approved a deal to end a 40-day strike that cost the No. 1 U.S. automaker more than $2 billion