Tuesday, December 29, 2020

"The Manhattan District Attorney's Office has retained forensic accounting specialists to aid its criminal investigation of President Trump and his business operations..."


NEW VIDEO David Perdue is an empty suit who helped Mitch McConnell screw Georgia.


Christmas bomb destroys dozens of downtown Nashville restaurants


Michael Flynn's official merch store is selling QAnon gear, with ad copy insisting that QAnon is real.


“We’re kind of like a bathtub that’s filling up with water and the drain is blocked,” one hospital executive says. Alabama, long one of the unhealthiest and most impoverished states, has emerged as one of the nation’s most alarming coronavirus hot spots. https://t.co/hboMrzAG31


More than 75,000 Kentuckians are facing eviction. But Mitch McConnell is blocking $2000 checks to keep families afloat. He is an embarrassment to Kentucky and an embarrassment to America.


Merry Christmas from Mitch McConnell


Kelly Loeffler’s Conflict of Interest Is Even Worse Than Reported The senator had power over regulators whose work directly affected her own financial interests.


The biggest obstacle between working Americans and the financial support they need to survive the pandemic is Senate Republicans.


An international arms trafficking ring arrested in Spain has yielded a stockpile of weapons and explosives, but also a warehouse full of Nazi memorabilia and antiques displayed as if it was a museum




7 months of illegal imprisonment of my husband Siarhei Tsikhanouski. He scared the regime with his wish to build a country for life. He won't celebrate the holidays with our son & daughter. I believe we will restore justice soon. You can support Siarhei – send him a letter.


Kentucky is hurting as its senators limit or oppose federal aid. As hunger and poverty spread in the state, Mitch McConnell has opposed broad-based aid to state & local governments. "It's frustrating that our own senator won't support local governments."


Trump is fighting with his own party in control of the Senate. Its Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked attempts this morning to pass $2k checks


.@tribelaw argues that Trump’s pardons to absolve the crimes of his friends might be crimes themselves if they’re issued to obstruct justice. He also explains why it’s important for the next admin. to investigate and prosecute those abuses of power.


Jon Ossoff to CNN on whether Trump's campaign event will help Republicans: "President Trump does little at his rallies but spread COVID."


"The problem with being governed by a president who is completely motivated by quid pro quos is that when he doesn’t get his quo he quits, or at least throws tantrums threatening to do so," writes @mollyjongfast


“Power is proven,...when the sycophants...have to follow and justify the craziest orders...There is no fun in getting your minions to agree that black is black. The sadist’s pleasure lies in getting them to attest that black is white.”


Trump and Republicans prefer Covid tax cuts to hikes. Our research proves they're wrong.


Стал мемом в тик-токе. А чего добился ты на этой неделе?


Stand aside, elderly people and frontline workers—congressional staffers are next in line for the coronavirus vaccine


“I didn’t listen to the warnings of my own family, and now I’m paying the price.”


Lawyer Pam Keith argues that, by signing a brief in support of the Texas lawsuit that attempted to invalidate states’ election results, Gaetz committed “an act of sedition, and an illegal and immoral effort to disenfranchise millions of American voters”


Russia admits COVID death toll is three times higher than reported


The latest wave of infections, which started after a seafood vendor tested positive for Covid-19 two weeks ago, has now spread to about 60% of Thailand’s 77 provinces, official data show


If you're wondering why Louie Gohmert is suing @VP @Mike_Pence watch this!


Russia's prison service has accused Navalny of violating the terms of a suspended prison sentence relating to a 2014 fraud conviction and demanded he return to Russia.


The number of patients hospitalized across the US with Covid-19 is the highest it's ever been -- and at this rate health experts warn they may have to ration nurses, respirators and care.


Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai, charged earlier this month with colluding with foreign forces under the city’s new national security law, resigns as chairman of Next Digital, a filing says


Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai faces appeal against bail after Chinese state media raps ‘inconceivable’ decision


Hong Kong teen jailed for China flag insult


Russia admits to world's third-worst Covid-19 death toll


Federal judge orders 4,000+ voters to be restored to Georgia’s election rolls, reversing an attempted purge