Friday, July 7, 2017

You know how people keep saying "follow the money?" Well, Felix Sater is the middleman linking Trump to Putin. And he just turned informant.

Those two committed treason’: Conspiracy bloggers say CNN has damning transcripts of Kushner and Bannon

This G20 may mark the end of the American-led liberal order, as nationalism, protectionism & authoritarianism surge.

18 states sue Betsy DeVos for delaying student loan protections

U.S. bombers challenge China in South China Sea flyover


The fate of the world lies in the hands of people who apparently failed book a hotel room in time for the president.

Russia objects to U.N. condemnation of North Korea, says test was not ICBM


matthewamiller reacts to @nytimes report that wh advisers discussed the pending at&t-timewarner as leverage in trump's fight with cnn.

Bipartisan letter from Shaheen, Rubio, Isakson urges Trump not to return Russian compounds—warns of dangerous escalation by emboldened Putin

Maddow to news orgs: beware of forged Trump Russia documents!

Rachel Maddow explains how an ostensible top secret NSA document submitted through the show's inbox is likely a fake, and points out the perils of such forgeries to news organizations trying to report out important stories like the Trump Russia story.