Monday, October 7, 2019

I'm going to ignore the "great and unmatched wisdom" and just point out that it is "interesting" to see a NATO member threaten to "totally destroy and obliterate" the economy of a NATO ally

Just in: Kurt Volker says he is stepping down as Exec Director of The McCain Institute at Arizona State University. "The recent media focus on my work as U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations risks becoming a distraction..."

NEW: Now that the court stayed his subpoena, Manhattan DA Vance wants the Second Circuit to fast-track Trump’s appeal to a hearing before the end of the week. His proposed schedule is here.

In trumps defense, it’s Putin’s birthday.

Bill Barr is going to jail. Bet on it.

Analysis: "Donald Trump is not a Commander-in-Chief": Trump’s former ISIS envoy excoriates his Syria decision

translation: Junior partner Russia seeking Chinese help wit microelectronics to build advanced radars.

NOW: A federal judge ruled eight years of Trump's tax returns must be turned over to a grand jury. Trump's immunity argument was "repugnant to the nation's governmental structure and constitutional values," the judge wrote. Trump has already appealed

A guide to Republicans’ lame excuses

Time for Mattis, Kelly & McMaster to speak up. It’s their duty.

This is Mo. He’s a Kurd and has been fighting ISIS since he was 16. He’s one week older than me. He wears the American flag to honor all of the Americans who fought beside him against ISIS.

NEW: Sen. Mitt Romney: "The President’s decision to abandon our Kurd allies in the face of an assault by Turkey is a betrayal."

Trump’s former ISIS envoy excoriates his Syria decision. Brett McGurk, who resigned along with Mattis, says Trump "blusters and then leaves our allies exposed when adversaries call," describes Trump's actions in Syria as a “gift to Russia, Iran, and ISIS.”

Syria Kurdish official told us, reacting to Trump’s overnight decision. “The Americans are traitors. They have abandoned us to a Turkish massacre. We can no longer fight against isis and have to defend ourselves. This could allow isis to return to the region.”

Pentagon ‘completely blindsided’ by White House order to pull U.S. forces back from northern Syria green-lighting Turkish invasion: U.S. officials

BREAKING: Trump Ordered to Turn Over 8 Years of Tax Returns to the Manhattan D.A. A judge rejected the president’s argument that he was immune from criminal investigations.

Turkey-Syria Border: Air and ground patrols demonstrate our continued commitment to address Turkey's legitimate security concerns, while also allowing the @CJTFOIR and our SDF partners to focus on crushing ISIS remnants. #DefeatDaesh

If you read one piece on Trump's madcap, what-the-hell Syrian decision, make it this excellent one by @michaeldweiss

BREAKING: Trump loses court fight to keep his tax records secret from New York

In this batsh*t tirade, POTUS: - implies all ISIS fighters are from Europe, which, no - craps on allies - craps in particular on Kurds, the most effective fighting force agst ISIS, who we helped arm b/c they led fight, protecting American lives - doesn't get power, region, Russia

"In her first 14 months as Transportation secretary, Elaine Chao met with officials from Kentucky, which her husband Mitch McConnell represents in the Senate, vastly more often than those from any other state."

Opinion: Trump’s base is smaller than he thinks

Brian Kilmeade fights with his co-hosts over Trump throwing Syrian Kurds under the bus: "What kind of message is that to the next ally that wants to side with us? ... All we did is arm them, and they did all the work. And now we say 'good luck. Good luck surviving.' Disaster."

With Trump abandoning Kurds and pulling troops from northern Syria to clear the way for Turkish attack - a reminder of how Erdogan’s security staff beat Kurdish protesters in Washington DC in May 2017

The cost of Trump’s tariffs has fallen "entirely" on U.S. businesses and households, Goldman Sachs has said.

U.N. calls for protecting civilians in northeast Syria

The Erdogan regime is preparing to commit ethnic cleansing of our allies, the Kurds, with the full blessing of the Trump administration.

Why did all those Republican lawmakers spend America’s birthday (July 4) in Russia?

Former UN Ambassador @NikkiHaley says @realDonaldTrump has a record that "every American should be proud of.

The Kurds are saying that Trump betrayed them

Washington's growing antitrust war against Silicon Valley is opening a rift among Republicans — with the Koch family and other small-government groups emerging as the tech industry’s key allies

The man who tweeted this—and who still has business interests in Turkey—was the same man who just unilaterally made a US foreign policy decision to help Turkey’s president while abandoning America’s Kurdish allies, leaving them to a dire fate.

President Trump on Syrian Kurds!

Rudy Giuliani holds up what he claims are three affidavits but is actually a printout of a right-wing blog site... Later in the interview, he reads portions from the blog site printout as if they are from the affidavits

Farmer suicides on the rise on 2019. If you're worried about a #farmer who has been affected by Trump's trade war, get them the help they need. Hotline: 800-273-8255, 24 hours per day!

NO single ISIS detainee is held by the US in Rojava (NE Syria). They were all captured and are currently detained by the Kurdish forces.

Bottom line: Trump tonight after one call with a foreign leader provided a gift to Russia, Iran, and ISIS. FWIW, I warned of this here in @ForeignAffairs — and recommended alternatives given the hard realities on the ground and in this White House.

Donald Trump's companies destroyed or hid documents in defiance of court orders

US persuaded the SDF #Kurds to dismantle defensive positions that deterred Turkey, promising security guarantees in exchange Then once the #SDF Kurds became defenseless, Trump gave Erdogan the green light to invade

Donald Trump is the most disloyal, unpatriotic President we’ve ever had. He betrays America every time he tells a foreign government to interfere in our election. Only a traitor would tell communist China to investigate his fellow Americans.

Trump made a similarly impulsive decision when I was managing the policy. I resigned over it and stand by every word in this op-ed. Tonight is a sad replay but seems even worse as US officials had since convinced the SDF that we planned to stay.

The Biden-Ukraine conspiracy comes out of a long history of conservative campaign hit books (Texan Looks at Lyndon, Unfit for Command, Clinton Cash).

Wildest part of this story is when Rick Perry tells the Ukrainian president to fire the board of the state gas company and replace them with Americans who have made large donations to the GOP.

Soviet-born investors Parnas & Fruman, who helped Giuliani pressure Ukraine to investigate Biden, were reportedly "shaking down" Ukrainian state gas company Naftogaz exec to import US LNG. Then Rick Perry pressured @ZelenskyyUa to fire the Naftogaz board

It’s not news that Trump is corrupt. What’s new is how he is succeeding in corrupting our government.

NEW: Jeffrey Epstein flaunted young women at his friend Frederic Fekkai's celebrity salon, even after his arrest

Dear Bill Barr of @TheJusticeDept: Do you actually think our allies Australia, Italy and the U.K. all conspired against America in 2016, or do you think Russia attacked American elections in 2016? Stop being stupid

The statement fails to mention that the US is abandoning the forces that worked with US - and leaving them to Erdogan’s onslaught.

If Donald Trump Jr. is really concerned about the appearance of impropriety, he could start by looking at the operations of his own family business, including the Trump International Hotel in DC.

U.S.-backed Kurdish-led forces in Syria say that American troops have begun withdrawing from areas along Turkey's border.

Tonight Trump officially crossed the line from laundering, tax fraud, and high crimes & misdemeanors to become a mass murderer. He knowingly sold hundreds of thousands of Kurds lives - allies, no less - to Erdogan to slaughter. Will a Turkish-sourced Warren bombshell arrive soon?

Trump baselessly accuses a second political opponent of “treason” for lawfully investigating the president in accordance with the Constitution, then reveals further ignorance about the Constitution by calling for impeachment against them, which isn’t part of the Constitution.

Last year, for the first time on record, the 400 wealthiest Americans paid a lower total tax rate than any other income group.

I'm sorry, but Alex Karp's op-ed on how tech companies like Palantir shouldn't make policy -- and therefore cannot be held accountable for profiteering from human rights abuses -- is full of shit. Palantir spent more than 1.6M on lobbying in 2018

ICYMI: President Donald Trump denied any quid pro quo, but the Ukraine text messages suggest otherwise. We annotated the behind-the-scenes negotiations led by Trump’s top Ukraine diplomats.

“Ignorance kills”. Great quote. Simple and accurate. Not condescending, because it’s true. Remember when that dictatorial pos Erdogan visitedthe White House and trump ALLOWED Erdogan’s bodyguards to physically assault American protesters on Pennsylvania Ave. Trump did nothing.

Any whistleblowers want to step up on this Kurd stuff? There’s a Trump Towers Istanbul!

It’s normal & looks corrupt that DOJ hasn’t opened any investigation of the multiple actors in the Ukraine scandal, but instead Barr is personally investigating the investigators of an investigation that turned up an attack on Amer

Not only are we abandoning our allies to their mortal enemy, Turkey. There are also thousands of ISIS prisoners in northeast Syria, many of which are foreign fighters. A chaotic situation is like a Turkish invasion is the perfect chance for them to break free.

Watch how radically taxes on the wealthy have fallen over the past 70 years:

U.S. entrepreneur Arcuri refuses to answer questions about intimacy with Boris Johnson

Photos released of two suspects in Kansas City mass shooting

Israelis find it hard to believe that Netanyahu really lost the election. The attorney general, who will decide on the PM's corruption cases, is probably scared, too

Erdogan would love to see everyone banned on Twitter that goes against him. Turkey summons US diplomat over a Twitter 'like'

Putin now has the keys to Syria, 2000000 Kurds who helped us will be murdered, and Turkey can use the military equipment they just purchased.

BREAKING: White House: Turkey will soon invade Northern Syria, casting uncertainty on fate of Kurdish fighters allied with US.

BREAKING: In an extraordinary Sunday night statement, the White House announces that the US "will no longer be in the immediate area" of Northern Syria, allow Turkey to launch an invasion in the region and give Turkey responsibility for captured ISIS fighters in the area.

This was two days ago....”Pentagon spokesman Cmdr. Sean Robertson said any “uncoordinated military operations by Turkey would be of grave concern as it would undermine our shared interest of a secure northeast Syria and the enduring defeat of” the Islamic State group