Friday, March 10, 2017

Remember The Weird Server In Trump Tower That Only Talks To Russia? The FBI’s Still ON IT

Sessions considering special prosecutor to investigate Obama Justice Department

KremlinGate goes into full-blown crisis as revelations of Trump's Russia ties emerge

Mike Flynn attended intelligence briefings while getting paid to lobby for Turkey

Hey, Did All You Woman Protesters Pick Up Your George Soros Checks Yet?

The man who once ran Breitbart is the chief strategist to the president of the United States. That is a problem

Sessions asks 46 Obama-era U.S. attorneys to resign

On way home on DOMESTIC FLIGHT Muhammad Ali Jr. detained AGAIN by DHS Religiously profiling son of 'The Greatest' will not make us safe

State Dept asked NYC Medical Examiner not to disclose cause of death of Russian UN ambassador who died last month

Top Trump adviser admits to contact with DNC hacker: report

68 paths to Putin

After an 18-hour session, the House Ways and Means Committee approves the Republicans' health care plan

Health Savings Accounts

Paul Ryan, a special kind of monster

Trump rally attendees call for ‘liberal genocide’ and deportation of Jewish people- plus more (Video)


God's Will

Bill Clinton: Resurgent nationalism ‘taking us to the edge of our destruction’

The Bombs of Steve Bannon

ACLU files complaint against Jeff Sessions

That Was the Week that WTF | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

A new cornerstone of the conservative platform: media whiplash for all Americans!

Dave Chappelle thinks his small Ohio town can lead the charge on policing reform. He’s right.

TrumpCare, Russian Ambassadors And Other Things Bad For Your Health

Unlike the GOP's new healthcare plan, Stephen's monologue offers full coverage, including treatment for Russian ambassadors with pre-existing connections.

How the GOP plan to change Medicaid punishes the working poor

Another possible meeting between Jeff Sessions and Ambassador Kislyak comes to light

This climate lawsuit could change everything. No wonder the Trump administration doesn’t want it going to trial

2 people killed during protests after court upholds decision to impeach South Korea's president, state media reports

So be it to get our country back from the Russians

FBI still investigating computer link between Trump Organization, Russian bank: report

Union-Busting House Bill Would Silence the Voice of Workers

Nigel Farage Just Visited The Ecuadorian Embassy In London

TONIGHT: Conservatives aren't happy with the Trumpcare health plan.

DC Wine Bar Sues Trump for Unfair Competition

The complaint alleges that Trump's hotel is in violation of its lease with the federal government.

Cyber expert weighs into FBI investigation into "odd" computer link between Russian bank and Trump organization

Fmr Ambassador Fried: West at lowest we've seen since the 1930s

Rachel Maddow talks with former Ambassador Daniel Fried, a 40-year U.S. diplomat, talks with Rachel Maddow about the State Department under Donald Trump and the shifting world power structure.


What Was Julian Farage Doing In Ecuadorian Embassy If He Wasn’t Meeting Nigel Assange?

Signs of continuing Russia influence in US raise alarm

Rachel Maddow reports on the latest evidence that Russia interference in U.S. affairs occurred both before the election and continues after it as Trump administration actions and Vladimir Putin's interests align.