Wednesday, July 22, 2020

White House Clarifies That Trump Was Just Sending General Well Wishes To All Sex Traffickers

Navy vet who says he was injured in clash with federal officers in Portland tells @ABC he wants to use attention on him "to refocus this whole discussion back to Black Lives Matter." “If I had been a black you think I would have gotten as much attention as I did?

We can't even leave the country

"Far from being the only one who can solve this biggest problem facing the country, Trump has proven to many people over these past few months that he was -- and is -- simply not the right person to lead America through this sort of crisis."

This virus is bigger than COVID-19: it has spread by Trump's laziness, ignorance, ineptitude, and cowardice. But he knows the solution: *he's* routinely tested. But we still don't have a national testing strategy, because he doesn't think we're worth the effort

Opinion | Four years ago, Trump said he alone could fix things. What isn’t worse now?

Fired Trumpist clown warns what Biden's American will look like by showing video of Trump's America

I feel so sorry for @KellyannePolls kids. When they grow up, when they go to college, these interviews with this wicked liar will follow and embarrass them through their entire lives. People have died because of this woman and the lies she has spread on television.

NEWS President Trump just said: Today I am announcing a "surge" of federal law enforcement into American cities. Trump says the authorities will be aimed at "radical" movement. Note: Means more federal authorities taking to streets as part of a DOJ/DHS push against protests.

Tucker Carlson And Sean Hannity Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

AG Barr says the authorities going into U.S. cities as part of "Operation Legend" will be different than the type of officials policing protests in Portland. He says they will be FBI, DEA, & ATF investigators. Local leaders who are opposed to this move say it is unnecessary.

Today is day 470 without a Senate-confirmed Secretary of Homeland Security. There has *never* been a longer vacancy in *any* Cabinet position. And there hasn't even been a nominee at any point during that time—even though the President's party controls the Senate. That's nuts.

Philadelphia's Top Prosecutor Is Prepared to Arrest Federal Agents After Trump said he would send agents to more cities, Philly’s district attorney lays out how he might criminally charge federal officers.

Attorney General William P. Barr Joins President Donald J. Trump to Announce Expansion of Operation Legend Originally launched in Kansas City, MO., additional cities include Chicago and Albuquerque

To All Federal Agencies and Officers. The US Military did the right thing and Stood up for We The People. trumpf is trying the same with you, Divide you like He has Portland City Hall. You are making big mistakes. The Pentagon Stands with the Constitution, Do You STAND DOWN!!!

Opinion: Supporting Trump keeps getting harder for swing state Republicans

I pray to God that the protesters don't take Trump's bait.

Don’t succumb to outrage fatigue.

What a guy, what a guy, what a lovely guy, like he only wants us not to die...Multiple musical notes Heart with arrowFace with medical mask #GeeAnthonyFauci #Fauci

Just want it to be known that 113 Republicans just voted to keep Confederate monuments in the Capitol. They failed though, just like the Confederacy.

Claiming that Ghislaine Maxwell is a victim of "woke politics" is a very weird hill to die on.

$600 in weekly unemployment benefits EXPIRES THIS WEEK.🚨 Unless we #ExtendUI NOW, 30 million people will lose the lifeline allowing them to keep paying their bills. We can’t turn our backs on the Americans who have been hit hardest by this pandemic.

Opinion: Trump’s not the only incompetent Republican

Rep. Matt Gaetz appears to have violated several House ethics rules, according to a report

Dr. Trump’s Desperate Attempts to Revive Himself Flatlines

‘Look at this pic I took of Mark Sanchez in the locker room ladies’ @USAmbUK

Mike Flynn is salty about QAnon being banned


Children alone in a hotel room with an ICE contractor for DAYS at a time. These accommodations are not subject to state or federal standards. There is no oversight and no one checking on these kids to make sure they are safe. This must stop.

NEW: Woody Johnson, billionaire NFL owner & US ambassador to UK, was investigated by State OIG after allegations he made racist & sexist comments to staff & sought to use his gov't post to benefit Trump's personal biz in UK

NEWS: Michael Chertoff, former homeland security secretary under Bush, tells me Trump's law enforcement push is "very problematic" and "very unsettling." Operating on streets is "damaging" DHS and "raises issues under the 10th Amendment," he says

Before the American people head to the ballot box, they deserve to know relevant, real-time information that may affect their choice – including if foreign powers are trying to interfere with our electoral process. My op-ed in @TIME

Anyone else see Geraldo Rivera downplaying sexual crimes that “happened a long time ago” and immediately think he might have some skeletons in his own closet?

There’s a word intelligence officers use for people who’ve spent a 4th of July in Moscow and come back to the United States to later peddle pro-Russia propaganda: Useful Idiot. Most of the time, though, they’re not a United States Senator.

In a worst case scenario where states continue to remove social distancing mandates at the pace they're already on, University of Washington researchers project 288,046 to 649,582 deaths from COVID-19 by the end of this year

Dr. Anthony Fauci to @JenSeniorNY: "Would you want me to say something that's directly contrary to what the president is doing? That's not helpful. Then all of a sudden you don’t hear from me for a while."

Nancy Pelosi is now calling the coronavirus the 'Trump virus.' "A briefing on the coronavirus should be about science and that is something that the president has ignored ... I think a good deal of what we have suffered is clearly the Trump virus."

.@JoeNBC: "Vladimir Putin wants to kill American troops. Donald Trump refuses to condemn him for it. That's really all the information any of us need to know to see where Donald Trump's loyalties lie."

Portland’s "Wall of Moms" faces off with federal officers at tense protests

In 2015 @realDonaldTrump said he would pay for his campaign. He lied.

C.T. Vivian, who was born in Missouri and earned his civil rights stripes in places like Illinois, Tennessee & Alabama, will lie in state Wednesday at the Georgia State Capitol Building.

Search Results Web results The Dr. Fauci Of The 1918 Spanish Flu - Forbes

Arizona Doctor says that due to an ongoing supply shortage, he and staff had ration swabs and other items while seeing Covid-19 patients, including two patients who later died. Meanwhile, Trump is telling the country that states have everything they need.

The Houston consulate covers eight southern US states, including Texas and Florida, as well as Puerto Rico. It was the first consulate established in 1979 after the US and China established diplomatic relations

Trump's campaign has funneled at least $2.2 million from donors to Trump's private businesses. Trump's joint fundraising committees have funneled $2.3 million to Trump's private businesses. The RNC has funneled $2.4 million to Trump's private businesses

“Rebuilding the military.” Examples, please? — Mark Hertling

Tom Ridge, first Sec of DHS: “The department was established to protect America from the ever-present threat of global terrorism. It was not established to be the president’s personal militia.”

:I'm on the Floor to demand the Senate take up our amendment ending the use of Trump's secret police in Portland & across the country. Dictators use secret police, not leaders of a Democratic Republic. This has to stop, & it has to stop now


To be fair, she has tapes.

How Donald Trump Moved Millions From His Campaign Donors To His Private Business

He wishes her well.

President LAW AND ORDER wished a child sex trafficker well today Twice

Dear WH Press Corps, You’re becoming the story. I need to know why none of you will ask donald directly about the Russian bounties. Are you threatened with removal? Is Hamburger Huckabee gonna dress in leather & show up at your house to terrify your inner child? What’s going on?

I’ll believe that Marco Rubio supports human rights in Hong Kong when he starts supporting human rights in the United States.

Mike Pompeo - SAME!

Pardon dangled

Donald Trump says he feels comfortable being around people without a mask because he has been tested, as well as everyone around him. And yet, he has abandoned national testing. So, Americans will never enjoy the same comfort.

Not a single question about Putin paying to kill American soldiers. Not one question.

Pardon me? — Preet Bharara

Trump is trying so hard to not be crazy.

So are child support arrears with compounding interest and attorney fees.

NEW VIDEO Heroes fight for America. Trump fights against it. Please retweet far and wide.

An anatomy of this briefing in one tweet

I can think of four times when Trump has publicly extended his best wishes to people charged with federal crimes by DOJ: Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort — and now Ghislaine Maxwell.

Thread:. @ebonybowden a NY Post reporter wrote a hit piece about @ProjectLincoln this morning. It described me as an inactive voter in Utah. I voted by mail in 2016 and 2018. I switched my reg to independent in the Summer of 18. I am disturbed to learn this information and am looking

Seems to me that a Trump pardon of Ghislaine Maxwell would constitute a de facto confession that yes, the rumors about him raping the underage girl(s) at his buddy Jeffrey Epstein's place are true.

Wishing a sexual predator well. I guess they don’t eat there own.

One would hope there’s some soul searching going on in this country: ‘am I as fucking stupid as Trump thinks I am?’

I believe it. He once had Ronny Jackson inject a heavy dose of penicillin into my butt cheek on Air Force One because I cleared my throat and he thought I was getting sick. — Anthony Scaramucci


With his voice breaking, an irate Mark Morgan says he is "disgusted" by Nancy Pelosi calling his agents "stormtroopers" for their brutal and sometimes illegal conduct in Portland.

We will permanently suspend accounts Tweeting about these topics that we know are engaged in violations of our multi-account policy, coordinating abuse around individual victims, or are attempting to evade a previous suspension — something we’ve seen more of in recent weeks.

Susan Rice on situation in Portland: "It's an abuse of power by President Trump, and it's a purely politically motivated abuse of power. He's sagging in the polls. He thinks the only way to rally his base is through racism and touting law and order."

BREAKING: Twitter says it has begun taking sweeping actions to limit the reach of QAnon content and banned many of the conspiracy theory's followers due to ongoing problems with harassment and the dissemination of misinformation.

Leadership matters

Twitter bans 7,000 QAnon accounts, limits 150,000 others as part of broad crackdown

So apparently we are now living out the movie “Minority Report,” which if you haven’t seen is a (not good) 2002 Tom Cruise movie where people who are going to commit crimes in the future get arrested (they get their info from three psychics who lie in some kind of swimming pool)

Roger Stone is free while a 15 year old Black girl remains incarcerated in a pandemic for not doing her homework. This is an absolute miscarriage of justice.

Liz Cheney accused me of treason, helpfully bolstering President Trump three days after he made the same accusation. Of course, even Bill Barr had to admit we hadn’t committed treason, “in the legal sense.” (As if there’s another one)

Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott wants schools open, but said on Fox Business Network today that his grandchildren won't be attending. They will be distance learning. Every elected official who supports opening schools should be asked this same question.

Where you go one, you get banned

"The ambassador’s deputy, Lewis A. Lukens, advised him not to do it, warning that it would be an unethical use of the presidency for private gain, these people said. But Mr. Johnson apparently felt pressured to try."

Senator Collins voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, give billion-dollar tax cuts to big corporations, and jeopardize health care for thousands of Mainers. She has changed, and she isn’t standing up for Mainers—which is why we need to defeat her in November:

Cuccinelli, when cornered by @ChrisCuomo about DHS acting on the orders of the president: “You are equating his specific words to everything we’re doing. And that is not the case.” What the actual hell does that mean? That DHS isn’t following Ttump’s actual, you know, “words?”

Trump says of Jeffrey Epstein’s partner, Ghislaine Maxwell: "I wish her well"

How did Russia snare us both at once?

The @ProjectLincoln ads: Trump is the worst president in history and a despicable person. Trump Media: I hear some of your guys might have had tax troubles. Maybe the IRS and DOJ should check you out. But sure, the *left's* thugs are the problem.

How to cognitive

The Covid death rate in the US is five times the global average and one of the highest in the world. Our schools and our economy will not be able to recover until we get the virus under control.

Donald Trump is a psychologically broken, embittered, and deeply unhappy man.

Trump said "Show Me The Death Chart." Here it is. New ad running this week in Arizona.


Home health workers do God’s work, but aren’t paid much. They have few benefits, and 40% are still on SNAP or Medicaid. It's unacceptable. I'll give caregivers and early childhood educators a much-needed raise.

It has been an exhausting four years for civil rights lawyers, but a challenge to Trump’s latest assault on the law will be an easy victory. Constitution requires census to count “persons,” not “citizens.”

.@PressSec: "I think in many cases the media has tried to scare the American people." Note: There are more than 3.8 million coronavirus cases in the United States and more than 140,900 Americans have died from COVID-19. The facts are scary all on their own.

No re-election for you

BREAKING: The U.S. government abruptly ordered China to close its consulate in Houston in an “unprecedented escalation,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry says

Dear @USAmbUK Johnson: We already know @realDonaldTrump is corrupt. But you should have known better. If this article is true, then you need to resign. America has already suffered enough international embarrassment from enablers like you of Trump’s corruption

Portland ain’t fucking around

Trumpers are upset about QAnon accounts being banned because they needed that grift to keep going at least through election day. Trump still needs their votes, and they're basically the only people excited about the idea of a second term. Well, other than the people paid to be.

The @ProjectLincoln ads: Trump is the worst president in history and a despicable person. Trump Media: I hear some of your guys might have had tax troubles. Maybe the IRS and DOJ should check you out. But sure, the *left's* thugs are the problem.

The @ProjectLincoln ads: Trump is the worst president in history and a despicable person. Trump Media: I hear some of your guys might have had tax troubles. Maybe the IRS and DOJ should check you out. But sure, the *left's* thugs are the problem.

Definition of gestapo: a secret-police organization employing underhanded and terrorist methods against persons suspected of disloyalty. See, e.g., the Trump/Barr activities in Portland!

One mother loses two of her children in 11 days to #COVID19 -- but go ahead and listen to Trump tell you kids don't get it and if they do they recover immediately.

‘MINORITY REPORT’? DHS Secretary Chad Wolf says DHS in Portland are making "proactive" arrests.

A much larger shield line formed up facing the federal police skirmish line. It proved quite effective against resisting munitions used. Federal police was unable to push the crowd off Lownsdale Square Park today.

OMG, Trump's little toy Nazi thinks his stormtroopers have established a beachhead in Portland as they begin their invasion of the United States of America! He doesn't want to give up hard fought ground. Harry S Truman would slap the shit out of this pathetic weasel!

Minutes after heavy impact munitions and tear gassing: “fuck 12, fuck12fuck12”

Donald Trump simply doesn’t understand: We can’t deal with our economic crisis without solving the public health crisis. And for all his bluster about his expertise on the economy, he is unable to explain how he will actually help the working families hit the hardest. — Joe Biden

Recovering from Covid-19 may not offer much protection from future infections, particularly for those with only a mild case, researchers say in the New England Journal of Medicine

China says the United States has ordered it to close its Houston consulate in what it calls a provocation that violates international law

A woman claims in court that ex-Fox host Ed Henry "violently raped" her. Another accuses Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Howard Kurtz of harassment. Their attorneys say Fox fired Henry to "get out ahead" of this lawsuit, which begins with a "Trigger Warning." @CourthouseNews

This is how Donald Trump treats our military veterans. RAISE YOUR HAND AND SAY #EnoughIsEnough!

No White House coronavirus task force members are currently expected to join President Trump's briefing

$20 for health insurance, $600 for rent, and $0 for food per month. @McDonalds and @Visa, do I really need to get my whiteboard and break down how unrealistic this budget is?

A Michigan judge denies the release of a 15-year-old Black girl who has been jailed since mid-May for not doing her online schoolwork.

-Over 141,000 Americans have died from #COVID19 and the virus is surging in many areas -@CIA assessed that Russia paid money to Taliban to kill US troops -Russian hackers attacked coronavirus research centers But the below is what @realDonaldTrump is focused on.

“Proactive arrests” is very much not a thing under United States law.

This lawsuit has just been assigned to U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams, the daughter of the legendary First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams who previously presided over a Columbia professor's sexual harassment suit.

The persistence of the coronavirus pandemic is creating serious challenges, many of them unforeseen, for America’s health-care system.

Despite locking up 1 million Uighur Muslims in camps, disappearing whistleblowers and crushing Hong Kong, China's Communist regime will win a seat on the U.N.'s highest human rights body, here at the European Headquarters of the United Nations. Will any EU country speak out?

Small groups of Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrators gathered to mark the first anniversary of an attack in a train station by an armed crowd wearing white shirts, and demanded justice for victims of the violence and broader freedoms.

Riot police fanned out across a Hong Kong town on Tuesday to stamp out rallies marking the one-year anniversary of an attack against protesters by government supporters which sent anti-Beijing sentiment soaring

You go to the pandemic with the government that you have, not the government you might want or wish to have.

Today might not have been Trump’s worst day, or his cruelest day, or his most shameful day. But today was the day Trump issued an order—about the census—despite clear words to the contrary in the Constitution & a Supreme Court opinion. That’s a really, really dangerous day.

Mark Zuckerberg slammed speculation that he and Trump have a deal allowing Trump free rein on the platform in exchange for looser regulation

Trump has gambled with our lives, and we’re the ones who are losing.

Credit where it’s due: we only have this April 2017 data b/c of the work of @PropOTP, who have obtained more info on govt payments to Trump properties than anybody.

Charlie Kirk’s nonprofit Turning Point USA has made misleading financial claims and gets its “independent” audits from its co-founder Bill Montgomery’s former business associate. It has enriched several of its top leaders as it pushes Trump’s message.

America is facing a nationwide poll worker shortage, but you can help by going to

What was that city wearing?

Protestors waves American flag on the steps of the courthouse after resisting federal officers through multiple tear gassings

Tell me how many elected Republicans have spoken out against this fascistic invasion by Trump’s thugs in Portland? How many have spoken out against his threats to expand this unconstitutional incitement in other American cities?

The president is threatening to veto funding for the U.S. military unless it honors men who went to war against the U.S. military.

Worries are growing in South Korea the Trump administration is looking at withdrawing troops from the peninsula

Federal officers dispersed protestors using tear gas, flash bangs, and batons. Some Feds are carrying assault while doing crowd control

#EARTHQUAKE: Preliminary 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocks Alaska, prompts tsunami warning

The magnitude for the #Alaska #earthquake has been upgraded to 7.8, and the alert area now includes #tsunami advisories for southern Alaska and the Aleutian Is. in addition to the original warning area

Trump following Nixon 'law and order playbook on steroids': former DHS secretary

Local mask rules to slow coronavirus undercut by GOP governors

This is when federal officers dispersed moms in helmets using batons and tear gas, some officers are carrying assault rifles

day 54

Trump pushed diplomat to boost golf club at expense of US stature: NYT