Monday, May 27, 2019

A laid-off GM worker in Lordstown is pissed at the way Trump blamed the UAW for the plant closing >> “The leader of the free world has no idea how unions work,” he said. “He might understand business, but he doesn’t understand our business.”

Donald Trump’s time in the White House has been marked by constant crisis. He rules by crisis, creating dramas to stoke his political base and normalize chaos. Now, with 2020 looming, he appears to want a war. Can we prevent it?

Ohio farmer Christopher Gibbs says it is not a good time to be an American farmer, despite what President Trump says: “I feel like the President has dropped me into a worldwide global reality TV show I call it ‘US Trade Survivor’”

1.1 million+ Americans have died in the defense of the Republic. Honor their sacrifice by rededicating yourself to the cause they gave their lives to advance. It’s our turn to shepherd the Republic’s march toward our founding ideals. And to get there, we must work together.

Ming recall Pres. Obama saying the peaceful transfer of power was one of Americas most enduring and important. For this reason Ming expect Russia/GOP to attack that process.

If we don’t hold a criminal President accountable for his crimes now, do you really believe a criminal President will allow free and fair elections in 2020?

A coin on a headstone lets the deceased soldier's family know that somebody stopped & paid respects. Penny: You visited. Nickel: You and the deceased soldier trained at boot camp together. Dime: Served together. Quarter: You were with that soldier when killed.

Sentinel’s Creed@USArmyOldGuard responsible for guarding Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at @ArlingtonNatl Standing guard 24/7 no matter the conditions since 1926 Soldier faces severe weather condition before planting flag honoring the fallen

The Trump administration’s latest round of farm aid may fail in its aim to avoid influencing U.S. planting decisions

Perspective: Abortion bans have some women preparing for the worst. It involves "auntie networks."

Overall voter turnout in the #EPElections2019 increased for the first time in #EU history: an estimated 50.5% of eligible voters cast their ballots.

George Clooney on Trump and Science

Memorial Day greetings, a tale of two presidents

Farm socialism because Trump is too stupid to lead...

If Chelsea Clinton's husband's family scored about a billion dollars in loans while he was working in the White House, the New York Times would invent new font sizes.

Taxpayers pay her salary. She’s not supposed to engage in political activity, under the Hatch Act. WH employees have repeatedly broken this law, which used to be taken seriously, during the Trump administration.

As with election interference and Russia, Trump sides with leader of hostile foreign power over US intel/natsec community.

ABC news has an obligation to add, by annotations, that Liz Cheney is lying. The conversations, such as they were, that she's describing occurred while the individual under investigation was a candidate

Powerful photo

So this is how the composition of the ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ European Parliament will look. You see the increased strength of the Liberals and the Greens.

I never thought I’d see the day when the President of the United States bragged that the dictator of North Korea shared his view of his political rival

A man who vandalized a synagogue with Nazi symbols told federal agents his road to radicalization included meeting with the far-right group Identity Evropa and reading Ben Shapiro, Breitbart News, and the Nazi propaganda site Stormfront

Have you written about the Cult she was raised in? It’s a splinter sect of the Hari Krishnas-but they’re so whacked the Krishnas want nothing to do with them. Mention the cult and you’ll really touch a wire.

I’m old enough to remember when Republicans lost their minds because Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton spoke for a few minutes while waiting on their flights.

Really? This has nothing to do with her being white or wealthy. Connected, I agree. She connected to felonious criminality. Just as Ben Carson and Elaine Chao are.This is only about transnational organized crime being normalized by journalists like @maggieNYT Not race or wealth.

Who handed the White House to Donald Trump? We can talk about the Russians, white women, rural voters, Jill Stein. But remember this: While Clinton received 28.4% (65,845,063) of all votes & Trump got 27.2% (62,980,160)...44.37% of all eligible voters (102,731,399) stayed home.

Trump's tweets are losing their potency

Intelligence officials said they were concerned that Barr could selectively declassify information that paints intel agencies and the FBI in a bad light without giving a complete picture of their efforts in 2016

So it doesn’t say it’s doctored. Ahhh, Facebook. You’re terrible.

Liz Cheney makes me ashamed to be a lying nepotist who grew up rich and has no empathy or appreciation of my own privilege while coasting thru life on my war criminal daddy’s name.

“I’m not crazy, YOU’RE crazy...”

Pete Buttigieg on Trump’s proposal to pardon some service members accused of war crimes: “His idea that being sent to fight makes you automatically into some kind of war criminal is a slander against veterans”

We asked Dem presidential candidates to honor the true meaning of today. Here is what they sent. We thank them all, and remember all those we lost in war.

President Trump may be rethinking his plan to pardon accused war criminals on Memorial Day