Friday, October 11, 2019

NEW: On deployment of thousands of additional U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia, Pres. Trump says, "Are you ready: Saudi Arabia, at my request, has agreed to pay us for everything we're doing. That's a first!"

Neil Cavuto and John Roberts clearly blind-sided by Shep Smith departure

Turkish forces have fired on a declared U.S. military outpost in northern Syria. Turkey knows all of our locations down to the precise grid coordinate as confirmed by SECDEF and CJCS only two hours ago. This was not a mistake.

U.S. to deploy large number of forces to Saudi Arabia

Wait. Murdoch met with Bill Barr yesterday and Shep Smith is out at FOX today?!

This appears to be the second time the White House has sent impeachment talking points to House Democrats - this time on Yovanovitch

Shepard Smith, a hard news anchor at Fox who has been relentlessly attacked by Trump for not being on his team, has resigned

In a stunning announcement, Shepard Smith said on Friday that after more than two decades at Fox News, he was stepping down as chief news anchor, and leaving the network. Updating our story here:

I just published The Minister of Justice Meets the Minister of Propaganda

BREAKING: Shepard Smith is stepping down from Fox News

Shep Smith’s final sign off. Not surprising, but a major loss nonetheless. One of the few remaining voices of reason at Fox which will undoubtedly continue its lunge to the far right

Shep Smith out at Fox News — one day after Bill Barr’s meeting with Rupert Murdoch

The former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine was dismissed from her post after calling out Giuliani’s back-channel methods relating to Ukraine

Turks bombed a prison where ISIS prisoners are held also in Kobane, with a US base very nearby. This is why US jets are in the area.

Marie Yovanovitch: "We also believe that... our gov't will have our backs and protect us if we come under attack from foreign interests. That basic understanding no longer holds true. Today, we see the State Dep't attacked and hollowed out from within."

More Potential Whistleblowers Are Contacting Congress

That’s it....pull our troops away from allies who fought by our sides and then deploy more troops to protect tRUMP’s dictator friend.

BREAKING: In broadside to Trump admin, former Amb. Yovanovitch warns "harm will come when private interests circumvent professional diplomats for their own gain, not the public good" & "only interests that will be served are those of our strategic adversaries, like Russia."

Pentagon to deploy nearly 2,000 troops to Saudi Arabia to boost defenses against Iran

It’s just stunning these guys think that they can get away with this lie. They pulled our troops out FOR THE SPECIFIC PURPOSE of allowing Turkey to invade northern Syria. Then just LAST NIGHT they blocked a UN Security Council effort to condemn Turkey’s invasion.

BREAKING: President #Erdogan: "We will not stop the Operation in Northern #Syria under any circumstances despite threats from the #US. If the Americans want it stopped they can come and stop us by force"

Isis militants break out of prison in Syria after bombing by Turkey

Huge explosion in #Qamishli city, Munir Habib Street, near Omari Restaurant, amid Turkish shelling on the city.

Exclusive: Turkey Bombs US Special Forces in Syria Attack, Apparently by Mistake

Miller says he has no idea who the whistleblower is but knows the whistleblower is partisan

Trump pushed for her removal for months even though the dept. believed she had done nothing wrong Opening statement: She was removed as ambassador “Based, as far as I can tell, on unfounded and false claims by people with clearly questionable motives.”

"For months, it has become increasingly clear that, under Barr, the DOJ is singularly focused on serving as an apologist for the president, at grave cost to the department’s long-standing role as a law enforcement agency."

Rep. Mark Green from TN, discussing Trump and Syria NPR, offered a near-perfect distillation of the House GOP and Trump: "Yeah, I disagree with what he’s doing now, I wish it wasn’t happening, but I still fully support it."

Every day, Trump finds new ways to abuse his power, undermine our democracy, and every day, Republicans refuse to hold him to account. As elected leaders, we made oaths to the Constitution -- not to Trump. It’s past time for Republicans to do the right thing for the country.

Breaking via WaPo: Former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch said that her departure came as a direct result of pressure President Trump placed on the State Department to remove her.

Because this seems to be getting lost in the sauce: The US *is not* out of Syria. It’s just letting its friends be killed. New from me.

This is not open carry. This is open intimidation. This photo is exhibit 1 in why a ban is necessary.


‘Dude gotta go!’

'Border on fire' as Turkey intensifies Syria campaign

A top NBC executive under fire for reportedly downplaying a rape accusation against Matt Lauer is catching more flak over columns he wrote while attending Harvard. In them, he mocked women and lambasted NBC for firing a staffer accused of sexual assault.

Marie Yovanovitch, the ousted U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, is set to be deposed today at 10AM. Sources familiar say they expect her to show up, despite a WH vow not to cooperate with the inquiry. But one person close to her says she'd have to quit the State Dept. before appearing.

‘Detached from reality and not well’: MSNBC’s Morning Joe scorches Trump’s ‘unbalanced’ behavior in Minneapolis

Trump responds to questions about the arrests of Giuliani cohorts Parnas and Fruman by saying "I don't know those gentlemen. Now, it's possible I have a picture with them, because I have a picture with everybody."

.@nickwattcnn reports on the wildfires in Southern California. Residents are under mandatory evacuation orders

Trump forced Pelosi's hand on impeachment. Could he force the Senate's on removal?

Fruman, Parnas, Trump and Giuliani.

Read the letter Pat Cipollone’s law school classmates just sent him, telling him it’s against what they learned about the constitution to block impeachment materials:

Open Skies Treaty Allowed Eyes Over Russia; Trump Wants to Give Them Up

There are so many Trump associates with Ukrainian ties (Manafort, Gates, Giuliani, Cohen, Pence, Pompeo, Sondland, Igor & Lev, etc) that it's easy to forget that Semion Mogilevich, head of the Russian mob & one of Trump's most powerful whoremasters, was born & raised in Kiev.

One of the Giuliani/Ukraine guys arrested today had a company called Fraud Guarantee and the other had a club called Mafia Rave. I am not making this up. Google it.

Recently indicted Giuliani cohorts Parnas and Fruman made a $325,000 donation to the Pro-Trump America First super PAC...the same super Pac that paid Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, nearly a million dollars.

Breaking: Sen. Cory Gardner (@SenCoryGardner) can't answer a simple goddamn question about whether it is appropriate for Trump to ask a foreign leader to investigate a rival.

Remember when Boeing dropped $200,000 into Senate Leadership Fund...

Trump’s Impeachment Plan: Fool America Into Blaming Congress.

Cyber Attacks Are North Korea's New Weapon of Choice

Russia to sign mega deals with Saudi Arabia during Putin's visit

Britain’s plastic patriots showing their true colours when Farage admires Putin and authoritarian nationalist Russia wants us out to destabilise Europe. The Brexit Party’s a useful idiot for the Kremlin

"Trump tried to keep his talks with Putin at Helsinki last year secret from his staff and the world, but Russia's president held up the checklist for the cameras. Syria was on it."

Aaaand here's the confirmation that Parnas's trips to Vienna are officially connected to Firtash:

Here's a video of the President of the United States just listing cable news personalities he likes to watch on TV every day. So deeply weird.

Giuliani's alleged Ukrainian mob friends also have ties to Israel. The two men appeared in a photo alongside Netanyahu's son at an event hosted by Trump's Jerusalem envoy. Not surprising at all.

These attempts to reverse-engineer and justify Trump’s decision fail not only because of the weakness of the arguments but also because there is no reason to imagine that Trump’s move had anything to do with these ex post facto justifications. My column:

Giuliani associates arrested: “the investigation is continuing”

"Impeachment happens so rarely the oath may have slipped the mind of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who’s just made an ad where he admits with glee that he’s pre-judged impeachment."

I talked today to a former @DeutscheBank executive, who was among those who reviewed the @realDonaldTrump tax returns that were in the bank's possession. When I told him Deutsche says it doesn't have the returns, this is how he reacted. (Posting this with source's permission)

Soon, we will be voting on whether extreme @realDonaldTrump judicial nominee Steven Menashi deserves a lifetime seat on the federal bench. The problem is… he refused to answer ANY of our questions, Republicans and Democrats alike.

Trump promised to bring offshore profits back home — now he’s doing the opposite

Fmr. CIA operative: Arrested Giuliani associates 'tremendously sloppy'

Giuliani reportedly planning to leave Thursday for Vienna, day after two Soviet-born operatives who helped him contact Ukrainian officials were arrested trying to make same trip. ASTOUNDING. Dinner with them one night & then Vienna?

Turkey bombards Syrian Kurdish militia, thousands flee as death toll mounts

“The US provided Turkey with intelligence, including surveillance video and information from reconnaissance aircraft, that may have aided in its assault on the US-allied Kurdish forces in Syria”

Republican lawmakers struggle to defend Trump conduct

Trump under pressure to respond to Turkey’s offensive in Syria as death toll rises

Purdue’s choice of NY bankruptcy court part of common forum shopping strategy, experts say

At some point in recent years, @DeutscheBank apparently *got rid of* @realDonaldTrump's tax returns. It’s unclear when and why this happened, but I’m told that normal procedure at the bank was to retain such records

Trump allies worry they can’t count on Senate GOP in impeachment fight

Today's #frontpage: Two Ukrainian-born business partners helped Rudy Giuliani meet a Ukrainian prosecutor as the president's personal lawyer pushed for an investigation into Joe Biden.

Tillerson showed up for his regular Oval meeting in 2017 and found GIULIANI and Michael Mukasey already in Oval. The trio lobbied Tillerson to help Zarrab, a Turkish gold trader under probe that Giuliani was repping. It didn’t work & horrified Tillerson.

“A letter sent from the chair of the House Science Cmte to Wilbur Ross reveals that it was the Commerce Dept, not NOAA, that drafted a NOAA statement on Sept. 6 that backed Trump’s false statement about the path of Hurricane Dorian.”

Actually, Mr President, there were Kurds who fought on America’s side in World War II.

NEW: Trump asked Tillerson to help broker deal to end U.S. prosecution of Turkish trader represented by Giuliani

Brexit party MEPs vote against plans to tackle Russian propaganda

White House political appointees overrode career staffers before freezing Ukraine aid

.@realDonaldTrump claimed ISIS was defeated but just gave them a new lease on life. His reckless abandonment of our friends will go down as one of this administration’s more disgraceful moments. Trump will be remembered by history as a great and unmatched disaster.

Trump supporters in Waukee, Iowa sound off to CBS News about the impeachment inquiry against the president: "I just think the whole thing is a joke"

Former Boeing official subpoenaed in 737 MAX probe won’t turn over documents, citing Fifth Amendment protection – The Seattle Times. ⁦

Here’s ⁦@nytmike⁩ with delicious details of the airport arrests today

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed

Pres. Trump on Trey Gowdy joining his impeachment defense legal team: "I think there's a problem with he can't start for another couple of months because of lobbying rules and regulations...Trey Gowdy can't start till sometime after January."

"Time and again, Trump’s children have blurred the lines of family, nation and business - essentially the charge the president makes against the Bidens....Trump’s children 'appear to people all over the world to be his bagmen.'"

Wow....democrats decry 'blind partisan loyalty,' as Republicans keep defending Trump

Fmr. Rep. Trey Gowdy was fired as a Fox News contributor amid reports he had joined the sinking ship that is the Trump administration.

Oh what an incredible coincidence.. the two indicted Giuliani fellas donated to? McCarthy. HOW so incredibly coincidental

By abandoning the Kurds, President Trump made an exceedingly dangerous part of the world even more unstable

Giuliani Pressed for Turkish Prisoner Swap in Oval Office Meeting

In a U-turn, Trump EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland reportedly will be allowed to testify to the House next week

Trump rallies aren’t as hot as they used to be for cable TV

Senior adviser to Pompeo resigns

On Fox & Friends, Kayleigh McEnany claims "a member of parliament in the Ukraine" has documents showing that Joe Biden received $900,000 from Burisma. She has no evidence of this herself, hasn't seen any of the alleged documents, and even says she doesn't know if it's true.

Hong Kong: arrest of 750 children during protests sparks outcry

U.S. military officers who served w/ the SDF described a group of passionate, fearless fighters who share American values. Unanimously, they are all devastated by the latest news, and more than one expressed a deep sense of shame.

Arrested Giuliani henchmen were ‘frequent guests at Mar-a-Lago’: Former GOP congressman

Google’s been making very “substantial” contributions to some of the most notorious climate deniers in Washington, D.C. — despite its insistence that it supports action on the climate crisis.

“The US provided Turkey with intelligence, including surveillance video and information from reconnaissance aircraft, that may have aided in its assault on the US-allied Kurdish forces in Syria”

Fed approves rules loosening Dodd-Frank bank restrictions

“New details about the sequence inside the White House suggest that concerns about the call and events leading up to it were profound even among Trump’s top advisers, including Bolton and then-acting deputy national security adviser Charles Kupperman.“

Donald Trump's Syria Retreat Will Mostly Benefit Russia and Iran, Former CIA Deputy Director John McLaughlin Warns

Trump’s racist claims about Somalis In Minnesota tonight was insane. His hateful lies toward the end of his WWF style, demented raving were stunning in ugliness & tone. This was a mob intoxicated by the paranoia of hate & violence.

Florida students protest as Trump Jr. speaks on campus — for a $50,000 fee

At tonight’s rally. “Lock him up!”

Trump praises Fox News at rally -- hours after report AG Bill Barr had met with Rupert Murdoch

SCOOP: Indicted pro-TRUMP Ukraine researcher LEV PARNAS told people he paid RUDY GIULIANI hundreds of thousands of dollars to work for his firm, Fraud Guarantee. Giuliani first seemed to admit working for the firm in 2018, then said he couldn't confirm

Trump asked Tillerson to help Giuliani client with DOJ: Bloomberg

Campaign finance reporting runs into Trump impeachment inquiry

Senior Pompeo adviser resigns from State Department: WaPo

Facilitators looked past legal concerns in Trump Ukraine scheme

Criminality taints Giuliani role in Trump Ukraine scheme

BREAKING: DeSantis to return money from Giuliani associates arrested on campaign finance charges

"William P. Barr, the attorney general, met privately Wednesday evening with one of President Trump’s frequent confidants, Rupert Murdoch." What is the Attorney General of the United States doing meeting with the owner of a private television network?

The Trump administration is joining Russia in vetoing a UN Security Council resolution condemning @realDonaldTrump’s dictator friend Erdogan’s ethnic cleansing of the Kurds in Syria. US and Russia against the other permanent members. Let that sink in.

NEW: Fiona Hill plans to testify to Congress that Giuliani and Amb. Sondland circumvented National Security Council and normal White House process to run shadow Ukraine policy, person familiar with her testimony tells @NBCNews

Trump's MN rally was a self-therapy session. Late starting, leg dragging, doing an impression of Strzok & Page being passionate. Raging at every slight. His swollen face & eyes looked like he'd been sobbing earlier. Incoming: -He sounds high. -Is he talking to himself? -Is he OK?

On same day Giuliani associates are indicted, Eric Trump at Trump rally in MN on Biden: “lock him up.” Crowd chants: “lock him up.”

Dear @realDonaldTrump: You can't even bring yourself to condemn Turkey's invasion of Syria and attack on our allies the Kurds? Shameful. Also, why do you repeatedly take the knee before Vladimir Putin? And how are your business interests in Turkey doing?

US joins Russia to scuttle UNSC action on Turkey’s invasion of Syria