Wednesday, October 28, 2020

White House could have traced and contained its covid-19 outbreak. It chose not to.


Stella, thank you for being a poll worker. You’re making a difference and helping folks cast their ballot safely.


The Big Ten football game between the Wisconsin Badgers and the Nebraska Cornhuskers scheduled for Saturday has been canceled due to several positive Covid-19 cases within the Wisconsin football program


Since becoming president, Trump has used his power to direct at least $8 million from US taxpayers and political supporters into his own businesses.


CNN's @AlisynCamerota: "Hospitals in WI are near capacity. Does that give you any pause about going there and holding a big rally?" Trump 2020 Press Sec. Hogan Gidley: “No, it doesn’t … the VP has the best doctors in the world around him."


They're psychopaths whose last mission is to damage as much of this nation as possible before they face justice. Vote them out. And then...PRISON.


From the president that brought you “truth isn’t truth” and “alternative facts” comes his most monstrous lie: The pandemic is over. Meanwhile almost 1,000 Americans are still dying from it each day and cases are rising. No, the pandemic isn't over. But his presidency must be.