Friday, December 15, 2017

Some associates think Trump will fire his lawyers if Mueller doesn't clear him by year's end

Trump hosted the NRA at the White House on the anniversary of Sandy Hook massacre

Fmr. U.S. Ambassador to Russia: Trump's phone call to Putin "does not serve America's national interests"

Mattis shoots down report Trump chills Russia talk

The United States Is Now as Unequal as Russia. And That’s Before the Tax Bill.

Zinke took National Park head "to the woodshed" over climate change tweets

Rupert Murdoch dismisses Fox News sexual harassment claims

U.S. judge to lift house arrest for former Trump campaign manager Manafort

How dare Republicans give a permanent, unpaid-for $1.5 trillion tax rate cut to corporations, while insisting that a temporary 5-yr extension of CHIP for 9 million vulnerable children be paid for by ransacking other vital commitments to children’s health.

New: CBO says the final tax bill will add $1.455 trillion to the deficit over the next 10 years.

“[T]he citizen’s safety lies in the prosecutor . . . who serves the law and not factional purposes” Robert H. Jackson (former Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice, chief Nuremberg prosecutor)

McConnell in 2010: Don’t vote on ACA until Scott Brown (R) is seated. McConnell in 2017: Don’t seat Doug Jones (D) until vote on tax bill.

Poll: GOP tax bill causing large drop in approval ratings of Republicans

Republicans "took an opportunity to do something pretty good -- they have a few good morsels in there -- and they ended up doing something pretty bad that'll hurt the worst and without it helping growth,"

President Donald Trump’s private lawyers are slated to meet with special counsel Robert Mueller as soon as next week, sources say

FBI Deputy Director McCabe sscheduled to testify Tuesday to House Intelligence -- but will he? "If McCabe is still there," says one panel Republican. And another, Gowdy, tells FoxNews he'd a"be a little bit surprised if he is still an employee of the FBI this time next week."

JUST IN: CDC gets a list of forbidden words that include fetus, transgender, diversity.

“What kind of company pays close to 100 million dollars to keep ‘flirting’ quiet?” Sivan said in response to Murdoch’s quote

NEW: DOJ Inspector General says in letter to House Judiciary that “the department did not consult with OIG before sharing the text messages with the press.” Full story TK

Reporter: "The FBI has been in the news lately in terms of you share the assessment of the president?" AG Jeff Sessions: "I believe the FBI is doing a great job around the country...we are reaching a higher level of unity and sophistication than we ever have."

This is probably why so many Members of Congress are so hostile to Mueller. They could have a Russia problem too. How Putin's proxies helped funnel millions into GOP campaigns

Rep. Matt Gaetz: DOJ was "forced" to release the Strzok/Page texts "because Devin Nunes was about to subpoena them"

59 House members say that Betsy DeVos is interfering with civil right investigations in schools, demand that she allow the Office for Civil Rights to better protect students from discrimination

Here's a list of House Intel Committee GOP Members, who are basically shutting down the Trump/Russia Investigation:

Jared Kushner and his legal team are searching for a crisis public relations firm, four people familiar with the matter tell WaPo.

The Patriot Deception – The Disinformation Asset

Trump blasts FBI minutes before delivering speech at FBI

2017: When Americans accusing the FBI of being like the KGB are actually the ones in league w/the KGB's successors.

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I’m increasingly worried Republicans will shut down the House Intelligence Committee investigation at the end of the month. Here’s why: — Adam Schiff