Monday, August 27, 2018

Trump reverses course and lowers the flag to honor John McCain.

Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi has been co-hosting @FoxNews’s “The Five” show even though she’s still on the state payroll in Florida.

VF reports that Trump continues to raise the possibility of a Manafort pardon, which Don McGahn is reportedly against. Trump has told people he's considering bringing in a new lawyer if McGahn won't draft a pardon. "He really at this point does not care."

McCain refused to let Manafort run 2008 convention due to Russia ties: report

The late John McCain's full farewell statement

Kushner Companies and Michael Cohen Accused of Falsifying Building Permits to Push Out Tenants

Trump "spent the weekend calling people and screaming," one former White House official tells VF. According to sources, Trump feels cornered with no clear way out.

Paul Manafort has asked the judge in D.C. if he can stay put (in jail) and forgo attending any pretrial hearings.

Seth Frotman was the top student loan watchdog in the federal government. He just quit his post at the @CFPB in a letter to Mick Mulvaney: "under your leadership, the Bureau has abandoned the very consumers it is tasked by Congress with protecting."

In the Oval Office just now I asked @realDonaldTrump if he had any thoughts on the legacy on John McCain. He heard me but did not answer.

Even the cabinet is closed confused about honoring McCain. Flag at Energy is half staff. At Agriculture, across the street, flag is at full staff.

As flag over the WH hangs at full staff, ⁦@juliehdavis⁩ on how Trump’s refusal to honor John McCain shows he is “unwilling to act as a unifying force at major moments in the life of the country.”

Parkland students tear into Rubio, NRA after shooting at Jacksonville video game tournament

Kelli Ward suggested Saturday that a statement issued Friday by John McCain's family about his treatment ending was intended to hurt her Senate campaign. McCain died hours after her remarks.

Trump’s War on the Justice System Threatens to Erode Trust in the Law

"We are now in the end stages of the Trump Presidency."

As the president renewed his attacks on his attorney general, two Senate Republicans indicated they’d be open to replacing him — sparking a quick smackdown from GOP leaders

Pompeo hasn’t been straight with us on North Korea

“Be a shame if someone balled up your butterfly, wouldn’t it - Melissa?”

It's time for a Royal Commission into abuse of near monopoly by Murdoch media in Australian politics & policy. Including Murdoch & Abbott killing the NBN (FTTP) to protect Murdoch's commercial interest in Foxtel from real competition from Netflix & others

Trump rejected plans for a White House statement praising McCain

Ex- Prime Minister @MrKRudd calls @rupertmurdoch "the greatest cancer on the Australian democracy"

John McCain made Sarah Palin relevant so if makes sense that she would trash talk him after he died

This is @realDonaldTrump's only tweet, so far, after #JacksonvilleLandingShooting.

'Orgy of political violence': Kevin Rudd savages Tony Abbott and Rupert Murdoch for wrecking Australian democracy

Trump Jr. lashes out at CNN for covering "leftist hack" Carl Bernstein over reporting on Trump Tower story