Thursday, December 19, 2019

Putin says clause on two ‘consecutive’ presidential terms might be dropped

UPDATE: 6 men charged in campaign-finance scheme w/Trump-linked lobbyist & Mueller witness Geo Nader went before federal judge today. Central figure in case, Ahmad Khawaja, is a fugitive, prosecutor James Mann said

BREAKING: The FSB have been caught lying about the fact three gunmen got into their reception and opened fire Look for sad stories suggesting Putin “wanted” this. Abject humiliation for the Russian President @KremlinRussia during his press conference

Nancy Pelosi just now, "Frankly, I don't care what the Republicans say." She added that she doesn't think the founders "suspected we would have a rogue president and a rogue leader in the Senate at the same time." We are witnessing a Profile in Courage. God Bless the USA

Last night’s vote in the House of Representatives shifts an immense responsibility to the Senate. I will do everything I can to live up to that responsibility, and hope and expect that each of my colleagues will do the same. My full statement: — Senator Angus King

And where is that clause of the Constitution Mitch? Is that the Merrill Garland clause? Why don’t you busy yourself with the hundreds of bills Nancy has sent and you are ignoring. Then Moscow Mitch you better tend to your reelection campaign.

REPORTER: Can you respond to Parnas, who gave money to your campaign, hiding payments from Russia, & also to Trump suggesting Dingell is in hell? McCARTHY: I thought you were going to ask me about the IG report & spying on the Trump campaign. And I considered John to be a friend

How 2 Soviet Émigrés Fueled the Trump Impeachment Flames

PELOSI: "Cruelty is not wit. Just because he gets a laugh, for saying the cruel things that he says doesn't mean he's funny. It's not funny at all, it's very SAD. Thank you all very much HAPPY HOLIDAYS."

Asked about President Trump insulting Rep. Debbie Dingell and her late husband, @SpeakerPelosi says: “The president clearly is insecure when it comes to statespersons -- whether it was John McCain… now John Dingell. What the President misunderstands is that cruelty is not wit."

BREAKING: Heavy gunfire erupts near FSB building in central Moscow; reports of fatalities

Schumer: "In the coming weeks, Republican senators will face a choice … do they want a fair trial, or do they want to allow the President free reign?"

I asked Vladimir Putin: "In the past Boris Johnson called you a ruthless tyrant and compared you to Dobby the elf from Harry Potter. What do you think of him?" Producer

More videos from the shooting incident in #Moscow

Voters across the country want the blue wave to continue. They know 💯 House Democrats are working hard #ForThePeople. Republicans, on the other hand, keep covering up for an unpopular president -- and refuse to #LowerDrugCosts & honor their oath.— Nancy Pelosi

How the law, the press and his victims finally caught up with Jeffrey Epstein

STATEMENT: Gov. Bill Weld on the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump

Trump retweeted an account called cat turd this morning

"Can none of the president's men come to defend him under oath?" seems like a pretty good question.

GOP Senate quietly removes white nationalism from new requirements to screen military enlistees

Everyone agreed with the Senate bill meant to counter Russian aggression -- except the Trump administration, which turned out 22 pages of objections to the legislation, calling it "unnecessary."

This is a direct order to Mitch McConnell.

Trump busted making up official-sounding quote about Senate impeachment trial rules

Here is the entire closing statement before the House impeachment vote for Donald Trump last night from @RepAdamSchiff. It will go down in history as a quintessential plea to protect the Constitution and our system of Democracy. You should watch it.

Investigation of the smartphone tracking industry - largely unregulated companies are logging movements of millions of people w/mobile phones. @nytimes obtained file of 50billion location pings from phones of 12million+ people

GOP panicking Trump will blow up their impeachment defense by tweeting during Senate trial: report

Does Donald Trump refer to himself in the third person? Yes, and it's a big problem for his defenders

BREAKING: Woman arrested for trespassing at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is another Chinese national

The House’s Sad, Predictable, Partisan, and Historic Impeachment of Donald Trump

Australia has topped its all-time national heat record—107.4 degrees. The previous high was set a day before

Let’s just explore this dumb shit for a minute: if impeachment would overturn the will of 63 million voters and that’s unconstitutional, then what is the Electoral College overturning the will of 65 million voters?

Prosecutors have revealed that surveillance footage of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's cell during his first suicide attempt has gone missing

30 No Votes from Republicans on Abuse of Power Just imagine if there were one single Republican ready to uphold the law how famous they would be for all time

NEW: While the House debates @realDonaldTrump's impeachment, new filings with authorities in the UK show the Trump Organisation is winding up two of its Scotland-based companies, with both being placed in voluntary liquidation. Thread

At last, Berlin spooks are leaking the awful truth about Merkel's appalling willingness to let Putin literally get away with murder on German soil. 3 genuine spy-bombshells hit the public this week. Here I explain them


Rep. Swalwell: “This is a crime spree in progress. But we know how to stop it. Courage.” — House Judiciary Dems

What caused the meltdown? Nadler called him out for spreading Russian propaganda

JUST IN: Rep. Mark Meadows to retire in 2020

Call (202) 224-3121 Script for calling Senators- Hello, I am a constituent from ___ calling to urge Sen. ___ to follow the Constitution and work to ensure that the Senate conducts a real trial. I want you to take the process seriously and weigh the evidence impartially. Cont

Putin rushes to Trump’s defense, claiming the impeachment charges against him are “made up”

The impeachment of Donald Trump is based on “spurious” arguments, says Putin

Trump Ally Rep. Mark Meadows Says He Won’t Seek Re-Election North Carolina, this is huge news

President Donald Trump, who held a rally in Michigan as the House of Representatives impeached him, told security they should have been more physical in their handling of a female heckler

Putin predicts Senate acquittal. It makes sense because he is stroking the checks. That is why the House needs to keep building an air-tight case, proving to the country that Trump and the GOP have betrayed them in favor of self-enrichment.

Trump’s weird obsession with dishwashers and low flow toilets is so incredibly soul crushingly on brand I can’t stand it....

'Historic rebuke': what the US papers say about Trump's impeachment

Today's paper: President Trump is impeached — The Boston Globe

A group of House Democrats is pushing Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other leaders to withhold the articles of impeachment If no agreement is reached with the Senate, some have argued, the trial could be delayed indefinitely, denying Trump an expected acquittal We agree... do you?

Facebook, Google and Twitter's political ad policies are bad for democracy

Democratic Rep. James Clyburn on the possibility of a partisan vote: "I think the American people understand that this Republican party has given itself to this person. They are no longer a Republican party. They are Trump's party"

Tulsi Gabbard is only the 20th member of the House in history not to vote on articles of impeachment against a sitting president and the first ever to vote “present”

Tainted Juror Lenigrad Lindsey

This was a very bad night for Vladimir Putin. He thinks democracy is a joke; is determined to undermine our republic, NATO. Interestingly, not a word in House debate about Russian state TV now describing Trump as the Kremlin’s agent. Expect that to loom large in near future.

Exclusive: Ukrainian tycoon's lawyer says he lent money to Giuliani associate

This must be a metaphor for something. Giuliani flew into Ukraine on budget airline Wizz Air and flew out on a private jet connected to some of Ukraine’s most controversial figures — that costs $3,300 per hour.

Lawrence: ‘Your votes made history tonight’

House Intel member to Dems: ‘You need to stand up right now’

Pelosi wants to see a ‘fair’ Senate process before House sends impeachment articles

The Republicans (I'm looking at YOU, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell) must be slapping themselves now. They showed their cards too early, proclaiming on TV that they weren't going to hold a fair trial and would be totally biased in favor of Trump. Now they're unable to do so.

"This is about not just this president -- it's about every president that comes after." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Hell yes! It would be a waste of taxpayer money to turn them over to #MoscowMitch and #LeningradLindsey. No different than turning them over to Deripaska and Firtash.

Trump is impeached by the House, creating an indelible mark on his presidency

BREAKING: The 5th Circuit Court just ruled against the Affordable Care Act – dragging out a Republican lawsuit that jeopardizes health care protections for millions of Americans. Republicans own this. They owe Americans an explanation. It's time for the Supreme Court to act.

One of our most precious rights as Americans is the right to determine who our leaders are. The president abused his powers to cheat in the next election and rob us of that right. Then he obstructed Congress to cover it up. Impeachment is the only remedy. — Hillary Clinton

To be clear, @GOPLeader took money from Lev Parnas who is now under a federal SDNY indictment. The source of the money appears to be Dmytro Firtash, a Ukrainian oligarch and Bratva mafia under boss who is out on bail in Austria fighting extradition to the United States.

The Commander in Chief of the US Military takes a shot at a dead World War II veteran, mocks the gratitude of his widow, and suggests he’s burning in hell... because he was a Democrat.

You may’ve missed the import of @SpeakerPelosi’s magnificent statement that the two Impeachment Articles do more than merely refer charges for Senate trial. They state as “established fact” this president’s “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” in abusing power and obstructing Congress.

Republicans say privately that they know and understand what Trump did was wrong: Carl Bernstein

Overturn the will of 63 million people who voted for Trump?What about the will of 66 million people who didn’t & still accepted the results of the Electoral College because of the Constitution? The same Constitution that calls for the impeachment of a President who abuses power!

Listening to the Republican side, it sounds a bit like Infowars.

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has called Brexit "tragic" and said that Boris Johnson faces a steep challenge in trying to negotiate a trade deal with the European Union by the end of 2020, without making significant concessions

Hill staffers who quit their jobs with @CongressmanJVD to protest his expected switch to the Republican Party have new jobs with @FrankPallone and some have been offered jobs with the @dccc

A great day for the U.S. Constitution! Tell your Senators to #RemoveTrump here:

The UN General Assembly has adopted a draft resolution seeking protection of human rights in Russian-occupied Crimea

A clown with his lead balloon

This story is not getting enough attention because of impeachment, it is very disturbing! Fifth Pentagon official announces resignation in seven days

“When we’re dancing w/ the angels, the question will be asked: In 2019, what did we do to make sure we kept our democracy intact?” -⁦@RepCummings⁩

Brian Williams: "Tulsi Gabbard, who was mysteriously missing all day, is in the chamber and has voted 'present.'" Fmr. Sen. Claire McCaskill: "That's just stupid."

A top House panel unveils long-awaited draft privacy legislation that calls for limits on sharing consumers’ info and allows users to correct personal data

Chairman Nadler accuses Louie Gohmert of "spouting Russian propaganda on the floor of the House."

Ambassador Kaidanow becomes 5th Pentagon official to resign in 7 days

Fox News host Tucker Carlson: "Imagine reading a political party's talking points verbatim every day of the year and pretending that it's news"

"A lot of times we witness history without realizing it until later. Not Wednesday. This was watching history unfold as it happened, in real-time,"

BREAKING: DC Circuit jumps on impeachment votes, orders new briefs addressing whether House subpoena to Don McGahn is moot & whether there's still a rush. More TK

Trump’s impeachment is based on 1) documents released by the White House; 2) testimony by people Trump handpicked to serve; 3) testimony by nonpartisan civil servants who worked under Republicans & Democrats; 4) Trump’s statements on TV. And all 4 show the same thing: he did it.

The lobbyist and former Manafort partner pleaded guilty last year to lying to the FBI and conspiring to hide millions he earned from work he did for Ukraine.

Germany is bracing for African swine fever

I asked Rudy Giuliani if he flew to Vienna on December 6 in a plane owned by billionaire Alexander Rovt and he responded: "Paid for plane and didn’t deal with an owner." I asked if it's true he's been meeting with Ihor Kolomoisky and his associates in Ukraine. Crickets...

.@jaketapper: "This is a stain that will forever live on his presidency. When we are all long gone... that might be the only thing people know about Donald Trump, that he was impeached."

So now Trump is being persecuted worse than Jesus?

In yet another bizarre day in the Trump Winter Wonderland, the White House delivered their annual holiday package: An extremely oversized card, another small card, and…. his 6-page screed to @SpeakerPelosi where he goes off the deep end. You can’t make this stuff up.

This video of Trump praising Pelosi and saying W Bush should've been impeached for lying is so great I can't stand it.

.@Lawrence explains how the millions of voters who gave Democrats control of the House of Representatives in last year's election made the Trump impeachment possible.

Asking a real question here: Once the President is impeached, how can the Military continue to follow his orders? How do you work for an impeached but not pardoned President?


"Facebook’s plans to disregard the law is but another example demonstrating that industry will do anything to protect their bottom line at the expense of Californians’ rights."

Trump: “We have 40,000 people in here tonight, with thousands waiting outside to get in but they (points to back) won’t show it to you.” Kellogg Arena in Battle Creak, Michigan where he is holding his hate rally has a total capacity of... Wait for it. ....6,500.

And on the 1,063rd day of his presidency, Donald Trump was impeached.

Donald J. Trump swore an oath to faithfully execute his office and protect and defend the Constitution. Has he honored this sacred obligation? The evidence is uncontested: Trump sacrificed our national security to cheat in the next election. And for that, he must be impeached

Two things Tulsi Gabbard decided not to vote for: 1. Affirming the U.S. won’t recognize Russian claims in Crimea 2. Impeaching Trump

Just a reminder it was in 2016 that @GOPLeader McCarthy said Putin pays Trump.

India bans public protests to quell rising anger against the controversial new citizenship law

Well, now we know what Rupert Murdoch thinks of impeachment.

Pelosi: “I solemnly and sadly open the debate on the impeachment of the president of the United States. If we do not act now we would be derelict in our duty. It is tragic that the president’s reckless actions make impeachment necessary. He gave us no choice.”

Oh my God. These incredibly brave protesters got into Trump’s event in Michigan tonight carrying this banner: “DON THE CON. YOU'RE FIRED”

Unless McConnell agrees to proceed with a trial following the same rules and procedures as Clinton’s impeachment in 1998, the House should give him nothing but a middle finger. — Garry Kasparov

What an embarrassment for Minnesota. The only Democrat in the House to vote no on impeachment is @collinpeterson. He needs to get the boot -- along with all of the Republicans. Pathetic

Mitch McConnell is trying to block witnesses from telling the truth to the American people. It's no trial without these witnesses. The Andrew Johnson impeachment trial had 41 witnesses. The Clinton impeachment had witness testimony, too, and a guy named Mitch McConnell sought it

Trump is impeached and joins the "losers" of presidential history

Speaker Pelosi, invoking the late Elijah Cummings: "We did all we could, Elijah. We passed the two articles of impeachment. The president is impeached."

Donald Trump wanted to smear Joe Biden both as a rebuke to Barack Obama and to eliminate a threat for the 2020 election. He could have sought “dirt” anywhere - but the #TrumpGiulianiScheme chose Ukraine in order to please Russia.

"Maybe he's looking up," Trump said, intimating that Dingell ended up in hell, instead. "I don't know. Let's assume he's looking down." The crowd cheered the insult

Democrats push for airing of evidence at Senate impeachment trial

Schiff: Americans should see evidence Pence has made classified

Schiff: House to assess Senate trial fairness before next steps

Pelosi holds onto impeachment to leverage fairness from Senate

Tomorrow’s front page of the Washington Post.

I’m going to frame tomorrow’s @nytimes front page

Take an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal

Donald Trump impeached