Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Biden backers may be motivated by Trump's apparent fear

Maddow: Obstacles to voting in Texas, elsewhere an outrage

Maddow: Making the effort to vote means everything. America thanks you.

"The employee went home feeling unwell on Tuesday, February 25 and has not entered Amazon offices since that time," the email said. "We are supporting the affected employee, who remains in quarantine," said an Amazon spokesman. 2/2

Joe Biden: "We were told when we got to Super Tuesday, it'll be over. Well, it may be over for the other guy."

Stay in line! Every vote matters. They're getting very scared. Pass it on

Running against no one and then bragging about your great victory reminds me of someone else...

My takeaway from this evening: moms and grandmoms of all backgrounds, creeds, ethnicities, and races really really really want Trump gone

Bernie’s speech offered hate (of the rich, the corporations, the political establishment, and of his chief rival, Biden, although he didn’t name him). Biden’s offered hope—a hope of healing the nation. The voters tonight are opting for hope. #SuperTuesday

At WH Coronavirus briefing with Pence, Fauci now reiterating that it will take more than a year to develop a Coronavirus vaccine. (He’s now said this publicly four times since Monday)

You lost tonight, @realDonaldTrump. Democrats around the country are fired up. We are decent, brave, and resilient people. We are better than you. Come November, we are going to beat you

It's not normal for the president to be so mean-spirited and to casually usual racial slurs

Pence says every American can get a coronavirus test

Senior admin official acknowledged Trump administration is feeling a major sense of urgency to distribute testing kits for the Coronavirus, amid bipartisan criticism that the kits are being deployed too slowly. “It’s a flashpoint right now,” the official said.

Join us for tonight's LIVE coverage of #SuperTuesday, with @libcasey and co. Several states have already been called. Our studio coverage and updates from reporters around the country is all right here

NEW: Sean Hannity continues to be a prominent presence in the #MuellerMemos (FBI 302s). In this latest batch we obtained, Rick Gates told Mueller's team that during the 2016 campaign, "Hannity tailored his shows to the agenda Manafort suggested."

This is what happens with rudderless “leadership.” Blame-games help NO ONE in the face of this serious #CoronavirusOutbreak. We need #fact-based leadership to coordinate an effective response to #coronavirus NOW. Otherwise, many Americans will suffer needlessly.#COVID19

So on @FoxNews earlier today, @GOPChairwoman repeated the ridiculous lie that an outcome in which DNC delegates don’t give the nomination to Sanders is “rigged.” Ex-DNC interim chair @donnabrazile was not having it

James Comey announces that he voted for Joe Biden.

In which @brithume forgets to close his tabs when taking a screenshot

Former Vice President @JoeBiden tells @Lawrence that his plan to expand health care under Obamacare is more feasible than Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All, which he believes will not pass in Congress.

Did you catch the dates and the context? August 2, 2016 - a few days after "Russia, if you're listening" - Manafort is meeting with Russian intel to discuss working on a "comeback" for Putin's Ukraine puppet, Yanukovych. Russia presses the advantage if you don't STOP THEM. HARD.

For context - and this is *critical* for why Putin launched this attack - the Magnitsky Act was closing down the flow of Russian Mob money starting in 2013. They went for democracy's *throat*.

Tad Devine's last communications about political work in Ukraine for Putin were in *2014* - within a YEAR of launching Bernie Sanders' campaign. GET IT YET?

This. ⁦ “National security professionals from across the U.S. government will meet today...for an unprecedented monitoring effort to counter cyberattacks and foreign disinfo aimed at Super Tuesday presidential primaries.”

Here is Trump actually asking if we could just use the seasonal flu vaccine (the one that is just a guess every year on the strain of flu we will have and changes every season and is not always effective) as a vaccine for coronavirus. OMG.

The key point I think has been neglected: Bernie's manager Devine didn't just work for the same pro-Putin candidate - Paul Manafort was the *prime contractor.* Devine worked FOR MANAFORT in Ukraine. On behalf of Putin.

A Republican congressman has condemned the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for its “inexplicable” decision to stop publicly disclosing the number of Americans who have been tested for the novel coronavirus

Cox empties West Warwick facility for deep cleaning to avert any possible coronavirus sprea

In a Texas chicken joint, Biden and onetime rival Buttigieg unite to stop Sanders

Hong Kong is facing a mental health crisis amid a coronavirus outbreak after months of anti-government protests had already led to a sharp increase in cases of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder


Putin is getting scared and vindictive. He’s just frozen all the bank accounts of Alexey Navalny, his elderly parents and even his children. Alexey’s daughter who is a freshman at Stanford now can’t pay for anything.

FDA chief's claim of 1M coronavirus tests by end of week stirs controversy The announcement by Stephen Hahn comes amid intense scrutiny of the technical troubles that have slowed labs' adoption of the CDC diagnostic.

Opinion: Why Pete Buttigieg should be DNC chairman

The tug-of-war between local officials and federal agencies on how best to contain the coronavirus is leaving quarantined people both figuratively and literally stuck.

yes it's real

Japan could be allowed to postpone Olympics to end of year, minister says

To recap... - Trump’s daughter works at the WH - Trump's son-in-law works at the WH - Giuliani’s son works at the WH - Barr’s son-in-law works at the WH - Barr’s daughter works at Treasury - Trump's sons still do foreign business But sure, let's talk about Hunter Biden again.

Apparently Trump and big pharma had to find a way to make the tests more expensive by having the U.S. manufacture them. I read the U.S. is charging $3000 per test when other countries are charging $17. Greed in this country is going to kill us all.

While dogs *can* test positive for the coronavirus, it doesn't necessarily mean they have been infected. In fact, most experts agree that they can't be. Here's why:

Up to a fifth of the UK workforce may be off sick during the peak of a coronavirus epidemic, government says

LIVE: Prime Minister Boris Johnson sets out the U.K.'s coronavirus plans

How the rich are preparing for a coronavirus outbreak

Astronaut and Arizona Senate candidate Mark Kelly endorses Biden.

One thing today has made clear: Many online Bernie supporters truly never realized candidates were going to drop out at some point and Bernie would need their suppor

Not to mention the super patriot is wiping her nose with the American flag.

.@maddow explains the importance of #SuperTuesday2020

Turkish military says it has destroyed a Syrian aircraft, a UAV, 6 tanks, 5 artillery systems, 2 air defense missile systems, 3 armored vehicles, 5 technicals, 6 military vehicles and an ammunition depot, and killed 327 Syrian soldiers in the past 24 hours.

Nothing to see here. Russian state oil company Rosneft paid a secret “consultant” in Iraq $250 million to get access Kurdish oil field

Joe Biden is one of the most honest, decent, practical, & experienced individuals with whom I have ever worked. If nominated & elected, he is capable of unifying our country & restoring America’s standing around the world. — John O. Brennan

Money, money, money: what's at stake if Olympics fall victim to coronavirus

Trump publicly argues with virus expert Dr. Fauci and demands vaccine in 'couple of months' - and Dr. Fauci repeatedly told him: "Like I've been telling you, a year to a year and a half," Trump then offered Seattle to a pharma company as "testing ground"

More incompetence. The Trump Administration not only bungled the rollout of #coronavirus testing, but now isn’t being transparent about the number of tests being conducted. Expect more mistakes.

Unfortunately, it appears that more nursing-home residents in #Washington, suspected to be infected with #coronavirus, may be suffering worsening of their condition. Heartbreaking that these folks at high-risk were exposed to

John Ratcliffe is unqualified to lead national intelligence, writes the Editorial Board

Rep. Nunes filed a defamation lawsuit against The Washington Post and journalist Shane Harris over an article reporting the congressman told President Trump about an intelligence briefing given to lawmakers regarding Russia and the 2020 election

O Lindsey! my Lindsey! our fearful trip is done, Roger may be doing crack, the prize we sought is won, The port is near, the bells I hear, the MAGAS all exulting, While follow eyes the umber skin, , the belly grim and daring

How can #DirtyDevin afford 7 lawsuits in the past 12 months on a congressman’s salary?

NYT reports: Beto O’Rourke plans to endorse Biden tonight

Sanders campaign puts out Marianne Williamson, anti-vaxxer in the midst of a global epidemic, as their CNN surrogate to counter the Biden unity rally.

Former Vice President @JoeBiden tells @Lawrence that his plan to expand health care under Obamacare is more feasible than Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All, which he believes will not pass in Congress.

Trump whips his audience into bloodlust by falsely saying Ralph Northam thinks mothers should have the right to "execute" their babies

We've reached the part of the rally where Trump takes credit for bills that were signed into law by Obama

Trump claims that news about the method by which Mexico is purportedly paying for the wall "got leaked to the fake news media." (This never happened.)

TRUMP: "Mexico is paying for the wall, by the way ... the media is going to be thrilled when I explain that Mexico is paying ... I created Space Force. I could do anything." (Mexico is not paying for the wall.)

TRUMP: "No president has done more for our black community." (Lincoln, FDR, and Obama could not be immediately reached for comment.)

Trump, who relentless & baselessly attacked Obama over an Ebola outbreak in the lead up to the 2014 midterms & has systematically destroyed America's pandemic response capabilities since taking office, demands Democrats cease any attacks against him over the coronavirus response

"I told the pharmaceutical companies that they have to do a better job on that vaccine" -- Trump admits he just learned that the flu can be deadly and says he wants the pharmaceutical companies to do something about it

TRUMP: "There are fringe globalists that would rather keep our borders open than keep our infection -- think of it -- keep all of the infection, let it come in."

"We had a great meeting today with a lot of the great companies, and they're going to have vaccines I think relatively soon. And they're going to have something that makes you better, and that's going to actually take place we think even sooner" -- Trump on the coronavirus

Trump goes after Biden on eve of Super Tuesday, portraying him as a feeble-minded has-been who if he won the presidency would be stuck in a home while aides run the country.

Sanders' Latino outreach up against sprawling Bloomberg operation in Texas

'Bloomberg effect' among challenges facing Biden in Texas

Hope for a brokered convention keeps Warren in the primary race

UPDATE from Lake Washington Institute of Technology on the 22 students & faculty who visited Kirkland nursing home where multiple ppl contracted #coronavirus. They are now being told, 3 days after coronavirus cases were confirmed at facility, that they should self-quarantine.