Friday, September 20, 2019

"Now we know, if these reports bear out, the President was directly and repeatedly leaning on the Ukrainian President to ... make trouble for his political opponent."@andersoncooper on Trump pressuring Ukraine's president to investigate Joe Biden's son.

Judge orders Trump to testify in 2015 lawsuit alleging his security guards roughed up protesters

Any effort by Trump to pressure a foreign government to dig up dirt on his political opponent, while holding up vital military aid to that country, is both corrupt and a grave threat to American interests. No explicit quid pro quo is necessary to betray your country.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs said the U.S. will deploy a "moderate" amount of troops to Saudi. Internally, several officials were advocating for a limited strike and options were considered. But today, Trump indicated he did not want to do that.

John Bolton's office has declined to comment on the whistleblower and would not provide The Post with any guidance on whether he plans to make public remarks on the matter.

BREAKING: Twenty-three states sue to stop Trump administration from revoking California's authority to set auto emission standards.

False. The whistleblower would not have aurhorization to share classified information. If he did, he’d lose his clearance and be charged with a crime. Not shocked that @GOPLeader is spreading misinformation. It’s what he does.

You've got to see these inspiring photos to understand the scale of today's global climate strikes

Trump says it was “totally appropriate” and “beautiful,” no reason not to release.

"On Friday, Giuliani was seen by Reuters reporters at the Trump International Hotel, a few blocks away from the White House, sitting next to Lev Parnas, a Ukrainian businessman with whom Giuliani has recently been working. Giuliani declined comment."

"The call is part of a broader set of facts included in the whistleblower complaint"

Mitch McConnell needs to do more to secure our elections from foreign interference—the Department of Homeland Security agrees. We shouldn’t have to shame our senator into protecting our democracy.

NYT now confirms: Trump repeatedly pressed his Ukrainian counterpart to talk with Rudy Giuliani, who had been urging the government in Kiev for months to investigate Joe Biden and his family, according to people briefed on the leaders' call

Trump publicly confirms another crime. The reports are true. He threatened to withhold 250 million in taxpayer funds from Ukraine unless they launched a phony investigation of Trump's chief political opponent, Joe Biden. Trump must be impeached immediately, if not sooner.

Newly located flight data shows that Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet landed in Riyadh, the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia, on the eve of the 2016 election.

Joe Biden, leaving an event just now in Cedar Rapids, was asked by reporters about the Ukraine reports. “No comment,” he said while adding the country “needs the president to start being president.”

HAPPENING NOW: Live coverage after suspect crashes car into mall in Chicago suburbs

NYCs massive #ClimateStrike march has begun, from Foley Sq down Centre St to Chambers St across to Broadway... and down to the Battery! Thank you @ClimateCrisis and everyone else marching!

“It has to be said the current explosive situation is Trump’s own towering fuck-up.”

Hillary Clinton: 'The president asked a foreign power to help him win an election. Again.'

Amid discussion of #GunControlNow on Capitol Hill, President Trump is reassuring high-dollar donors concerned about #2A and #GunRights that they “voted for the right president.”

104 arrested in massive central Ohio trafficking, online child sex sting | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio.

This seems to be unraveling quite fast. Rs will need to decide if collusion PLUS extortion is impeachable

Hey @SecPompeo, you treasonweasel. Got something to say about facilitating foreign attacks on the 2020 election, or are you just Biden your time?

Matching WSJ story... Trump pressed Ukrainian leader to investigate Biden’s son, according to people familiar with the matter

One challenge will define the future for today’s young generation more dramatically than any other: Climate change. The millions of young people worldwide who’ve organized and joined today’s #ClimateStrike demand action to protect our planet, and they deserve it.

Jeffrey Epstein accusers detail abuse in NBC News exclusive

This is impeachable and it's not even arguable.

Sean Hannity on whistleblower complaint: "I have been told in no uncertain terms nothing illegal happened"

And here I was thinking we'd get a FlynnStone day.

We’re going to ban military-style assault rifles in Canada. — Justin Trudeau

Breaking from WSJ: Trump repeatedly pressed Ukraine president to investigate Biden’s son

In an exclusive interview with NPR, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she has not changed her mind on pursuing impeachment, but is ready to change the law to restrain presidential power and to make it clear that a sitting president can, in fact, be indicted.

Trump claims again, at the same time, that he doesn't know anything about the whistleblower complaint but he does know that the whistleblower is a "partisan person, meaning it comes out from another party."

Narrator: nobody is laughing

There are reports Russian hybrid military forces routinely attack Ukraine. @realDonaldTrump fully understood when he talked to the Ukranian leader that Ukraine is in a very vulnerable position. @POTUS allegedly used that leverage to benefit him personally.

Sean Hannity reports State Department officials asked Rudy Giuliani to contact Ukraine for an "official mission"

Don't know why this thought keeps coming to mind, so I'm gonna share it. The United States Congress has the power of inherent contempt, which includes the power to fine individuals who defy Congress. The United States Supreme Court has upheld that power.

Meghan McCain Walks Off 'The View' Set After Clash With Ana Navarro

**Eight times** Trump urged Ukrainian president about eight times to investigate Biden's son during a July phone call that has come under scrutiny in the wake of a whistleblower complaint.

It's funny, bullying Ukraine used to be Putin's job. Back when we were a real country, anyway.

Nancy Pelosi: "If the President has done what has been alleged, then he is stepping into a dangerous minefield with serious repercussions for his Administration and our democracy."

Pres. Trump: "Our nuclear was getting very tired..Now we have it in, as we would say, tippy-top shape. Tippy top. We have new and we have renovated and it's incredible. We all should pray we never have to use it."

West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin: "We’re living in a world of just crude politics, corruption in plain sight, out-and-out lying, and a staggeringly, breathtakingly dumb person in the Oval Office"

Can we go back to the thing where A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE asked the press TO LIE? Feel like this was buried in whistleblower BS yesterday.

So go ahead and declassify the transcript

How could Trump possibly know whether the whistleblower is “highly partisan” as he says on Twitter this morning? If DOJ or IC shared that info with him, which would kill any future whistleblowing. Either he knows the identity of the whistleblower or he is pretending to.

Sen. Angus King: The law is "very clear" the whistleblower complaint must be handed over to Congress. "The IG determines what level of concern it is,” King said. "Once the determination is made," the DNI "has a ministerial responsibility to share that."

New: Bill de Blasio has dropped out of the 2020 presidential race

Former CIA Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash: Rudy Giuliani's claim that the whistleblower is part of the 'deep state' is an effort to "silence anybody who sees wrongdoing by the president."

Let the young take the lead! We should all support @GretaThunberg and the millions of people like her. We should all listen to them. And let them show us the way! Earth is our home. And must be protected. On this matter, The younger generations are wiser than the older ones.

Bless the children today who join the #ClimateStrike around the world. We have failed you- a denier is in the White House, endangering your right to a habitable planet. The generations in power do not have your clarity- we are selfish and slow. Godpseed- I'm rooting for you.

Prince Andrew will come under fire again tonight when Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the woman who claims she was trafficked by billionaire pedophile Epstein, will allege that she was forced to have sex with Andrew

I can’t blame the White House whistleblower for being cautious. Under the current regime, at best they may end up like Reality Winner, at worst they may end up like Jeffery Epstein. Especially if William Barr has anything to do with it..

INCREDIBLE images from the #ClimateStrike in Germany and around the world today as young climate strikers demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. Only corruption stands in their way.

“The company's safety team has disclosed the removal of another 10,112 accounts across six countries...The accounts noted today...include more than 4,000 each in United Arab Emirates and China, over 1,000 in Equador, and 259 in Spain.”

this would suggest Pence needs to be impeached as well

Twitter suspends account of former top Saudi aide implicated in Khashoggi killing

The House Intell Cmtee chaired by @RepAdamSchiff could ask the DC district court to issue a writ of mandamus compelling Acting DNI Maguire to transmit the whistleblower’s urgent report to his Committee forthwith and issue a subpoena to get Maguire & the whistleblower to testify

Can you believe this shit?? -183 Republicans vote against making prescription drugs cheaper

Ukraine prosecutor made up Biden allegation, Kiev lawmaker says

NEW: Nitrogen levels from Media Lab’s wastewater registered more than 20 times above the legal limit, according to documents provided by a former Media Lab employee

Amnesty accuses Hong Kong police of torturing protesters

This looks like it would be $25 billion well spent dollars

Trump administration says joint UNC, Duke program portrays Islam too positively

Hong Kong protesters are gearing up for another citywide weekend of rallies, days after prominent local activists testified at a hearing in Washington

Israel's longest-serving prime minister not only faces the possible end of his political career but also a probable court appearance and potentially even jail due to allegations of corruption.

“Jon Cooper, a former aide to Barack Obama and prominent New York Democrat, speculated on Thursday that if the vice-president, Mike Pence, was aware of what had happened and, if it was serious, had not raised the alarm, it could spell trouble for him.”

New from @jacobsoboroff / Ainsley: The Trump administration ignored its own data that climate change was causing drought and driving immigrants from Guatemala. Instead opted for cutting aid and increasing law enforcement

Giuliani admits to asking Ukraine about Joe Biden after denying it 30 seconds earlier

Adam Schiff: "I want to say to the whistleblower, if the whistleblower is watching ... We are grateful for their courage in coming forward. We are going to do everything we can to make sure this urgent issue is addressed and that you are protected."

"In fact the DOJ is effectively telling the whistleblower, "You're not covered." Which means there is a real risk even in coming to Congress and that is obviously a supreme problem." -Rep. Adam Schif

Breaking: both the White House AND the DOJ are now reported to be involved in the cover-up of the whistleblower complaint. Which begs the question: how awful must it be for them to go this far, this fast, to preclude Congress & the public from seeing it?

NY Times reporters say Brett Kavanaugh asked them to lie in exchange for an interview

As Ukraine comes into focus, the nugget buried in this story--that Trump State Department officials helped broker a back-channel meeting between Giuliani and a senior Ukrainian official to discuss political dirt--could become even more important.

Can you finally give us a detailed readout of your extended one-on-one meeting with Putin last summer in Helsinki, when no one from the US but a translator was in the room? That'd be great!

Trump isn't a climate change "denier," he's a climate change nihilist — aggressively changing policies and rolling back regulations to speed up catastrophe. He's declared Open Season on our environment and put the polluters and plunderers in charge of everything.

Emphasis on "ACTING" DNI Maguire. Meaning, Maguire is technically a temporary fill-in for a position which requires senate confirmation. Trump wants officers who haven't been senate confirmed because they are more likely to stay under his control & do his bidding.

September 13, 2019: Ukraine's president said that the U.S. hasn't only released $250 mil in military aid to his country but will also extend an additional $140 mil. The Trump admin said that it has released $250 mil, but didn't mention additional funds.

Dear America, It is safe to infer that AG Barr was somehow involved in the decision. The “Cover Up General” earned his unsavory nickname in the 1990s for a reason, which he has categorically solidified as of late. Best, A Worried Citizen

Democratic U.S. @RepCummings misses a high-profile hearing Thursday, saying he had undergone a medical procedure that will keep him from working for “a week or so.”

Money keeps coming in for rich Brexit-backer Anthony Bamford, whose fortune has surged to almost $4.3 billion

It’s always seemed it would take a patriot to stand up and speak out against Trump’s criminality to hasten his exit. The aggressive stonewalling speaks volumes about how desperate the enablers are to deny access to the whistleblower’s complaint.

Students walking out of class today for the #GlobalClimateStrike Schools across the area expecting many students to call out to attend

The day following this call, US Special Rep Volker had his own meeting with President Zelensky. And, a few days after that, Trump's personal attorney Giuliani flew to the Spanish countryside for a secret meeting with Zelensky's right-hand man, Yermak.

NEW: William Barr endorsed "Campus Rape Frenzy" book claiming colleges unfairly went after male students accused of sexual assault

First responders were overwhelmed by 911 calls for high water rescues as Tropical Depression Imelda drenched Winnie and Beaumont, Texas, with rain.

“This wall can’t be climbed.” -Donald Trump

New: Documents and interviews show the Media Lab, already under fire for accepting contributions from Jeffrey Epstein, is being investigated for an apparent violation of state environmental regulations. They paused operations after we asked questions.

Well, well, well. Something in Darrell Issa’s FBI file is causing problems for his confirmation. He has always been such a vocal advocate for transparency and Congressional access to secret info that I’m sure he won’t mind it being made public.

Global strikes begin in what could be largest #ClimateProtest in history. Tens of thousands of mostly students have taken to the streets of Australia & other Asia-Pacific countries as a day of worldwide demonstrations against#ClimateChange gets underway

Another problem, the founding fathers assumed only one branch of government could be corrupted at a time. Checks & balances don’t work when McConnell & Senate GOP keep Congress from fulfilling its role to hold the president accountable.

#climatestrike has already started in Australia. Americans take part today. There are protests happening. Find one. I am participating in fighting for the planet and our home.

This is why I don’t like watching Rudy Giuliani’s interviews

Here's a growing list of some of the brands and retailers that are showing support for the global #ClimateStrike, as a message to government leaders that it's time to do something about the climate crisis

Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intel. Cmte., releases two letters the committee received regarding a whistleblower complaint that Trump administration officials are withholding from Congress.

CNN's @ChrisCuomo: "Did you ask Ukraine to look into Joe Biden?"@RudyGiuliani: "Of course I did" President Trump's attorney says he had spoken with a Ukrainian official about Joe Biden's possible role in that government's dismissal of a prosecutor who investigated Biden's son.

Trump defense: "I'd never say anything inappropriate if I knew there might be witnesses listening."

Will spend around $200,000,000 on Facebook ads across both campaigns. One of Zuck’s most valued customers

Did Trump collude with a foreign power to influence a U.S. election, after all?

Why does anyone take what George Conway says seriously? He is not anti-Trump. He was also instrumental in getting Kavanaugh confirmed. He’s a Leonard Leo Federalist Society favorite. His words mean nothing. His actions are everything.

Was it “give me stuff on Joe, and I’ll give you weapons”? Kinda feels like it.

Here again is the Washpost editorial on how Trump tried to coerce Ukraine's president into investigating Joe Biden by withholding military aid.

Paul McCartney uses song on new album to attack Donald Trump: ‘We’ve got a mad captain sailing this boat’

Hey @realDonaldTrump, if you are telling the truth (which is statistically a low probability), you should have no fear of the whistleblower complaint being forwarded to Congress as required by law. Instead, you are covering up this information. Why?

There is not one gun owner I have met that would hesitate turning in their AR-15 if they knew it would save a child’s life. I think most gun owners— including my father feel the same way because most people value nothing more then their kids.

When you definitely have nothing to hide from authorities

Arms for dirt on my opponents son. Is that the quid pro quo Trump asked Ukrainian President Zelensky? I don’t know, but this seems like a plausible hypothesis. Hope it’s not true.

"Our founding fathers didn't envision this level of corruption and obstruction. Even when they gave us an impeachment option they assumed that people would cooperate... We're seeing complete obstruction of processes here..."

What happens if Boris Johnson’s plan is unlawful, Supreme Court asks

Florida gave a Glock, magazines and body armor to an educator as part of its *school guardian* program that arms faculty. He then pawned it all three times in two months for gas money. He’s the second *school guardin* caught doing this.

Philippines to vaccinate millions as polio virus resurfaces

In a day with a lot of bad news for WH, why McConnell caved certainly has to have them wondering.

“Moscow Mitch” bows to pressure? Trust but verify.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces an ambitious prescription drug plan that would allow Medicare to negotiate prices for seniors and younger people.

Fox News poll: Trump approval on... International trade 38% approve 53% disapprove Foreign policy 36% approve 54% disapprove Guns 35% approve 56% disapprove

It is shocking me that this person is the personal lawyer of the president of the United States of America. And Ive read a lot of books on Ukraine. I want to see the proof too. Screaming doesn't make it truer.

Wait, if calls to foreign leaders were about, ostensibly, screwing over Ukrainian democracy like Putin has wanted for's not just Trump, but Pence too

Sources: Trump call with Ukraine at center of IG complaint More detailed readout from Ukrainian records noted talk about "investigations into corruption cases that have hampered interaction between Ukraine and the U.S.A."

Man, Barack Obama really is the best Kenyan Muslim alinskyite socialist sleeper agent ever. He's been out of office 3 years and he still managed to use his Deep State minions to trick Trump into soliciting another foreign power to help in an election.

PSA: The President’s Art. II powers, and the privileges associated therewith, do NOT extend to offering his authority in exchange for political actions that would benefit him personally in an election. It’s why Bribery is a specific ground for impeachment in the Constitution.

July 16, 2018: trump met one-on-one for more than two hours in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin. 431 days later we still don’t know what was said.

Image result for trump putin helsinki 

THIS needs to be repeated. Because the Big 3 Bailout actually SAVED the auto industry. The Farm Rescue will not save US farming, as. China has found alternative suppliers now. It’s too late.

The Inspector General found a whistleblower complaint alleging serious misconduct to be not only credible, but urgent. Yet the Acting DNI has withheld that complaint from Congress on the basis of potential privilege. He’s wrong. There's no privilege to be corrupt.