Saturday, December 15, 2018

Russian propaganda portrayed Trump’s election victory as Putin’s triumph. However, the “triumph” has been short-lived because, as it turned out, the president of the US is limited in his ability to pursue the policy that Putin would have expected from him.

The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister has called on Julian Assange to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to face "British justice" as soon as possible. The end is near for JAss

We Are Governed By Monsters Now

Russia claims Pentagon is ignoring request to discuss nuclear dispute

First-ever Fact Checker poll: Few Americans believe Trump’s false statements

Trump weighs next move on border wall as government shutdown looms.

We just uncovered fresh evidence of a powerful Russian official hanging out with NRA leaders—including at an elite NRA fundraiser

Fox News doubled down on Tucker's comments. Pacific Life dropped. What about his other advertisers?

Ryan Zinke has racked up 17 federal investigations in under two years as Secretary of the Interior

#BREAKING: Trump Interior Secretary Zinke steps down

If you've been follerin' this sealed mystery case workin' it's way up through the courts, it appears somebody high up in the Trump admin is fightin' tooth and nail to quash a Mueller subpoena. If Tea Pain had to make a guess, he'd say it's Mike Pence

The big guns come out if Trump gets nailed for bribery: Former prosecutor says Mueller may use RICO statutes

CNN's Don Lemon Blasts Chris Cuomo For Airing 39 Minutes Of Lies From Kellyanne

GOP congressional candidate Mark Harris admits he hired aide at center of N.C. election fraud inquiry

Hey look, it’s the worst Governor ever and Russian spy Maria Butina.

ICYMI, @BetsyDeVosED continues to work to gut any and all civil rights protections

“If you were a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didn't talk to you” - @MickMulvaneyOMB,

Imagine being a political party whose burning mission is to take health care away from sick peoole because a black president gave it to them

The national debt under Trump is surging at its fastest pace since 2012

Trump lawyers try to halt evidence collection in emoluments case

Hi @indeed, I saw you advertise on Tucker Carlson's show. One of the biggest advertisers of the year, in fact!

NEW: New Jersey AG is looking into allegations of widespread harassment and immigration fraud at @realDonaldTrump's Bedminster golf club in response to undocumented maids coming forward claiming mistreatment

Chris Christie: "I've told the President that now is not the right time for me or my family to undertake this serious assignment."

Details of Russian spy Maria Butina's cooperation quickly removed from court website

America was Michael Cohen. He might be faking his recovery — or might not be. What matters is how real America’s impending recovery will be. Read this provocative take on where we’ve been and where we’re headed:

Hey @instagram. Why are you still providing a platform to Infowars after they’ve already been banned by @facebook, your parent company?

Mar-a-Lago has incidentally also increased ticket prices to its New Years Eve party. Not many New Years Eve parties can sell access to the president of the United States.

After decrying Hillary Clinton as a liberal who would take the country in the wrong direction, Mick Mulvaney said he was supporting Trump despite the fact that he's a "terrible human being."

The @GOP is trying to block aid for #VietnamVets who were exposed to Agent Orange. They claim to be the party that cares about veteran’s rights. They lie

Rep. Eric Swalwell: "The fact that he was in the room actually really corroborates other evidence we heard in the Russia investigation, that on business dealings, on the campaign, Donald Trump was actually intimately involved with decisions."

A federal appeals court has thrown out a power company's permit to build a natural gas pipeline across two national forests and the Appalachian Trail

"A top inaugural planner emailed Ivanka and others at the company to “express my concern” that the hotel was overcharging for its event spaces, worrying of what would happen “when this is audited.”

Visited Juárez to hear directly from asylum seekers. Met one mother who traveled from Guatemala with her 10-year-old daughter. It took them more than 3 weeks to arrive here. Their place in line to petition for asylum is now written on their arms with a marker: 2142 & 2143

I have never heard of a case where they sealed an entire floor. The Court believes the case is so sensitive that the public should not even know WHO THE ATTORNEYS ARE. I wonder who might need that level of discretion?

BREAKING: Sandy Hook Elementary School forced to evacuate due to bomb threat on 6th anniversary of massacre

As the number of scandals surrounding the White House grows, so does, it seems, the president’s "executive time"

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who talks a good game on human rights, voted against the measure on Yemen

Canadian and U.S. diplomats say politics has no place in extradition of Chinese executive

Analysis | Travel agencies, fake marriage and ensnaring Ernest Hemingway: Russian agents’ long history in the United States

Kasparov: Russia Increasingly Losing Its Standing On World Stage

85,000 children starved to death in Yemen yet Paul Ryan added language to farm bill making it impossible to fast-track end of US aid (& abetting) to Saudis & heinous war on Yemen. 8.4 million on verge of starvation in world's largest humanitarian crisis

We present to you our DHS Secretary, AKA: Cruelest Woman on the Face of the Earth - Kirstjen Nielsen.

REMINDER: Trump and Republicans campaigned this fall on a nakedly dishonest promise to protect coverage for people with preexisting conditions

Trump's day went from really bad to really f*cken bad very quickly

Donald Trump is reduced to hiring people who hate him but don't respect themselves enough to say no

Opinion| Trump: Democrats are the reason I can’t have my wall! Republicans: Well, actually …

Facebook could be facing a multi-billion dollar fine after a European regulator announced Friday that it is launching an investigation into the company over failure to protect user privacy

The Brexiteers have failed — so they blame Theresa May

BREAKING: A Federal judge in Texas ruled the ACA unconstitutional This will be appealed. It is a highly political ruling in concert with Trump.

NEW: The FBI has released part of the two-page Steele Dossier summary Comey used to brief Trump with in January 2017, @joshgerstein reports. It describes Steele as sponsored by "private clients."

Last night, Tucker Carlson opened his show by saying immigration makes America “poorer, and dirtier, and more divided." An offensive, dehumanizing and racist statement. That segment ended with an ad from @pacificlife


When Jerry Brown took office in 2011, California had a $27b deficit and was considering auctioning buildings for cash.

Shameless. Secretary Nielsen should resign, now.

Rick Gates --inauguration organizer, former Manafort protege, & current felon--tried to get inauguration vendors to take money directly by donors. That way donors wouldn't have to be disclosed.

CNN Legal Analyst Paul Callan Says Trump May Already Have Been Indicted Under Seal

Folks, get used to this clip of a young Lindsey Graham preaching presidential removal. You are going to see this one a lot.

The president has asked us to turn a blind eye to Saudi Arabia's actions, the humanitarian casualties in Yemen, and our ongoing involvement in the region. We will not. An update from our 104th town hall

The Trump crime family just racked up another financial crime, stealing money from their inaugural committee's non-profit to give to their DC hotel. This one is gonna leave a mark on Ivanka. It's her crime