Monday, August 19, 2019

See Dick. See Dick's offspring. See Dick raise. Dick raises with his offspring. Dick's offspring is the GOP's designated big liar. Dick caused never-ending war. Dick knew it would never end, but did it anyway. Don't be a Dick

Trump threatens #Antifa w/ labeling them a terrorist organization — & he will. And you know what happens next? He’ll treat all Resistirs as Antifa, So he & his goons can arrest resisters as “terrorists,” & imprison us, even in GITMO. This is not a joke.

Another bad job by the "print hub" I guess. Himmler was also a young firebrand.

Perspective: Why law enforcement has a blind spot for white male violence

The Florida man who fatally shot an unarmed black man last summer outside a grocery store, sparking a nationwide debate on the state's "stand your ground" law, is set to stand trial on Monday for manslaughter

White House officials push back against concerns that economic growth may be faltering, saying they saw little risk of recession despite a volatile week on global bond markets. More here:

Here's what to do if you see a red flag for a mass shooting — and examples of what those warning signs are

My daughter in law just ran for her life as a Walmart in KCMO was evacuated because of armed men. We live in fear in MO. We run for our lives because our lawmakers accept @NRA money & if you think I’m going to be quiet about this you don’t know me.#Enough

The big Antifa rally that happened on June 6, 1944 in Normandy rapidly descended into violence. The very proud boys from Germany were just minding their own business occupying ancestral lands, and then the punks started shit.

He's right. Without Fox dishonestly pumping conspiracy theories, lies, white supremacy and false narratives, Trump's polling numbers would be a lot lower.

30 Russian naval vessels stage show of force near coast of Norway | The Independent Barents Observer

This is why education is important. Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln were not modern day Republicans. They were federalists. Anti-federalists are most closely aligned with conservatives. Just like southern confederates formed the KKK as a fraternity, not Democrats

Donald Trump ‘Very Happy’ With Mike Pence, Says He’ll Stick With VP In 2020

#MarkHalperin sexually abused and assaulted AT LEAST a dozen women. "He locked the door and masturbated in front of an ABC News employee in his office and he violently threw another woman against a restaurant window...“ But let's give him a book deal

Oh look...another day, another ugly personal attack on an American citizen from the POTUS.@TheJuanWilliams is a good man and a great American. Donald Trump is neither. This is the kind of shit from this President that most Americans are so tired of.

Foreign diplomats are still feeling burned after assuming Donald Trump would lose in 2016 — and they don’t want to be fooled again

Superfund sites are the most polluted places in the United States — but scientists think they could provide the answer to antibiotic resistance

An estimated 1.7 million people are marching in Hong Kong for democracy. This should inspire Americans to step up!

If I was the White House Economic Advisor I'd be this hammered too

The Labour Party believes Boris Johnson should recall U.K. Parliament from its summer recess to discuss the threat of a no-deal Brexit

An impromptu house party devolved into chaos when a verbal dispute led to the shootings of at least six teenagers. The party was "just a random group of people receiving an invite" on messaging app Snapchat, a detective told CNN affiliate KHOU.

Many conservatives in the U.S. believe that poverty is mainly a result of bad personal decisions. They don't understand poverty at all

Trump also said “I’m prepared for everything” when we asked why he and his advisers haven’t planned for a possible rec

Documents Show Efforts by Jeffrey Epstein’s Attorneys to Sway Prosecutors

Two years ago pro-Kremlin papers in Russia were calling Emmanuel Macron a “grass snake...with bulging eyes like a fish.” Today, ahead of Vladimir Putin’s visit to France, Russian press coverage of the French President is more positive.

The Syrian civil war has created 13 million internal and external refugees, the greatest refugee flow since World War II

Russia can't satisfy China's soybean needs during the U.S. trade war

Britain faces shortages of fuel, food and medicine, a three-month meltdown at its ports, a hard border with Ireland and rising costs in social care in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to an unprecedented leak of government documents.

Jeffrey Epstein’s purported madam is now a focus in sex abuse cases

NBC News confirms: Thousands of union workers at a western Pennsylvania petrochemical plant were given a choice last week — show up for Trump's speech or stay home and lose some of their weekly pay.

Putin’s visit to France raises a fundamental question that continues to divide Europe: what to do about Russia? Isolate/sanction/keep at arm’s length until Moscow changes its behaviour? Or engage/talk to/persuade? It seems Macron’s strategy is the latter.

Trump’s annoyance with an unfavorable poll led him to wrongly assert that he had control over the 2020 presidential debates

General Michael Flynn's lawyer announces that Flynn will NOT be attending the QAnon-themed Digital Soldiers Conference, contrary to what the event's organizers claim. At the moment, Flynn is still on the conference website's speakers list.

“Why does [Mitch McConnell] treat Russia like anybody else? This is not like anybody else… This is Vladimir Putin. Why would you want to do this when you can get your raw aluminium from somewhere else?” -

Authorities this weekend announced they had foiled three potential mass shootings after arresting three men in different states who expressed interest in or threatened to carry them out. Here's what we know about them.

My kid plays Roblox. Did you know you have members on your site promoting #WhitePowerExtremist #DomesticTerrorism groups? ATOMWAFFEN is responsible for 5 deaths over the last few years & is one of the most violent #WhiteSupremacistTerrorist groups in the US