Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Trump pardons four Blackwater contractors convicted for their roles in the notorious 2007 massacre of civilians in Nisour Square, one of the darkest episodes of the Iraq War. Sentencing story on Slatten: https://t.co/V1rCMzlwA2 On Heard, Liberty & Slough


Trump threatens to veto the Covid relief bill and then concludes by saying of the next administration, “maybe that administration will be me.” Deranged.


BREAKING: Trump suddenly threatens to not sign coronavirus stimulus bill unless $600 checks raised to $2000


The FBI alleges that White supremacists plotted to attack power stations in the southeastern U.S


Pictured: Just-released transcript of Rudy Giuliani telling @LevParnas's lawyer @JosephABondy to call him back on his "soon to be gotten rid of number." Public impeachment hearings began later that month. DEVELOPING


"God love you, man. You're a one-horse pony" -- Biden to @pdoocy of Fox News as Doocy asks him about Hunter Biden while he walks off the stage


Biden on hack of US government: "I see no evidence that it is under control. The Defense Department won't even brief us on many things ... this president hasn't even identified who is responsible yet."


Harris County planned to use the money to expand mail-in voting during the pandemic.


.@JoeBiden: "Here's the simple truth: Our darkest days, in the battle against COVID, are ahead of us, not behind us. We need to prepare ourselves, to steel our spines... there's no time to waste taking the steps we need to turn this crisis around."


The latest is that the @navalny YouTube on him fooling one of the FSB guys in the murder team into giving highly compromising information has now been watched 17 million times in 🇷🇺. For sure it’s been watched a number of times in the Kremlin as well.


A new video of peaceful protests in Minsk on August 11 following Lukashenka's massive election fraud. People in the car are threatened with a gun: "I'll shoot right away!". This lawlessness must be stopped.


China claims U.S. destroyer ‘driven out’ of South China Sea area


As I said yesterday, I've often thought defamation lawsuits were a good way to push back against the spread of disinformation.


Lin Wood's post-election antics may have violated multiple Delaware rules of professional conduct, a judge found in an order to show cause that could keep him from representing Carter Page. The judge's order inside.


The public display of men’s boxer shorts has become a protest symbol across Russia after claims that the FSB poisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s underwear.


BREAKING: a petition calling for the disbarment of Matt Gaetz is gaining traction


America 2020: In our Very Serious Country Full of Real Grownups, a strip club was open during a pandemic and people can own AK-47 rifles so that when they have a temper tantrum over wearing masks, they can make a run at a mass killing.


New: President Trump is accused of violating the Ku Klux Klan Act in an amended complaint joined by the NAACP and pending before Judge Sullivan. Lawsuit inside.


LIVE—Putin’s playbook: Lessons from the operation to kill Alexei Navalny


UPDATE: Notice of Contest To Be Filed Today with U.S House Shows Uncounted Votes Will Affirm Rita Hart Winner in IA-2 District Race


President-elect Biden's coronavirus advisory team consulted scientists and supply chain experts about whether he should invoke a wartime production law to help produce and administer more Covid-19 vaccines, 2 advisers familiar with the discussions say.


More Americans are traveling to Mexico’s Riviera Maya than ever before. The parties have led to more coronavirus cases.


Putin Grants Lifetime Immunity to Ex-Presidents and Their Families


Officials are seeking another man who attacked reporters when some 100 protesters forced their way into the building, where one is said to have sprayed a “chemical irritant.”


It's 1:11am, Rand is still there trying to make it harder for the Senate to get to a veto override vote (if one is needed). He has said in the past that he'd like to see the NDAA expire and not be renewed (this would be the 60th year in a row it has passed). I'm going to bed


2 men shot up a California strip club with an AK-47 after refusing to wear masks, authorities say. Now they face life in prison.


Mitch McConnell is outspending us because he knows he is close to losing power. Help us fight back and donate now:


New strain may make children “as equally susceptible as adults,” said virologist at Imperial College London.


Thanks @NicolleDWallace for having me on to talk about LTG Flynn’s return to the White House and @realDonaldTrump and Putin’s last dance


A Russian FSB agent has been tricked into allegedly admitting he poisoned Putin critic Alexei Navalny by unwittingly telling Mr Navalny himself on a phone call, according to reports


Russian hackers got into top Treasury officials’ email accounts—and no one knows what information they got their hands on: report


Hong Kong teen protester shot by police goes into exile, activist group says


The #HongKong gov't has condemned rumours circulating online about #Covid19 social distancing measures. A spokesperson said they are "absolutely unfounded and that the content of the concerned online post is totally fabricated."


There are 158 #PrisonersOfConscience in #Belarus. Access their list and details of mistreatment on @viasna96 https://prisoners.spring96.org/en More than 30.000 people were arrested in Belarus in the past few months for trying to exercise their civic right to peaceful protest. #FreeBelarus


‘QAnon Anonymous’


Targets of President Trump’s frustration, disappointment and anger in recent days: White House Counsel Cipollone, Vice President Pence, SecState Pompeo, Chief of Staff Meadows, Senate Majority Leader McConnell...


when u get caught defaming


Here's the bottom line: If Mitch McConnell maintains control of the Senate, he will try to do to Joe and Kamala exactly what he did to President Obama


“No matter our intentions, we were complicit. We collectively perpetuated an anti-democratic leader by conforming to his assault on reality. We may have been victims of the system, but we were also its instruments.” — Erica Newland


BREAKING—Trump HHS/CDC has been subpoenaed by House @COVIDOversight committee after evidence revealed that Trump appointees **attempted to “alter or block” at least 13 scientific reports** as outbreaks surged across the spring and summer. #COVID19


"Beijing is mulling a drastic overhaul of the Election Committee that chooses Hong Kong’s chief executive by scrapping all 117 seats likely to be controlled by opposition district councillors to quash their influence in the 2022 leadership race"


ENOUGH. OF. THIS. SHIT. Only fear stops bullies. POTUS-elect must make clear to scum like @RepMoBrooks @MattGaetz @Jim_Jordan and the others who plotted a coup with Trump and Pence this afternoon that they are liable to be prosecuted for sedition on 1/20


Sweden edges closer to NATO membership


Facebook and Google agreed to “cooperate and assist one another” if they ever faced an investigation into their pact to work together in online advertising, according to an unredacted version of a lawsuit filed by 10 states against Google last week


Dr. Deborah Birx, the coordinator of the White House’s response to the pandemic, traveled to a family vacation home in Delaware the day after Thanksgiving, despite her own guidelines recommending that people avoid travel and large family gatherings


How did 26-year-old Charlie Kirk go from living with his parents to a waterfront condo? Over a short period of time, his pay from the pro-Trump charity he co-founded rose to 300k.


Imagine how confusing this must be for the people who were buying into this stuff for weeks. Suddenly, it's verboten, and since you eschew actual information, you have no real idea why.


This is incredible. Navalny *called* and tricked a member of the FSB toxin team that was trailing him into believing he was from headquarters and got details on how they poisoned him (his underwear) and how they tried to clean it up. Putin is going to be *pissed*


Sebastian Gorka cuts off MyPillow guy for spouting voting machine conspiracy on Newsmax


BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani is the subject of a "very active" federal criminal investigation by prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. SDNY prosecutors have expressed interest in and have discussed the possibility of trying to obtain Giuliani's electronic communications.


This is pathetic.


Trump turns on #MoscowMitch ... think about all of the Republicans who have sold their souls for Donald Trump. The story always ends the same. Was it worth it Mitch?


Nope. You don’t get to enable Trump’s lunacy and corruption for four years and when it becomes too outside the mainstream you get to disown it. Sorry, @GeraldoRivera, this is a stain you’ll never wash out.


Opposition members in Belarus have demonstrated incredible bravery. The US must continue making clear our support of their inspiring fight for democracy and human rights. The crackdown on protestors must end immediately


6 Republican against voted against the relief bill: Marsha Blackburn Rick Scott Ron Johnson Mike Lee Rand Paul Ted Cruz


Exclusive: Hong Kong teenager who was first protester shot by police says he’ll skip court, go on the run