Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Randy Report: Hypocrisy Of The Day: Communication

The Randy Report: Hypocrisy Of The Day: Communication: But let's talk about that email server in the basement of a home protected by the US Secret Service, and installed by the US State De...

Mr Trum...Er Um Mr Burns on Succeding in Business

Petition: Electors: Put a Republican in the White House who is NOT Donald Trump!

Mitt Romney Saves the World From Fascist Tyranny???

The truth belongs to the wealthy

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Protests Continue

Donald Trump’s Biggest Conflict Of Interest Is A Half Mile From The White House

The Trump International Hotel leases government real estate. How is that not a major problem?

11/19/2016 08:10 am ET
...But of course you'll want to stay at my hotel. 

How about a nice steak?
Oh, wait a minute...
July 2015, Chef Geoffrey Zakarian also withdrew from the Washington, D.C., project with Andrés in the wake of Trump's comments on Mexican illegal immigrants, and is expected to lose his own $500,000 restaurant lease deposit as a result.[118] Trump denounced and then sued Zakarian in August 2015 for a sum "in excess of $10 million" for lost rent and other damages.[120] Trump's lawsuit called Zakarian's offense at his remarks "curious in light of the fact that Mr. Trump's publicly shared views on immigration have remained consistent for many years, and Mr. Trump's willingness to frankly share his opinions is widely known."[120][121]
In 2015, restaurant workers at Trump SoHo filed a lawsuit that from 2009 to at least the time of the filing, gratuities added to customers' checks were illegally withheld from employees. The Trump Organization has responded that the dispute is between the employees and their employer, a third-party contractor. Donald Trump has been scheduled to testify in court on September 1, 2016.[122][123]

Perhaps we should send out for pizza instead! 
( P.S. Never mess with the people who cook your food.)

Popular vote continues to surge for Clinton

On Friday, November 18, the latest numbers from the nonpartisan Cook Political Report showed that Democratic candidate Clinton has a lead of 1.43 million votes over Trump. With a margin of 1.1 percent over the real estate mogul, the former Secretary of State has 63,049,607 votes to the Republican candidate's 61,610,484.