Monday, June 8, 2020

Just in: Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy is now open to a ‘bipartisan conversation” about renaming nearly a dozen major installations that bear the names of Confederate military commanders according to an Army official.

There was no conceivable justification for deploying multiple army divisions to US streets. But @TomCottonAR’s panicky, premature demand is symbolic of the Republican Party’s transition from tea party libertarianism to Trumpian authoritarianism

Speaking of public records... Las Vegas authorities have finally released booking photos for Stephen Parshall, Andrew Lynam, and William Loomis. The three "boogaloo bois" were arrested on May 30 for allegedly planning to attack a

Trump signed a proclamation last week that opened the Atlantic Ocean’s only fully protected marine sanctuary to commercial fishing, dismissing arguments that crab traps, fishing nets and lines dangling hooks can harm fish and whales.

Bill Russell is as with it at 86 as he was as a NBA superstar at 26. Great to see him dunking clueless Trump

This business of Andrew's handover, and the DOJ making demands on the Palace strikes me as pure theatre. Andrew will make a statement but unless they plan to ship him off to Rikers, this will only serve to reinforce what's already apparent: Some people are above the law.

Point of order: I’m in the military, I don’t find kneeling disrespectful when it is done as part of a desire to strengthen our nation on important issues. Please, @PressSec quit suggesting you know what all the military think.

Jared “I have an app for that” Kushner strikes again.

“Trump has indulged his authoritarian instincts—and now he’s meeting the common fate of autocrats whose people turn against them.”

"Arizona hospitals bracing for crisis as COVID-19 cases surge" "ICU units approaching full capacity in Phoenix, Tucson"

BREAKING: The fired Minneapolis police officer who held his knee on George Floyd’s neck while he repeatedly said he couldn’t breathe made his first court appearance on Monday, where a judge slapped him with a maximum bail of $1.25 million

"Since Trump's executive order on meat processing plants, the number of coronavirus cases tied to such plants has more than doubled, topping 20,400 infections across 216 plants in 33 states. At least 74 people have died."

Womp, womp. @realDonaldTrump's campaign pulled a space-themed ad "Make Space Great Again" from YouTube after complaints were raised that it violated @NASA guidelines and at least 1 former astronaut objected to appearing in it without her consent

Pelosi/Schumer call on Pres. Trump to remove the fencing/barriers around Lafayette Square: “Lafayette Square should be a symbol of freedom and openness, not a place behind which the leader of our Executive Branch cowers in fear of protesters who are crying out for justice.”

Which police unions will be smart enough to see this political lifeline, endorse Biden and pledge to work with him on reforms?

Former AG Jeff Sessions abandoned the Obama admin's policing reforms and "pattern-or-practice" investigations. Current AG Bill Barr warned in December that if communities don't give police support and respect, "they might find themselves without the police protection they need."

Trump’s handling of the coronavirus and protests over the death of George Floyd have caused his approval rating to fall dramatically and Joe Biden to surge in the 2020 presidential race, four new national polls released in the past week show.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. economy entered a recession in February, a group of economists declared Monday, ending the longest expansion on record.

Inspectors General: Independence Principles and Considerations for Reform.

Maine will test more people without a doctor’s order as part of testing expansion

Always read Michelle Alexander. Right now, read this.

The invitation list for Mike Pompeo's taxpayer-funded "Madison Dinners," now under scrutiny by two congressional committees, included dozens of donors to Republican candidates and causes, campaign finance records show.

Meghan McCain asked Sen. Kamala Harris what she may have thought was going to be a gotcha question on The View. Harris wasn’t having it

3 million students attend schools with cops, but no nurses.

There are 10 @USArmy bases named after Confederate generals. As an Army vet, it’s embarrassing. Let’s change these, too: Ft. Benning, GA Ft. Bragg, NC Ft. Hood, TX Ft. Lee, VA Ft. Polk, Louisiana Ft. Gordon, GA Ft. Pickett, VA Ft. A.P. Hill, VA Ft. Rucker, AL Camp Beauregard, LA

Facebook bought an entire division of the Menlo Park police department and continues to fund extra officers there

Virginia man who drove into protest Sunday is an admitted KKK leader, prosecutor say

I might get one more compliant from Germany, but still I will Tweet this.

Biden's campaign makes clear he does not support defunding the police. (Trump, who has long tried to tag Biden with left-wing stances Biden has not himself adopted, has been baselessly alleging that Biden does.)

NEW: Congressional Democrats unveil policing legislation; would ban chokeholds, no-knock warrants in drug cases; would create federal registry for misconduct complaints against officers; would limit transfer of military-grade equipment to police depts.

Joe Biden heads to Houston to meet with George Floyd's family - Washington Times

I bet Prince Andrew cooperation is like Trump cooperation w/Mueller. Send us some questions in writing and we'll think about answering them.

What happened in Columbia, South Carolina on May 30 maps onto the experiences of big cities across the United States. The demonstration escalated, and the police retaliated with disproportionate force. Opportunists responded with force of their own.

This is Joey Bologna. This Philly cop who brutally hit a protester in the neck with his baton. He turned himself in on felony charges today. And hundreds of police showed up to cheer him on. The entire culture of the police is rotten.

Imaginary injustices are the hardest to fight

Inside the billion-dollar industry that turned local cops into SEAL Team Six

Prince Andrew says he offered to help US officials at least three times in inquiry into sex offender Jeffrey Epstein

Three Chinese Nationals Sentenced to Prison for Illegal Photography of U.S. Naval Installation in Key West, Florida

The Boogaloo movement, seeking to start a new American civil war, continues to organize and recruit on Facebook, despite calls for the social media platform to intervene.

“We remain governed by a soulless man with a broken mind. The damage will continue, and it won’t stop until voters end it.”

Secretary @SecretarySonny @USDA @IvankaTrump Mr. Sony: in some places and some cities and some states, Farmers to Families is not working so well! Like in Austin, etc etc. please find out and fix or we are leaving many people in desperate need of food........

The tide is turning on Donald Trump: Former NATO supreme commander

Congressional Democrats News Conference on Police Reform Legislation - LIVE on C-SPAN

There are some high profile POC accounts getting catfished by a trick. The receipts go back to Ferguson, MO. She’s an infiltration system for hard alt right and worked for a Russian publication..

Bravo to this woman for stating so brilliantly what needed to be stated and to John Oliver for consistently being on the right side of history.

CDC wants states to count "probable" coronavirus cases and deaths, but most aren’t doing it

Across Europe, people of colour die during encounters with the police, sometimes shot, often suffocated. There are cases with parallels to the death of George Floyd in France, Germany, NL, Belgium, London and Scotland. My piece on a homegrown phenomenon:

Check out this man kneeling — and the people helping him do so. Humanity

Congress must impeach Trump's enabler in corruption, oppression, Attorney General Bill Barr

"Robert E. Lee is my ancestor. Take down his statue, and let his cause be lost."

Is Trump too stupid to be president? I look seriously at the question.

What follows is a report from US featuring Russian-speaking bikers that help NYPD and the supposition that George Soros is behind antifa.

Trump’s campaign to forgive his lawbreaking friends continues

Brian Kilmeade claims that "police officers want to" consider reforms, "but to ban the police and label them as all bad ... while not giving them donut discounts and not doing their dry cleaning, that is a bridge too far."

Despite Big Promises, U.S. Has Delivered Limited Aid in Global Virus Response

Leaders of Texas GOP say Floyd’s death was a “staged event” to create opposition to Trump. How very unfair of Floyd to die like

Feds press criminal case against Flynn partner The move occurs even amid ongoing efforts to drop charges against Michael Flynn.

Will the first daughter, the alleged mastermind of the infamous Bible pic, finally become radioactive to the largely white, wealthy fashion, tech, and media milieu she deems interesting and relevant enough to follow on social media?

The perception of police by white Americans has dropped by double digits in just one week, according to a new survey.

John Oliver: "If police are trying to convince the public they’re not guilty of displaying excessive force, it’s probably *not* a good idea to repeatedly display excessive force on national television"

Analysis: Trump’s "law and order" message is risky even as poll shows Americans believe U.S. "out of control"

Trump shouldn’t worry - @parscale just brought into the Campaign the guy who advised on Guiliani’s 2008 presidential campaign and who steered Ted Cruz in 2016....

We need to build an economy that rewards work — not just wealth.

BREAKING: researchers say lockdowns prevented ~60 million #coronavirus infections (4.8 million confirmed) in the US. That’s ~270,000 American lives saved (assumes current case-fatality rate=0.56% that likely would’ve risen as hospitals got overwhelmed)

Next President of USA

This is Badd ass.

Trump favorability among religious groups, per @PRRIpoll

NEW: @realDonaldTrump job approval drops 7 points to 38% in new CNN national poll. @JoeBiden opens a 14-point lead in the 2020 race.

new CNN national poll: Biden 55% Trump 41%

Bunker Bitch

Houston to hold 6-hour public viewing of George Floyd's casket

No police academy has ever trained a bad person to be a good person.

Sen. Duckworth on AG Barr: "He's willing to pervert the criminal justice system for the benefit of a single person, Donald Trump."

Perspective: In black families like mine, the race talk comes early and it’s painful. And it’s not optional.

Ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who pressed his knee on George Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes as the man begged for his life, will make his first court appearance Monday afternoon. He faces a second-degree murder charge, among others

Hong Kong was supposed to govern itself. So much for that

The number of worldwide coronavirus deaths topped 400,000 on Sunday — including more than 110,000 fatalities in the United States, most in the world.

In addition to watching the stories about protests, COVID19, the economy, and other national security issues, I'll be monitoring 2 other issues this week. The first is mentioned in the piece below. The other is the testimony of SecDef Esper & CJCS Milley. Here's why 1/13 - Mark Hertling

Arrest the cops who killed #BreonnaTaylor

Both of these women committed voter fraud. One was by accident and she received a five year prison sentence. The other was made @PressSec. See the difference?

How must #NATO continue to change to meet the challenges of the next decade? Join @jensstoltenberg on Monday 8 June for a conversation hosted by @gmfus @AtlanticCouncil & ask your question using

I followed Colin Powell in war, something you know nothing about. I will follow him now to ensure a better future for our Nation and all Americans. I would not follow you anywhere except on twitter to expose you for the incompetent coward you are.

Senator @CindyHydeSmith did not respond to my invitation to join me and constituents at yesterday’s event. She said nothing of the protests. Her silence shows Mississippi that she stands by her past comments supporting public hangings, voter suppression, and old symbols of hate.

Trump's Response To Coronavirus, Race Has Put Him In A Hole For Reelection

I'm introducing legislation with @SenSchumer to require all federal officers on our streets doing crowd control to identify who they are and who they represent.

It's no coincidence that intel officials - who 1st sounded alarm about Putin using white supremacists to start a race war a year ago - are now sounding it AGAIN. RIGHT NOW, as Trump dumps gasoline on protests & invents a terrorist threat.

New Zealand appears to have completely eradicated the coronavirus — at least for now — after health officials said the last known infected person had recovered.

Dear Canada, Thanks for putting up with our BS, showing up when it matters , and opening the door when we need a place to stay

The fundraising site axed Owens’ account “because of a repeated pattern of inflammatory statements” spreading “hate, discrimination, intolerance and falsehoods”

March down Hollywood Blvd.

This lunacy comes from the chairman of the Republican Party in the fourth largest county in Florida.

"Defund the police" is a slogan so perfect for Trump's reelection campaign that it might as well have been secretly developed by the RNC.

8 out of 10 U.S. voters say they believe the country is "out of control," a NBC-Wall Street Journal poll finds

An Ohio National Guardsman was removed from policing protests in D.C. after the FBI found he expressed white supremacist ideology online.

Remember Dr. Fauci and scientists?

$140 Billion at Stake for H.K. Tycoons Backing Security Law

Powerful. If you can’t watch the entire show, just watch the last 3 minutes. Police: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Must watch!

The only general left that likes Trump is Michael Flynn.

Michael Jordan to Charlotte Observer: "We have been beaten down for so many years. It sucks your soul. You can’t accept it anymore. This is a tipping point. We need to make a stand. We’ve got to be better as a society regarding race."

Our nation is at an inflection point. We can choose four more years of Donald Trump's poisonous rhetoric and divisive politics — or we can take the next great step forward.

"The military is not to be used against Americans," Iraq vet and U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth said. "He is perverting, at best, the role of the military. And he's destroying what they stand for and the honor with which they serve. It is disgusting to me."

So, a draft dodger is going to tell us whether to stand or kneel for the flag?

Meet Charles Booker, the progressive favorite in the Kentucky Senate race. If he wins the Dem primary he’ll be taking on Mitch McConnell in November. There could not be a sharper contrast

Chilling: Huawei’s founder declares ‘war’ on West: urging workers to ‘crush rivals and “blaze a trail of blood” in the Chinese telecoms giant’s battle for supremacy.’

Officials at Wichita State University Tech canceled the airing of Ivanka Trump’s prerecorded commencement speech after students and faculty members condemned the Trump administration’s handling of protests calling for justice for George Floyd

Trump Team voter fraud is real, and endemic

BREAKING: The number of people to test positive for COVID-19 has just surpassed 7 million worldwide, per Johns Hopkins

Ron, Republican from San Diego. "Donald Trump has given us the 1918 pandemic, the 1929 Great Depression, and the 1968 riots all in one. It's chaos in this country today. I'm going to be voting for Joe Biden...What's happened to America is something that, it needs to be stopped."

Standing at the site of the Boston massacre to tell you that violent protest is bad and will be severely punished

Trump's team is beginning to signal a shift that might see the President tone down his rhetoric in a bid to win back independents and moderate suburban Republicans that he needs to win in November

One of the first acts of the Trump administration was to delay the issuance of this bill by a decade. People should march until it’s fast-tracked for 2020 as planned.

New Zealand Appears To Have Eradicated Virus As Last Known Infected Person Recovers

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what you call uncharted territory

No wonder why Trump thinks voter fraud is such a problem.

As has always been true at key moments in history, it’s going to depend on young people to go out there and rewrite what is possible. I couldn’t be prouder of all the young people leading that change right now. Here’s my advice for the Class of 2020:

As has always been true at key moments in history, it’s going to depend on young people to go out there and rewrite what is possible. I couldn’t be prouder of all the young people leading that change right now. Here’s my advice for the Class of 2020:

Now’s the time when I remind everyone that we have #SCOTUS opinions coming in the morning

Still no answer to this question: Who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s $92,000 country club fees plus his $200,000 credit card debt plus his $1.2 million mortgage, and purchased themselves a SCOTUS seat?