Wednesday, April 22, 2020

this a million times.

Asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers may be more contagious than previously thought: researchers

Here is Dr. Rick Bright's full statement, just emailed out by the law firm Katz, Marshall & Banks which will be representing him as he files a whistleblower complaint.

‘Unlawful orders’: Trump’s ‘shoot down gunboats’ wasn’t just embarrassing – former Army JAG says it would not be obeyed

With so many people doing their spring cleaning right now, Goodwill says they're facing a new problem: people leaving donations outside even though the stores are closed.

Anderson Cooper: "If casinos re-open, are you going to be inside those casinos every night putting your life on the line?" Las Vegas mayor Goodman: "First of all, I have a family." That pretty much says it all right there, wouldn't you say?

Trump announces in the middle of a pandemic that he is holding a 4th of July party for himself on the National Mall.

THREAD: After touting hydroxychloroquine nearly 50 times, Trump hasn't mentioned it in a week. But his sales pitch triggered shortages, and chronically ill Americans who need the drugs are now going to increasingly dangerous lengths to get them

Trump’s answer on Iran: I gave that order, so that’s what it means, and under Obama they were doing bad stuff all the time. “They’ll shoot them out of the water.“ OAN asks the logical follow up about rules of engagement. Trump ducks it.

Fauci contradicts Trump, says "nobody can predict" what will happen in the fall

Trump says he told Georgia governor ‘I disagree strongly’ with plans for reopening state

While we continue to wait for a coherent national plan to navigate this pandemic, states like Massachusetts are beginning to adopt their own public health plans to combat this virus––before it's too late.

BREAKING: Trump just fired one of our country’s most prominent vaccine developers who spoke up against Trump pushing unproven & harmful theories.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman says her city should reopen, including casinos. Asked by @andersoncooper how she would recommend casinos maintain social distance, Goodman: “I’m not a private owner.” She said it’s “alarmist” to raise concerns about spread of disease by reopening

Wow. President Trump says he told Georgia Gov Kemp he disagrees "very strongly" with his decision to reopen portions of the state's businesses. "I think it's too soon," Trump says. "But at the same time, he must do what he thinks is right."

Redfield: When I commented that there was a possibility of a second wave being more difficult or complicated, when we'd have flu and coronavirus circulating at the same time, but I didn't say this was going to be "worse," just more difficult and complicated.

In the span of a couple hours: WSJ reports Trump wanted to oust the CDC's chief of respiratory diseases after she told the truth about the virus NYT reports the director of HHS's BARDA says he was removed from his post after pressing for vetting of treatments embraced by Trump

Here's Trump comparing the crowd he got for his speech last July 4th to crowds MLK used to get for his speeches

Why did the Mormon Church receive 54Million from the Care Act? They have billions in reserve—more than Harvard’s endowment. This is just wrong.

I'm sure this is more useful than say going to a food pantry and helping out a little.

Donald Trump is America's most dangerous underlying condition in the face of Covid-19. My op-ed:

"I'm Forrest Trump. People call me Forrest Trump."

Here's Trump blaming China for US coronavirus deaths, followed immediately by him hyping that "we're opening again." (There were more American coronavirus deaths on Tuesday than any previous day.)

Booo! Hisss!

Las Vegas mayor wants to reopen casinos, finding out "afterward" what happens

Trump: "We continue to mourn the precious souls who've been lost. So sadly lost. And so unnecessarily lost. It should've been stopped. And it should've been stopped right where it started. And everyone knows where it started."

Trump at a tree-planting ceremony: "We're planting 10 beautiful specimen trees. They're specimens. All specimens. People may think that's an exaggeration or that's a Trump term. Actually, they're sold as specimens. They cost more money but they are better. I buy a lot of 'em."

NEW: PM announces "Canada Emergency Student Benefit" - $1250/month from May-August

"We need a real fucking plan"

JUST POSTED: 316 million people in 42 states urged to stay at home. Whose idea was this? Well, here is the never-before-told story of the birth of this policy & intense fight over it 15 yrs ago. This is your life now. Read this fascinating tale w @jestei

Sadly, @BillGates has become the next "George Soros" for the disinfo world. Seems he was trying to improve global health and in turn has become the ire of the trolls for the rest of time.

Anti-lockdown are teaming up with anti-vaxxers at rallies across the country, warning people not to take any future coronavirus vaccine

Never forget.

Heads up: Veterans who missed out on #coronavirus stimulus checks may only have a few hours left to register and get their money this year

Space Force lol

More on the @GOP’s irresponsible opposition to voting by proxy

America gets double crossed by @realdonaldtrump ... again. Cook and DePrince: Trump's response to the virus was institutional betrayal

Inside the conservative networks backing anti-quarantine protests - an initiative called Convention of States was set up in 2015 with financial backing by Robert Mercer and had past support/links w/Ken Cuccinelli, Ben Carson, Ron DeSantis, the Koch family

Redfield issued his bleak assessment after labeling anti lockdown protests and calls to liberate states by President Donald Trump as 'not helpful'

Brian Kilmeade on the temporary immigration ban: "You mentioned yesterday the au pair, Ainsley, for middle class families, they're going to be allowed to come because they allow people like you to be able to work ... he's showing he's not tone deaf"

"Coverup." "Chaos." "Corporate favoritism." And "caving" to lobbyists. That's #Trump. Joe Biden coins "four Cs" for Trump coronavirus criticism

A new “red scare” is developing in the U.S. While Beijing is busy with a global propaganda crusade following the spread of the coronavirus from China to around the world, foreign policy hawks in Washington are seething

Brian Kilmeade: "Yesterday was the best press conference, and the most informative press conference, the calmest press conference, ... It was like a mature press conference. Nobody was playing petty."

You know what’s better than controlling the narrative on testing and tracking? Testing and tracking.

New State Dept. internal report concludes China (and Russia and Iran) are mounting increasingly intense and coordinated disinformation campaigns against the U.S. relating to the coronavirus pandemic

Donald Trump is doing the ‘I barely know the guy routine’ with hydroxychloroquine now it’s getting bad results: CNN’s Don Lemon

Sen. Ron Wyden has requested Treasury Secretary Mnuchin provide info about the process that led to Trump's name being printed on Economic Impact Payment checks. "I request details about how you made this decision to benefit the president politically."

Remember the Bush years when there was a giant news story about one woman on life support possibly being taken off per her own wishes? And now those same people are straight faced asking us to sacrifice a few relatives for the sake of being able to eat at Applebee's? Good times.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the city’s largest event, attracting 2.5 million people and generating nearly $400 million. Documents show officials knew Coronavirus could spread there, but went ahead with the event anyways

We can no longer exploit the resources of this earth—the trees, the water, and other natural resources—without any care for coming generations. Common sense tells us that unless we change, we won’t survive. This Earth Day let’s resolve to live in harmony with nature. — Dalai Lama

The Canadian prime minister said his government would soon move forward with legislation to ban assault-style weapons

Old enough to remember when we were promised 27 million tests by the end of March.

North Korea media silent on Kim's whereabouts as speculation on health rages

One of the most far-reaching restrictions on immigration in modern history will be implemented on Wednesday. But Trump couldn’t say much about it on Tuesday evening.

The protesters against sane public health policy are a tiny number of people in a country of 330 million. Tiny. If the same number of protesters turned out for any liberal cause at any other time they would get zero TV coverage.

El Paso mayor says city officials should probably consider suing Trump’s campaign to recoup $470,000 in security and other costs for a Trump rally in February 2019,

Harvard Says It Will Keep $8.6M In Stimulus Funds After President Trump Calls For University To Return It

Opinion: Harvard, do what Shake Shack did — give back the money

How to avoid a pandemic Patriot Act

President Trump seems to be itching for states to reopen — frankly, faster than his own administration's guidelines recommend

“Mnuchin also said he wanted to give companies the “benefit of the doubt” by assuming they didn’t understand the requirements but warned of consequences for large businesses that take advantage of the program.”

"American intelligence officials’ determination that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election to assist Donald J. Trump’s candidacy was fundamentally sound and untainted by politics, according to a key Republican-led Senate review..." Oh?

In front of White House, nurses read names of colleagues killed by #coronavirus

Rand Paul swam in the senate pool while waiting for his coronavirus test to come back

Trump's family company has asked Trump administration for a break on its rent at the federally owned Old Post Office building where Trump runs his luxury hotel. A conflict? You can decide

NEW from me: Employees from venture capital firm Insight Partners worked inside FEMA, sourcing coronavirus supplies from vendors using their personal Gmail accounts. The program was part of a Jared Kushner-led private sector push

50th Anniversary of Earth Day: How to Celebrate at Home

Quick question: Is there a *reason* we haven’t been able to test people? Like, tests in fact exist, right? So do we know WHY these don’t translate into testING — like say, “Trump’s friend is trying to get a monopoly on the test?” Or is it really just standard Trump clown show

Will never forget how @JudgeJeanine tried to take me down from within Fox but she just can’t seem to forget my name. Freudian slip because she knew i was telling the truth? I live rent free in their brains. Me and Whitmer. Ghost of Gretchen!

Many of you have asked if I am willing to travel around Florida wearing Grim Reaper attire to the beaches and other areas of the state opening up prematurely. The answer is absolutely yes. Beginning May 1 we will hit the road here in state. Please retweet and spread the word.

Kentucky sees highest spike in coronavirus cases after protests against lockdown

YOUR DONATION DOUBLED: Become a monthly donor today and your first three months’ gifts will be matched. Help us keep responding to the coronavirus and other emergencies around the world with your monthly donation. Act now and your gift can have twice the impact. Donate today.

Disney stops paying 100,000 workers, roughly half its workforce, even as it protects executive bonus schemes and a $1.5 billion dividend payment due in July.

Big Mitch McConnell Thread: I finally read @JaneMayerNYer ’s big Mitch McConnell piece. I waited for the print issue and read it by the firepit, fortified by bourbon and Prine. Since I have familiarity w/ the subject, here are some thoughts on what the piece reveals & brings to fore.

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So who is up for road trip to Ga. on Friday for tats, haircuts and some sweet, sweet bowling?

The coronavirus didn’t break America. It revealed what was already broken.

I’m old enough to remember the wall-to-wall hydroxychloroquine sales pitch from a bunch of self-appointed medical experts.

After a three-week fight for his life against COVID-19, my grandfather Eddie Polite passed away this evening. I always loved this picture from my swearing-in ceremony, where he conveyed his pride, love, and dedication all through his strong handshake. We miss you Grandpa.

Whose side were you on when you stood behind Bill Barr as he lied to the American people about the Mueller Report

The coronavirus is far deadlier than official numbers show. A New York Times analysis of 11 countries found that at least 28,000 more people have died in the last month than is reflected in official Covid-19 death counts for those nations.


Spectrum employees inevitably got covid-19 after being barred from working at home

Trump: "Before, nobody had every heard of a thing like this. Wouldn't you say? Nobody ever heard of a thing like this distancing, social distancing? What does that mean? Washing your hands every 15 minutes. What does that mean?"

The right to vote is the most fundamental American right there is. We need to immediately expand vote-by-mail, online voter registration, and early voting to ensure everyone can safely exercise their right to participate in our electoral process.

Every American that lost a family member because Trump prescribed hydroxychloroquine should sue Donald Trump for wrongful death. Period.

Donald Trump has a golden toilet

More deaths, no benefit from malaria drug in VA virus study With 368 patients, the study is the largest look so far of hydroxychloroquine with or without the antibiotic azithromycin for Covid-19

What if, and hear me out on this one, the problem is that we haven't raised the federal minimum wage in a decade, not that unemployment benefits are too high?

I don’t understand how these nurses protesting in front of the White House today didn’t get 10x as much attention as the “liberate” lunatics.

A malaria drug widely touted by Trump for treating the new coronavirus showed no benefit in a large analysis of its use in U.S. veterans hospitals. There were more deaths among those given #hydroxychloroquine versus standard care, researchers reported

I have a nasty feeling Barr is planning his own October surprise. The Trump crew have been desperately trying to attack the predicate for the Russia investigation. Spurious indictments just before Nov is not out of the question imo

Remember the 2017 “ICA” report from the U.S. intelligence community unanimously concluding that Russia interfered in the 2016 election? The Senate Intelligence Committee went back and checked their work. On a bipartisan basis, we found the ICA's conclusions were well-supported.

7 weeks ago, I wrote that this would be Trump’s Chernobyl: a moment of impending mass death that would be made far worse because Trump was more concerned with protecting political myths than protecting lives. Fox News went crazy. Hannity posted a story about my alarmism. And now:

These lockdowns are not like the Holocaust. Closing hairdressers for a few weeks is not equivalent to the industrial mass murder of millions of innocent people. Your couch is not a death camp. Do yourself a favour and use this time to read some books

Frozen fish heir triggered because democratic congresswoman doesn’t want to bailout the oil and gas industry

Today Dr. Birx inched perilously closer to Stockholm Syndrome: Birx says Georgia residents 'can be very creative' about getting tattoos and haircuts while social distancing

I still haven’t gotten the $1,200 and I am on SSDI with direct deposit.

We need $1150 to be on track to hit our weekly deadline and beat Kevin McCarthy. Can you chip in below to help us beat Trump’s Top Enabler?

Trump said that "HUNDREDS of Governors are calling him.". We only have 50. Think about that. Take all the time you need.

Some context on Pres Trump's comments about Harvard giving back money. The school has faced criticism for taking nearly $9 million from the coronavirus aid package when it has a $40 billion endowment. One story on the issue

Nationwide View of #COVIDー19 Outbreak Over Time Infections Per 100K people. Day by day until April 20th.

Joe Biden: "For President Trump to say in tonight’s briefing that ramping up testing is not needed and that 'not everybody wants to do such significant testing' is not only stunningly ignorant, it risks the lives and safety of Americans."

Wow. Santa Clara County announces that autopsies find three people died from #COVID19 before March 9, originally thought to be first county death One of those people died Feb. 6 long before

guys, the PPO external relations director is totally qualified for the job –– per her LinkedIn, she got a 5 on her AP Gov't exam in 2016.

Legal action in the form of ... what, exactly? Governors have the power under their state constitutions to take these measures, and the federal Executive Branch doesn’t have the power to stop them.

This is important. Until now the first US #COVID19 death was thought to be Feb 29th, Seattle WA But now autopsy (and @CDCgov) confirmation of 2 deaths in California Feb 6 and 17th.

Ships, trains, caves: Oil traders chase storage space in world awash with fuel

The American people have a constitutional right to free and fair elections. Forcing voters to choose between risking their lives and giving up that sacred right is anything but free and fair.

Study finds people who watched Sean Hannity were more likely to die from COVID-19

UniCredit braces for jolt of defaults as Covid-19 slams economy

Nearly 25,000 email addresses and passwords allegedly from NIH, WHO, Gates Foundation and the Wuhan Institute of Virology are dumped online

One in every six American health care workers is an immigrant. One in three American doctors. Immigrants do science, grow food, own businesses. They're our neighbors. Our friends. They're us. Immigrants aren't just essential workers. They're essential to America.

‘What do I say to the science? I say I don’t believe your science as I believe my god’. Americans protest against coronavirus lockdown measures

.@SenWarren and I have a message for Congress: $1,200 isn't enough to keep Americans afloat. We need comprehensive relief for consumers in the next coronavirus stimulus package. You can read our six proposals here

He didn't build shit.

The devil went down to Georgia, he was lookin' for a soul to steal / Then he met Brian Kemp and was like “Nope, got yours already.”— Stephen Colbert

The director of a U.S. agency responsible for helping get a coronavirus vaccine to market has stepped down

California is the first state in the US to broaden its guidelines for coronavirus testing to include asymptomatic people, state health officials say. Testing is now being recommended for asymptomatic people who live or work in high-risk settings.

Melbourne FL defense attorney lured clients into prostitution, paid for sex with teenager, vice task force says.

Elderly and disabled have same right to treatment as others amid pandemic, say bishops

NEW: Groups helping to promote and foster conservative protests against stay-at-home orders have ties to Trump camp, major donors

Where testing is possible, way more coronavirus cases turn up than predicted

Trump ignores reality of coronavirus in US with focus on immigration

"we found no evidence that use of hydroxychloroquine, either with or without azithromycin, reduced the risk of mechanical ventilation in patients hospitalized with Covid-19." "increased overall mortality was identified in patients treated with hydroxychloroquine alone"


Russian media are trying to destabilize #Europe, this time not only with the message “the EU is falling apart”, but also by questioning the necessity of quarantine.

Joe Biden VP: Michelle Obama?

Please remember that every single unnecessary #COVID19 death is a spouse, a sibling, a parent, a colleague. I genuinely would not wish the pain of widowhood on my worst enemy

Don’t be fooled or distracted. The vast majority of Americans—both Democrats and Republicans—support the stay at home orders.

Biden: "Rather than execute a swift and aggressive effort to ramp up testing, Donald Trump is tweeting incendiary rhetoric about immigrants in the hopes that he can distract everyone from the core truth: he's moved too slowly to contain this virus & we are all paying the price."

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine has hired on former federal prosecutor Jonathan Kravis as Special Counsel for Public Corruption. Press statement confirms the career prosecutor who worked for Mueller resigned over DOJ reversing its sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone.

What the Russians did to us in the 2016 presidential election wasn’t meddling. It was an act of cyber warfare. And anyone involved needs to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Can't we sacrifice the stupid instead

The use of this minimizing and normalizing language over the past 4 years has been incalculably injurious to the defense of our Republic against both foreign and domestic actors. The press and public officials who participated in the use of this language have no valid excuse.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced a call for an inquiry into his government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis after failing to fully explain partial death data, limited testing or the lack of equipment for hospitals

What does the ‘unity government’ mean for Israel under which Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz take turns leading the country

"I'd take her in a heartbeat," Joe Biden said of Michelle Obama. "She's brilliant. She knows the way around. She is a really fine woman. The Obamas are great friends." "I don't think she has any desire to live near the White House again," Biden added.

China calls for solidarity not ‘finger-pointing’ on coronavirus

Opinion: Is Trump losing seniors?

If you receive a text message saying “Someone who came in contact with you tested positive or has shown symptoms for COVID-19 & recommends you self-isolate/get tested,” DO NOT click the link. This is a scam.

Gov. Ralph Northam on protesters: "What they're doing ... which I think is so selfish, they're putting our health care providers, those that are in the trenches trying to save lives every day, they're putting them at risk."

From the "no shit" file... The SSCI report is astonishingly heavily redacted, we're only getting some key points here, but those points lay waste to the Trumpist 2016 Upside Down narrative