Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Opinion: Trump is unraveling before our eyes, @JRubinBlogger writes. He isn’t fit for reelection.

Some of Mueller’s team have told associates that Barr failed to adequately portray the findings of their inquiry and that they were more troubling for President Trump than Mr. Barr indicated

We went 22 months without even a peep from Mueller and his team, and now this.

Mueller and his investigators have been silent throughout this entire process. But whatever William Barr is trying to do with Mueller's report, it appears to be rubbing them the wrong way

Federal district court judges make the first decisions in the country’s most important cases. And @SenateGOP just limited debate on the confirmation of district court nominees to only 2 hours. This will hurt us for decades.

Trump personal and business taxes requested from IRS by House Ways and Means Chairman Richard E. Neal:

Breaking: The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee has formally requested that the IRS hand over six years of Trump's personal and business tax returns

NEW: bipartisan U.S. senators reintroduce the #DETERact: Stiff sanctions to deter Russia from interfering in U.S. elections.

BREAKING: Federal authorities were already looking into potential Chinese intelligence operations in South Florida. Then a Chinese woman was arrested w/ "malicious malware" at Mar-a-Lago

The rules change is a cynical move, designed to speed up “conveyor belt” of incompetent, extremist and conflicted Trump nominees — who special interests love.

Rep. Schiff says on @Morning_Joe: "I think it's inevitable Bob Mueller is going to have to testify before Congress. I would think that he will probably be needed before more than one committee."

JUST IN: @SecretaryRoss is refusing to testify on @CommerceGov’s budget, writing: “My appearance...would unfortunately distract from the Department’s important business before the subcommittee.”

The arrest of a Chinese national with malware at Mar-A-Lago raises serious questions on security vulnerabilities, which foreign intelligence services have reportedly targeted FBI must immediately assess security risks at Trump properties & brief Congress

Mitch McConnell used the “nuclear option” to reduce debate time on most lifetime court picks from 30 hours to two.

Mitch McConnell will go down in history as the majority leader who did the most to destroy the Senate as an institution. — Sheldon Whitehouse

Why are Republicans afraid of the full Mueller report?

Did you know renters’ incomes have increased by only 5% since 1960 while rent has risen 61%? That burden is crushing families. I want to bring them much-needed relief, which is why I’ve introduced legislation to ease this monthly burden.

NOW: Senate Republicans invoked the "nuclear option" to change the rules to make it easier to confirm Trump's nominees at a faster pace — they just voted to do it for most executive branch nominees, and are poised to do it for US district court nominees

If it could get ugly then it probably will.

I'm not afraid of this guy. I'm not afraid of the NRA. I'm not afraid. No fear. — Rep. Eric Swalwell

McConnell just forced a historic vote. He wants to pack the courts to turn our Constitution on its head & lock in government by and for the powerful & privileged, destroying government by and for the people. Very dark day for our Constitution and for the people of America.

Alan Dershowitz tells us he has been consulting with the White House on the Israeli/Palestinian peace process, including how to improve relations between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority

Social norms are changing. I understand that, and I’ve heard what these women are saying. Politics to me has always been about making connections, but I will be more mindful about respecting personal space in the future. That’s my responsibility and I will meet it.

Pretty ugly confrontation between Schumer and McConnell just now. At one point, McConnell recounted Schumer's drive to filibuster Bush nominees and pointed right at him: "He started this whole thing"

"When a social worker put my daughter in my arms on Jan. 30, she was inconsolable. She was so sick I had to take her to the doctor the next day. For three weeks she resisted me, fearful, when I tried to hold her."

NEW: @jonathanmahler and I went deep on the Murdoch empire. We visited 3 continents and interviewed more than 150 people. This is the inside story of one dysfunctional family and the most powerful media company in the world.

NEW: Cummings says accounting firm Mazars USA has asked for a friendly subpoena before sends the Oversight Committee 10 years of Trump’s financial records.

Nixon closed the border to sow chaos. Trump's shutdown could be even worse.

SCOOP: The Trump administration plans to shift must of the responsibility for food safety inspections in hog plants to the pork industry.

Joe Biden and his team are making it clear to supporters and donors that they are moving forward with plans for a possible 2020 presidential run, insisting the former vice president is undeterred by allegations that he made some women feel uncomfortable

Senate Democrats will introduce a new disaster relief plan in an attempt to counter Republican arguments that they are blocking much-needed aid to the Midwest

“The Miami Herald has reported were provided by Li “Cindy” Yang, a South Florida massage-parlor entrepreneur who resold tickets to banquet events at Trump’s club, (Mar a Lago)”. Sounds legit to me

Putin saved Assad by being relentlessly goal oriented. He's aiming to do the same with Maduro. Will we let him? Have we defined our own objectives in Venezuela?

Trump said the entire southern U.S. border (or large sections) could be closed if he doesn't get a deal with Congress. He then acknowledged it would negatively impact the economy, but then said, "We're going to have security in this country — that's more important than trade"

Folks are missing a key thing that makes Trump's Puerto Rico tweets so awful. Trump isn't merely lying about how much PR has gotten. He's also pitting Midwest victims *against* PR victims, by falsely saying more aid to latter would take aid from former

Wynn Resorts executives were part of a cover-up to protect founder Steve Wynn from sexual-misconduct allegations, Massachusetts regulators say

Barr did not meet the House Democrats deadline of today to deliver the Mueller report But Democrats DO NOT PLAN TO SUBPOENA the report right away Instead they will give Barr "at least a few days to hustle the report to Capitol Hill."

.@SenatorLeahy on Sec. Ross declining to testify before Senate Appropriations: “You’re not an investment banker anymore…Trying to run from Congress will not solve your problems. And trying to hide the truth will not either. The truth has a way of catching up with you.”

"About 70 percent of Puerto Ricans in Florida have a “bad” or “very bad” opinion of Trump"

Greg Lindberg, founder of Eli Global & big donor to New Republican PAC (which supports Rick Scott) charged today with public corruption and bribery, along with associates John Gray, John Palermo & NC state political party Chairman Robert Cannon Hayes

"Someone's going to leak this whole damn speech to the media," Trump tells NRCC in a speech that is being broadcast live by C-SPAN.

At our current pace, it'll take 80 years to repair all of the structurally deficient bridges in the US, a new report estimates

Alex Jones Is Melting Down and All the Supercharged Brain Force Pills Can’t Save Him

Americans borrowed more than $88 billion in the past year to cover healthcare costs, with nearly 3 million individuals borrowing $10,000 or more, according to a new study conducted by Gallup and West Health.

.@tedlieu: "It's been over 10 days since Robert Mueller completed his report, and the American people don't have it. So what is Bill Barr hiding?"

Opinion: Theresa May was warned about Brexit. She didn’t listen.

America's last line of defense: The Mar-a-Lago receptionist.

Julián Castro, from humble beginnings to the president's cabinet

Bizarre breach of Mar-a-Lago highlights Trump security ineptitude

Laura Ingraham brings on a Dr to ask why there's a measles outbreak, Dr says its bc kids arent getting vaccinated, Laura says vaccines cause problems, Dr says that's a lie, Laura moves right on

Trump claiming that the noise from windmill causes cancer. This is just beyond parody at this point

SCOOP: Twitter accounts tied to Russian troll farm charged by Mueller not only spread pro-Trump info, they targeted Trump supporters w/malware in short links, some hosted by Webzilla Steele dossier noted use of botnets to transmit viruses

Sarah Sanders: Democrats are playing ‘dangerous game’ by investigating Jared Kushner’s security clearance

Tricia Newbold said her supervisor moved files to a shelf beyond her reach after she complained about the decision to grant security clearances over objections. "It was definitely humiliating ... But it didn't stop me from doing what was right."

The Chinese woman who was detained at Mar-a-Lago with a thumb drive loaded with malware was trying to gain access to an event advertised on social media by Li Yang, the massage parlor entrepreneur who ran a business selling access to Trump and his family.

Elijah Cummings says in a statement that the four subpoenas related to the Oversight Committee's security clearance and census investigations have been served.

BREAKING: In a huge victory, Democrat @PamforPA has flipped a key state Senate seat in the special election in #SD37, a district largely controlled by Republicans for the last 50 years. The loss is seen as a sign that support for Republicans in the heartland is eroding.

Trump appears to be changing his mind on Mueller report release