Saturday, September 29, 2018

Opinion: Religious freedom for me, but not for thee

The @realDonaldTrump klan rally returns to West Virginia where the poverty rate has increased since he made America great again.

. @KenDilanianNBC may want to reconsider language that simply restates what the White House claims as if it were true. Unless @FBI says that it is bound by this nonsense, it isn’t “confirmed”, it’s merely a claim. FBI will look at anything they feel the investigation warrants.

Lavrov notes Trump blamed China, not Russia, for U.S. election meddling

While the FBI will examine the allegations of Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez, the bureau has not been permitted to investigate the claims of Julie Swetnick

If true, this is outrageous. Why are Trump and his cronies in the Senate trying to prevent the American people from learning the truth? Why do they insist on muzzling women with information submitted under penalty of perjury? Why Ramirez but not my client?

NEW: White House limits scope of the FBI's investigation into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

What the FBI is doing regarding new background check on Kavanaugh

The support against Kavanaugh’s nomination in this next week must be overwhelming. Jam the phone lines. Flood inboxes. Protest.

Liz Swisher and Lynne Brookes, Kavanaugh's college friends, say they would talk to the FBI, if asked, about his drinking habits. "Of course. I will speak truth." "Absolutely. 100%. I'm very confident in what I've been saying publicly."

This is beyond twisted: The Trump administration is now arguing that the impact of climate change will be so catastrophic that they might as well loosen fuel efficiency standards since our world’s climate fate is already sealed.

The dean of Harvard Law School won't definitely say whether Brett Kavanaugh still has a job, according to HuffPost.

JUST IN: ACLU breaks its own policy, comes out against Kavanaugh nomination

How YouTube facilitates right-wing radicalization

.@ChrisCoons comes home to a standing ovation at a Delaware City town hall after #kavanaugh hearings.

I've thought some more about Kavanaugh's testimony. His lies under oath were not little lies. He specifically lied about "Devil's Triangle" because it was about sex. He specifically lied about "ralphing" because it was about inebriation. He is accused of drunken sexual assault.

Who paid off 6-figures worth of Kavanaugh’s debt just before his nomination?

'Mostly false:' Politifact vets 9 Rick Scott ads, finds all 9 are false

We won't forget

It was hardly a secret. There are hundreds of witnesses. Read this firsthand account, from a writer who saw "lineups" of boys at the parties she went to of D.C. prep school students:

If this was a client of mine & he testified like this before a Grand Jury in his defense, I’d be very concerned about the prosecution bringing perjury charges in addition to the charged crime itself. The amount of provable lies & misleads are remarkable.

Trump has arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA, according to the pool report. This is Trump's 208th day at a Trump property as president and his 157th day at a Trump golf club as president.

Please, cut the crap Brett Kavanaugh.— The Late Show


Spokesperson for pro-Kavanaugh group says they won’t accept FBI findings in manic rant

The Washington Post latest on the scope of the FBI's investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh

Sarah Palin's Son Just Got Arrested For Assaulting A Woman. Again.

Trump not considering other Supreme Court nominees to replace Kavanaugh

This morning, @SenKamalaHarris and I walked out of the Judiciary Committee markup on Brett Kavanaugh. This Committee and the Republicans have tossed out all rules and norms to push Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court. We will not be part of this sham


Special counsel Robert Mueller cited more than a century’s worth of presidential scandal on Friday as part of a sweeping legal defense of his own authorities

This is what it looks like when an entire political party is willing to go full Alt-Right troll to get what they want. No matter the consequences.

Mark Judge says (under penalty of felony) that he avoids public speaking engagements due to anxiety, meanwhile his publisher literally lists him as a *public speaker*. Maybe instead of a subpoena the Senate can just book him to speak...

Thrilled that @FrontlinePBS is going to be airing this special on how Wall Street is making billions off retirees’ pensions.

Former Yale classmate of Brett Kavanaugh’s, Liz Swisher, suggests he perjured himself in describing his drinking in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, adding she is willing to share her knowledge of his college drinking with the FBI.

House intelligence committee votes to release 53 transcripts from closed Russia probe, still withholding a few others.

A Supreme Court Case Could Liberate Trump to Pardon His Associates

Your pay is probably going down next year and your employer is likely hoping you simply won't notice

Opinion: America, we are on our own

Former Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy, whose retirement created the vacancy that produced the no-holds-barred confirmation fight over Brett Kavanaugh, said Friday maintaining civil discourse is critical to democracy’s survival.