Friday, May 15, 2020

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is directing millions of dollars to private and religious schools that the CARES Act intended to assist public schools and colleges during the pandemic.

An incredibly unusual editorial by The Lancet, one of the world's most prestigious medical journals: "Americans must put a president in the White House come January, 2021, who will understand that public health should not be guided by partisan politics..."

It's been a pleasure working with @robreiner on this video, and an honor to feature in it living legends @carlreiner, Rita Moreno, @GeorgeTakei, & Harry Belafonte. Their quite reasonable message to Congress: "Although we're dying to vote, we'd much rather just vote, and not die!"

Replace Trump And Bolster The CDC, A Leading Medical Journal Urges

NEW: Mike Bloomberg and his team are actively plotting a spending blitz to support Joe Biden’s run for president. They are discussing which pro-Biden group will see Bloomberg's millions. Bloomberg's upcoming spending spree could be a game changer for Biden

President Trump formally announced the former head of vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline and a general in charge of Army readiness will lead the government’s effort to speed the development of potential coronavirus vaccines

“I call it the super duper missile.” An actual quote by the sitting president of the United States.

Mitch McConnell is backed into a corner and forced to admit he lied about the Obama administration not leaving a pandemic plan, on Fox

Tucker Carlson on Unmasking: If the Trump administration did that to its political enemies, we would never defend that


Trump..November 2009..

President "Trump is literally blaming the quantity of cases that we have in this country on the ability to count accurately," says @chriscuomo. "Think about that. 'This is a big number. You know what I blame? Math…' He doesn't want you to know the truth."

Donald Trump can deflect and shift blame all he wants, but the hard truth is he failed to protect our nation from the worst public health and economic crisis in our lifetime.

All this "end the lockdown, you heartless elitists" sounds like just bullshit Foxified virtue-signaling. I can't figure out who wants to pay the overhead and food storage and wait staff for a place that might still be empty. It won't be me or Greg Gutfeld. That much I know.

Obamagate is already dying

Asked what he'd say to women who believe Tara Reade and are now struggling with their vote, Biden says: "If they believe Tara Reade, they probably shouldn't vote for me. I wouldn’t vote for me if I believed Tara Reade."

Flynn's ex counsel will be called to testify against Flynn, because Flynn entered into the plea voluntarily and for good reason.


A factory in Colombia is making hospital beds that can be turned into a coffin if the patient dies These dual-purpose beds are designed for #COVID19 patients

McConnell on his comment that Obama didn’t leave a pandemic playbook for Trump. “I was wrong. They did leave behind a plan. I clearly made a mistake in that regard,” he said on Fox

I see a lot of Democrats thinking 2020 is going to be an easy win just as they believed 2016 would be. They're wrong. Again. 2020 is going to be World War 1 trench warfare. Bayonets. Close quarter combat. And anyone who tells you differently does not know WHAT they are fighting

"Join Trump on the comet and live forever"

I really wanna give a shout out to Dr. Rick Bright for offering a masterclass in answering questions during testimony today. Not once did he “Yes, but—“ in response to a question meant to yield a soundbite for Fox News.

“Hard” is a weasel word in this tweet. There’s no evidence — hard, soft, or otherwise.

I'll probably never forget what happened today. I was insulted. I was berated. I was practically chased by people who refused to wear masks in the middle of a pandemic. All the while, I was there to tell THEIR story. Here's the finished product.

I’m the Democratic nominee running against @DevinNunes. Talking to Devin is “utterly” uninteresting, always. Want him out of office? Chip-in to our grassroots campaign to defeat him.

Trump: “[Doctors and nurses] are running into death just like soldiers run into bullets ... it’s a beautiful thing to see.”

This is why congressional hearings matter: McConnell was forced to admit — on Fox News nonetheless — that he was lying to the American people about the Obama administration not leaving a pandemic response plan for the Trump team.

Laura Ingraham is still promoting hydroxychloroquine on her show, in case you were wondering.

A new series for @SURfdn - Disinformation Starts At Home - examines how disinfo is reshaping our local communities. 1st case study looks at how anti-5G & coronavirus conspiracies merged near my home in Idaho--just as the epidemic reached its local peak.

‘What happens if you and daddy die?’ Fear is taking a toll on the kids of health-care workers.

Trump's Supreme Court tax case, explained The Post's @Fahrenthold breaks down the complicated case to unseal President Trump's tax returns before the Supreme Court.

Here’s the biggest bill we’ve found so far from Mar-a-Lago to taxpayers: $32,484.30 after @realDonaldTrump ’s Xmas vacation this past winter. That’s 82 room-nights for the Secret Service, at $396.15 each.

NEW: The U.S. government has paid at least $970,000 to @realdonaldtrump's businesses since Trump took office. That includes at least **1,600** nightly room rentals at Trump properties.


The United States has less than 5% of the world's population, but more than 28% of the world's coronavirus deaths. What was our mistake?

Fighting a pandemic does not make you weak or a communist

Seems like bringing Obama out of retirement to testify for 8 hours would be one giant infomercial for why we should have a Democrat in the White House.

Good. Now ask: Do you commit to releasing the unredacted Mueller Report & all underlying evidence for the American people to review, & Congress to follow through with where crimes were evident (while protecting ongoing grand juries, if any are left after Barr shut things down)?

Sherian, a small business owner from South Carolina, recently asked how I would help businesses like hers recover from this crisis and how we can tackle health care disparities among communities of color. They're important questions. Here's what I said:

Trump's appointees have done more to unwind the Russia probe in a few months than years of complaints from the Oval Office ever achieved

Trump to be presented with new Space Force flag at the White House

Coronavirus epidemic has disrupted essential deliveries of fresh bamboo. So a Zoo in Canada has made the heartbreaking decision to send their 2 Giant pandas to China—where bamboo is abundant & easy to access. It’s the safest place for Er Shun & Da Mao.

Dear Future President @joebiden , Please please please don't pick Stacey. Pick Kamala Harris. Abrams is too presumptuous and greedy for the job. And her answer on how to address Russian interference in our elections was utterly unacceptable.

A Republican (@RepLarryBucshon) is blaming Obama for the shortage of masks

Rand Paul says there’s no national security interest for listening to Flynn’s phone call with the Russian Ambassador

Reminder that Trump made sure a highly respected, former DOJ IG would not be the coronavirus IG, instead filling the position with someone on his White House staff. IG's are charged with investigating fraud, waste & abuse in government programs.

A company whose largest shareholder is Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale received nearly $800,000 from the federal coronavirus relief fund for small businesses, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

After his manifesto circulated widely online, Zhang Xuezhong was taken by security forces from his home in Shanghai on Sunday night, the Hong Kong-based newspaper reported. He must have known he could be in for harsh treatment.

Joe Biden says he would not pardon Donald Trump if elected and insisted any prosecutorial decisions would be left to a more independent Justice Dept

Don Jr. wants a twitter battle with Howard Stern? There IS a GOD!

People are having bizarre, vivid dreams during COVID-19 quarantine, and everyone from doctors to scholars are compiling and analyzing them

Mitch McConnell on Fox: "I think the majority in the Senate is very much in question as it has been for a year and a half."

Why is Trump flying to Pennsylvania to do a rally when he’s been exposed to the virus????

President Trump and his supporters have charged that Barack Obama and Joe Biden conspired against Michael Flynn, but there's no hard evidence to support the claims.

One of the Florida sheriff's deputies who was fired for his response during the 2018 Parkland school shooting will be reinstated with back pay and retain his seniority.

BREAKING: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is set to announce plans to build an advanced chip factory in Arizona as U.S. concerns grow about dependence on Asia for the critical technology.

Rick Bright: “It was quite a surprise to me that the urgent ramp up of the testing did not include full consideration of all the critical supplies needed to support that ramp up of testing, including those materials you mentioned swabs, viral transport media, buffers, etc.”

Slaughterhouses' decline in production creates issues on both ends of the supply chain, sparking shortages at grocery stores during a time when many are struggling to eat as layoffs reach historical highs, but also leaving farmers with a surplus of livestock.

Abbott coronavirus test has potential accuracy issues, FDA warns

Pig farmers aren't the only ones dealing with decisions like this; chicken farmers recently euthanized millions of their birds

Remember a couple weeks ago when Trump was saying he denied other countries’ tests because they were inaccurate and we had the best tests in the world? Well, our test allowed an outbreak at the WH so that’s cool

"I think for the first time in his active political life, Putin is faced by a problem which is absolutely not under his control and which broke all of his plans,"

Statistics that boggle the mind: U.S. coronavirus deaths: 86,541. South Korea coronavirus deaths: 260.

“I was wrong. They did leave behind a plan. I clearly made a mistake in that regard” — Mitch McConnell walks back his comment about Obama not leaving a pandemic plan for Trump

Slaughterhouses and meat-processing plants have been some of the worst hotbeds of COVID-19 outbreaks with hundreds of workers falling ill. Many processing plants shut down, including Smithfield Food, a foremost pork-processing center in South Dakota

The day Vladimir Putin announced a formal end to lockdown, Russia recorded its biggest spike in new coronavirus cases

'Hungary is no longer a democracy,' says Hungarian legal scholar

Hey Rich (I figure I can be informal since - even as the Director of National Intelligence - you are sporting your dating pic), let’s be transparent. You have all the secrets now. Show us the proof of Trump’s claims that Obama founded ISIS and wiretapped Trump tower. Go ahead!

Marshall County, where there are chicken processing plants, is a hotbed in Alabama. This story is already old and the #;'s there still rising

-Report found severe deficiencies in federal preparedness for an outbreak -Warned of confusion in federal response over agency responsibilities -Predicted shortfall of masks and ventilators due to inadequate supply chains

Whistleblower to testify U.S. failed response could lead to the ‘darkest winter in modern history’

Biden to those mourning loved ones: ‘You’ll get through this veil of darkness’

Biden: 'To be honest with you, I don't' remember Tara Reade

Biden discusses how coronavirus has factored into his healthcare plan

Great approach for a president whose support is crashing among over 65s.

Biden says he would not pardon Trump

Reported US coronavirus cases: Feb. 14: 14 cases Mar. 14: 2,826 cases Apr. 14: 609,240 cases May 14: 1,417,512 cases

“If we didn’t do any murder investigations, we would have very few murder cases.”

"State health officials say the JBS Beef plant rejected its efforts to test all employees. The company switched gears Wednesday afternoon after the Tribune reported on the lack of testing at a plant tied to a rapidly growing cluster of coronavirus cases."

"Michael Pack is a conservative filmmaker with ties to Bannon whom Trump has picked to lead the U.S. Agency for Global Media. The D.C. AG’s office is investigating whether Pack’s use of funds from his nonprofit, Public Media Lab, was “unlawful”...

If Washington labels Havana a sponsor of terrorism, it would join countries such as Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan. The Communist-ruled country would also face potential sanctions and trade restrictions

Opinion: We need to prepare for the possibility of Trump rejecting election results

Inbox: Sen. Kamala Harris has sent a letter to Lindsey Graham, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, demanding a hearing addressing the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Prison's response to the spread of the coronavirus in prisons.

It's not about the meat: Cuomo cites worker crowding in outbreaks at food plants

Cuomo not hopeful for stronger federal role if second wave comes

Cuomo: The PPE shortage has now become a testing supply shortage

Barr's track record makes questions about Burr probe unavoidable

The 'Trump Death Clock' shows the true toll of the president's coronavirus inaction. And it may be coming to a city near you, if you want it to