Thursday, May 9, 2019

Why the Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr.

Trump says John Kerry ‘should be prosecuted’ for talking with Iran

#BREAKING: Dem lawmakers deliver petition with over 10 million signatures calling for Trump's impeachment

Pelosi rips into McConnell over his vow to "kill any House legislation for the people"

For the first time: “Yes Impeachment” leads 45-42

Statement: Jerry Falwell Jr. did not pay money to Michael Cohen but he's well aware Donald Trump's fixer did him a favor & tried to negotiate the return of graphic sexual photos during 2016 campaign. Falwell returned favor dumping Cruz for Trump. Cohen retains one photo as proof.

This is BIG. Federal judge fast-tracking case over Congress' subpoena of Donald Trump's accounting records (read: tax returns and more). The court hearing is on Tuesday.

The Sultan of Brunei passed a law that made being gay punishable by death. George Clooney spoke up. I couldn’t be more grateful.

By at least he has serious prosecutorial chops... oh wait... he’s never prosecuted a single case in his life.

Judge demands unredacted Mueller report in Roger Stone case

BREAKING: White man who hasn't gotten over the Civil War demands Jews "get over the Holocaust."

Here’s video I found of Don Jr talking about the Russian hotels and golf courses he’s looked at. Says he was in Russia “looking at a potential golf development and high end hotel assets.” Then says “any of those things would be possibilities.”

Make no mistake. If Trump is still president for long enough to appoint even just one more justice to the Supreme Court, laws like this might stand. Impeach, before it gets truly medieval in this country.

Beating Lindsey will take mobilizing voters in SC (particularly those who have lost faith in politics) and leveraging national resources to compete and win. I CAN DO THIS and #SendLindseyHome

Forbes republishes 1990 investigation of Trump's wealth

Child sex-trafficking victims face decades behind bars for killing their abusers. That could end soon.

Texas Republican says vaccines are "sorcery," claims "parental rights" are more important

The kids in Colorado took the guns from their parents: How about the @NRA stop opposing laws that require gun owners to store their guns responsibly? Most states don’t have safe storage laws; for those that do, it’s a misdemeanor punished by a $400 fine.

The bill "would also ban effective methods of birth control" and require re-implantation of ectopic pregnancies into the uterus, a medical procedure that doesn't exist.

Why is @SenRickScott smiling if you’re discussing the terrible abuses by Maduro?

‘Art of the Deal’ writer wants publisher to ‘recategorize it as fiction’ — or take the book out of print

“A federal court also has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to ban chlorpyrifos, but the Trump administration has appealed the ruling.”

Georgia's new abortion law is the Fugitive Slave Act, but for women. There's no other way to describe it

Top ten businesses headquartered in Georgia. NOT ONE DIME should go to this war on women.

We should expect nothing less than this from a man who lies for a living. But this lie is especially egregious because it threatens the very existence of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe that welcomed the Pilgrims to these shores. This is dangerous (once again) & racist (once again).

NYT report on Trump taxes begs the question: Who is paying Trump?

Chairman Schiff: The Intelligence Committee may subpoena Don Jr.

GOP’s impeachment double standard

Georgia Just Criminalized Abortion. Women Who Terminate Their Pregnancies Would Receive Life in Prison.

The bill "would also ban effective methods of birth control" and require re-implantation of ectopic pregnancies into the uterus, a medical procedure that doesn't exist.

Something that I don't think most people really get is that we've never really seen abortion laws this draconian in the history of the United States, even pre-"Roe v. Wade."

Mystery delays at US Supreme Court,

Not only can’t you get an abortion in Georgia (effectively) BUT if you leave the state to get an abortion in another state You can get 10 years in prison. So Georgia just revoked women’s rights to free movement? It’s unconstitutional

Trump admin is blocking detained immigrants from free legal services, lawyers say

Kelly says 'right' Democrat may challenge Trump -- but he'll still win

Trump said to be railing at John Bolton over Venezuela, accusing him of trying to pull him “into a war”

We had to sit through Louis Gohmert, Gym Jordan & Matt Gaetz but when reps Eric Swalwell and Ted Lieu are up they cut away? Check out Rep Swalwell’s epic GOP take down below.

The timing: U.S.’s envoy to North Korea, Stephen Biegun, was in Seoul to meet with South Korean officials,

As Jim Jordan complains about this contempt hearing, it reminds me, whatever happened with all this? Remember how former Ohio State wrestlers accused him of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse?


NEW: Former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster: Some Trump Advisers Are a ‘Danger to the Constitution’

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes: "We are a nation with a tradition of reining in monopolies, no matter how well intentioned the leaders of these companies may be. Mark’s power is unprecedented and un-American. "It is time to break up Facebook."

BREAKING: Pope Francis issues a new law requiring all Catholic priests and nuns around the world to report clergy sexual abuse and cover-ups by their superiors to church authorities.

"There's my Native American!"

On Fox, Ken Starr complains that Mueller report has "too much detail" and is "special counsel overkill"

NEW: A lawyer for Giancarlo Granda, the Miami Beach "pool attendant" who received $1.8 million from Jerry Falwell Jr., denied that Granda had anything to do with any "personal photos" of Falwell. He also wants the media to stop calling him "pool boy."

In the past three years, more kids have been killed in school shootings in our country than American military troops have been killed in combat over the same time period.

Is this what it looks like when you have nothing to hide? — Nancy Pelosi

At rally in Panama City Trump jokes about staying in office “10 or 14” years. But he’s only joking, he says.

Steven Mnuchin is getting pretty close to being impeachment-worthy because he’s not turning over the president’s tax returns despite a law that says he has to...

Some more details: -Committee now at a standoff with Trump Jr -Trump Jr. considering pleading fifth or not appearing at all -Discussions for Trump Jr’s testimony began several weeks ago before Mueller report was released -Trump Jr’s position hardened after the report was released

I got a comment from @DuluthTradingCo explaining why they sponsor Fox News "Our advertisements are broadcast on a variety of channels to reach as many hard-working folks as we can. No matter what channel or show they’re on, our advertisements are not an endorsement." Thoughts?

The legislative purpose of the law under which the Ways & Means Committee is requesting Trump's tax returns was passed in the wake of the Teapot Dome scandal -- the entire purpose of the law is to have oversight over potential financial conflicts of public officials.

Well here's something you have to give Trump credit for. He said he would run the government the way he ran his business, and based on the new tax returns, it seems that he is keeping his word:

Citizens that crave authoritarianism are like doctors that do cocaine. They both underestimate its negative effects and think they're smarter than every other addict. If we don't stop Trump now, we'll never get the authoritarian monkey off our back.

Here are some @FoxNews sponsors. Do not shop them.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler says "we have no choice" but to move forward with the vote to hold Bill Barr in contempt of Congress. Trump "wants to make himself a king and Congress cannot permit that," Nadler says.

The White House would rather have a fight over contempt than betrayal

The list is now at more than 800: 800+ former federal prosecutors have signed onto a statement asserting that if the DOJ's Office of Legal Counsel did not prohibit a sitting president from being indicted, Trump would be charged with obstruction of justice.

Fun fact: Jim went to law school but never passed the bar. *shocks no one*

Former national security adviser H.R. McMaster has accused some unnamed White House advisers of being “a danger to the Constitution” by trying to manipulate Trump to achieve their own ulterior motives

This is legislating malpractice and experimentation on women

Beto O’Rourke got the cover of Vanity Fair. Pete Buttigieg got the covers of New York magazine and Time. You’d never know that Kamala Harris leads them in the polls, or that she out-raised Buttigieg, or that her CNN town hall had higher viewership

He founded "Students for Trump." Now he could face jail time for impersonating a lawyer

“I think an attorney general who is held in contempt of Congress should resign,” Rubio said of Holder

Everyone having a good laugh about shooting refugees

"What is it about sharing wives that might appeal to @realDonaldTrump loyalists? Or perhaps we should ask what is it about President Trump’s modus operandi that might appeal to those who relish being cheated on?" Cockburn's latest...

The Kremlin has denied that "Russian state bodies" were involved

Michael Cohen fixed Jerry Falwell Jr.'s problem. Then the evangelical leader went to bat for Trump.

This is how the Czech Republic welcomed the Night Wolves, which is a Russian governmental criminal gang.

‘Mass purge’: Sarah Sanders implements new standard that disqualifies ‘almost the entire White House press corps’

Rep. Doug Collins: "Mr. Chairman, I implore you to see reason. I ask that you recognize the craven and insincere politics that seemed to be yielding no dividends for the American people."

Remember that time Pearl Harbor was bombed and FDR called the Emperor of Japan? Or the time the Twin Towers were struck and Bush ringed Osama Bin Laden? No? I don’t either. So why’d @realDonaldTrump call Putin after the Mueller Report was released?

Maybe the most important thing to understand when it comes to public opinion and the Mueller probe. It's Fox News viewers vs. everyone else

"54 of the nuclear plants operating in the U.S. weren’t designed to handle the flood risk they face."

Hey, Ohio...have you met the woman who is going to dethrone Jim "GYM" Jordan?

I lost all that money because I was so successful and also the reports that I lost all that money are false.

A new New York Times investigation further reveals Donald Trump to be a "reckless conman who burned money and relied on his father,"

“To prove I’m not dumb at business I will admit to tax fraud”

If this video doesn’t stop you in your tracks... what will? Wow. “I had my hand around a metal baseball bat... if I was going to go down, I was going to go down fighting.” He’s 12.

North Korea has fired at least one unidentified projectile, Seoul says, a week after test-firing new weapons systems

BREAKING | North Korea fire unidentified projectile

If Trump and Putin's phone call doesn't terrify you, consider this: The U.S. Congress hasn't even seen an unredacted Mueller Report yet, but Trump's already briefed the Russian president. No Collusion? You be the judge.

Special counsel rules allow Mueller testimony after leaving DOJ

Nadler wants Mueller, McGahn testimony 'during the month of May'

Rep. Nadler: 'This is a lawless administration'

Democrats' Mueller questions show public need for more details

Trump versus the Mueller investigation: one fight on many fronts

Saudi Arabia is challenging Iran's dominance in Iraq.

Only one 2020 Democrat fully grasps the threat that Trump poses. And only one of them has offered a suitably detailed and comprehensive response to *all* the challenges and perils of this particular moment.

House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal has indicated that Democrats would go straight to federal court to try to force the Trump admin to give up Trump's tax returns, skipping a subpoena or a contempt vote.

Trump's feud with Congress puts American democracy on the brink

Let the Saudis murder and kidnap US residents. Cratered the two state solution in Israel. Helped bomb Yemen into famine. Abandoned Syria diplomatic process. And now goaded Iran into restarting nuclear weapons program. Trump’s Middle East record is a debacle, start to finish.

If you voted for the Green Party, remember this when Kavanaugh and Gorsuch overturn Roe v. Wade.

This is what dictators do.

Jacob Wohl’s “press conference” I. Shit. You. Not.


"...a mass purge of 'hard pass' holders after the White House implemented a new standard that designated as unqualified almost the entire White House press corps, including all six of The Post’s White House correspondents."

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler speaks after voting to hold Barr in contempt: “He has taken a much greater step farther, in turning the entire Department of Justice into an instrument of Trump personally, rather than an instrument of justice”

If you hear a little voice in your head saying “I have to do something to save the country”, listen to it.

The Senate just confirmed Trump's 38th Circuit Court judge

The first sentence of this ought to be on every piece of Democratic campaign literature until trump is gone. This is what the Republican Party has become. Any working American who votes for him is a fool. He steals from your children.. for sport.

New: In a secretly recorded tape, Michael Cohen called RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel "one of the worst human beings" and says "Don't let that Mormon nonsense fool you."

State senators in New York passed two bills aimed directly at President Trump -- one that could allow his state tax returns to be released to Congress and another to allow state prosecutors to charge people whom the President pardons with state crimes

Trump Jr testified he only talked to Kushner and Manafort about meeting with Russians But in Mueller report, special counsel wrote that Trump Jr. announced at a meeting of campaign aides and Trump family members "he had a lead on negative information about the Clinton Foundation"


Eric Bolling who was fired from Fox News after sending unsolicited photos of his penis to women was a featured speaker at Melania’s “Be Best” event at the WH yesterday . A pervert who would bully his female coworkers in such a way is a bizarre spokesperson for Be Best

ICYM: Cyber Command opens up its Ops Center and talks strategy of how it’s learning about Russian cyber weapons and influence campaigns before they are used on America.

Trump pushes dangerous lies about Democrats and abortion

#BREAKING ATF raiding home in the #HolmbyHills. Hundreds of weapons laid out

‘The president, aided and abetted by the attorney general, tears at the very fabric of our Constitution.’ — @RepRaskin listed all of Trump’s misdeeds and it is jaw-dropping

Schiff: The case for impeachment hearings is getting stronger

Schiff Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

Hey @senatemajldr! Your performance today was a disgrace. So is your treasony deal with Deripaska. No worries - your day of reckoning will come. Meanwhile, enjoy your new billboard

Neal Katyal on the special counsel's "break glass in case of emergency" option: If an A.G. or a president were to try to squelch a special counsel from testifying, the special counsel could resign and then testify. (This appears to be Rep. Nadler's expectation.)

After almost eliminating press conferences, the Trump administration’s campaign against journalists covering the White House has reached a new peak. On Wednesday, the administration revoked the hard passes of almost the entire White House press corps.

**Big development** Trump is now questioning his administration’s hardline policy in Venezuela. He feels backed in a corner, is frustrated w/ Bolton, thinks Maduro is a “tough cookie.”

#BREAKING: The New York State Senate just passed my bill to provide state tax information to requesting Congressional committees. We are facing a constitutional showdown. New York, as the home of the President’s state taxes, has a special responsibility to step into the breach.

This isn’t funny. It is terrible. Praising a $1bn loss as a case for achievement!

You're seeing these fights that all look separate, but they are all the same fight. This is one big fight. This is Trump versus the Mueller investigation.

Our Brave School Children

This week @EWarren is on the cover of @TIME. Here's the first look

From Georgia to California, at elementary, middle and high schools and on college and university campuses. We're 19 weeks into 2019, there have already been 15 school shootings in the US in which someone was hurt or killed.

‘Mass purge’: Sarah Sanders implements new standard that disqualifies ‘almost the entire White House press corps’. Fascism is here in full biased splendor...

Six-week abortion bans are effectively total bans on abortion, as many women don't know they are pregnant at six weeks. I stand with everyone in Georgia and around the country fighting these illegal measures that threaten women’s lives and freedoms.

Some Ex-Trump Staffers Are Struggling To Make Ends Meet And Can’t Find Jobs

Trump asks Florida rally crowd: "How do you stop these people" from crossing the border? "Shoot them!" a rally attendee shouts out. Trump: "That's only in the panhandle you can get away with that stuff. Only in the panhandle."

"Congress must investigate fully now that we know Trump was faking his wealth and may have been vulnerable to foreign espionage and fraudulent money-generating schemes"

Why is it only the president's son who's being called back in to readdress the matter when everyone else who got nailed for lying to Congress just got nailed in court? Why are they bringing Junior back?

To lose $1 billion over 10 years... - Trump lost $11,416 per hour - Trump lost $274,000 every single day - Trump lost $8.3 million every month - Trump lost $100 million every year For a decade.

Feds now investigating 850 possible domestic terrorists across United States, the head of the FBI's counterterrorism division told Congress today. Many of the possible terrorists are white supremacists

Former Red Sox star David Ortiz says he backs Manager Alex Cora and other players who are boycotting the team's White House visit. "You don't want to go and shake hands with a guy who is treating immigrants like [expletive] because I'm an immigrant."

Watch this! Rep Eric Swalwell