Thursday, September 10, 2020

Where Donald Trump blames Bob Woodward for America’s coronavirus response.

The frenetic 2020 news cycle has been very kind to Rick Perry, whose corrupt dealings in Ukraine have largely gone unnoticed since the impeachment proceedings concluded. This piece brings them to light

Trump just admitted to watching 5 hours of Fox programming last night: "I watch some of the shows. I watch Liz MacDonald, shes fantastic. Fox Business. I watched Lou Dobbs last night. Sean Hannity last night, Tucker last night, Laura. I watched 'Fox & Friends' in the morning."

Russian Project Lakhta Member Charged with Wire Fraud Conspiracy

.@jonkarl: "Why did you lie to the American people? Why should we trust what you have to say now?" President Trump: Such a terrible question and the phraseology. I didn't lie." Full video here:

I hope you find something you care about as much as Trump does about getting Big 10 football going during a pandemic

.@jonkarl: "Why did you lie to the American people and why should we trust what you have to say now?" Trump: "Such a terrible question and the phraseology. I didn't lie. What I said is we have to be calm, we can't be panicked." The president lied.

Breaking: Trump bragged to Bob Woodward that he protected Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman from congressional scrutiny after the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi. "I saved his ass," Trump said in 2018. "I was able to get Congress to leave him alone."

Treasury Sanctions Russia-Linked Election Interference Actors

U.S. sanctions Ukrainian lawmaker for election interference targeting Biden

Susan Collins wouldn’t answer questions today about Trump’s remarks to Woodward, leaving the floor and ignoring reporters. Nor would Ernst. Others like Perdue and Tillis defended Trump. “I understand trying to manage the psyche of the country,” Perdue said

It is not normal for the US president to take the murderer's side when a US resident is brutally murdered abroad

Retired Marine Corps Gen. and former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Trump: 'Dangerous,' 'unfit,' and 'felony stupid.

Treasury just identified Andrii Derkach as an active Russian agent In April Derkach hired Andy Kuchma (aka Artemenko) & Nabil Bader to lobby for him in DC when Kuchma & Bader company Airtrans was part of Erik Prince's Frontier Resource Group There's likely more to this story...

The US Treasury Department announced that it is sanctioning a Ukrainian lawmaker with ties to President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, accusing him of being a Russian spy involved in Moscow's interference efforts in the 2020 election

The only way Republican Senators can prove they haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid and joined the Trump cult would be to visit Trump in the White House and urge him to resign the way a GOP delegation did after the Nixon tapes came out.

The frightening parallels between QAnon and Hitler’s Nazis

'I saved his a--': Trump boasted that he protected Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after Jamal Khashoggi's brutal murder, according to Woodward's new book

Yeah... Murdoch has been quoted as saying he expects Trump to lose and he’s moving FOX away from Trump in a new direction.

The new rules include policies geared toward reducing potential post-election chaos: Twitter will now prohibit "misleading claims about the results," premature claims of victory, or "inciting unlawful conduct" that prevents a peaceful transition of power.

"Those officers were ordered to intimidate the Omsk hospital doctors into concealing the nature of Navalny's poisoning and, for the same reason, restrict Navalny from being moved to Germany." 2/2

Remember this?? The Treasury Dept. just blacklisted Andrii Derkach, says he "has been an active Russian agent for over a decade" and is helping Moscow meddle in the election to help Trump. OANN breathlessly promoted and touted his lies. OANN is complicit in Russian meddling.

My mother died alone in the hospital in June. I know she was scared when she went into the hospital and I couldn't be with her. Because of Trump he denied my mother and I a chance to say goodbye. Because of Trump she may still be alive. Trump knew. I want Trump arrested

.@SenJohnKennedy has forgotten the people of Louisiana.....remember this, on the next election! This is not about Republicans or Democrats but about We The People ! He has forgotten about that! People are hungry and without a roof.and he doesn’t seem to care....

In an age of mass shootings a stunt like this is very dangerous

Let’s not mince words. Donald Trump is a mass murderer.

This photo of Black people standing behind Biden was taken at an African Methodist Episcopal church in Delaware after the death of George Floyd.

France and Germany are working together to find a solution to welcome migrants from the Greek island of Lesbos after Europe's largest refugee camp burned to the ground, French President Emmanuel Macron said

Tensions in the eastern Mediterranean between Turkey and Greece are dangerously rising. France and Russia deploying their military. The EU trying to mediate. And, as usual, the U.S. is AWOL. Once again, relegated to a minor player under Trump.

This fake cornpone bullshit is getting people killed.

A Louisiana police officer was placed on administrative leave and two others pulled from duty after social media video surfaced of an arrest of a Black teenager over the weekend

Trump disclosed secret weapons system to Woodward: book

We talked to @petestrzok. He reminds us that Russia is still meddling and our social media landscape is fertile ground for them to sow discord.

This is OUTRAGEOUS! And it’s coming on the heels of 9/11. What is wrong?

Susan Rice: ‘Trump wittingly did nothing to prepare for the coronavirus pandemic’

"If he can in any way profit from your death, he'll facilitate it, and then he'll ignore the fact that you died." Too Much and Never Enough#VOTE — Mary L Trump

Neal Katyal: ‘Donald Trump's day is coming and the courts got his number’

Trump understood coronavirus dangers and lied about them, author's tapes show

This is the second occasion @TIME's cover has had a black border. The first was after 9/11.

New - McConnell told me battle for the Senate is a “50-50 situation.” He’s gotten Trump to give a boost to Gardner and Daines and to quietly help Marshall in #kssen primary. And he’s told colleagues today’s stimulus vote is crucial for members “in danger”

Let’s see which newspapers will call for Trump to resign tomorrow. Over 100 newspapers called for Bill Clinton to resign over his affair

The pro-Trump media's fog machine is in overdrive. If watching many, many months worth of Fox has taught me anything, it's this: The machine works. Denial, distraction, distortion, whataboutism...

At least 4 teachers have died of COVID-19 since start of school year

You know who aided @realDonaldTrump in misleading Americans with misinformation on coronavirus that caused hundreds of thousands to die & millions to get sick? A so-called news network @FoxNews! From June 28, 2020

Evangelicals and Catholics Flee Trump for Kindness. If you have wondered when Trump's lack of kindness would catch up with him, Nov 3 will be the day.

Carl Bernstein said that the tapes of Trump admitting the deadliness of coronavirus is the greatest presidential felony of all time

White House asked Justice Department to take over defamation suit against Trump, Barr says

Instead of responding to yesterday’s news of trump’s complicity in the death of 190,000 Americans, Jim Jordan decided it was time to take on Disney!

USPS removed 711 sorting machines this year, new court documents show

Tammy Duckworth tonight: "Trump may not want to see me here today. He may not like to see visible proof of my war wounds. But he will keep seeing me here because it is my duty to honor the heroes who saved me by using my second chance ... to look out for our troops and Veterans."

Eight months into the pandemic and nurses say there still aren’t enough N95 medical masks. Here’s why:

QAnon has the makings of America’s al-Qaeda

Fox & Friends sticks with the line that President Trump -- who made the 2018 midterms about caravans of immigrants coming to kill you, and wants to make the 2020 election about caravans of antifa coming to kill you -- simply did not want people to panic over coronavirus

Opinion: Stunning new disclosures blow huge holes in Trump’s Potemkin facade

Green groups have been pushing for years to get farmers to reduce their use of ammonium nitrate. Now some are starting to listen

It is beyond criminal. Our criminal laws are not designed to deal with a president who lies to the public knowing that thousands would die as a result.

If the whistleblower complaint is accurate, and if DHS_Wolf took this action in part “for the purpose of interfering with, or affecting” the elections, that is a crime under 18 USC § 595. Will Bill Barr do anything? Very unlikely. But the next Attorney General can.

Belarus opposition leader says authorities threatened to kill her

That men like this John Kennedy are United States Senators, is why our beloved America is broken + rotting.

They should stop playing politics with American lives, stop undermining public confidence in a vaccine that will save American lives & they should thank our research companies, our scientists & our President for working tirelessly to get a safe & effective vaccine!

Trump told Bob Woodward he built a secret nuclear weapons system

The president knew

McConnell knew in January. But a month later he told the American people we were not facing an immediate crisis. 190K dead. Millions of jobs lost. Children left behind. No plan in sight. @senatemajldr: What did you know and when? And why didn't you ACT?

“The USPS paid XPO Logistics $14,000,000 in the past 10 weeks. Postmaster General #DeJoy has up to $75,000,000 invested in XPO Logistics. This is blatant rigging of the public sphere for direct & substantial private gain.”

Opinion: China is targeting and arresting Hong Kong dissidents. I could be next

The once technocratic language of Hong Kong’s leaders has become more strident, emotional, subjective

Host @ConanOBrien has welcomed a cut-out of #HongKong Chief Exec. Carrie Lam to his "socially distanced" US talk show. Vid: Team Coco/Turner.

A Hong Kong high school student has been suspended after displaying a protest-related slogan in online classes, in the first case since Beijing imposed a draconian national security law on the city

The DHS whistle blower complaint is even bigger news than the Woodward stuff. The analysts were told to ignore Russia and gin up fake antifa bullshit. Trump is a fucking traitor and he should be dragged out of the White House in fucking handcuffs

The President killed 190,000 Americans. And he knew he was doing it. And Joint Chiefs, Intel Chiefs, WH staff, Republican Senators... they all knew that he knew he was lying. To kill us. It’s hitting me in waves. 190,000 Americans are dead. He killed them. He’s killing us.

Don’t think Lindsey Graham will run this clip of Trucker trashing him back home! Wonder how Lindsey sold Donald on giving Bob access? Bye Lindsey!

“I don’t want to cause panic” says the guy who tells the country every day that Joe Biden and his Antifa army are coming to destroy your suburb.

Appalling! The Postal Board of Governors met secretly today and issued a statement saying they're fine with DeJoy slowing the mail before an election and they're not worried about any campaign finance violations because DeJoy has decided he's innocent

Now would be a good time to ask every Republican governor and senator whether they knew Trump was misrepresenting the COVID seriousness or were mislead. Put ‘em on the spot. Were they lied to or were they complicit?

Trump wants you dead. Biden wants you alive.

McConnell knew in January. But a month later he told the American people we were not facing an immediate crisis. 190K dead. Millions of jobs lost. Children left behind. No plan in sight.@senatemajldr: What did you know and when? And why didn't you ACT?

So here we are. Standing on 5th avenue with 190,000 corpses and Trump holding a smoking gun in plain sight. Let's see what happen

Let’s take a moment to praise Brian Murphy, the DHS whistleblower. This is the definition of speaking truth to power, with likely retaliation to come. But this is the type of patriotism that built our democracy and he deserves our gratitude.

This is not a good year to vote for a third party candidate.

You mean the political hit job you did EIGHTEEN INTERVIEWS for?

BREAKING: McConnell has scheduled votes tomorrow at 11:30am ET to confirm THREE more of Trump’s nominees to serve for life on the federal bench. Follows two confirmations today. While Trump distracts with a new SCOTUS list, McConnell works to transform the courts. Pay attention.

Honor this nurse who died in March. Her last texts before she was vented: "If I should die from this make sure they prosecute Trump"

“Young People Killed and Critically ill by COVID”

Sounds familiar?—“Matthew Pottinger, deputy national security adviser, told Trumo that after reaching contacts in 🇨🇳, it was evident that the world faced a health emergency on par with the flu pandemic of 1918, which killed ~50 million people.” #COVID19

Exclusive: Russian state hackers suspected in targeting Biden campaign firm

Let this sink in, deep. Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis: President Trump took foreign policy actions that showed adversaries "how to destroy America." - as quoted in Bob Woodward's book, Rage

Resignation is not good enough.

Looks post apocalyptic. But it’s real. It’s 2020 afterall.

ICYMI, we're supposed to believe the guy who invented a caravan full of rapists and murderers doesn't want Americans to panic.