Monday, June 11, 2018

One thing those pundits could say is that they’d be a lot more comfortable if the lone person negotiating a nuke deal for America was literate

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made at least $82 million in outside income last year while serving in the White House, filings show

Trump’s Lawyers Plot Joint Defenses With Others Caught In Mueller Probe

Today, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein met with local law enforcement partners in Montreal, Canada to discuss shared goals and partnership opportunities.

White House explanation for Trump early departure from North Korea summit is untrue: report

Militants preparing provocation in Syria to initiate US attack - Russian Defense Ministry

ICYMI: What could possibly go wrong now that Beijing hackers stole US submarine codes and ciphers? Is that a big deal or something?

Take that, Trump: The WTO can authorize Canada to hit U.S. with $3.2 billion in trade retaliation 'If you think hitting Paul Ryan would be a way to get Trump to remove the tariffs, maybe pick products from his district in Wisconsin'

Trump Administration Will Stop Granting Asylum To Survivors Of Gang And Domestic Violence

Richard Painter says there is more evidence against Trump than there was against Nixon

Senator David Perdue's Prayer for Obama: 'Let His Days Be Few'

BREAKING: #SCOTUS decision that allows states to remove eligible voters from voter rolls because they haven't voted hurts our democracy. Justice Sotomayor has important dissent on how decision sanctions purging minority & low-income voters that Congress was trying to protect.

Dear God...

The Yemen War is spiraling out of control. The Saudi/UAE/U.S. coalition bombed a Doctors Without Borders cholera treatment facility earlier today.

Why one judge's decision this week could change the fate of US media.

Seriously, f*** these people. Why do we let agents of subversion operate openly in the US and pretend we don't know what they are? F*** off and take your confederate f***ing flags with you back to Russia and talk to Russians about insurrection.

Web of elite Russians met with NRA execs during 2016 campaign

Corporate Capture of the Fourth Estate by transnational organized crime is INTENTIONAL.

Bravo, Steve Schmidt: “From his slovenly appearance to his unpreparedness, ignorance and arrogance, he beclowned himself. The R majority is filled with cowards who are servile supplicants to the most unfit POTUS ever.”

Just in: Paul Manafort to be arraigned on new obstruction charge in DC federal court on Friday morning, June 15th.

Meanwhile in #Russia: Siberian kindergartners pledge to march into the "final battle" to retake Alaska if Putin -- aka Uncle Vova -- orders them to.

@4corners has obtained evidence of a quid quo pro by Carter Page delivered to Trump that if sanctions were lifted , there would be a significant kickback from Rosneft sale. Fuck me , our journalists are destroying him. Carter looks shellshocked @4corners had the info on him

Thank you Australia!

In mass casualties, first responders tending to the dead and wounded can be hurt, too.

Stupid Watergate II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver explains how the president and his allies are going full O. J. in order to undermine the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election

John Oliver goes off on Fox News for undermining the Mueller investigation

German leader Angela Merkel said it was "sobering and a little depressing" to see President Trump withdraw from the G-7 agreement via Twitter after leaving the summit

Russian disinformation team operates openly in Washington, DC

When US special forces were ambushed in Niger, which country came to their aid? The French. America is weaker when America is alone.

Adding a citizenship question could make the 2020 census tens of millions of dollars more expensive and less accurate, says NPR’s Hansi Lo Wang.

Many border communities are truly intertwined. Canadian nurses, for example, cross the border every day to work in Maine hospitals. A Madawaska, Maine, mill pumps pulp from the Canadian side of the border to be made into paper on the US side. We must preserve this friendship

NATO is not a protection racket, it's an alliance of like-minded states banding together for their mutual defense. Or was.

If only Jeff Flake were a United States senator in a closely divided chamber who could single-handedly join with Democrats to force accountability.

NBC News: U.S. won't bring up human rights at Singapore summit, officials say

There has never been a disaster like the G7 meeting that just took place. It could herald the beginning of a trade war, maybe even the collapse of the Western alliance.

Fox & Friends host refers to Trump and Kim Jong Un as "two dictators" - Anthony Scaramucci doesn't bat an eye and keeps on talking. It's all coming together....

On Monday morning, President Trump unleashed a fusillade of angry tweets about what he said were the predatory trade practices of Canada and several European countries

Let’s say Cambridge Analytica is tracking early ballot casting. Is that possible? According to former employee Molly Schweickert, hell yeah. In America, it’s all for sale. Data matching makes it easy.

"The Democrats are not making any of this easy. They've decided it's more fun to be the resistance than to do their job and help us govern the country."

-No evidence that Pence has ever challenged Trump on anything -No evidence of a real friendship between the two -Their weekly lunches have to be chaperoned, which is "really unusual"

Canada took in all of our incoming international air traffic on 9/11.

Merkel - EU will act against U.S. tariffs on steel, aluminium

Vladimir Putin said that he would meet President Trump "as soon as the American side is ready"

Bitcoin tumbles as hackers hit S.Korean exchange Coinrail

French President Emmanuel Macron’s office: "International cooperation cannot depend on fits of anger or little words. Let us be serious and worthy of our people."

A pro-Brexit journalist held back evidence of links between Russia and the Brexit campaign while playing down so-called conspiracy theories on TV, reports

A fresh look at Erik Prince’s House Intelligence Committee testimony and emails with Christophe Charlier, Chairman of Russian company Renaissance Capital

Brad Parscale, digital director for Trump's 2016 campaign, was a critical factor in the president's election. Now questions surround how he did it.

The three southwest Kansas men recently convicted in a militia plot to bomb Somali immigrants may have been motivated by Russian manipulation of U.S. social media, a terrorism expert says.

A Doctors Without Borders ship carrying more than 600 rescued migrants is stranded in the Mediterranean between Malta and Italy after both countries declined to take them in

Muhammad Ali’s ex-wife slaps down Trump’s pardon offer: ‘Pardon someone who kneels’

EU will follow Justin Trudeau and act against US tariffs: Merkel

Trump Threatens to End All Trade With Allies

Trump is using these pardons of black people to play to their celebrity petitioners. But he is also using them as a marketing tactic rather than a statement of principle, to shift focus from predacious systems to personal symbols.

Chinese missile systems have reappeared on a disputed island in the South China Sea, days after satellite imagery appeared to show they had been removed

If an American president were deliberately trying to break up the longstanding Atlantic alliance, it would bear a striking resemblance to Trump’s behavior in Quebec, says

"If the world lets the United States of President Donald Trump win the bid, it might as well give him a Nobel Peace Prize, or let Steve Bannon sit at the helm of the United Nations."

.@davidfrum on grappling with "news fatigue:" "If your child is feverishly ill, it can be very fatiguing to... take care of her. But it's what you do, because that's your duty... [And] if your country is ill, you have the same responsibility."

Macron blasts Trump's "incoherence" and "little words" after G7

Giuliani would be well-advised to tell his client to save his presidential pardons for those prepared to admit to crimes.

Russia has invested heavily in staging this World Cup, anxious for it to help improve its image. But when BBC team went to report on preparations in Nizhny Novgorod, where England will play, they found themselves under constant surveillance.

Here's video of DeNiro swearing at Trump on #TonyAwards Australian feed didnt censor it.