Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Navajo Nation now has more COVID deaths than 13 states combined. 13 states.

NEW: Trump said Epstein was never a member of Mar-a-Lago. He was. | Miami Herald

Oil-rich #SaudiArabia has constructed a facility—with #China’s help—for extracting uranium yellowcake from #uranium ore in its drive to master #nuclear tech. MbS vowed that “if #Iran developed a nuclear bomb, we will follow suit as soon as possible.”

A friend who works for VA tells me that they are hearing that the slow down at the USPS is impacting veterans who get their prescriptions by mail. Reports are two week delays are occuring in critical meds. They love the troops and veterans!

In the midst of the worse economic crisis in decades and with COVID’s death toll rising, Republicans have delayed vital economic support for American families. What's the delay? Call them today:

FBI raids U.S. company with ties to Ukrainian oligarch

Another video from the sea #Lebanon

SWAN: Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested on allegations of child-sex trafficking TRUMP: You don’t know that SWAN: We do know Maxwell has been arrested TRUMP: Good luck. Let them prove that somebody is guilty

In advance of the classified briefing I’ll hear later today, I reviewed classified documents this morning. They are chilling. Declassify this information. Americans deserve & need to know about ongoing foreign interference (even sabotage) in our election system.

Sen. McConnell has admitted, four times, that there are as many as 20 GOP Senators who will vote against ANY COVID relief package Those same Republicans voted to give $1.9 trillion in tax cuts to giant corporations & the wealthy Dems won't stop fighting for people and families

“She’s accused of child sex trafficking.” — “Big deal.” Big deal??????

Which @jonathanvswan are you today?

Trump has repeatedly insisted that any sale of TikTok’s U.S. operations would have to include a substantial payment to the U.S., but it isn't clear under what authority he can extract a payout

Trump actually doesn’t appear to understand how bad the pandemic is — @pbump explains

From my latest article: "Trump cannot perceive or escape the vortex of his own self-destruction. The immense tragedy is that thousands of Americans have died and will continue to die because Trump cannot help even himself. "

The op-ed asks us to “consider this argument” in favor of Roy Moore (funded by Dick Uhiline) “What’s the big deal about a 32-year-old man courting a 14-year-old girl?”

*Quite* the op-ed for Roy Moore, (funded by Dick Uhiline) in @FDRLST: “even if Roy Moore did what he is accused of doing, Alabamans are within their rights to vote for him, and they shouldn’t let Democrats and Never Trumpers shame them into not voting.”

Lebanon's state-run news agency says a large explosion in Beirut was the result of a fire at a warehouse for firecrackers


Port of beirut*


How...does ANYONE watch this and think this is a good leader? How many gears do you need to strip in your brain to reach that conclusion? Seriously.

tfw yosemight

Republicans will HATE it if you make this #NoKobach video go viral

The stock market has become a playground for gamblers, sheisters and the monopoly guy. The fact that it is not even touched by the reality of what is happening for the American worker is a testament to how little they care, and how little they credit how work creates value.— Abigail Disney

Um. @jonkarl - have you reported this fake account to Twitter? Has anyone at the White House Correspondents Association reported this to Twitter? Has any White House correspondent written an article about this fake account that misleads millions of Americans?

This is the first day of school in Paulding County, Georgia.

Maggie: the words you’re searching for are: “lies about..”. Not “revises the history of..”. Whew, some of you folks are really terrible at your jobs.

And it's easy to understand why Putin, Xi and Kim think they can play Trump

Opinion | Russia’s Far East stands up to the Kremlin — and shows Putin slipping

Maryland elections company bought by Russian oligarch close to Puti

This @MaryLTrump quote at the end of her book stopped me in my tracks: “If he can in any way profit off your death, he will facilitate it and then he’ll ignore the fact that you died.”

Trump tells #AxiosOnHBO that he “can’t say one way or the other” whether John Lewis was impressive. “He didn’t come to my inauguration.”

The evidence is accumulating that it’s not safe to open schools, even as Trump tries bullying governors to force the school doors open. America responds: SHUT YOUR MOUTH

The Unemployed Stare Into the Abyss. Republicans Look Away.

Blame it on the IT guys. They are responsible for the digital fans.

Sean Hannity demonstrates the Fox News M.O. in 30 seconds -- he personally thanks the audience for buying his books and watching his show, and credits their viewership of Fox News for saving America from the threat of "the new Democratic Socialist Party."

Fox & Friends had Sean Hannity on to do a completely absurd campaign promo for Trump

Fmr. Chief Economist: ‘Deeply immoral’ to withhold $600 unemployment insurance benefit

Nevada passes law to make voting easier, defying Trump bluster

"Hate the six, love the half-dozen," one person fired back at the vice president on Twitter.

All of us.

U.S. caught in spiral as coronavirus exacerbates societal flaws

A reminder of what a loving family looks like. Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Dear Stupid, You can't even get your own son's school to open. They have refused. The school where your son Barron is being educated refuses to open because it's not safe. Now sit there, eat your Big Mac, and shut up.

Investigation of Trump Org follows familiar white collar contours

Some Senate Rs growing nervous about letting Mnuchin/Meadows take lead in talks with Dems. “I think it's concerning that we don't have any idea really what's going on," Josh Hawley said Monday. "I think a lot of senators have that sentiment."

Over the last week, Devin Nunes, Ron Johnson, and Jason Miller each faced questions about political assistance from foreign sources. None of them wanted to talk about it.

China’s new office to implement the national security law in Hong Kong will have immunity. That’s a concern after the city’s failed investigation into police use of force during protests.

And while we're on the topic of famous evangelicals who like to tell us how immoral we are, but take saucy pics with women not their wives, here is Franklin Graham:

First, the pool boy. Now, this unzipped drunken debauchery. Are you starting to – finally – understand why "Christian" scold, Jerry Falwell, Jr., has no problem supporting the adulterous liar Donald J. Trump?

"Putin is Trump's honey trap," said one of his former advisers. Perhaps even more worrisome, Putin knows it. Some of the most experienced US intelligence officials said that Putin is aware of Trump's admiration for him and has sought to exploit it.

Oh my god

Wow! This innocent Black family was detained at gunpoint by @AuroraPD officers today — down on a hot concrete ground for a mistakenly identified stolen vehicle. They were pulled over and all placed in handcuffs, even their 6-year old child!!

Colorado police apologize over viral video of cops handcuffing Black girls in a mistaken stop

Donald Trump really does have the mind of a kindergartener. This clip is mind-boggling.

When your book is discounted 34% before it’s even out

The President says he has a right to issue an executive order on mail-in voting

Trump wants the government to take a cut of the sale of Tik Tok because he says he created the value by threatening to ban it. “We think we deserve to have a big percentage of that price."

Opinion: The myth of unemployment benefits depressing work

Mary Trump Has Sold More Books Than ‘Art Of The Deal’ Sold In 29 Years

Ratings???? They’re fucking bragging about their ratings???? 158,000 Americans are dead, millions & millions of Americans can’t make rent or mortgage, and all team Trump can do is brag about their fucking TV ratings???? Fuck Trump.

BREAKING: Census Bureau confirms all #2020Census counting efforts will be cut a month short, risking a severe undercount of people of color. Collecting responses online, over the phone & by mail, plus door knocking at unresponsive homes, to end on Sept. 30

The “Biden wants to cancel the debates” meme is a TV invention. Biden’s agreed to three debates, balked at a fourth. That’s it. “He should not debate unless....” takes are coming from people like Thomas Friedman, who don’t actually work for Biden.

How much money does the family sue for? Lawyers—weigh in please.

Not important but why does he sit on every chair like it’s a toilet

Confused. Not too bright. Aggressive. Self-serving. In charge. No constraints on his erratic behavior. Dangerous.

Call it whatever you want, ballots are coming in the mail and they're legitimate.

No ad needed. This is devastating for Trump. Just play this.

WATCH: Full #AxiosOnHBO interview between President Trump and @jonathanvswan