Friday, November 9, 2018

Donald Trump’s new acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, was involved in a company that scammed US military veterans out of their life savings.

Trump rages at @Acosta and April Ryan, demands more "respect" for White House and the "presidency"

NEW from ABC News: Manafort is not being cooperative with Mueller's probe, per multiple sources familiar with the matter

Why can’t you say it? He LIED today about knowing Whitaker.

Do you have any idea how many bullets I pull out of corpses weekly? This isn’t just my lane. It’s my fucking highway.

“Mueller is holding “dozens of sealed indictments” of people associated with the president... “Nobody who’s close to the Russians is getting out of this.” Bingo. As previously stated; move over “blue wave,” It’s time for tRUmp’s “Mueller apocalypse.”

Jeff Sessions Was the Worst Attorney General in Modern American History

GOP Sen. Collins calls for vote on bill to protect Mueller from being fired

The appointment of Whitaker as Acting AG, someone with a history of attacks on Mueller, is a transparent effort to interfere with the impartial administration of justice. Take notice: We will expose any effort to obstruct justice, and people will be held accountable

Russia declares "absolute immunity" in DNC’s election interference lawsuit

Federal prosecutors have evidence Trump played central role in hush-money payments

I don’t have the words to describe the horror of a young man who survived the worst mass shooting in American history in Las Vegas to die in yet another mass shooting a year later. No other country allows this.

Another cracking exclusive from @20committee, including a quote from an IC source confirming Mueller has 'dozens of sealed indictments' - which was my scoop for Patribotics back in October 2017

Breaking, via @WSJ: Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have gathered evidence of Donald Trump's participation in payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal "that violated campaign-finance laws"

FBI Is Investigating Florida Company Where Whitaker Was Advisory-Board Member

I suspect Mr. Whitaker is going to have a pretty bad day.

Opinion: The U.S. is in a state of perpetual minority rule


Teacher says she discovered ballot box left behind at Florida polling site

Rep. Cummings: Part of the oath we take to uphold the Constitution is to serve as a check on the executive branch. Voters should expect that, and I promise you they will get that.

If you think Trump is twitchy now, wait until @DonaldJTrumpJr gets indicted....

NOW: HAMPSTEAD, N.C. (WECT) - Law enforcement is responding to reports of an active shooter at Topsail High School. According to Capt. James Rowell with the Pender County Sheriff’s Office, it is still an active scene. No other details are available.

Lindsey Graham in 2017: "Holy hell to pay" if Sessions is fired. In 2018: "When was that? What year?"

"Protect Mueller": Protesters across U.S. decry president’s dismissal of Sessions as attorney general

According to an expert in digital-image forensics, the White House's video of Jim @Acosta features repeated frames, and parts of the video have been slowed down:

“Newly appointed acting AG Matt Whitaker put forth religious requirements for federal judges while running as a Republican for the United States Senate.” He said he’d be concerned about judges with a “secular worldview”.

‘Rage-aholic’ Trump Launched A ‘Coup’ By Booting Sessions, Warns Carl Bernstein

AP NewsBreak: Michelle Obama Rips Trump in New Book

The mother of shooting victim Telemachus Orfanos. She says her son survived the Las Vegas mass shooting but was killed in Thousand Oaks.

The White House is letting a sanctioned Russian ultra-nationalist into the U.S. Placed under #sanctions in 2014 for his role in the Kremlin’s aggression against #Ukraine, Rogozin has long been the most recognizable face of #Russia's far-right nationalism.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it strange that a member of the British House of Lords, who makes laws in the U.K. is openly moonlighting on a highly paid basis as the main advocate to remove sanctions for Russian oligarch Deripaska in the US

Dear @FLGovScott @ScottforFlorida, I have sent a public record request under #Florda statute 119 and Art 1, Sec. 24 of the state constitution. Please provide the records and in person inspection at your earliest convenience. Why send the FDLE?

Remember when the FBI had to fire Peter Strzok because he was biased

Rep. Ruben Gallego: "The President clearly is scared that there will be oversight coming from the Democrats in the House."

Marco Rubio: Democrats Are Trying to Steal Florida Senate Race by Counting All the Votes

For @realDonaldTrump, attention is like oxygen ... he can’t survive without it. Imagine if the legitimate press had the spine to cut off his oxygen.

President Trump: "If I were finished with the audit, I would have an open mind to" releasing tax returns.

Boston rally

Lincoln, Nebraska:

Austin, Texas

Don’t be seduced by the artificial drama of election-night returns

Infowars is just the backbone of a corrupt information ecosystem poisoning Americans (and willingly parroting Russian propaganda)

Brian Kemp eventually realized that it’s completely inappropriate to use one’s official powers to influence one’s own election. Governor Scott should realize that as well.

Matthew Whitaker’s plan to get noticed as a Trump defender worked out better than expected

Donald Trump Jr. told friends he fears his indictment is imminent: report

The Murdoch-Trump-FoxNews #AxisOfEvil will come under the scrutiny of Democrat-led House and Senate investigations in 2019. Numerous execs and hosts like @SeanHannity have conspired with the @WhiteHouse against the American people. #PaulManafort will spill on how Rupert "helped"

Listen: Trump’s Acting Attorney General Said the President Can Kill Any Investigation He Wants

Abrams Appears Headed for a Loss in Georgia Governor’s Race, but She’s Not Giving Up Yet

Thousands have come out in Times Square protesting to #ProtectMueller.

U.S. court case tests Special Counsel #Mueller's power, status

Justice Ginsburg 'up and working' after breaking ribs, nephew says

Trump’s tariffs squeezed Canada. Now American beer is feeling the pinch.

Konstantin Kilimnik: elusive Russian with ties to Manafort faces fresh Mueller scrutiny

Buzz says Donald Trump Jr is on the verge of arrest

Trump hand-picked acting-AG raises new obstruction questions

A man who recruited language interpreters for the U.S. military was indicted on charges that he knowingly recruited unqualified people to be deployed with American combat forces in Afghanistan, according to the Department of Justice

The gunman who killed 12 at a California bar joined the Marines and married young. Years after a tour in Afghanistan and a divorce, neighbors reported odd behavior.

Residents of Thousand Oaks – already devastated by the deaths of 12 people in a shooting on Wednesday – have been forced to evacuate as a wildfire tears through the neighborhood

“It was not widely known among White House staff that he'd commented repeatedly on the special counsel's investigation in interviews and on television”

As the Republican margin in the Florida Senate race narrowed and the contest headed towards a manual recount, everyone from elected Republicans to online conspiracy-mongerers began screaming foul on Thursday night

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that gun control will be a priority under the newly elected Democratic majority.

What is the point of this thread? That the votes shouldn’t be counted? Or that the votes shouldn’t be counted if counting them results in a Democrat winning?

AP Expert: Acosta video distributed by White House was doctored

I think every member of Congress should be forced to watch this

Kellyanne Conway and several Fox personalities helped spread the White House lie that Jim Acosta "placed his hands" on a White House intern in a violent or inappropriate

BREAKING: the Trump Administration is under increasing pressure to block Stephen Lennon’s visit to the USA, after dozens of MPs signed a letter to @SecPompeo demanding he intervene.

McConnell says there isn’t "any chance" Trump will stop Mueller probe

Lawsuit targets Greyhound over warrantless immigration stops aboard buses

Rep. Elijah Cummings calls for an investigation into the timing of Sessions' resignation "There are many, many reasons to remove Attorney General Sessions... but one reason that is not acceptable is to interfere with or obstruct the Mueller investigation"

An American Nazi was able to win election to Congress using money from Tyson Foods. All of these brands are off my grocery lists. Republicans may not care, but if 65 million people join me ... they'll notice

Republicans, this is decision time - if you use your political power in Florida to shut down this vote, just so your guy can win, then it's over. Democracy is officially dying.

President Donald Trump heads to Paris today, hoping to use the global stage to restore some standing as he faces a tumultuous political future at home

U.S. judge halts construction of Keystone XL oil pipeline

It’s beyond disturbing when a president who has customarily discredited sexual assault survivors is so quick to fabricate and use that very trauma for personal gain.

In her memoir out Tuesday, Michelle Obama says she will never forgive President Trump for putting her family's safety at risk by promoting/leading the birther movement.

“It makes me sick to my stomach,” said 1 man bilked by the company, after learning Whitaker was acting US AG. “It’s like a punch to the gut”