Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Alrighty and here's Judge Sullivan's order to sweep USPS facilities from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. to ensure "no ballots have been held up" and any still on site are sent to election officials immediately.


“Losing is never easy” — Trump


I was just on Irish radio after Steve Bannon. He said that Trump is heading toward a “massive” victory. I reminded the audience Bannon was recently indicted for fraud.


Trump's campaign asked at least three counties in Pennsylvania for a rundown of highly specific election security plans — including ballot storage locations and transportation details. The Pennsylvania Secretary of State has reached out to the FBI.


Pelosi calls Amy Coney Barrett, who was confirmed by the Senate, “an illegitimate Supreme Court justice.”


More than 100 million Americans have already cast a ballot in this election. Joel, Monica, and Andrés are three of them — and I got to FaceTime with them before they voted. Join them and get out there and vote today. — Barack Obama


Instead of causing trouble for the president's enemies, Bill Barr basically went into hiding for the last month of Trump's reelection campaign. Trump can't be happy about that.


NEWS: Trump’s top campaign strategist has been hiding payments from a Steve Bannon nonprofit under investigation & taking campaign salary through another firm — pulling in up to $99,000 in one month but paying as little as $500 in child support.


The Lincoln Project and Harrison Ford are teaming up to let Americans know you can only keep one of them: Trump, or Fauci.


America sucks worse than Russia, China, and North Korea is Trump’s final message on Election Day.


Today, vote for a new day in America.


Donald sounds like he's been up all night crying into his pillow


An exhausted-sounding Trump on when he'll declare victory: "When there's victory. If there's victory ... there's no reason to play games."


"It's been a great run" -- Trump


To cover Trump's bullshit or not to cover Trump's bullshit, that is the election night question for TV news outlets


I tell the story about barron trump, he had it for about two seconds. you know it just went through him and just it's gone. and the immune system on children -- that's why you got to get the children back to work. children back to school.


Trump's top campaign strategist, Jason Miller, is hiding payments from Steve Bannon


Well. Trump finally got his wall.


Welp. Looks like Candace Owens flubbed her talking point. Owens: "You are either on the side of mob rule or you are on the side of law and order. And I am on the side of mob rule. Tomorrow, I'll be casting my ballot for Donald J. Trump." Tucker: "Amen. Nicely put."


Isolating after a positive covid-19 test? The CDC says you can still vote in person.


Just Rudy Giuliani on Russian state-controlled TV.


As Fox and Friends waits for President Trump to call in this morning, I’m re-upping this story: Dr Birx sounded alarms Monday about a new and deadly phase in the COVID crisis, as Trump continues to insist the nation is “rounding the turn” on the pandemic.


On Election Day morning, Joe Biden goes to pray at the Church where his son Beau is buried...


president trump is half an hour late for his fox & friends interview


#Belarus: Refusal of dialogue, aggressive statements, mass arrests & use of riot ammunition against Belarusians exercising their right to strike & peaceful protest further demonstrate Lukashenko’s lack of legitimacy. EU supports the people & will continue to sanction perpetrators


“Attorneys defending Saudi Arabia from lawsuits by 9/11 families will represent MBS against allegations in Washington that he targeted a former top Saudi intel official for assassination to prevent the spilling of secrets about his climb to power.”


The U.S. just surpassed 100 million votes cast before Election Day polls even opened, per @WinWithJMC. That's already 73% of the 137.1 million total votes cast in 2016.


‘Trump’ and ‘MAGA’ spray-painted on gravestones in Michigan Jewish cemetery


Singapore stocks post their biggest gain in five months on hopes of a Biden win


“'If you’re planning to come to Philadelphia to steal votes, I have something for you: a jail cell,' the district attorney, said at a news conference."


Polls open at 6 AM in CT, IN, KY, ME, NH, NJ, NY, and VA. Any voting-related questions or concerns, contact 866-OUR-VOTE.#Election2020


VIDEO Today. Is. The. Day. Let’s change the world.


NEW: Deutsche Bank is trying to end all ties with Trump. They are exploring selling his loans, or, if he loses, demanding payment. Because the loans are personally guaranteed, the bank could attempt to seize all of Trump's assets if he does not pay.


Dawn in New York City, the Capital when Washington was sworn in as our first president in 1789. During the Battle of Long Island Washington’s Continental Army escaped defeat, going on to end monarchical tyranny in America. Today we jettison the tyranny of another would-be king.


Under President Trump: - Over 230,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 - 30 million people have lost hours, paychecks, or jobs - Nearly one in five small businesses have closed Are you better off than you were four years ago?


Vienna assailant has been identified as a 20-year-old Austrian-North Macedonian dual national who was born in Vienna and had a previous terror conviction


THREAD: [First #hkprotesters, then teachers & lawmakers, now reporters, who's next?] 1 4months under #nationalsecuritylaw, #hkpolice just arrested a reporter #ChoyYukLing for using car records to identify assailants of #YuenLongMobAttack on #HKers in documentary


Trump Mistakenly Announces Star Rally Guest Lil Pump as ‘Little Pimp’


Twitter has had to put another warning on another Trump tweet about voting.


Cook Political Report predicts Democratic control of the Senate


"Tomorrow's the beginning of a new day." Joe Biden closed his presidential campaign in Pennsylvania. He returned to the crucial swing state with the same message: The 2020 presidential campaign is a battle for the soul of the nation.


'Those votes will be counted': Biden legal team uncowed by Trump election threats


trump should really consider firing his digital team for this. SMDH.


Election Protection Hotline staffed up and engaging 2020's challenges


First 2020 results: Dixville Notch, NH Joe Biden: 5 Donald Trump: 0