Saturday, June 27, 2020

WSJ: “The intelligence assessment regarding Russia’s actions in Afghanistan was delivered to the White House earlier this spring, and until recently had been known only to a handful of officials, a person familiar with it said.”

The intelligence was presented to Trump and discussed by his National Security Council in March. Officials developed potential responses, starting with a diplomatic complaint to Russia, but the White House has yet to authorize any step, the report said

Breaking via WaPo: In the hours before his Tulsa rally, Trump's campaign directed the removal of thousands of stickers from arena seats that were intended to establish social distance. 
The removal contradicted instructions from the arena's management.

Hey dirtbag twitter troll @RichardGrenell. You knew that Russia had a bounty on our troops but you spent your time as DNI trying to get Flynn sprung. You think the world is gonna forget how you sold out your country, you fucking scumbag?

BREAKING NEWS ALERT 🚨: By a vote of 36-14 the #Mississippi Senate voted yes on the resolution for changing the state flag by removing the confederate emblem. They’ll vote on the final bill tomorrow.

#BREAKING: A European intelligence official tells CNN that Russian intelligence officers for the military intelligence GRU had recently offered Taliban militants in Afghanistan money as rewards if they killed US or UK troops there.

Every day as Army Commander in Europe a "black book" of classified intel was delivered. I read it, then was briefed on key topics. If something important was going on, it was in the book & briefers reinforced certain important items. If I didn't was on me.

Donald "America First" Trump is literally placing Russian interests ahead of American lives, and Republicans do nothing. Putting party before country doesn't just empower Trump to continue serving his own interests, it can cost American lives too.

Why wouldn’t the president or VP be told about this ?

Every day that Donald Trump sits in the Oval Office, he proves just how unfit he is to lead our nation. — Joe Biden

I can’t let go of this. This administration wasn’t even willing to lodge a “diplomatic complaint” with Moscow for paying bounties for the death of Americans. Not sanctions, not a reciprocal strike against a Russian-aligned interest. They weren’t willing to tell Russia “stop.”

Reporters are trained to look for patterns that are suspicious. And time and again one stands out with Donald Trump. Why is he so slavishly devoted to Putin? There is a spectrum of possible answers, ranging from craven to treasonous. One day I hope and suspect we will find out.

No doubt, all Trump is doing today is figuring out how to tell Putin to stop offering money to militants to kill American service members.

Russia was paying for the murder of U.S. soldiers. Trump found out and fired US national security officials. That's treason.

Two days ago, Trump laid a wreath at a memorial to American war dead while doing nothing about Russia paying insurgents to kill Americans. His presidency is a disgrace to anyone who has ever served this country.

Yesterday, Trump told a Wisconsin crowd that Russians are more reasonable than Democrats. Today, we learn that Russia is paying Islamic radicals bounties to kill US troops. Trump has known about this but refuses to do anything. It is all beyond the pale.

Senate panel demands testimony from ex-Obama officials in revived Biden probe

Putin put contracts out on American soldiers, paying bounties for dead servicemembers - but Trump did nothing to stop Putin and Republicans will do nothing to stop Trump. It’s up to us patriots:

Allowing the Russians to target American troops in a murder-for-hire scheme IS AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE. Pass is on.

I've been silenced!

The president politicized public health and here we are

So @realDonaldTrump, @WSJ confirm the Times’ story in no uncertain terms meaning they likely both have copies of the @ODNIgov report you suppressed. Do you think @DNI_Ratcliffe is leaking? I bet John Ratcliffe is leaking

He knew. — Pete Buttigieg

@JoeBiden · Oct 25, 2019

The Trump-Putin American Troop Bounty was confirmed by that “liberal rag” The Wall Street Journal, owned by Rupert Murdoch.

An advertising boycott against Facebook has hurt the company’s stock and raised pressure on Mark Zuckerberg

I see OJ is still on the hunt for the real killers

Trump reportedly does nothing and still advocates for Putin after Russia hires mercenaries to kill US troops. Yet he is standing in the way of Lt. Col. Vindman’s promotion because he alerted his superiors when he heard the President compromise US national interests.

#TraitorTrump Masha Gessen: 'I never thought I'd say it, but Trump is worse than Putin'

You mean like Peter Strzok? Yes. Trump took aim at experts in catching Russian spies on purpose.

Kremlin is having a field day with law enforcement and protest movements to infiltrate and divide πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ “Russian Info Ops Putting US Police in Their Crosshairs | Voice of America - English”

Unreal. Trump snuck out of the White House #SaturdayMorning to go golfing, rather than deal with the new coronavirus spikes across the country. Once again,

Re-upping the above as @realDonaldTrump was warned for a long time Russia were hunting American, British and allied troops. That article was 2018.

Betsy DeVos is trying to force PUBLIC school districts to spend coronavirus relief funds on wealthy private schools, while leaving out some high-needs public schools all together. The point of the relief fund was to help schools in need, not Betsy DeVos’s billionaire friends.

If Donald Trump prevails in the U.S. Supreme Court, insurers could strip away your health insurance coverage or jack up premiums — simply because you experience long-term effects after battling the coronavirus. We can't let that happen.

Russia post a picture of a mosque to America after reports they pay the Taliban to kill US troops

If I was a US Soldier stationed in Afghanistan and I heard that the Commander-in-Chief was silent and complicit when learning that Putin had put a bounty on my life with the Taliban, I would walk off that base quicker than you can say Bowe Bergdahl.

Trump, who tweeted yesterday he canceled his NJ trip to ensure "LAW & ORDER is enforced,” just arrived at his Virginia golf club. It's the 271st time he has been at one of his golf clubs and 363rd time at one of his properties in his presidency, per CNN tally

Let’s be clear: Bill Barr refusing to allow the indictment of a criminal president - Mueller documented 10 felony obstruction of justice crimes by Trump - is SO MUCH WORSE than Ford pardoning Nixon after he left office. Trump has unleashed Putin to hurt our military men & women.

Post on Roger Stone’s Instagram last night

The Prime Minister is spot on! — Gen Michael Hayden

This isn't political, it's personal. The Commander in Chief did nothing while my brothers and sisters in arms had bounties on their heads.

1.Brace yourself, parents: Here’s our national look at the likely school situation for fall. Many kids will be in physical school less than half time. Remote learning will continue. Adverse impact on parents and economy will be profound.

Despite years of promising, Trump and GOP have yet to get behind an alternative to replace ACA. Some GOP members have their own proposals but the party is divided over a plan. Big reason why McCain and other GOP senators voted to block ‘skinny’ repeal was there was no alternative

Trump asked for Russia’s help with the election in 2016. Russia enlisted militants to kill Americans. Trump didn’t care. Trump tried to get Russia back into the G-8. Trump has had several private calls with Putin. Who does the President work for?

So maybe Trump’s chest thumping “love” for our military is just bull— like everything else about him?

Can We Call Trump a Killer?

Working class white men are sticking with Trump. Many of their wives, daughters and sisters are not. “These women will be a real battleground... They are surrounded by Trump-supporting men in their lives.”

That’s cool. What’s your health care plan again?

‘Man, this is jail’: the Iraq War vet, the Phillies fan and others busted at Miami protest

Inmates at Angola prison in Louisiana told ProPublica of widespread illness, dysfunctional care and deadly neglect as the coronavirus outbreak hit.

They accused President Obama and Hillary Clinton of doing nothing when Benghazi happened. They had 33 hearings over it. trump literally knows Russia paid bounties to kill American troops and not one hearing.

So if this NYTimes report is correct, U.S. intelligence has concluded that Russia offered bounties for dead U.S. troops in Afghanistan, AND has paid out on some of those bounties. And Donald Trump was told in March and so far has opted to have no response.

Harris County, Texas Judge Lina Hidalgo: "When did we lose our respect for human life? Since when did we decide as a society that instead of saving a life ... we would treat human lives as collateral damage? This pandemic is like an invisible hurricane."

William Barr Is Not America's Attorney General | Opinion

Welcome to the world of the “blanket” ethics waiver... They play. We pay. SBA exempts lawmakers, federal officials from ethics review in $660 billion Paycheck Protection Program

Scoop: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle back Facebook boycott

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said overcoming the coronavirus pandemic is the main priority for her country’s EU presidency

If there is any silver lining in Trump's catastrophic presidency., it is that perhaps such complete failure was the only way to wake Americans up to our blindness, racism, and the horrific consequences of vast income inequality.

I'm an Afghanistan vet. Came home as a passenger on a MedEvac. Spent that flight sitting feet from my critically injured brethren. He let the Russians put a bounty on our heads. If you're in the GOP, if you voted for this traitor, you never get to thank me for my service again

Yesterday, Trump told a Wisconsin crowd that Russians are more reasonable than Democrats. Today, we learn that Russia is paying Islamic radicals bounties to kill US troops. Trump has known about this but refuses to do anything. It is all beyond the pale.

“The intelligence assessment is said to be based at least in part on interrogations of captured Afghan militants and criminals.”

Four ways William Barr is already subverting the 2020 elections: safeguarding the vote would be the top priority of a normal attorney general. It’s the opposite now, says

The Trump administration has sat on information about Russian bounties for dead American soldiers because they need Putin to help them try to win in November. Your leader is trading American military lives for his re-election, @GOP. Hope you feel super patriotic.#TraitorTrump

US IC has gotten credible reports of GRU helping the Taliban and offering a bounty on dead US personnel in Afghanistan for several years. Which should surprise nobody who knows the Kremlin. Why you're just hearing about this now seems like a relevant question.

Trump is A OK with freeing Roger Stone. BTW, that's not an A OK sign Roger Stone and these Proud Boys are flashing. It's a white power sign. All make sense now?

LIVE on @ActionNewsJax at 4: Customer deliberately coughs on woman who was recording her inside a #Jacksonville store. Woman recording says the customer was being aggressive to employees. "I was a little shocked to have her really kid of weaponize the threat of the virus."

Elijah McClain died last August after a violent encounter with police in Aurora, Colorado. McClain was put in a chokehold by officers and given a sedative by paramedics before going into cardiac arrest. @jaredpolis has called for a thorough investigation.

Remember when. July 2, 2014 "...Sandberg called the site’s psychological research conducted (in 2012) on nearly 700,000 unaware users “poorly communicated.”

We have confirmed the ⁦@nytimes⁩ scoop: A Russian military spy unit offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to attack coalition forces in Afghanistan. From ⁦@nakashimae⁩ ⁦@missy_ryan⁩ me and ⁦@shaneharris

A white New Jersey corrections officer who was caught on camera mocking the death of George Floyd at a protest could lose his job, officials say.

EXCLUSIVE: A Russian spy unit secretly offered bounties to militants in Afghanistan for killing American troops, U.S. intelligence officials found. Trump and White House have known for months, but not authorized any response.

Russia attacked the 2016 election to help Trump. Trump didn’t object. Russia enlisted militants to kill Americans. Trump hasn’t objected. Russia is now trying to intervene in the 2020 election. Trump hasn’t objected. America doesn’t come first.

Pelosi on mandating face masks: "In fact, the reason the CDC hasn't made it mandatory is because they don't want to embarrass the president, or insult the president, whatever it is," Pelosi said, calling Trump "cowardly" for not wearing a face mask.

Feb 26: @realDonaldTrump lied when he said we had 15 cases and we're "going to be down close to zero soon" June 27: We have 2.55 million+ cases and 127,600+ deaths Trump lied, Americans died

Trump found out that Russia was paying bounties to have American soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Then he called on Russia to be readmitted to the G7. Basically every country knows they can kick America around and Trump will either do nothing or reward them.

Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops. and the Trump administration has done...nothing

NASA is renaming its headquarters after Mary W. Jackson, the agency's first African American female engineer who helped inspire the story behind the book and film "Hidden Figures."

Dear Everyone Who Voted for Trump: You *literally* helped a foreign enemy attack the United States & take control of the American presidency. But, please, tell me more about how you’re a true patriot and I’m a disgrace to the uniform I once wore because I’m a Democrat.

‘PizzaGate’ Conspiracy Theory Thrives Anew in the TikTok Era- @ceciliakang & @sheeraf. One minute "research" summaries on TikTok... yikes. Every social surface is perfect for this stuff to proliferate.

Putin and Trump discussed G7 summit, oil markets in call: Kremlin

STORY UPDATED. Prosecutors called Nader a "persistent and dangerous voyeur." The boy Nader trafficked, now fully grown with a family, read his statement to the court today and said Nader ruined his life and health. More about Nader's 10 year sentence here:

This sex trafficker ADVISED DONALD TRUMP'S CAMPAIGN IN 2016 and connected it with representative of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE to attack the United States.

Agents of the FBI: Kindly arrest Donald Trump for treason. Thank you. The American People

Former KKK member Thomas Edwin Blanton Jr., convicted in 2001 of the 1963 bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham that killed 4 girls, died on Friday. He was 82 years old.

Phew! I was worried my CO2 levels would be high after wearing a mask all day in clinic But then I remembered I have: Lungs Kidneys Homeostasis At least a rudimentary understanding of human physiology

“Ultimately, you will infect someone who’s vulnerable,” Dr. Anthony Fauci warned young Americans.

VIDEO We now learn that Trump has helped Putin put a bounty on the heads of American soldiers. @realDonaldTrump is a traitor. This is an #EmergencyAlert.

How to second term

You never planned on raising kids during a pandemic, and there are no easy decisions. ProPublica scoured the latest research and talked to seven infectious disease and public health experts to help think through the issues facing parents.

Ten years ago today as part of Operation Ghost Stories, @FBI arrested 10 Russian SVR illegals operating in the U.S. Weeks later, the illegals pleaded guilty to conspiring to serve as unlawful agents of the Russian Federation in America.

Not that anyone needed more proof but it’s high time to wake up to the fact that Russia is at war with the West.

A vote for the GOP is a vote for Putin...

Will FOX NEWS go with: "Maybe the US Troops deserved it" "TRUMP didn't read the Intelligence briefing." "Russia Russia Russia again? Fake News!" "What if Trump is just setting a trap for Putin" "If Dems weren't distracting Trump with the China Virus..."


The mayor of Tupelo, #Mississippi, has ordered people to wear masks in public, starting Monday, to slow the spread of the #coronavirus. He’s not here for any of your foolishness.

"Hey, Mr. President, Russia is paying the Taliban a bounty to kill American soliders." TRUMP: "Let's put Russia back in the G8."

"Appalling news of the killing of the employees of @AfghanistanIHRC today. I strongly condemn the attack targeting human rights advocates who work to protect the Afghan people. My deep condolences to the families of the victims, colleagues & friends." -

Pole Position - @NATO soldiers in #Gloucester hold low-key @ArmedForcesDay ceremony due to coronavirus #SaluteOurForces #WeAreNATO

“In Trump we have a president in which incompetence, stupidity, derangement, bigotry, corruption, and dishonesty are each struggling to take the upper hand.”

Hong Kong government banned the 6/28 and 7/01 protest march.

UN independent #humanrights experts call for decisive measures to protect fundamental freedoms in #China, incl. Hong Kong SAR. They denounce "the repression of protest and democracy advocacy in #HongKong, and impunity for excessive use of force by police."

Consumer Reports warned that bottled water made by Whole Foods contains "potentially harmful levels of arsenic," amounting to three times the level of the chemical compared to other brands.

Breaking News: A federal judge ordered the release of migrant children held in U.S. family detention facilities, citing the severity of the pandemic

Trump's niece Mary tapped "her clinical background to dissect 'a nightmare of traumas, destructive relationships and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse'" in her extended family for her book. Read @PostKranish to learn how deep that dysfunction runs

Clues to Mary Trump's dark view of her uncle can be seen in lawsuits, interviews with former colleagues & teachers, academic papers & now-deleted tweets, including one that said her uncle’s election was the “worst night of my life,”

NEW: Inside the feud between Mary Trump and her uncle ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ that led her to write book that describes a ‘nightmare’ of family dysfunction and creation of ‘world’s most dangerous man.’

This is an example of a card being distributed in Maine, claiming that the bearer is exempt from face mask requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act. These documents are not issued or endorsed by @TheJusticeDept. Actual ADA info:

Retweet if you believe Mike Pence and this White House are murdering Americans.

Democrats warn against overconfidence in fight against Trump

Here was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a month ago puffing out his chest about 'successfully' ignoring public health experts.

One West Virginia business has been the subject of repeated complaints for not reopening safely: an upscale steakhouse at The Greenbrier, the luxury resort owned by the governor.

Pence's cynicism and disingenuousness is bottomless.

Thinking back to that day reminds me of how much strength we can find in one another, in good times and in bad. We’ve seen it again over these past few weeks. It's a reminder that the fight is worth it––because a fairer, more just, and more loving world is always possible.

Russian national sentenced for operating websites devoted to fraud and malicious cyber activities.

Authorities in New Delhi say 80,000 hospital beds will be needed, far exceeding nearly 13,200 available

Here's video of James Mattis wearing a mask, urging others to do the same and saying: "Over the course of my career, I’ve learned that divisiveness will never work in defeating an enemy."

Astonishing: While Afghan peace talks were going on, Russian military intelligence secretly offered bounties to Taliban militants for killing coalition forces. POTUS learned in March but has taken no action

NOW: Judge orders Roger Stone to report to prison in three weeks, July 15, denying his request for a two-month delay.

NEW VIDEO@IvankaTrump laughably says that her father hires based on skill and competence. Retweet and use the hashtag #ByeIvanka if you disagree.

Breaking: Putin has been trying to kill US troops, and Trump knows it: Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says

A journalist who attended Trump's rally in Tulsa last week said he has tested positive for COVID-19. Oklahoma Watch reporter Paul Monies said he was notified Friday of his positive diagnosis.

Russian operation targeted coalition troops in Afghanistan, intelligence finds. Confirming ⁦@nytimes⁩ scoop.

Trump’s transfer last year of $2.5 billion in military funds to pay for border barriervwas an illegal overreach of executive authority, a three-judge panel ruled

Doctors face tough choices, narrowing options on COVID in Arizona

Premature Arizona reopening coincided with Trump publicity visit

Russia paid bounties to kill US troops, US intel says; Trump mum: NYT