Sunday, January 27, 2019

The convergence of interests is hard to ignore — Adam Schiff

Jay Z, Chris Rock, David Beckham, Mariah Carey All plan to take Saudi Blood Money. What a horrid examples

Trump's Treasury Dept. just lifted sanctions imposed on US Rusal PLC, En+ Group PLC and JSC EuroSibEnergo — three companies linked to Russian oligarch Oleg #Deripaska, said to be one of Putin's favorite oligarchs

Six in 10 Americans say House Democrats should obtain and release Pres. Trump’s tax returns, new @ABC News/WaPo poll finds.

Today the Treasury Department/Mnuchin lifted sanctions on three Russian companies linked to Deripraska

Dear @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy: If you are going to lie, at least come up with more believable ones. We read and see the same statements by @realDonaldTrump & his Administration that you do. You disrespect the American people by treating us like we are stupid. We are not stupid.

Auschwitz survivors pay homage as world remembers Holocaust.

Ginni Thomas personally lobbied Donald Trump in the White House last week

National Security Adviser John Bolton says U.S. would act if staff faces violence in Venezuela

Today, on Holocaust Memorial Day, we take the time to remember six million stolen Jewish lives, as well as the millions killed in genocides around the world. As Londoners, we must reinforce our commitment to opposing hatred and intolerance everywhere.

Rubio disputes that the United States would participate in a coup in Venezuela. With remarks from his interviews today with @jaketapper and @chucktodd and additional context

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange: Attacks Against Jill Stein Are “Going to Go Through the Roof”

If there were innocent explanations for this, why all the lies?

President Panic McFlopsweat

Pope Francis says 'builders of walls' sow fear and divide. He's got that one right!

This is Donald Trump’s longest serving political advisor in a bar giving the White Nationalist hand sign. He’s also distributed multiple pictures of himself in Nazi attire on social media including a “Space Force” suit w a swastika.

A lawyer representing the fired workers states the management at the golf clubs were aware of the workers' legal status. One helped an employee obtain false documents. Trump exploited desperate people for cheap labor for YEARS.

The Trump name- which stands for white supremacy, nationalism, corruption and violence against the vulnerable- will forever be associated with the same despicable human tendencies that caused the holocaust. You display stunning hypocrisy, Ivanka.

Russian intel created a false trail linking murdered double agent Sergei Skripal to Christopher Steele before the Salisbury attack, the Telegraph reports. The plot to kill Skripal may have included an attempt to sow doubt on the dossier's veracity.

Ex-Reagan aide: Trump's shutdown deal exposed him as "pitifully weak, all bluster, a pathetic negotiator"

1) He was arrested on Friday, not Thursday. 2) Good thing CNN had a camera there, so people could see what happened for themselves.

This is a very important piece that you should read this weekend. The supranational billionaire fabric of decision making is about to get ... very weird, and we should all understand it.

As someone who helped convict Dick Cheney aide Scooter Libby for obstruction, @przeidenberg says Roger Stone's case is a slam dunk

New: Pelosi aide confirms SOTU will not take place this Tuesday. No information about when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might invite President Trump to deliver the address, CNN reporting.

Maybe -- and work with me here -- Jared isn't that smart, and nepotism is bad.

Stone says he would consider cooperating with Mueller if he had something to provide insight

Amazing you now care since your businesses apparently had hired tons of illegal immigrants, and even had some of them personally serving you!

Here's a timeline of Trump's Russian connections and the interest in him almost 42 years ago...42 YEARS AGO!! The two constants, mob and Russian intelligence at every turn....

800,000 federal workers will get repaid, but there will be no backpay for the 1 million + contractors.

Ex-GOP senator to Trump: Don't let "right-wing whack-a-doodles" run things

Too late

Why Aren’t Texas Politicians Like Ted Cruz Standing Up for Texas Landowners?

White House says U.S. could see zero growth this quarter with shutdown

“The North American Aerospace Defence Command said two F-22 and two CF-18 fighter jets identified two Russian Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers that were entering an area patrolled by the Royal Canadian Air Force on Saturday.”

Drones are allowing drug smugglers to avoid more traditional routes like cars or underground tunnels

Trump keeps mentioning taped-up women at the border. Experts have no idea what he’s talking about

Understanding Provokatsiya: Alt-Right in Cahoots with Alt-Left ‘Resistors’

18 months ago, 21 @HouseDemocrats led by @RepDonBeyer wrote to the FBI about discrepancies on Ivanka Trump’s SF-86 security clearance form. It’s time for answers

She wanted to drive, so Saudi ruler imprisoned and tortured her

Trump grilled by hard right group led by Clarence Thomas's wife at meeting: report

"Trump had been doing that Trump thing where he gets bored and flutters his eyelids and then veers psychedelically off-script and begins drawling about some bizarre shit that no one can quite place or even parse..."

The partial government shutdown cost the U.S. economy at least $6 billion, according to the financial rating agency Standard & Poor's. That's more expensive than the $5.7 billion President Trump was asking for the border wall.

Two years ago, Trump ordered 15,000 new border and immigration officers — but got vacancies instead.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says there is still no plan for the State of the Union: "What I'd said to the President is when government is open, we will discuss a mutually agreeable date"

Trump has described them as rapists and thugs, but his golf courses have relied on undocumented migrants for years. "I'd never done anything wrong, only work and work," said one who worked 15 yrs at NJ course -- until he was fired amid wall showdown. "I started to cry."

Elijah Cummings releases document suggesting cover-up by Mike Pence – “Pence knew & lied”, says investigator

BREAKING: Pres. Trump has a 37% approval rating in new @ABC News/Washington Post poll, and has the lowest two-year average approval rating on record for any president in polls dating back 72 years.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman plans to launch a $425 billion infrastructure plan on Monday

Robert Mueller Will Indict a Lot of People in the Next 60 Days: ‘They Will Be Quite Familiar to the Average American,’ Says Former CIA Director John Brennan