Thursday, May 28, 2020

Mitch McConnell is without a doubt the single most loathsome elected official on the planet. Great piece from @ProjectLincoln

The Psychopath in Chief

Minneapolis police ID 4 officers fired in connection with George Floyd's death; mayor calls for charges against cop kneeling on Floyd's neck

After 35 years, Kentuckians are still waiting for the kinds of opportunities #RichMitch has worked so hard to give himself. πŸ‘‰ This ad is on TV and digital media in @senatemajldr’s home state TODAY. Pitch in now to help:

Lawmakers across the country are proposing legislation that would criminalize calling police as an act of racial prejudice

We know this isn't legitimate because, among other reasons, it's being run out of DOJ rather than by the (Acting) Intelligence Community IG. Barr is attempting to create a patina of criminality on routine practices to advance Trump's conspiracy theories.

Check the date.