Thursday, August 31, 2017

Koch brothers and Saudi oil execs lobbied Trump to remove chemical plant safety rules

POTUS Election Integrity Commission to investigate baseless claim of "voter fraud" is a farce. I've introduced an amendment to defund it

Trump will let "Dreamers" stay through work permits and then end program, McClatchy reports

Republicans Want to Sideline This Regulator. But It May Be Too Popular.

JUST IN: Trump is weighing tying a U.S. debt limit increase to Harvey aid, sources say

Rift opens between Trump and the generals who were supposed to save his presidency

Trump’s Insubordination Problem

Microsoft becomes first major tech company urging Trump to keep protections for "Dreamers"

President Trump’s vile attacks on the ‘fake news’ media are an incitement to violence: UN human rights chief

Don't get too excited when Trump promises a donation

Mattis: I didn't contradict anything Trump said about North Korea

The RNC's chief of staff has resigned.

FBI searches Republican political consulting firm in Annapolis

Exclusive: Mueller Enlists the IRS for His Trump-Russia Investigation

During a summer of crisis, Trump chafes against criticism and new controls

Politico: Sheriff Clarke is expected to take a job in the Trump administration.

Federal judge blocks Texas from enforcing new anti-abortion law

"West Wing" actor urges people to write Harriet Tubman's name on $20 bills

JUST IN: Trump to cut scheduled pay raises for federal workers

NBC News: Manafort's notes from the Trump Tower meeting included the word "donations" near a reference to the RNC

Rex Tillerson orders Russia to close U.S. compounds after Trump ‘thanks’ Putin for expelling 100s of diplomats

Sheriff David Clarke has resigned. Letter received at 3:17pm.

Health Department will cut spending on promotion of the ACA from $100M to $10M for this sign-up season

BREAKING: White House says President Trump to pledge $1 million in personal funds to Harvey relief efforts.

Defense Sec Mattis breaks w Trump on North Korea

Mnuchin: I may scrap plan to put Harriet Tubman on $20 bill

Ex-secretaries of the Army, Navy, Air Force are joining a lawsuit challenging Trump's transgender servicemember ban.

Manafort Notes From Russian Meet Contain Cryptic Reference to 'Donations'

Robert Mueller Eliminates Trump’s Trump Card

Trump claimed he witnessed Harveys devastation first hand. The White House basically admits he didnt.

SOS Tillerson chatter

Can tomorrow be his last day?

Putin would like nothing better than to see the USA consumed with violence+terrorism. Don't let the bad guys win

After a summer of departures, White House staff are taking on double roles while other jobs are eliminated

Don't miss this flood of Trump-Russia news obscured by recent chaos

U.S. senator asks FBI to probe Icahn over biofuels push

New York Attorney General Steps Up Scrutiny of White House

Akhmetshin is ex-KGB Counter Intelligence & was present at the Donald Trump Jr meeting.

‘We only kill black people’: Georgia cop caught on video reassuring nervous white woman during traffic stop

"Trump's Presidency Ended May 9th" - Hatch Getting Security Briefings


BREAKING NEWS: Prince William and Harry donates $100 million to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Helpful pic for placing Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin official the Trump Org wrote to for help during the campaign:

Sen John Mc Cain will return to Senate next week

General who oversaw Katrina response: Trump officials need to "stop patting each other on the back"

Trump wants to cut FEMA's budget before the next major hurricane

FBI shuts down request for files on Hillary Clinton by citing lack of public interest Total crap and against the law

Soon Jason be in the BIG HOUSE.

My exclusive reporting on AG Schneiderman having Trump under state surveillance, from last month


ON GMA: We’re kicking off Day Of Giving to help the Red Cross raise money for those impacted by Hurricane

Don't Fall Victim To Harvey Flood Scams

For the latest updates on volunteering for our #Harvey response and how to help now - American Red Cross

In a forceful rebuke, the U.N. human rights chief condemned President Trump's attacks on the media

FULL STORY: U.S. flies warplanes to South Korea for bombing drills to act as show of force against North Korea

GOP lawmaker to Trump: You can't bully senators, "this isn't 'The Apprentice'"

Deep in debt, the Kushners hunted for cash across the globe

Trump Lawyer ‘Vehemently’ Denies Russian Collusion

Federal agencies investigating program that allowed Trump to lease government building for hotel

Tillerson thanks Mexico for offering to help with hurricane recovery without accepting it

Ex-Rosneft boss Eduard Khudainatov reportedly tied to mafia

Donald Trump’s debt to Deutsche Bank

EXCLUSIVE: Emails Say Whole Trump Family Participated In SoHo Hotel Criminal Enterprise


Kremlin and Alt-Right Share “Nazi” Narrative

Living next door to a white supremacist

Pentagon admits there are thousands more troops in Afghanistan than previously reported

People like Joel Osteen are a big reason why Americans are dumping religion

Paul Manafort’s Overseas Political Work Had a Notable Patron: A Russian Oligarch

Trump relishes role as chief executive of Harvey response

The Trump administration has suspended an Obama-era effort to desegregate housing

Warren Buffet: Republicans are trying to get a tax cut, not tax reform

As thousands watch their lives swept away, GOP schemes to cut *$1B* in disaster funds to build Trump's border wall.

Moscow confirms it received email from a Trump Organization lawyer, says it didn't respond to it

Federal judge temporarily blocks Texas’s ‘sanctuary cities’ law, which was to take effect Friday

Lawrence: Trump's teleprompter speech trouble

The president, during an official White House event, attacked Democratic senator Claire McCaskill and pushed for tax cuts, after offering "thoughts and prayers" for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Lawrence O'Donnell examines.

Giant inflatable "Trump Rat" pops up in Washington

‘Donald Trump is afraid’: Dan Rather says Mueller probe is Trump’s ‘Hurricane Vladimir’

Trump Lavishes Praise on Reagan Tax Reform He Once Called a ‘Catastrophe’

What Mueller working with NY AG could mean for Trump-Russia probe

Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly working with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in connection the Russia investigation, suggesting where the probe may be headed. Reporter Matt Apuzzo and law professor Jed Shugerman join Lawrence O'Donnell.

The latest sign that the investigation into Trump's former campaign chairman is intensify

Trump calls Grassley about ethanol ahead of son's meeting with Judiciary Committee

New evidence about Russia hotel deal raises stakes in probe

Jennifer Rubin and Eugene Robinson talk with Lawrence O'Donnell about Trump's relationship with Putin and new reports about Trump attorney Michael Cohen's role in a business deal with Russia in 2015.

Trump finds interest in corn ahead of Jr's Judiciary testimony

Rachel Maddow notes that just ahead of Donald Trump Jr's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, Donald Trump reached out to Grassley to discuss ethanol regulations.

Federal judge blocks Texas anti-immigrant sanctuary cities law

Rachel Maddow reports breaking news that a federal judge has temporarily blocked Texas' controversial S.B. 4, and anti-immigrant law that would stop cities from ignoring federal immigration enforcement guidance.

Trump Jr. agrees to transcribed interview with Senate panel

Trump wants Alfa Bank Trump Tower clean-up lawyer in key DoJ role

Rachel Maddow explains the role Brian Benczkowski served in trying to clean up the Alfa Bank Trump Tower server story now that Donald Trump wants him to become Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the Justice Department.

Fact-checking President Trumps speech on his tax plan

Interesting part of Mueller/Schneiderman working together: Trump has federal pardon power but not for state crimes


‘This is not what he signed up for’: Confidant says Trump’s mood ‘worst it’s ever been’

Mueller working with NYAG Schneiderman on Manafort case: Politico

Josh Dawsey, White House reporter for Politico, talks with Rachel Maddow about the revelation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been working with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on the Paul Manafort probe in the Trump Russia investigation.

LATEST: "Plume of smoke" spotted at a flooded chemical plant amid explosion warning following #TropicalStormHarvey

Harvey-damaged Arkema chemical plant explosion expected

Matt Dempsey, data reporter on the investigative team at the Houston Chronicle, talks with Rachel Maddow about the immediate peril from the damaged Arkema chemical plant northeast of Houston and the lack of regulations in Texas complicating the problem.