Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Fmr. federal prosecutor: Trump uses his pardons as a signal to associates

Dems battle to retake control of the Senate in 2020

The Trump economy *is* the Obama economy, but with a sugar high built on unjustifiable & reckless trillion dollar deficits. Voters who rationalize support for Trump with their wallets over their values are blinded to the reality: they’re sacrificing both.

A study has found that the novel coronavirus is more contagious than the related viruses which cause SARS and MERS. While Covid-19, is not as fatal on a case-by-case basis, its greater spread has already led to more deaths than its related coronaviruses.

It looks like in the Trump White House, you can buy a pardon. This is corruption, plain and simple.

"In short, then, the pardons were entirely personal in origin, and so the granting of them was exclusively an exercise of Trump’s own power... The only cost is the further degradation of the government, moving our system closer to a cult of personality."

CNN townhall, Bernie asked if he’ll condemn Bernie bros. Says condemns “all personal attacks” & “bullying” but mostly attacks against his campaign. Thinks (angry checkmark) bros attacking unions may be “bots or something”. What is so remarkable: