Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Facebook takes down Proud Boys, American Guard accounts connected to protests

Locals Cringe as Trump Takes Grudge Against Sessions to Alabama

The Boogaloo extremist who ambushed a cop last week killed another cop in Oakland, trying to stoke unrest at protests "Use their anger to fuel our fire. We have mobs of angry people to use to our advantage," he wrote on Facebook.

Barr pulling out all the stops to keep the Iranian money launderer tied to the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia from facing his guilty conviction by a jury. IMPEACH HIM.

Senate ethics panel dismisses probe into Sen. Loeffler for insider trading

A 17-year-old who organized a BLM protest in Marion, VA had a burning cross placed in his yard. Police and the FBI are investigating.

BREAKING: The Lincoln Project just released this new ad on Trump

A black officer @CariolHorne stepped in when a white cop had a suspect in a chokehold. She was fired, lost her pension & the city wants an investigation! Her story needs to be heard more!

I knew they were filming a campaign ad.

Turns out the Shake Shack story was fake news. Huh.

Why is Trump handing this gift to Putin exchange for nothing in return? Nothing. Is that what the "Art of the Deal" is all about?

Why did Trump have a secretive, midnight run to Walter Reed Medical Center? It’s time we talk about it.

New ad by anti-Trump GOP group uses clip of president's slow walk at West Point

Is Trump Trying to Spread Covid-19?


Video and other records show that during Garcia’s 44 hours in custody, deputies repeatedly struck, shoved and twisted his head and limbs when he was already tied down. They falsified jail logs, then made false statements in their reports after he died.

Mask wearing (or not) doesn't have to be political. In fact, it shouldn't be political. This isn't about partisanship. This is about public health

The public deserves to know and understand why Louis DeJoy--a huge Trump donor--was hired as postmaster general and if this appointment will interfere with their ability to vote by mail.

Abbott is actually blaming 20-29 year-olds for Texas' RAPID covid spike, when he's the one who opened the state too soon, downplayed the need to wear masks, & took away any punishment for not following safety guidelines.

Reminder: John Bolton isn’t the only former Trump national security adviser with a forthcoming book. H.R. McMaster is due out with a book on September 15; it’s not being promoted as a tell-all, but publisher says it will draw on “his 13 months as [NSA] in the Trump White House.”

The definitive, truly heartbreaking account of what’s been happening at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. A must-read from ⁦@farhip⁩ and ⁦@ElaheIzadi⁩

An “opportunity to co-sign President Trump’s executive order” in exchange for campaign cash. Is this a joke? Or solicitation of a bribe? Or both?

The ex-“Daily Show” host has crawled out of his bunker for an interview on white supremacy and police brutality. He’s far from an authority on the matter, writes Cassie da Costa.

Top-performing posts on Facebook today (link posts only, ranked by interactions, data from @crowdtangle) are from:

Justin, a retired Army Ranger, explains why he left the GOP over Donald Trump: "I did five deployments in service of this nation...I've been in countries that have had authoritarian regimes. If Trump is not defeated the United States, as we know it, will never be the same."

Elizabeth Warren says that when her brother died of coronavirus "he was alone. I couldn't be with him." But Biden called and "told funny stories that made me laugh in a way that reminds us all of the good times." "He offered me kindness and comfort."

Standby... — The Lincoln Project

BREAKING: #SCOTUS issues a stay of execution for Ruben Gutierrez in Texas pending the outcome of his pending cert petition. SCOTUS asks for the District Court to act “promptly” on resolving a question about security issues involved in the inmate’s choice of a spiritual adviser.

Trump, Hailing Law Enforcement, Signs Executive Order Calling For Police Reform

Black Lives Matter demonstrators in a tiny Ohio town were met with hundreds of armed counterprotesters. The small demonstration of about 80 people, organized by Bethel resident Alicia Gee, was dwarfed by about 700 counterprotesters.

At least 2,000 more blacks were lynched by white mobs than previously reported, new research finds

Garrett Rolfe, the former Atlanta police officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks, faced disciplinary action in 2016 for another use-of-force incident involving a firearm, according to department records.

HERE IT IS: The Trump administration suing John Bolton to block the release of his book "The Room Where it Happened" arguing the manuscript contains classified information and will compromise national security.

Oh, hey...@AmbJohnBolton...don't say I didn't warn you: U.S. Files Breach-of-Contract Suit Against Ex-National Security Adviser John Bolton

At the WH, a maskless Louie Gohmert is seen speaking with McConnell, who is wearing a mask. Jim Jordan also not wearing a mask. Neither Gohmert nor Jordan have been wearing face coverings when on the House floor

MORE: Miami won't move into the next phase of reopening because of concern over rising COVID-19 cases, Mayor Francis Suarez says.

McConnell vows to stay on as GOP leader even if Republicans lose Senate

“They’ve come up with the AIDS vaccine”

Deliver us from evil dear Lord.

Why was Donald Trump rushed to Walter Reed hospital last November? The Trump administration must reveal the Walter Reed records — the public should know the health of their president

Fauci said US government held off promoting face masks because it knew shortages were so bad that even doctors couldn't get enough

Florida bars are shutting down again after new positive coronavirus cases

A military standoff between India and China escalated into a deadly conflict along their contested Himalayan border for the first time in more than four decades

A member of the far-fight "Boogaloo" movement allegedly killed two cops during Oakland's post-Floyd riots. Three Boogaloo members allegedly infiltrated BLM protests in Las Vegas and tried to blow up a power station, according to the DOJ. Trump hasn't said a word about this. (1/3)

Citing ‘positive progress’ U.S. opens door to more flights by Chinese carriers Contrary to trump’s rhetoric.

Indian Army confirms 20 deaths. Toll could go up further.

Elite CIA unit that developed hacking tools failed to secure its own systems, allowing massive leak, an internal r…

Conservatives are pushing Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell to halt new spending for programs around Covid-19

An increasing number of people in Texas and Florida are being admitted to the hospital after the states lifted lockdowns

Trump says giving children vouchers to attend private schools instead of public institutions, a longtime aspiration of conservatives, would be the nation’s most important civil rights measure

NEW: Martin Gugino, the 75-year-old protester who was pushed by two Buffalo police officers, has a fractured skull and is not able to walk, according to a statement his lawyer sent @CNN today

On this episode of The New Abnormal, ⁦@TheRickWilson⁩ and I talk to ⁦@slpng_giants⁩ & ⁦@MitchLandrieu

NEW: Two DOJ officials are preparing to allege political interference by leaders. Aaron ZELINSKY will discuss Barr's intervention in Stone sentencing. Stone is due to report to prison 6/30. John ELIAS will discuss antitrust

BREAKING: House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler issues subpoenas for two Justice Department officials, including Aaron ZELINSKY, one of the prosecutors in the Roger Stone case

Listen to the FDA, not this president.

Trump says Americans want law and order even if they don't say it: "Some of them don't even know that's what they want, but that's what they want."

That’s funny because most people see the oil executives and their companies' polluting as the greatest threat once we get by covid. Like, thirty central banks, Freddie Mac, hundreds of economists, major investment firms..

Trump, who just claimed Obama “never even tried” to address police reform and race, sent this tweet on the day that Obama met with Ferguson protesters and law enforcement leaders to address police reform and race.

He doesn't remember what they talked about. He literally doesn't remember.

The Executive Order does nothing. He will not pivot from institutionally backed racism. It’s his thing.

Trump during police reform event

Well, that was fast.

Nine ways that Fox News has pushed disinformation about civil unrest to terrify its audience

There’s something so satisfying about hearing these words come out of Tucker’s mouth

This is a strange spin from Alex Azar on today’s Hydroxychloroquine news

"It actually uncomplicates it, in a way." - Dr. Trump

Another troubling worry confirmed: 14 day quarantine maybe not enough. So 640 Fort Benning army recruits entered a 14 day quarantine after 636 testing negative. Started 8 days training, then retested day 22 for #COVID19: whopping 142 or 22% positive!

This will be comic GOLD

A record number of food and farmworkers are falling sick and dying from coronavirus. Advocates blame the federal agency for failing to set mandatory worker safety standards.

Democrats on key Senate committee oppose top Pentagon pick as more inflammatory tweets emerge

"Based on my 27 years of law enforcement experience...I do not believe that the use of deadly force was the only option that this officer had," Rep. Val Demings tells

"the african community"

Trump's descent didn't stop when he got to the bottom of that escalator. He's shown there's no depth he won't sink to — and no depth he won't drag our country to along with him.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s role in a controversial $2 billion to buy submarines and corvettes for Israel is the subject of a probe by a watchdog group

“The North Korean leaders have concluded Trump is not going to win reelection, so between now and November they want to saber-rattle as much as possible to press him to make concessions"

Breaking: new trial find first drug to reduce #COVID19 mortality- For patients on ventilators the anti-inflammatory dexamethasone cut death risk from 40% to 28%. For patients on O2, death risk cut from 25% to 20%. Modest, but best of all: costs <$10!

Do we have to paint you a picture?

New Zealand has reported its first coronavirus cases in more than three weeks after two women who traveled to the country from the UK were found to have Covid-19.

Trump- "God blesh the United Shates."

BBC News - Dexamethasone is first life-saving coronavirus drug

Attendees at Trump's rally scheduled for Saturday will not be required to maintain social distance or wear masks, even as the administration's top health officials continue to stress the importance of both measures in preventing the spread of coronavirus

Barack Obama is making his fundraising debut for Joe Biden with an online event next week, targeting tens of thousands of small-dollar donors. Obama is asking contributors to donate “any amount you can” for “the most important election of our lifetimes."

Sebastian Gorka Being Considered for Leadership Position at Voice of America

Doctors behind a COVID-modeling study used by the president’s coronavirus task force are now warning that virus hot spots are beginning to converge and jump from county to county as people increase their travel for work and summer vacation

Make America spiral downwards again... from #3 to now #10.

ICYMI: Oversight Committee Democrats demand DHS, DOJ investigate white supremacist involvement in protests

"In the good ol' days..." #13TH

The book, titled "Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man," will come out less than a month before Trump accepts the Republican nomination for a second term.

A petition with growing support calls for Selma's Edmund Pettus Bridge, named after the Confederate general and KKK leader, to be renamed after Rep. John Lewis

Remember when Trump was going to get the Nobel Prize? Good times.

Trump is about to hand hong kong to the Chinese. That piece of shit traitor


Trump's niece will reveal in an upcoming book, according to The Daily Beast, that she played a critical role helping the NYT print startling revelations about Trump's taxes, including how he was involved in 'fraudulent' tax schemes.

Newly released records show the officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta last week had several citizen complaints against him prior to the incident.

Senate Democrats are asking the Justice Department's internal watchdog to investigate the role of Attorney General Barr in the forceful clearing of largely peaceful protesters ahead of Trump's church photo op near the White House.

Rep. Ilhan Omar has announced that her father has died of complications related to the coronavirus

Top Tulsa health official and newspaper beg Trump not to hold his plague rally

The Louisville city council passed a law in Breonna Taylor’s name to help make sure that what happened to her never happens to anyone else. Yet the three police officers who murdered Breonna are still roaming free. It’s been more than three months.

NEW: Publisher tells me title of Trump niece’s forthcoming book is: ‘Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man’

One reason @realDonaldTrump is way down in the polls? Because we don’t want to die. We don’t believe our parents, spouse and children are expendable. Unlike the members of the Trump Administration, the overwhelming majority of the American people believe health comes first.

A Conspiracy Made in America May Have Been Spread by Russia The Americans who pushed a conspiracy theory the night of the Iowa caucuses have migrated to coronavirus conspiracies on Twitter, with help from a very Russia-friendly account.

As the coronavirus began to tank the stock market in early March, President Trump went on Fox News to assure the country that the economy remained strong. That same day, Mulvaney unloaded hundreds of thousands of dollars in publicly traded securities.

Just incredible. Tens of thousands of people yesterday in West Hollywood for the All Black Lives Matter march. This isn’t just a moment—it’s a movement.

Russian accounts have been using these tactics since as far back as "release the memo" -- but good case study in this piece of how American nutters embracing conspiracy -- left and right -- are doing the legwork for foreign adversaries.

EXCLUSIVE: #CivilRights leaders are OUTRAGED after a late night Tuesday call where they learned that Lee Merritt (@MeritLaw) & family members of #AhmaudArbery are expected to be on hand at the #WhiteHouse for a photo op during @realDonaldTrump’s #PoliceReform executive order.

Wow. New poll from RASMUSSEN, Trump’s favorite and a Republican leaning poll: National GE: Biden 48% (+12) Trump 36% I don’t think @realDonaldTrump will be showing this one off on twitter.

What an indictment of our leadership.

One of the toughest years in decades for Hong Kong has many expats asking: Do I stay or do I go?

Maine police have been armed with nearly $10M worth of military equipment

Who did this?

Today reminds us that progress might be slow. It might take decades. But no matter what things might look like today, it’s always possible. Happy Pride month, everybody.

BREAKING: No one @FoxNews has ever seen @montypython & The Holy Grail.

GOP Rep. Tom Rice, who announced today he and his family were diagnosed with covid-19 last week, wasn't wearing a mask on House floor when chamber was in session on May 28. I asked him why not, and he told me then: “I'm socially distancing. I'm staying six feet away from folks.”

More than eight million people world-wide have now been infected by the coronavirus

"You can call me a snitch": Police dispatcher alerted supervisor to officers kneeling on George Floyd

North Korea has blown up a building created in 2018 “to help the two Koreas solve problems through diplomacy”

Analysts say China’s primary motive for breaking into a campaign is to collect intelligence such as Biden’s proposals for U.S. policy on China, although hackers could later try to use stolen intelligence to interfere in the campaign itself.

Australia criticizes China for creating “disinformation” during the coronavirus pandemic, saying it “will cost lives"

What are they hiding? That’s the question taxpayers should be asking as the Trump administration refuses to reveal where a half-trillion dollars of our hard-earned cash has gone

The narcissist can NEVER be wrong and the psychopath doesn’t care who he kills.

“Russians have concluded it is easier to identify divisive content from real Americans and help it spread through low-profile networks of social media accounts than create tales of their own...”

So are we all supposed to stand by while Pence lies that Oklahoma’s virus cases are flattening & Trump gets ready to put tens of thousands of Americans in danger to feed his sick ego? If we know the kool-aid is poisoned, do we just watch as they head to the punch bowl & drink?

Senate panel backs funding for preparations to resume nuclear testing,

Three Indian soldiers killed in border clash with China

Why does Putin have a say in this. The Red Army abandoned Afghanistan a long time ago,Russia should be allowed ZERO input

Trump's campaign rally planned for this week is intensifying criticism of his responses to the pandemic and widening protests over police brutality

Donald Trump and Trumpism lost big in the US Supreme Court on Monday

Three New York City Police Department officers have been released from the hospital after getting sick when they drank milkshakes from Shake Shack. The shakes may have been tainted with bleach, according to the NYC Police Benevolent Association

“Chinese officials privately acknowledge that a Democratic administration might prove more formidable if it worked with allies to present a united front.”

A president who promised to put ‘America First’ instead turned us into this

Mick Mulvaney, President Donald Trump's former chief of staff, dumped as much as $550,000 in stocks on the same day that Trump assured the public the economy was "doing fantastically" amid the coronavirus outbreak

You never had a plan. You were planning on losing. But you kept playing the con, taking from the country everything you could, with no desire to govern. Now, more Americans have died than in WWI. Tens of Millions are unemployed. America is in chaos. And it’s because of you

Something weird is going on with T-Mobile today

The destruction of the building at the North Korean border town of Kaesong happened at 2:49 p.m. Tuesday

Trump admin works to make life harder for trans people

Americans learn first-hand the burdens of post-policy politics

New: Phillip Garcia was in psychiatric crisis. In jail and in the hospital, guards responded with force and restrained the 51-year-old inmate for almost 20 hours, until he died. Warning: graphic video content

SPLC Announces $30 Million To Help Register Southern Voters Of Color

FWPD harangues Tucker Carlson for "absolutely inaccurate" story tonight on looters in Fort Worth:

Trump indifference to governing a symptom of post-policy GOP