Friday, March 16, 2018

Businessman linked to Trump, involved in the deal the build Trump Tower in Moscow, goes one-on-one with @GStephanopoulos

People aren't freaking out ENOUGH about John Bolton as NSC. He will tell Trump that bombing countries will make him "tough" and "strong" and "willing to do what Obama was too weak to do." It is an apocalyptic confluence of ego, ignorance, and anger

About 60,000 people who are elderly or disabled Louisiana Medicaid recipients will be told they're losing benefits!

BREAKING: Stormy Daniels’ attorney told me that his client was threatened with physical harm if she did not keep quiet about her sexual relationship with Donald Trump.

UPDATE: All personnel aboard a US HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter that crashed in western #Iraq killed - incident NOT though to be caused by enemy fire. Investigation underway.

Two sources tell CBS News that John Kelly could resign as early as today

Our diplomatic and military policy leadership is wiped out in a single week. Trump is a danger to our country and, with nuclear weapons, to all of human civilization.

Putin Isn't Scared Yet, But He Should Be

Trump apparently threatens to withdraw US troops from South Korea over trade

Republicans Say Forced Labor Is Good for Detained Immigrants in Letter Defending Private Prison

A plane’s door flew open during takeoff, raining gold and silver over 16 miles of Siberia

Trump Organization 'negotiated with sanctioned Russian bank in 2016'

Exclusive: Comey to come out hot on book tour, correct lies

Russia has been waging war on the West for at least 10 years, and the West hasn’t bothered to notice."

Judge accuses Trump lawyers of threatening her over Panama hotel dispute

Putin has finally gone too far

Mueller subpoena expected by authors of 'Russian Roulette'

Michael Isikoff and David Corn, the co-authors of 'Russian Roulette,' say they are "surprised it's taken so long" for Mueller to subpoena the Trump Org. because, as they put it, the people who work there are central to Trump's Russia connections.

May's toothless tough talk on Russia

Mnuchin’s flights include a number of domestic trips, including destinations like Miami and Las Vegas. Government emails obtained by CREW show the Miami trip, which cost $26,953.33, would have cost $688 round trip on a commercial flight.

Rep. Colleen Hanabusa asks Ryan Zinke about grant funding for institutions that provide education on Japanese internment camps during World War II. Ryan Zinke starts his response by saying “Oh, konnichiwa.”

Builder of Miami’s collapsed bridge has a strange connection to Paul Manafort

Where is the fear? Markets wave off global risks

Trump wildlife protection board stuffed with trophy hunters

McMaster OUT. Its like the apprentice, except we’re all gonna die

The Latest on poisoning of ex-spy: Russia prepares retaliatory sanctions against U.S.

No Tillerson? No problem. S. Korea's foreign minister, originally scheduled to meet Rex in Washington, will meet Ivanka instead


Eryn Gilchrist is stepping up to challenge Les Gibson, who called a Parkland survivor a "skinhead lesbian," because she knows Maine people deserve leaders who show respect and work through differences to make lives better. Go Eryn!

Bolton Forced Ex-Wife into Group Sex

BREAKING: President Trump has told Chief of Staff John Kelly that he has decided to fire H.R. McMaster, the Wall Street Journal reports after the White House Press Secretary denied earlier reports.

Asian stocks slid as reports of more chaos in the Trump administration test investors’ nerves

Larry Kudlow on Trump's cabinet: “Wealthy folks have no need to steal or engage in corruption.”

"They have the ability to shut the power off. All that's missing is some political motivation," said a security technology director at Symantec, a digital security firm

The Rise of Right-Wing Foreign Policy in America

CBS confirms when it plans to broadcast its interview with Stormy Daniels

Everything wrong with Fox News in one video

McMaster called for further U.S. action against #Russia as punishment for crimes in #Syria

..and is getting fired for it.

Lawmakers just released a letter saying Trump White House conspired with Newt Gingrich on State Department political purge

Cleta Mitchell is on a newly disclosed list of people whom Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee are interested in interviewing about what she may know about relationships between the NRA or its allies and wealthy Russians

A lawyer for the NRA reportedly expressed concerns about the group's ties to Russia

The Trump administration is finalizing its opioid plan that includes death penalty for dealers

FEMA’s plan for dealing with natural disasters is missing the two most important words

WaPo: A background investigation found that McEntee bet tens of thousands of dollars at a time, making him unsuitable for a sensitive position close to the president, according to a person with knowledge of the situation

Russia to expand 'black list' of Americans in response to sanctions

Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "Israel severely regards the incident in Britain and strongly condemns it. We hope that the international community will be able to combine arms to prevent the recurrence of such events."

Theresa May promised to "freeze Russian state assets wherever we have the evidence that they may be used to threaten the life or property of U.K. nationals or residents"

Teens Face ‘Corporal Punishment’ in Rural Arkansas for Participating in Student Walkout

Cash in: the rich guys in Trump's cabinet who can't resist public money

The Treasury secretary has "billed taxpayers for the most expensive flight options available at every turn,"

Trump DOJ wants to speed up sales and transfers of machine guns

'Putin the pariah'

"All responsible nations must take actions to counter #Iran's destabilizing activities in #Syria and across the region." - @WHNSC National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster today

Nerve agent planted in luggage of Russian agent's daughter:


Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton is "waiting in the wings to replace [H.R.] McMaster," @MajorCBS reports; "the sense that H.R. McMaster's days are numbered as national security adviser has reached something close to a fever pitch"

"As of tonight, we've been approached by six separate women with similar stories to my client," said Stormy Daniels' lawyer

House Intel Committee Screwed Itself—and the President It’s Trying to Save

John Boltons Investment Fund Lost Its Bet on Patriotism and Profit

Scoop! @Billbrowder urges Ireland to clamp on corrupt Russian officials and introduce an Irish Magnitsky Act

Rachel, Lawrence ask 'Could McMaster's replacement be an...

Amid reports that President Donald Trump will remove his National Security Advisor, Lawrence O'Donnell asks: H.R. McMaster was an upgrade from Michael Flynn — any chance of another upgrade? Rachel Maddow breaks it down.

Mueller subpoenas Trump Org, Democrats point to Russian bank deal

Rep. Eric Swalwell talks with Rachel Maddow about evidence House Intel Democrats say they've seen that shows the Trump Organization negotiating a deal with a sanctioned Russian bank during the election season.

Trump set to dump McMaster pending soft landing arrangement: WaPo

Ashley Parker, White House correspondent for The Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump being prepared to fire his second national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, as soon as he arranges a suitable replacement and a non-humiliating departure.

New sanctions reveal Russian hacking of US energy infrastructure

Nicole Perlroth, cybersecurity reporter for The New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about new details of Russia's efforts to hack vital U.S. infrastructure accompanying new sanctions on Russia

Trump skips Russian sanctions law, meekly echoes Mueller instead

Rachel Maddow reports on new U.S. sanctions on Russia, the first action against Russia by the Trump administration, but instead of implementing the sanctions passed into law by Congress, the Trump administration instead copied Robert Mueller's list of indicted Russian hackers.

Mueller demands Russia documents from Trump Organization: NYT

Rachel Maddow relays a report by The New York Times that Robert Mueller has sent a subpoena to the Trump Organization for Russia-related documents over a time that extends to before Donald Trump declared his candidacy.

Carson, Mnuchin give Trump reasons to keep firing cabinet members

Rachel Maddow looks at how Donald Trump secretaries Ben Carson and Steven Mnuchin are garnering the kind of embarrassing scandal headlines that seem likely to draw the ax-wielding attention of Donald Trump.