Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Trump Asked Sessions to Retain Control of Russia Inquiry After His Recusal

Judge rules Trump broke law by defunding Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, orders funding to resume

Harvard study estimates that at least 4,645 people died in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria, far exceeding the official toll of 64.

Wonder what else they're hiding from us. Dear God.

London-based Trump supporter Ted Malloch tells @ABC that FBI investigators who detained him at Logan Airport asked about communications with Roger Stone as part of Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Dotard is absolutely looney tunes this morning.

“The counterintelligence investigation of Donald Trump was kicked off by not one, not two, but multiple SIGINT reports which set off alarm bells inside our Intelligence Community.”

GEORGE SOROS spokesperson responds to ROSEANNE's claim that he turned in fellow Jews to the Nazis, while stealing their wealth: "Such false allegations are insulting to the victims of the Holocaust" & "an affront to Mr. Soros & his family, who against the odds managed to survive"

Judge in Manafort case suggests there was info in affidavit used to justify raids at his properties that are NOT relevant to his case. She won’t let him see unredacted copy. “There is nothing in the redactions that relates to any of the charges now pending against Manafort”

We know a thing or two about Greitens: “It’s emerged that Greitens’ other big donor included the DeVos family who have been grooming Mike Pence for years and his election was run by Nick Ayres, Pence’s Chief of Staff.”

"The special master reviewing the material said in a letter to the judge overseeing the case that about 1 MILLION ITEMS taken from the 3 PHONES haven’t been designated privileged or highly personal & subject to a final verification WILL BE RELEASED to the gov."

Paul Manafort loses fight with Robert Mueller over two search warrants

Shep Smith: "Racism is not funny and Roseanne Barr is a racist"

NEW: Special master Barbara Jones updates the court on her privilege review in the Michael Cohen matter.

ICYMI: Don Jr. has been retweeting Roseanne

Viacom is pulling 'Roseanne' reruns from its Paramount Network, TV Land and CMT channels, TheWrap reports

BREAKING: Greitens resigns effective Friday, June 1

Grassley defends Trump Jr. testimony about foreign contacts

BREAKING: Russian opposition journalist Arkadiy Babchenko has been shot dead in Kyiv, the police have just confirmed

BREAKING: Scandal-plagued Missouri governor expected to resign

Mueller team moves another case toward sentencing

Valerie Jarrett says ABC made the right call in canceling 'Roseanne' after racist comment

‘Roseanne Barr is no longer a client’: Former TV star also fired by her talent agency, ICM

A source close to Eric Greitens says he'll resign today – presser scheduled in about 15 minutes.

At the end we lucked out. It was luck that prevented nuclear war. Rational individuals: Kennedy was rational; Khrushchev was rational; Castro was rational. Rational individuals came that close to total destruction of their societies. And that danger exists today. -Robert McNamera

WATCH: In just 2 minutes Shep Smith dismantles almost every single recent Fox News narrative.

TRUMP COVER UP: Hurricane Maria killed 4,600 people in Puerto Rico, 70 times the official toll - Harvard study

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer just blew the lid off the media’s coverup of Trump’s hush payments

BREAKING: ABC Entertainment president says the network has decided to cancel the 'Roseanne' reboot.

More companies are using Facebook is discriminate against older job candidates, lawsuit claims

Students at the University of Houston gives Nikki Haley the welcome she so rightly deserves: “Nikki, Nikki can’t you see? You are on a killing spree!”

Julian Assange seeks an audience with Adam Schiff to prove "there is no collusion"

Republican Congressman Ryan Costello On Why He’s Retiring Early: All I Do Is Answer Questions About Trump

‘I’m tired of speeches’: Morning Joe calls out Republicans who slam Trump but vote for his agenda

President Trump's administration is implementing a new policy that will separate more children from their parents at the border, despite blaming Democrats and an unspecified "horrible law" for their decision.

NYT covers Trump’s long history of spreading conspiracy theories and how he has eroded trust in public institutions now that he’s president.

Trump's lies this week are unbelievable

CREW is suing the EPA for its refusal to disclose records related to Scott Pruitt’s ethics advice.

James Clapper on Michael Flynn: "I think it ate at him that he was terminated early and retired early, and I think he became an angry man. He was trying to reach out to several Republican candidates and latched onto Trump — and the rest was history"

GOP aides who helped write tax law are leaving to take jobs in lobbying

Saudi Arabia denies Macron's charge it held Lebanese PM captive

Kremlin says Mueller's Russia investigation is pointless

Since @realdonaldtrump still seems convinced that the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt, here are the major Mueller myths, debunked

Papua New Guinea bans Facebook for a month in order to measure its impact on the population

Steyer: Pelosi is ‘normalizing’ Trump by not talking impeachment

Trump's 6:07 tweet uses the same language as the 5:49 chyron from Fox & Friends First

What letter? Donald Trump proceeds like summit with Kim Jong Un is still on

Here’s How the FBI Investigation Into Russia and Trump Campaign Actually Started


The President points to an empty window and says “There she is!” Reporters look at an empty window. Has there ever been a more bizarre Presidency? #Melania-Is-Missing.

Opinion: Trump, the NFL and Kaepernick. Only one of them gets it right on the flag.

Metals tariffs will kick in if there's no deal before Friday's Nafta deadline

If Mueller releases a report, then "the American people will be able to judge what happened with Donald Trump and foreign powers and corruption as well. And THAT is what Donald Trump is trying to prevent," @CarlBernstein says

How hackers can breach devices used at home

This day in history: on Memorial Day 1927, Fred Trump (Donald's father) was arrested in a KKK brawl with the cops.


Parents of Parkland victims are outraged about a new video game that would let players shoot up a school

Republican Leadership brought Obamacare Repeal to a vote over 50 times, knowing full-well, it would go no-where. But they wont allow one single vote on DACA because they say it’s going to go nowhere.

Black defendants fare worse before judges appointed by Republican presidents, a new study has found.

#Russia's propaganda society: a poll asks what gives the Russians the most joy/pleasure in life.

Disdain at the Education Department

Garrett to quit Congress amid servant scandal, alcoholism

The US Department of Health and Human Services has not lost 1,500 immigrant children, an official says - their sponsors simply have not responded to follow-up calls from the Office of Refugee Resettlement

Commentary: America's military and Donald Trump

Opinion: Trump gets schooled on trade

What did “deficit hawk” Paul Ryan accomplish? A massive spending plan that makes a mockery of GOP claims to fiscal austerity, and a reckless tax cut guaranteed to launch the national debt into the stratosphere and create annual trillion-dollar deficits.

McConnell: Cocaine tweet ‘softened my image’

This profile of Stephen Miller by @mckaycoppins isn’t easy to read. It disturbs me greatly that he’s in the West Wing and steering critical issues.

Striking how sidelined Putin appears to be in the all the North Korean negotiations.

Top Kim Jong-un Aide Arrives in Beijing Amid Reports He’s Bound for U.S.

Ivanka Trump's brand continues to win foreign trademarks in China and the Philippines, adding to questions about conflicts of interest at the White House

Booooo Rudy

TMZ Goes MAGA: How Harvey Levin’s Gossip Empire Became Trump’s Best Friend