Monday, January 20, 2020

For all the talk of militia resistance and uprisings, such people are more likely to ally with government power in suppressing real opposition. We saw many like them in Russia, if less armed, such as Putin's pet biker gang. State-approved vigilantes are always useful tools.

Trump legal team to request impeachment acquittal, calls the process "rigged"

"The House denies each and every allegation and defense in the Preamble to the Answer... Trump maintains that the Senate cannot remove him even if the House proves every claim in the Articles of impeachment. That is a chilling assertion. It is also dead wrong. "

Human-to-human transmission confirmed in mysterious China virus

Ten years after Citizens United, our new analysis shows how the ruling has unbalanced the election system in favor of megadonors.

Trump is a stochastic terrorist.

No, Mr. President, we did ask John Bolton to testify. You ordered him not to, and blocked others, like Mick Mulvaney. All Americans know what a fair trial includes documents and witnesses. What are you hiding?