Tuesday, May 7, 2019

We did not obtain Donald Trump’s actual tax returns. But we obtained printouts from his official IRS tax transcripts, with the figures from his federal tax form, the 1040, from someone who had legal access to them.

Exclusive: The New York Times has obtained a decade of Donald Trump’s tax figures. They show over $1 billion in business losses from 1985 to 1994.

Donald Trump lost more money than anyone else in America. Think about that. His reality show should've been called "The Biggest Loser.

The @nytimes has obtained copies of Mr. Trump’s tax returns. They say that over a decade, “Mr. Trump appears to have lost more money that any other individual American taxpayer.”

NEW POLL: Joe Biden tops President Trump in Arizona

Every Democratic candidate rails against Citizens United. Kirsten Gillibrand actually has a plan.

Reporters traveling with Sec. Pompeo are in the air to a TBD stop - they do not know where they are going. Per spox Morgan Ortagus: “Unfortunately, we must reschedule the Berlin meetings due to pressing issues. We look forward to rescheduling this important set of meetings.”

“A sudden tariff increase with less than a week’s notice would severely disrupt U.S. businesses, especially small companies that have limited resources to mitigate the impact” “

Tomi Lahren - Dog Kicker

"Along with a team of independent Arab experts and activists around the world, I have been closely monitoring the actions of Saudi Crown Prince MBS since his rise in 2015 and specifically, his well-oiled online propaganda machine"

NEW: There’s mounting evidence that Saudi Arabia has been trying to punish Jeff Bezos for the fierce coverage by his newspaper, The Washington Post, of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Pediatrician who treated immigrant children describes lapses in medical care in shelters

Trump pulls the rug out from under from GOP

Arab activist forced into hiding after CIA warns him of Saudi threat

“Trump has long feared that Americans would be captivated by seeing — and hearing — Mueller, who has not spoken publicly since being named special counsel.”

'We're freaked': Trump startles US businesses with fresh tariff hike

Trump pardoned a US soldier who executed a bound and blindfolded Iraqi man The soldier said he'd do it ag

“The country has 100 billionaires, and yet more than a third of Russians can’t afford to buy two pairs of shoes a year.”

“A Russian-linked social media campaign called “Blacktivisty” used Facebook and Twitter in an apparent attempt to amplify racial tensions during the U.S. presidential election.”

Majority Leader McConnell will speak at 10am this morning from Senate floor on his final thoughts on Mueller report and will say "case closed" per his office.

Trump pardons U.S. soldier who killed Iraqi prisoner

"History has chosen the Democratic Party at this point in time to be the only party in America who will stand up and defend the rule of law. There is no one else there...Whether it's the smart political calculation or not, the Constitution requires it."

Let’s give Trump cash reparations — in exchange for his retirement

Senator Whose Company Defrauded Medicare to Lead GOP’s Health-Care Push

Opinion: North Koreans are starving. Shouldn’t we do something?

The thorn in Trump's side: New York attorney general leads barrage of investigations.

“If Donald Trump weren’t president, he would probably be in jail. So here’s a question for congressional leaders: Precisely how many crimes does someone have to commit before impeachment hearings are warranted?”

Mueller expected to leave Justice Dept in "coming days"

Since the election, President Trump has made 35 specific claims about companies adding or saving American jobs thanks to his intervention. Spoiler Alert: They haven’t held up

Economists are fleeing the Agriculture Dept. after feeling punished under Trump

Opinion: America is facing a legitimacy crisis

If Trump imposes higher tariffs on China, average Americans pay more, just like a higher tax. How can Trump raise taxes without congressional approval? Just like he pays for his wall without Congress’s approval. Just like he refuses congressional subpoenas. Dictatorship is easy.

#BREAKING: Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says Foreign Minister Sergei #Lavrov is expected to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Mike #Pompeo in #Sochi on May 14.

Anti-vaxers make life tough for parents of young babies in New York

Ukraine Ex-Official Casts Doubt on Giuliani’s Biden Claim

As Saudi Arabia Builds A Nuclear Reactor, Some Worry About Its Motives

The Iranians are confirming what we have reported at length. The Israelis, Saudis, Emiratis and the Trump administration are itching for war with Iran. It’s why they worked together to install Trump. Who Russia sides with will be pivotal.

It’s time to start impeachment hearings. Today.

As Republicans were wasting millions of dollars on more than 130,000 ads across the country with ugly caricatures of Nancy, she and other Democratic candidates were busy investing in American families with an agenda #ForThePeople. We will show them again in 2020!

You mean there's no legal opinion about a fake billionaire propped up by Russian organized crime for decades who doesn't want anyone to know he's a fake billionaire propped up by Russian organized crime for decades? Weird!

NEW: Ex-House general counsels of both parties come together to back House's lawsuit challenging Trump's plan to spend about $7 billion on border wall without specific appropriation

Trump and Po’s embrace of the “opportunities” of climate change fails to acknowledge the massive humanitarian disaster it beckons. Are we to understand he no longer views it as a hoax? Is it just an opportunity profit off a disaster?

President Donald Trump on Monday granted a pardon to a former first lieutenant in the US Army who was sentenced to prison in 2009 for killing an Iraqi detainee, according to the White House

President Trump’s hand-picked IRS chief Charles Rettig earns as much as $1 million in rental income from Trump-branded properties while facing demands to release Trump’s tax returns. Rettig says he'll decide whether or not to release the tax returns.

Opinion: We’re killing off our planet, and our enlightenment may come too late

Secretary @StevenMnuchin1, what part of “shall” do you not understand?

BREAKING: A staffer for former GOP Congressman Scott Taylor has been indicted for election fraud in connection with a scheme to submit forged petition signatures to get a 3rd party candidate on the ballot to siphon votes from Democratic Rep. Elaine Luria.

BREAKING: Morgan Stanley exits Russia. The only question I have is what took them so long. Russia has been uninvestable for a long time

Trump accused of having a case of ‘dictator envy’

Chinese intelligence agents acquired NSA hacking tools and repurposed them in 2016 to attack US allies and private companies in Europe and Asia. The episode is the latest evidence that the US has lost control of key parts of its cybersecurity arsenal.

Never forget

We need to reject the notion that a sitting president can't be indicted. How can we have 3 co-equal branches of government if one is claiming superiority over the others?

With the right paperwork, Mnuchin could be arrested in NYState if he goes there

Fmr. asst. U.S. Attorney for EDVA Gene Rossi on why he signed the letter saying Trump would have been charged with obstruction were he not president: "I have a moral compass and I am embarrassed by the antics of the people who are running the Department of Justice."

More evidence that AG Barr of our @TheJusticeDept is a partisan hack. His view of Obstruction of Justice is completely contrary to the common practice of federal prosecutors. He would get an F on any law school exam. The @HouseJudiciary Committee does not share his fringe view

It is remarkable that Trump has still never had to explain why he lied to the public so may times, so blatantly, for so long, about the Trump Tower Moscow project.

On the one-year anniversary of #BeBest, former staffer to Melania Trump announces that she’s “been cooperating since last fall with federal prosecutors in Manhattan investigating the [inaugural] committee’s spending and fund-raising.”

Rep. Cicilline: "If, in fact, this report completely exonerated the president, not only would the president want him to testify, you'd think the president might offer him a ride to the committee!"

Fmr. asst. U.S. Attorney for EDVA Gene Rossi: "There are underlying crimes. We had two indictments, the GRU, the IRA, we had Michael Flynn, we had Manafort, we had Papadopoulos, there are crimes all over the place. More than Baskin Robbins has flavors."

NEW: A Chinese-American businessman marketed travel packages featuring access to Trump’s club and his clan: “Day Two, Visit Mar A Lago and attend a function attended by one or two Trump family members.”

This is very significant. I’ve never seen anything like it

This very big - and very good: Donald Trump's inaugural committee subpoenaed by federal prosecutors

United States to Roger Stone ; nice try but we're still prosecuting you, traitor

Bingo. Trump hopes that pursuing justice will be too slow and too politically unpopular among the Democrats. He’ll keep doing it until they call his bluff.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Supplemental Background Investigation and Related Tip Records

Watching Cohen go off to prison for crimes that Individual #1 directed him to commit so that Individual #1 could become POTUS — while Individual #1 lounges in the White House disobeying his oath and corrupting everything — just feels so wrong. So not what America is all about.

It’s not alarmist to doubt that 45 won’t go quietly. It’d be alarming if people actually trusted him to respect any election result other than one in which his collusion with Putin and the metastasized Cambridge Analytica named him the winner.

Kenneth Copeland once told his parishioners to purchase him a private jet so that he could avoid demons that fly on regular airplanes Last Wednesday, Trump and Copeland shared a dinner at the White House.

Republicans’ contempt for the rule of law have given Democrats have no choice. History has chosen them as the party to defend the rule of law, hold a lying attorney general in contempt, and make a corrupt president comply with statutes requiring him to turn over his tax returns.

Trump accused of having a case of ‘dictator envy’

Lawrence's Last Word: Wayne LaPierre v Oliver North

Boeing said it discovered after airlines had been flying its 737 Max plane for months that a safety alert in the cockpit was not working as intended, yet didn't disclose that fact to airlines or federal regulators until after one of the planes crashed.

Nature is in the worst shape in all of human history and we’re the ones responsible for it

Speaking on Kremlin media, where he is a frequent guest, Ron Paul endorses Tulsi Gabbard for president, praising her defense of Assad and Putin, which is peak 2020 horseshoe.

"Wow... wow."@andersoncooper reacts to CNN political commentator Steve Cortes' claim that "there absolutely was an attempted coup against" Pres. Trump.

FBI releases heavily redacted tips from public on Kavanaugh nomination

Texas Sen. Bryan Hughes' new bill, S. Bill 9, will disallow driving of elderly, disabled, or poor people to the polls. It would ban efforts with vans full of elderly from nursing homes, disabled people, poor people who don’t have cars, would be illegal in Texas

Let’s try not to repeat the mistakes that preceded the Iraq War as this develops. With this administration, we have A LOT of evidence already that intelligence reports are put through an ideological filter before any decision is made “in response to” them.

Just caught up with Lindsey Graham, who went further than he did in his Friday letter to Mueller. He says he's fine with Mueller testifying IN PUBLIC before his panel but only about "any dispute" with how Barr characterized their phone call. He has yet to hear back from Mueller.

Trump senior adviser uses 'fake video' of Gaza rocket fire to attack Ilhan Omar

Trump May Redefine Poverty, Cutting Americans From Welfare Rolls

Member of border militia that detained 200 migrants at gunpoint told police another member had said, “Why are we...not lining them up and shooting them? We have to go back to Hitler days and put them all in a gas chamber” per report I obtained under FOIA

Impeachment may be the only road to save our country. We have a really bad kid in the White House.

Trumplander David Bossie Has Big Plans For Your Nana's Social Security Check

Jerry Nadler: "The Attorney General's failure to comply with our subpoena, after extensive accommodation efforts, leaves us no choice but to initiate contempt proceedings in order to enforce the subpoena and access the full, unredacted report."

“In private, several top House Republicans believe it would be a mistake for Trump to prevent Mueller from appearing before the Judiciary Committee.”

“Democrats stole two years of my presidency!”

Myanmar Releases Reuters Journalists Jailed for Reporting on Rohingya Crackdown

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: "Look, the facts speak for themselves: America is the world's leader in caring for the environment."

Congratulations, Meghan and Harry! Barack and I are so thrilled for both of you and can't wait to meet him.

"It would actually be breaking news if Steve Mnuchin was turning over the tax returns," says @RepSwalwell. As for whether the Secretary of the Treasury should be held in contempt, Swalwell says "yes ... it's time for people to start having consequences."

Trump embattled on several fronts as oversight deadlines come due

Trump contradicts top aides with reversal after Putin phone call

Tacit rebuke of Barr seen in Justice community obstruction letter

Pelosi suggests Trump would 'poison the public mind' on elections

Seth Meyers on Trump: I thought you said Mueller exonerated you, why don’t you want him to testify?”

One million of the planet's eight million species are threatened with extinction because of humans, a landmark UN study says

NEW: @KamalaHarris calls for repealing the entire Trump tax law. “Get rid of the whole thing,” she says after a campaign event in Detroit. Her campaign says she’d replace it with the LIFT Act, a ~$3 trillion tax cut focused on lower/middle earners.

Member of border militia that detained 200 migrants at gunpoint told police another member had said, “Why are we...not lining them up and shooting them? We have to go back to Hitler days and put them all in a gas chamber” per report I obtained under FOIA:

Cornyn just moments ago on whether he wants Mueller to testify publicly: “I think it probably would be healthy for the country to move on. Because otherwise the charade is just going to continue to try to parse and pick apart every sentence and punctuation mark of that.“

"If DOJ won’t prosecute, Congress can still initiate impeachment proceedings. What else should be done in the case of a president who, unquestionably and deliberately, has serially violated the law and shows no signs of stopping?"

Add Treasury to the list of Trump Administration agencies ignoring the law to defy Congressional oversight. And make no mistake: Republican silence makes them complicit in this lawlessness. It also means that future presidents can engage in corrupt conduct without constraint.

The list is now at more than 500: 500+ former federal prosecutors have signed onto a statement asserting that if the DOJ's Office of Legal Counsel did not prohibit a sitting president from being indicted, Trump would be charged with obstruction of justice.

Pompeo is doing direct public relations for Vladimir Putin's economic plans. He's a disgrace who should be removed from office.

Inbox: House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler says that the Department of Justice has agreed to meet with his staff tomorrow—and not Wednesday afternoon. "Our plans to consider holding Attorney General Barr accountable for his failure to comply with our subpoena still stand.

Chelsea Manning: "Nothing will convince me to testify" or act as defense witness

"A nation whose citizens have no knowledge of history is asking to be led by quacks, charlatans, and jingos. As he has proved...Trump is all three. And, without more history majors, we are doomed to repeat him."

Democrats set to receive trove of evidence from former WH counsel