Friday, November 30, 2018

George H.W. Bush has died, according to his spokesman

RIP George HW Bush. He loved America and served with character, class, and integrity.

The look you get right before your wife says, "we need to talk"...

Acting AG Whitaker had early warning of fraud accusations against company he continued to promote for years, new records show

This is my deer in headlights/fuked face

Why the G-20 Leaders Are Gloating Behind Trump’s Back Amid the latest #Russia revelations, the president’s foreign rivals will be coldly calculating how long he can last.

WATCH: The 'Trump Baby' blimp makes its debut in Buenos Aires as President Trump arrives for the G20 Summit.

Does Pence deserve a $12, 800 raise? Republicans want to give the raise to the wealthiest cabinet in history when they are in power

Oligarch questioned: the guy who bought Trump Florida estate and whose jet and yacht had an amazing habit of turning up in places where @realDonaldTrump was. I wonder what he might have to tell the authorities.

“I had sexual intercourse with [Alan] Dershowitz at least six times,’’ Roberts wrote in the 2015 court affidavit. “The first time was when I was about 16, early on in my servitude to [Jeffrey] Epstein and it continued until I was 19.’’

Richard Burr confirms that the Senate Intel Committee "has made referrals to the special prosecutor" for criminal prosecution. "In a lot of cases, those might be tied to lying to us."

Manafort transferred ownership of million dollar Florida mansion near Mar-a-Lago for $10 from jail: report

Hello from the DC federal courthouse, where special counsel prosecutors and Paul Manafort's lawyers are appearing to discuss a date for sentencing. Manafort has waived his appearance, so he's not expected to attend. On the new claims that Manafort lied:

This... this is revolting.

New documents released by the Federal Trade Commission suggest that Matthew Whitaker misled the agency's investigators as he was stepping into his role last year as Justice Department chief of staff, Bloomberg reports.

BREAKING: D.C. Circuit just announced that the Dec. 14 oral argument in the mystery grand jury witness case POLITICO reported on will take place in CLOSED SESSION. Earlier:

As Trump Panic-Tweets, Putin Cracks His Whip and Shows Him Who’s Boss

Roger Stone and Michael Caputo have amended their congressional testimony.

Lawyers for ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort due to return to court

Here's what accused Russian spy Maria Butina could tell the Justice Department, and how what she knows would #FuckTrump

Trudeau presses Trump to remove tariffs at G-20 trade agreement signing

Russia confirms armed forces participation in attack on Ukrainian naval vessels

A statement by the President

Belgian Air Force on NATO air policing mission intercepts Russian fighters

The surprisingly high number of Americans getting absolutely no raises

"I've known [Jeffrey Epstein] for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side." -- Donald J. Trump, 2002

"Trump’s inner circle has always been a cesspool...And there is a reason for this...It is because he has unethical jobs for them to do."

Keep in mind that with every lie that has been told by members of the campaign to the FBI and Congress, Russia has been able to hold the truth like a sword of Damocles over Trump’s head.

Nancy Pelosi: "Our diversity is our strength, but our unity is our power and we will use that power again in a unifying way for our country."

"We believe, buried in the basement of the Capitol, at the House Intel Committee, are pages of lies from a number of witnesses particularly in the Trump family, Trump campaign, Trump business that Devin Nunes has protected..."-

Frankfurt prosecutor says Deutsche Bank raid continues for second day

German Air Force: No suspicion of criminal cause behind unscheduled landing of Merkel's plane

The Russian Leverage Over Donald Trump

Trump cancels Putin meeting after Cohen admits he lied about Moscow project

If it’s an ‘illegal hoax’ then it’s a justifiable investigation. Thank the Lord you have been bequeath blinding stupidity otherwise our Republic might actually be threatened. You’re going to prison, Traitor.

Ryan Zinke says he's a fierce opponent of selling public land. For the second time this year, his agency has proposed unloading acres in Utah.

Meadows penned 'confidential' plan to fight back against Dem probes into Trump: report

Deutsche Bank’s Troubles Are Donald Trump’s Troubles

LATEST: Authorities are investigating the possible sabotage of Angela Merkel's plane, which suffered an electronics failure on the way to the G-20 summit

Ukraine bars Russian men from entering the country, days after it cited fears of a Russian land invasion

Lawrence: Clock may have started ticking on Donald Trump tonight

A key line from President Trump's gaggle with reporters: "There was a good chance that I wouldn't have won, in which case I would have gotten back into the business, and why should I lose lots of opportunities?"

Trump rolls into the G-20 meetings looking very weak. 2 of his buddies -- MBS and Putin -- are pariahs. He cancelled bilats with 2 allies. The whole world is watching Mueller. As an American, I dont like this set up. Not in US national interest to have our leader look so weak.

Matthew Whitaker was notified about what was going to happen today, but he wasn't asked. That seems important.

#Russia’s state TV host Evgeny Popov angrily reacts to the news of Trump canceling meeting with Putin, says Trump is doing so only because of the pressure he’s facing re: Cohen’s plea. Popov points out that earlier Trump said the meeting was still on, calls him “imbalanced.”

"This isn’t rocket science, it’s just horrifying," says @JulietteKayyem. "Ivanka and Don Jr. are now fully implicated in the selling of American democracy for the Trump family gain."

Manhattan U.S. Attorney announces distribution of more than $695 million to victims of Madoff Ponzi scheme

The hostile intelligence service (HoIS) that invented nonsense about Seth Rich’s murder to cover for their RIS hacker pals, now wants to stifle the “free press.” What’s next, a “privacy & good govt advocate” fleeing to Putin’s Russia?

Putin’s leverage over Trump, deliberately hidden from voters who would never have voted for someone whose balls they knew were in a hostile leader’s hands, can no longer be denied. The jig is up.

Cohen knowledge a 'very dangerous threat' to Trump

As Trump calls Michael Cohen a liar, @AshaRangappa_ doubts Rudy Giuliani's claim Cohen and Trump didn't contradict one another in responses to Mueller. "This is a Jedi mind trick," she says, noting Giuliani needs to show proof: "Pics. or it didn't happen."

Michael Cohen's guilty plea suggests Russia knew something that people around Trump were working hard to hold close

In May, BuzzFeed News published the definitive story on the secret dealings of Cohen and business associate Felix Sater with political and business figures in Moscow

Deutsche Bank's employees face the prospect, again, that part of their bonuses could be swept away by scandal

President Donald Trump and the leaders of Mexico and Canada are expected to sign a revised trade pact Friday that changes many of the rules governing the free flow of commercial goods across North America.

Silent for so long, Robert Mueller is beginning to show the public the building blocks of a case that could imperil Donald Trump's presidency

A DC neighborhood group just voted to rename the street in front of the Saudi embassy for slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi


NEW: Cohen started cooperating with Mueller in August before he pleaded guilty in SDNY

Emails Show Sheryl Sandberg Ordered Facebook’s Opposition Research On George Soros Contradicting Earlier Statements

"We believe, buried in the basement of the Capitol, at the House Intel Committee, are pages of lies from a number of witnesses particularly in the Trump family, Trump campaign, Trump business that Devin Nunes has protected..."

Cohen plea shocker exposes Trump camp lies about Russia dealings