Monday, September 4, 2017

Student Rights at School: Six Things You Need To Know

Russia probes kick into high gear

The mayor of a small agricultural community in Iowa says Trump “fooled a lot of people” when he pulled out of TPP

Multiple Sources Corroborate Trump 'Pee-Pee' Tape - Additional Tapes Alleged -

Politician on #Russia's state TV urges retaliation: —"Let's hit Trump with our Kompromat!"

NEW: Hurricane Watches in effect for Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. Potential threat for Florida later this week and weekend, NHC says

Trump admin has rolled back safety regs for one of the most dangerous jobs.

'I Was Scared to Death.' Nurse Dragged From Hospital and Handcuffed Speaks Out

Ex-GOP strategist: Republicans "deserve the reckoning that will come" for supporting Trump

Treasury Sec. Mnuchin says Congress needs to tie $7.9 billion disaster relief package for Harvey to debt limit bill

Seoul tries to ignore Trump’s criticism: ‘They worry he’s kind of nuts,’ one observer says

Immigrants gave their info to Obama, now Trump could use it to deport them

POTUS sought business deal in Russia during campaign; was dishonest when claimed "nothing to do with Russia." This may have shaped policy.

The Russian “Firehose of Falsehood” Propaganda Model

The Rand Corporation

An Audience with Bill Browder: ‘Putin wants me dead’

Republican rips Trump on DACA: Americans don’t punish children for their parents’ actions

Putin says the nation that leads in AI ‘will be the ruler of the world’

Republicans Could Protect Dreamers If They Wanted To. But Will They?

A reminder for those gullible enough to think Donald Trump would fulfill his promise to personally donate $1 million to Harvey relief

Russia summons American diplomat as its US outposts are ordered to close

AP fires back at Trump's EPA: We stand by our on-site reporting on flooded toxic waste zones

Rigby ID police department THANKS Utah nurse for standing up to bully @slcpd cops; unconscious victim was Rigby cop

‘The honeymoon is over’. Trump voters are finally getting sick of the drama

Trump’s hosting of Malaysia’s prime minister marks another setback for the rule of law

Lawrence Summers: It’s time to balance the power between workers and employer

Sally Bradshaw, erstwhile Republican/RNC autopsy co-author, tells me Trump's GOP backers are in for a "reckoning."

Ex-CIA chief: Trump has made "imprecise" statements on North Korea that "could lead to great danger"

"Labor Day" might as well be April Fool's Day this year"

Trump’s heartless plan to punish children will cost Americans $460 billion

Google made that app for people to real-time report voting problems. This is what it looked like. NC. PA. WI. PA went batshit.

The drip, drip, drip of Russia probe news

Canada demands U.S. end ‘right to work’ laws as part of NAFTA talks

Despite threats from the White House, the US has no real, practical military option on North Korea, analysts say

American currency has retained its value and the trust of the public. Will the President change that?

"I taught my 5th-graders how to spot fake news. Now they won’t stop fact-checking me."

Labor Movement Faces Challenges Amid Growing Public Support For Unions

CNN media reporter: Trump is "wrong and petty" for attacking media who rescued Harvey victims

Meet the notorious characters who call Trump Tower home

Campaign Solutions, Connell Donatelli, EDonations, etc.

Something's fishy with these firms, all co-located and linked to the same person, Becki Donatelli, who worked on Reagan's campaign and appears to be friends with Sessions, Stone, Manafort, etc.

Russia-linked bots are honing their online attack plans ahead of the 2018 U.S. election

Trump's trade fights with Canada continue and 4 other things the president did this week while you weren't looking

POTUS' decision to end DACA is child abuse and one of the cruelest actions of any President in modern history. Our full statement here

Houston police chief: "Ugly" anti-immigration narrative could hurt hurricane recovery

What the Sheriff Arpaio pardon means to an historian of Nazi Germany | Opinion

Trump aide Keith Schiller out at the White House

Russia says U.S. actions towards its consulates are state hooliganism

China says Trump's trade threat over North Korea "unacceptable."

Minneapolis bar's entire staff quits after it's discovered that the owner donated to David Duke.

Republicans think white supremacists are less dangerous than the news media

Pence hometown paper IndyStar reported Pence was grossly negligent. National security issues in Pence hacked emails

Trump Reportedly To End DACA With 6-Month Delay

Despite working-class image, Ryan comes from family of wealth

UN Security Council to hold emergency meeting on North Korea

REPORT: General Kelly Is At His Breaking Point With President Trump

Obama to speak out if Trump declares end to #DACA