Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ukraine Believes Paul Manafort’s Crimes Go Way Beyond Money Laundering

Social media executives said that Russian-linked accounts began trying to interfere with the election in 2015.

Russian-linked Facebook accounts encouraged violence against black activists, cops: report

Murdoch-owned outlets bash Mueller, seemingly in unison

Professor Joseph Mifsud at center of Russia disclosures claimed to have met with Putin

Al Franken tears into Facebook counsel at Senate hearing

'I want to quit': Fox News employees say their network's Russia coverage was 'an embarrassment'

Unsealed now: Paul Manafort docket in DC federal court is open // Earlier motion to seal:

Lewandowski says Papadopoulos never talked w "senior management on a regular basis" That isn't true, per court docs

Trump Campaign Co-Chair Sam Clovis was questioned by Mueller Team last week & testified before Grand Jury

NEW VIDEO: The indictment reads “together with others.” Theoretically, could one of the unindicted Others be Trump?

I questioned Facebook, Twitter, and Google about extremist content and Russian disinformation on their platforms.

Sen Kennedy asks Facebook: You have 5 million advertisers…you don't have the ability to know who every one of those advertisers is, do you?

We must see Putin's attack on our election for what it is: a campaign to weaken & destabilize democracies everywhere

All roads lead to Jeff Sessions. He chaired the campaign’s NATSEC committee that Clovis & Papadopoulos were on...

Politico: Hope Hicks is scheduled to speak with Robert Mueller’s team in mid-November

NYPD is treating the incident in Tribeca as a possible act of terror

Clovis said to be 'cooperative witness' in Senate Russia probe

Carter Page to testify at House Intel “open in a closed space”

BOOM! My latest ===> Trump's lies about NO COLLUSION with Moscow have just exploded. It's a whole new CI game now.

How Donald Trump hired — and fired — Paul Manafort

Mistake in Manafort indictment shows case was "cooked up," Russia says

NY Daily News front page

Pat Robertson demands Trump fire Mueller and pardon everyone: ‘This whole thing has to be shut down!’

Lewandowski says he can’t recall if he may have been one of the campaign officials on Papadopoulos’s emails re contact w/ Russia

The drumbeat continues on “Fox And Friends:” “Many people don’t trust Robert Mueller. Many people don’t trust him...”

Preet Bharara: "I would expect more charges to be coming... I would expect them to relate to the campaign."


The short, happy political career of George Papadopoulos

“Just as we were digesting the details of [the first] indictment, we had this bombshell out of Chicago,”

Bombshell Allegation: Paul Ryan Outed By Congressman For Covering Up Trump Russia Crimes

I believe in Americans and the American dream, but it’s time we wake up.

Graham: If Trump fired Bob Mueller, "there would be holy hell to pay."

'This is only the beginning': Inside Mueller probe

‘Just $1 to help us’: Eric Trump email after Manafort indictment asks for cash because dad’s ‘still standing’

NEW: Tony Podesta's atty threatens Tucker Carlson over claims Podesta bros, Manafort & Hillary colluded with Russia.

When FBI agents picked lock on Manafort's house, they found Ukrainian lobbying records he had told DOJ didn't exist

Forget Washington. Facebook’s Problems Abroad Are Far More Disturbing.

The last year suggests that Trump overcoming this controversy is very unlikely

'Tis The Season For Treason: A Very Mueller Christmas

Just finished questioning Tillerson & Mattis on N Korea. They left lots of doubt whether they would seek vote by Congress before a strike.

Odds of Obstruction of Justice Charge Against Trump Just Went Through the Roof

John W Dean warns Trump White House they’ll be ‘playing with fire’ if they follow Bannon advice to attack Mueller

Trump campaign knew Russia had Clinton emails months before Trump "joked" about them

Preet Bharara reads Bob Mueller’s tea leaves

The Plot Against America

SHS is lying, according to the Papadopoulos plea deal. He was encouraged by campaign officials to make the trip to Moscow. Like, verbatim.

Like clockwork, Fox has already begun attacking the judge in the Manafort case & the judge is a black woman.

Ex-Watergate prosecutor guarantees Papadopoulos has been ‘wearing a wire for months’ and playing ‘dial-a-crook’

Given facts in the indictment, seems likely the two lobby firms Manafort hired are cooperating, or they’d be facing their own charges.

Out of thin air and of all days, Tulsi Gabbard decides to discredit Dems as a block for trump.

U.S. business group worries Trump unprepared for commercial talks with China

After A Day Of Legal Shock And Awe, What's Next For The Mueller Investigation?

The crazy flood of tech revelations in the Russia investigation

Paul Manafort’s contractor was unaware that Manafort had been indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller

After Manafort’s indictment, the threat of jail time for failing to disclose foreign lobbying is rattling Washington

Appears the White House Chief of Staff just confirmed what the White House has denied for months: Donald Trump is under investigation.

Trump’s sabotage of Obamacare isn’t just cruel — it’s grounds for impeachment

John Boehner on how historians will rate his speakership: “They’ll be talking about the end of the two-party system”

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump under multiple sealed indictments


White House chief of staff John Kelly reacts to news of indictments: "Let the legal justice system work”

'No limit to fantasy: Russian foreign minister denies Kremlin meddled in Western elections

Is Bannon contacting White House to influence decisions on Mueller? 18 USC 207(c), a criminal statute, requires a 1yr. cooling off period.

EXCLUSIVE: Eric Schneiderman Had Trump Under State Surveillance


NEW VIDEO: Mueller just nailed and flipped a guy who directly links Trump to Putin and a Russian offer of HRC emails

Mueller is building a case that Trump's campaign was in close touch with Russian officials

Distract and dismiss: how rightwing media saw the Russia indictments

Watchdog group demands FEC investigate Zinke campaign spending

Mueller blindsides Congress Russia investigators

Trump’s Legacy: Damaged Brains.

Tillerson And Mattis Warn Against Repealing War Power Authorizations

A new study links pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables with women's fertility issues

How the Kochs are trying to shake up public schools, one state at a time

Opinion: Don’t overlook the Kremlin’s threats to our courts

What you need to know about Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, who pleaded guilty to lying to FBI:

Clinton: We don't need a probe to tell us that Trump is refusing to stand up to Russia

Passing Magnitsky Act 'opens the floodgates' for other countries

The deep roots of Trump's Manafort problem

Billionaire Trump Friend Linked To Two Indicted Campaign Officials

With first charges, Mueller sends warning to Trump, aides

Exposed By Bots: How Trump and Brexit work as one

President Trumps associates have been indicted. Can Trump himself emerge unscathed?

The FBI has opened a preliminary inquiry into Whitefish Energy's $300 million Puerto Rico contract, a source says

Trump’s chief of staff said Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general, was “an honorable man.”

Fact-checking the repeated claim that Russia obtained '20 percent of our uranium'

Your guide to understanding the Trump-Russia saga

Here's your full guide to the GOP tax plan

Jerome Powell is the favored finalist in Trump's Fed-chair reality show

Trump 'fuming' over Mueller probe indictments, report says

President Donald Trump is reportedly fuming over the developments in the Mueller investigation and spoke to his lawyers multiple times today. Lawrence O'Donnell discusses with Ron Klain and Steve Schmidt.

President Trump's Go-To Moves When Facing Trouble Won't Help With the Manafort Indictment

Trump served a subpoena by 'The Apprentice' contestant who alleged sexual assault

Jeff Sessions suggests DOJ will crack down on marijuana growers, even in states that legalized weed

Special counsel's office says Papadopoulos is a "small part" of a "large-scale ongoing investigation"

Poll: Dem candidate grows double-digit lead over Republican in Virginia governor race

Lawrence: Mueller gets his 1st 'guilty'—and it's about collusion

The special counsel reveals a secret guilty plea—fmr. Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos has plead guilty to lying to FBI agents weeks ago about his contacts with Russians. Lawrence O'Donnell explains how this extraordinary development relates to Watergate.

John Dean warns Trump White House they’ll be ‘playing with fire’ if they follow Bannon advice to attack Mueller

WATCH: Carbon dioxide levels grew at record pace in 2016, U.N. says

What to expect when Facebook, Google, and Twitter testify on election meddling

Sarah Sanders starts press briefing with a lengthy story about reporters drinking at a bar

Trump is "seething" as the Mueller probe reaches former aides, according to a Republican close to the White House

Court documents show how early Trump aides knew the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and “thousands of emails”

“While American journalists report about the ‘surrender’ of Manafort, Ukrainians openly rejoice.”

Late-night TV hosts have a field day with Manafort indictment and Trump’s reaction

Facebook estimates 126 million people were served content from Russia-linked pages

This could be the most important revelation in all of today’s Trump-Russia news

Facebook, Google and Twitter offer new details about U.S. election meddling by Russia-based agency

What's next in Mueller's Russia investigation?

GOP senators refuse to back legislation to stop Trump from firing Mueller

‘The Russians Have Succeeded Beyond Their Wildest Expectations’

ABA deems another Trump judicial nominee ‘not qualified’

Collins breaks with party, demands GOP tax bill not cut taxes for rich

Ex-US attorney: 'Absolutely incredible' Trump adviser lied to FBI

George Papadopoulos lied to the FBI about his contacts with Russia, but is now cooperating. Fmr. U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance says nothing angers FBI agents more than being lied to—and those lies could have a major impact. Vance & David Frum join Lawrence O'Donnell.

Papadopoulos, in many ways, not unique in history of US scandals

Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historian, talks with Rachel Maddow about how major scandals often begin with a relatively unknown figure like Donald Trump adviser George Papadopoulos, and even points out a previous, literal George Papadopoulos.

Matthews: Facts hurt Trump

Chris Matthews joins Rachel Maddow to talk about his new book, Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit, and about how Donald Trump is struggling to deal with a fact-based scandal that doesn't bend to his manipulations.

Papadopoulos may have worn wire as part of Mueller deal

Paul Fishman, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about what it means that Donald Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos was a proactive cooperator and how special counsel Robert Mueller might have used his help in investigating Trump.

Mueller follows the money to charge Trump campaign staffers

Greg Farrell, investigative reporter for Bloomberg News, talks with Rachel Maddow about the thoroughness and detail of special counsel Robert Mueller's charges against Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and adviser Rick Gates.

Mueller flipped Trump camp adviser who relayed offers from Russia

Rachel Maddow reports on what has been learned from the unsealing of indictments against Donald Trump campaign staffers Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos, the latter having agreed to cut a deal to work with special counsel Mueller.

Carter Page reacts to indictments, Papadopoulos plea

Carter Page, former foreign policy advisor to Donald Trump's presidential campaign, speaks frankly with Chris Hayes about what he knew and when he knew it.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Today’s indictment is terrible news for Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Steve Bannon thinks Trump’s legal team is "asleep at the wheel"—and he’s looking for ways to kneecap Mueller

Mueller’s moves send message to other potential targets: Beware, I’m coming

“The United States is investigating…potential collusion…by American citizens” -from newly unsealed Distrcit Court opinion

Paul Manafort’s alleged crimes have been in plain sight for years

Sarah Sanders' massive exaggeration about Clinton's "collusion" with the Russians | Analysis by CNN's Chris Cillizza

Commentary: If Trump seems hysterical now, just wait.

So far, this highly intelligent Pres. not doing great. Who knew? Trump Job Approval Hits New Low at 33 Percent

Remember that on March 21, 2016 Trump praised George Papadopoulos when discussing his campaign's foreign policy team.

Worth pointing out that Podesta email was hacked in March. Papadopoulos was offered Hillary Clinton dirt (emails) a month later

You bet there's collusion: And other reasons Donald Trump should be nervous after Robert Mueller's indictments

Statement from Manafort’s lawyer

Trump lunch with Sessions takes new significance after Manafort indictment

Let us remember always that Vice President Mike Pence was hand-picked as Donald Trump's running mate by Paul Manafort.

"High-Ranking Campaign Official" in Papadopoulos DOJ filing, per earlier Post story, is Corey Lewandowski

JUST IN: Court blocks Trump transgender military ban

Manafort Surrenders

Manafort Surrenders

Fox News is now running a segment targeting Robert Mueller

Read the indictment against Paul Manafort

NYT backgrounder on Rick Gates FYI

The 12-charge indictment included -Conspiracy against the U.S. -Conspiracy to launder money -Making false statements

READ: Full indictment against ex-Trump adviser who pleaded guilty to lying to FBI

The indictment of Manafort reveals his "lavish lifestyle":

Manafort/Gates indictment from DC court says "Indictment B"

Wow. Read this section of the Papadopoulos charge, including the footnote. Someone “low level” has to visit Russia as to not send a signal.

Robert Mueller Releases Information Showing Trump Campaign Tried to Collude With Russia

Today’s indictments of Manafort and Gates, and Papadopoulos’ guilty plea are key developments in Russia probe. Here’s why:


NEW Grand Jury Memo Manafort/Gates

Mueller probe appears to hit Democratic powerhouses, too

“The United States is investigating…potential collusion…by American citizens” -from newly unsealed Distrcit Court opinion.

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Manafort charged with Conspiracy Against The United States

Multiple news source reporting.

Manafort and Gates ordered to surrender


Manafort to surrender today


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