Sunday, December 29, 2019

23,000 giant fruit bats — about a third of the species — dropped dead from heat stress in Queensland and New South Wales in April. 10,000 black flying foxes, a different species, also died. Bodies plopped into backyard gardens and swimming pools.

Nothing to see here, just Betsy DeVos' brother who ran Blackwater holding secret meetings with the vice president of Venezuela.

A new decade and a wider lens: The stock market isn't the economy -- and the jobless rate ignores the "working poor" America's Humongous Wealth Gap Is Widening Further. “The poorest 50% ... are literally getting crushed ..”

Money Line Parlay: How Did the Kavanaughs Afford Their $1,225,000 Home?

Which Democratic voters are potentially the most disloyal? Here's the percentage of each candidate's base who say they'll vote Dem in the 2020 general:

He looks like he would have a heart attack if he had to run 100 yards. "if my guy loses it's civil war" what a un-American clown. Insurrection is a very serious crime. They had better consider 18 U.S. Code § 2383, because they will be charged.

These are the reasons why India's students are protesting over a restrictive new citizenship law

Science Under Attack: How Trump Is Sidelining Researchers and Their Work

Farmers union vice president says farmers have "pretty much lost all our markets since Trump took over"

We need to know what role Mick Mulvaney played in withholding military aid to Ukraine. His answer kept changing.

NEW: Patriots owner Robert Kraft could face felony charge - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

President Trump retweeted on Friday night, and deleted by morning, a social media post that named the alleged whistle-blower whose complaint triggered the congressional inquiry that resulted in his impeachment this month

When it comes to huge scandals about presidential sons making money off their father's name in a foreign country, why aren't more people talking about Don Jr. and Indonesia?

President Donald Trump attacks whistleblower in now-removed tweetstorm full of rants and conspiracies

Democrat Amy McGrath has officially filed to challenge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

In 2016, the first Team Trump person I noted tweeting out botnets was @DanScavino. (Also the first Trump person to block me, for making that observation.) Scavino was Trump’s social media director. He had access to @realDonaldTrump’s account.

They really think if they start a civil war, they'll get their slaves back.

Here’s some of the CNN discussion that was framed around my tweet about Trump’s increasingly unhinged social media behavior

Constitutional law expert makes the case for Trump to resign — but why have so few others demanded he step down?

The same year his colleague Shep Smith departed over clashes with pro-Trump forces, Cavuto has emerged as the latest Fox News star fed up with the president’s antics.

“Mark Villalta said he‘s stockpiling firearms in case Trump’s re-election is not successful: ‘Nothing less than a civil war would happen,’ he said, his hand reaching for a holstered handgun. ‘I don’t believe in violence, but I’ll do what I got to do.’”

The Russian mole @SecPompeo green-lighted the Iranian seizure of the the Kirkuk fields. Now he care? Sure comrade.

President Trump retweeted on Friday night, and deleted by morning, a social media post that named the alleged whistle-blower whose complaint triggered the congressional inquiry that resulted in his impeachment this month

I have worked with Senator @ChuckGrassley's office many times over the years to protect #whistleblowers. I agree w/@AndrewBakaj this is defining moment for Senator. Will he stand up for what he believes & protect our client, or capitulate to President's whim? Integrity matters.

I think we should create a "Soviet Union summer camp" for these people and interview them again when they come out after living on cabbage, working in labor camps, and standing in line for shoes and toothpaste and chicken necks every week.

Mitch McConnell challenged by two former Marines as impeachment puts the unpopular senator in a bind

The refusal to be briefed, the attacks on the intelligence agencies, the put down of the diplomatic corps, the sidelining of science, the rejection of professionalism and expertise across government, the culture war against the press. It's all one thing.

5 people were stabbed during a Hanukkah celebration tonight. Someone wielding a machete deliberately targeted the Jewish community. I’m sick over this. Anti-Semitic attacks in NY are increasing in our city. This is not okay. Hate has no place here.

Washington man who killed his wife thanks NRA in tweet. Also thanks Mitch McConnell.

With the impeached President retweeting QAnon fan accounts (h/t @atrupar)... Reminder of the FBI’s sounding the alarm that the promotion of QAnon leads to risk of domestic violence

A conservative’s case for impeachment of Trump.

Reports of multiple people stabbed at a Jewish house of worship in Monsey, New York. Here's what we know

We have all the evidence to show that Trump likely committed five criminal offenses in his Ukraine dealings: bribery, soliciting foreign campaign contributions, coercion of political activity, misappropriation of federal funds and obstruction of Congress.

A refresher on Russian trolls to bookmark for 2020 election

I mean, what kind of fucking standard is it when a reporter can get in trouble for a tweet but a columnist can hustle for eugenics?

Mitch voted at least four times AGAINST pay raises for our troops, while voting for pay raises for himself. Mitch doesn’t represent Kentucky. He represents himself and special interests.

I often hear Trump supporters say they don’t pay attention to his tweets. But you must. And ask yourselves whether they reflect the values you want in a president and in America. What he tweets matters. Is that who you are? Is that who you want your kids to be? Don’t look away.

The cost of dirty money

In Xinjiang Chinese authorities have forcibly separated nearly half a million Muslim children from their families, aiming to instill loyalty to China and the Communist Party. Disgusting

President argues Andrew Cuomo has ‘lost his mind’ for investigating the Trump Organization

I hope you're right, @WalshFreedom, but I think most of them will convince themselves that the Democratic candidate - even Biden - is an agent of socialist Deep Stater Muslim vegans, and they will vote for Trump because "they had no choice."

Shouldn't we have a system whereby bills passed in the House must be voted on in the Senate? Why should one man—the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell—prevent the Senate from voting on gun control, campaign finance reform, voting protection. Is that democratic? Is that fair?

The Kremlin’s relations with some Russian Orthodox grassroots believers — once viewed as a bedrock of support for Vladimir Putin — are increasingly tense

"When seeing the blood-red flags of the National Socialists marching in our streets, we must not ask how they got here, but seek the answer as to how we kept them at bay for so very long," says Jared Yates Sexton

Intelligence community veterans say this Intel probe could force CIA Director Gina Haspel to choose between protecting her agency from Trump’s wrath and bowing to AG Bill Barr's wishes

Trump knew the efforts by his personal lawyer to dig up dirt on his political rival were hindered by the US Ambassador to Ukraine. Trump removed her.

We expect our elected officials to stand up for our state and do what's right. This year, Sen. Tillis voted to allow $80 million to be diverted from our state's military funding—not once, not twice, but THREE times. In 2020, I’m going to replace him.

The Federal Reserve is doing sneaky quantitative easing "QE" (buying USA treasuries) to keep interest rates low and stock market high. QE is a "tool" used to help bring economy out of recession. So why is the Fed doing it now? And how do they stop?


Trump’s stock market rally is very good, but still lags Obama and Clinton

Will @senatemajldr's McConnell's own military record, that is reported to have been a dishonorable discharge for sexual misconduct, matter Kentucky voters?