Saturday, September 19, 2020

Outside of @senatemajldr house right now. Crowd getting bigger. LMPD trying to keep people on sidewalks.


A regime that behaves like this will simply not survive. It might take some time, but there is no doubt that’s its days are numbered


.@AOC: “This for Joe Biden is not about whether you agree with him, it’s a vote to let our democracy live another day.”


Because elections have consequences for lawmakers and judges. Today it’s Trump; November can be different. Remember, the first bill President Barack Obama signed was the Democratic Congress’ bipartisan bill to correct a Supreme Court injustice - the #LilyLedbetter Act


NBC News: The United States has surpassed 200,000 coronavirus deaths.


If you don't show up on November 3, you will have an unaccountable junta leader with a Supreme Court he owns.


McConnell usually wins. This time, it may be different.


If Republicans push through a Supreme Court nominee, within weeks the Affordable Care Act will be gone (a case is pending). 20 million Americans will lose their health insurance and rates will skyrocket for anyone with a preexisting condition. In the middle of a pandemic.


Perspective: If McConnell pushes through a nominee, President Biden should pack the court


BREAKING: President Trump urged the Republican-run Senate to consider “without delay” his upcoming nomination to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death.


Woman with HIV denied water, medication in Texas jail before dying of neglect, family says


Here is a photo of a man, a U.S. Senator, who simply does not give a f#ck what you or anyone else thinks.


When one group fights for power at all costs vs a group fighting for the rule of law, the second group had damned well better mobilize while it still can, because it only gets harder. Trust me on this one.


“I don’t think we should be moving forward with a Supreme Court nominee in the last year of this president’s term. I would say that even if it was a Republican president.” — @marcorubio in March 2016, eight months before Election Day.


If the House impeaches Bill Barr, that business is privileged over everything else in the Senate. Including confirming judges. I didn’t think there was a ton of point to it before but I have changed my mind.


I’m scared. But it’s a new day. And this is America. We can do anything


If you would like to honor what RBG fought for, please give to Joe and Kamala directly through this link now. They'll need to hire LAWYERS to fight for democracy in the courts. Even $5 will help. Thanks.


McConnell Pursues Scorched-Earth Tactics on Ground That is Already Scorched In trying to ram through a replacement for Ginsburg, Senate leader elevates power over principle.


Some of Fox News’ biggest names will have to answer in court next month for their widely discredited reporting on the unsolved murder of Seth Rich


...and now I will ignore her last wishes.


Cool. Vote. Abolish filibuster. Make DC and Puerto Rico a state. Pack the courts. Y’all gotta focus


Schumer's statement is verbatim what McConnell said four years ago when Justice Antonin Scalia died in February 2016.


Perspective: The deep roots of disdain for Black political leaders


Dear Susan Collins, Here’s her office number (202) 224-2523. Tell her NO SCOTUS until Inauguration Day!


Sen. Lisa Murkowski says it would be a “double standard” to fill a Supreme Court vacancy before 2021 & “would not support it.” Would bet my life @MittRomney feels the same way. All eyes now on @SenatorCollins.


.@CharlieBakerMA: I don’t want to get involved in presidential politics. Also Charlie Baker: *endorses Susan Collins* Susan Collins


There are two people dead and at least 14 others injured following a mass shooting at a backyard party in Rochester, New York, according to the Rochester Police Department.


A free press suppressed. A vote postponed. Dissent criminalized. China’s insidious reengineering of Hong Kong marches on, but not without a fight


International Scrutiny Increases for Belarus


Cyprus blocks EU’s Belarus sanctions plan


Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya invited Belarusians and foreigners supporting Belarus to join the Global Day of Solidarity with Belarus on September 20. Actually, it’s not one day but the whole week (Sep 20-26) Hashtags of the campaign #solidaritywithbelarus #StandWithBelarus


NEW VIDEO: Because of established precedent, enforced by McConnell in the past and endorsed by Trump and Republicans in 2016, there must be #NoNewJustices. Pass it on.


The only one who will be looking for a new job next year is you. — Mike Bloomberg


For Chris Wray to do this now, as a Trump appointee, at this moment in time means that what the Russians are doing is very, very bad. He’s willing to lose his job over it (which he will if Trump gets re-elected). We should all take heed of his warning.


A major deal to lower drug prices fell apart after White House insisted drug makers pay to send millions of $100 cash cards to seniors before November — “Trump Cards,” some in the industry called them.


Its a good night to donate to Amy McGrath & help her defeat the evil hypocrite Mitch McConnell.


If Mark Kelly wins, he gets sworn into office in November. Open your wallets.


She just died and the GOP is already issuing statements and doing TV hits. Remember that next time there’s a school shooting and they say it’s not time to play politics w/ gun control


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought to the end, through her cancer, with unwavering faith in our democracy and its ideals. That’s how we remember her. But she also left instructions for how she wanted her legacy to be honored. My statement: — Barack Obama


If you are going to drain the swamp let’s start with the Swamp Thing. In honor of RBG @MsJuneDiane and I will match donations to this fund up to 10k. Post receipts below. This fund spreads $ to all flippable seats not just Mitch


The Arizona Senate race has taken on new importance after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: If Democrat Mark Kelly wins, he could be sworn in to replace Sen. Martha McSally as early as Nov. 30 — possibly in time to vote on a new Supreme Court nominee.


"[Lincoln] was getting beaten a lot by Robert E Lee. They want to rip down his statue all over the place ... he would have won except for Gettysburg ... these were incredible things" -- Trump praises the top general who fought on behalf on slavery


Collins and Murkowski are on record saying they wouldn't support a nominee this close to the election Barring a reversal, one more defection would force at least a tiebreak


Let me be clear: The voters should pick a President, and that President should select a successor to Justice Ginsburg.


I just donated to ⁦@AmyMcGrathKY⁩ — please join me and let’s send Moscow Mitch a message in the only language he understands - cold hard cash to his fearless female opponent!


Barack Obama: "Four and a half years ago, when Republicans refused to hold a hearing or an up-or-down vote on Merrick Garland, they invented the principle that the Senate shouldn’t fill an open seat on the Supreme Court before a new president was sworn in."


.@LindseyGrahamSC now I believe you will do what you promised....


@LindseyGrahamSC if you move a scotus nominee I will do everything I can to destroy you. Let me be clear: you put a Justice on the bench and you will lose.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg stood for all of us. She was an American hero, a giant of legal doctrine, and a relentless voice in the pursuit of that highest American ideal: Equal Justice Under Law. May her memory be a blessing to all people who cherish our Constitution and its promise.


(3/3) I'll save the political rhetoric for another day. But I want Kentuckians to know: if the "McConnell Rule" was good enough in 2016, it should be good enough in 2020, and I will fight him every step of the way on this. — Amy McGrath (@AmyMcGrathKY)


Keep it classy, *Sen. McSally. *Appointed. Not elected.


LINDSEY GRAHAM on March 10, 2016: “I want you to use my words against me. If there’s a Republican president in 2016 and a vacancy occurs in the last year of the first term, you can say Lindsey Graham said let’s let the next president, whoever it might be, make that nomination."


Analysis: Why Mitch McConnell intends to confirm a new Supreme Court justice now, when he wouldn’t in 2016


We’re shutting this country down if Trump and McConnell try to ram through an appointment before the election.


Clinton: Democrats must use every possible procedural obstacle to stop McConnell


Senators Collins, Graham, Grassley, and Murkowski are on record as of 2018 that no Justice should be confirmed this close to a presidential election. Senator Romney should join them. Leader McConnell’s monumental hypocrisy cannot be allowed to prevail.


Mitch McConnell in 2016: “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president."


In an effort to get reelected, Donald Trump literally KILLED 200,000 people - you really think he gives a crap about spitting on RBG's 'legacy'? It's a done deal, her seat will be filled by a Trump lackey by January, and we're all helpless to stop it.


Kremlin employee and Trump co-conspirator Michael Caputo's emails divulged, show pattern of intentionally silencing CDC scientists to increase the spread of COVID


If McConnell/Trump ram through a replacement, then Dems need to increase the number of justices to 11 if they win all three majorities.


Mitch McConnell says: "President Trump’s nominee will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate." In 2016 election, they blocked Obama’s nominee on the grounds that you shouldn’t appoint a new judge during an election. Look at the twisting of the rationale now: