Friday, February 28, 2020

Trump’s incompetence & his “best people” can get you killed. Even if you voted for him.

It is time to ignore @FoxNews and these personalities. Living in their universe of "alternative facts" is no longer cute. These dishonest people are ok with your illness and possible loss of life. It is time for facts to rule once again

Just as Joe Biden goes up in the polls in SC, Ukraine does this. Besides the fact that there was an Europe wide effort at the time to encourage the removal of the deeply corrupt Shokin, it appears the even more corrupt efforts of Trump have paid off

President Obama set up anti-pandemic programs in 47 vulnerable countries, as a way to protect against something just like Coronavirus breaking out across the world. Experts begged Trump to keep them open. He closed 37 of them.

The Dow closed down 1,191 points, or 4.4% – the worst one-day point drop in history. The index has lost 3,226 points this week. The S&P 500 finished down 4.4% - the worst one-day percentage drop since August 2011. It was the sixth straight day of losses for the Dow & S&P

Top 8 Largest Dow Jones Drops in American History. 1) Trump: -1,191 2/27/20 2) Trump: -1,175 2/5/18 3) Trump: -1,032 2/8/18 4) Trump: -1,031 2/24/20 5) Trump: -879 2/25/20 6) Trump: -831 10/10/18 7) Trump: -800 8/14/19 8) Trump: -799 12/4/18 WINNING.

I hope every Senator who voted to keep Donald Trump as President is comforted that he is leading the Coronavirus response in America. You own this.