Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trump to remove USDA animal welfare protections from cruelty for dogs. A reminder from 9/16: he's never HAD a dog

Justice Dept. appeals block on Trump's immigration ban

BREAKING: Justice Dept. appeals judge's ruling that temporarily blocks President Donald Trump's order on refugees.


U.S. utilities seek sun as Trump sides with coal, fossil fuels

Tens of thousands of visas have been revoked because of Trump's Muslim Ban

Action Alert: Call Senate Committee On Homeland Security - Steve Bannon Has Got To Go

The Malignant Narcissism of Donald J. Trump: An Interactive Checklist

How Washington's attorney general Bob Ferguson crippled President Trump's travel ban

Just before becoming president, Trump told the American public that he’d placed his business holdings in a trust...

Meet the Bush-appointed federal judge who halted Trump's executive order

Melania’s Inauguration diary


Education Task Force To Be Lead By Christian Fundamentalist:

Ignoring threats of homegrown radical-right extremists to fearmonger about Muslim immigrants puts us all in danger

Betsy DeVos' privatization agenda isn't just extreme, it has been a failure for students.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Condemns Republican Effort to Repeal SEC Extraction Rule

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke on the Senate floor on February 2, 2017 about the Republicans' work to repeal Securities and Exchange Commission's extraction rule. This corporate giveaway to Exxon-Mobil makes it easier for oil companies to secretly funnel money to foreign governments.

Trump's Second Week Is as Chaotic as His First: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the confusion surrounding President Trump's controversial travel ban and his bizarre calls with foreign leaders.

Joe Biden on Great Recession


Trump's rallying cry: Fear itself

All the world over, a new nationalism is rising. It is a dangerous threat to prosperity and security

Lady Gaga has dropped hints about her Super Bowl performance. Here’s what we know and don’t know.

Trump was quick to condemn the Louvre attack. Why the silence on Quebec?

Tinpot dictator wannabe

The FCC is stopping 9 companies from providing federally subsidized Internet to the poor

JUST IN: The Dept of Homeland Security says it has suspended all actions to implement Trump's immigration order.

Paul Krugman: "America and the world can't take much more of this"

Some Senate offices reported receiving more calls opposing Betsy DeVos than any other Trump nominee

Pope Francis Called it: Trump and His Supporters Are Un-Christian Hypocrites

A good joke may have the power to diminish the new Trump Administration

This time we don't have to travel far...

Thanks Meme GOP

My 80-percent-white hometown in Arkansas is flying a Black Lives Matter banner downtown. Your move, literally everywhere else

President Trump Tangles with Foreign Leaders: The Daily Show

Straining relationships with key U.S. allies, President Trump threatens to invade Mexico and hangs up on the prime minister of Australia after a heated phone call.

President Trump Asks Judge Gorsuch: So You Think You Can SCOTUS?

The President announced his nominee for the Supreme Court with all the class and flair of a rose ceremony on The Bachelor.

Trump weekend trip to Florida could cost taxpayers $3M: report

New Rule: Cheer No Evil | Real Time with Bill Maher

Brady, Belichick and Kraft Not Real Patriots!

Protesters in Miami accuse the mayor — a former Cuban refugee — of betrayal after accepting President Trump's order

Mass Mooning Planned At Chicago's Trump Tower!

UK Parliment Reacts To Trump Travel Ban

British MPs debate their responses to President Trump's planned state visit to the UK after his executive order on travel restrictions.

New Yorkers Hold Vigil For Bowling Green Massacre

my new cover art for Der SPIEGEL magazine

President Trump’s conflicts of interest have grown to encompass the American Red Cross

WTF Red Cross???

n 2005, a company closely linked to Tom Price’s medical practice was accused of bilking the government of millions

Republicans vote to approve Steve Mnuchin and Tom Price without Democrats present.

Vote against Betsy DeVos writes senator Maggie Hassan, whose disabled son thrived in public school

Elliott Abrams reportedly in line for top State Dept job. Look at all the blood on his hands.

Senate votes to kill SEC disclosure rule

The looting of America begins in earnest...

Robert Reich Exposes Breitbart Orchestration Of UC Berkley Protest - Totally Evil

We know what your up to...

Conway hits Chelsea Clinton for criticizing "Bowling Green massacre" statement: "You lost the election"

The same day the Senate confirmed Rex Tillerson, the House GOP passed a resolution to help Exxonmobil secretly funnel money to dictators.

Persecution of Putin opposition a test for Tillerson

TillMichael McFaul, former U.S. ambassador to Russia, talks with Rachel Maddow about dangers political opponents of Vladimir Putin face, and the increased anxiety with Putin admirer Donald Trump in the White House and Putin friend, Rex Tillerson installed ... Duration: 6:02

Immediately after Tillerson became Sec of State, the Trump admin & GOP made moves that could enrich Exxon

An insurgent in the White House

Trump's pick for Army secretary drops out

An early look at next week's cover, “Liberty’s Flameout,” by John W. Tomac:

Bannon's 'Islamic State of America'

We are getting another window into the worldview of the president's senior advisor and chief strategist, Steve Bannon as the Washington Post obtains an outline of a documentary-style movie pitch by Bannon from ten years ago called, "Islamic State of Am... Duration: 6:38

Poll: Trump has lowest approval ratings of any new president ever polled

40 percent of American voters want President Trump impeached

Trump Did WHAT? | Real Time with Bill Maher

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee sounds off on Trump travel ban: "The Constitution is supreme in this country"

Trump's refugee order triggers protests across Australia

Thousands of protesters rallied across Australia on Saturday condemning U.S. President Donald Trump's order temporarily barring refugees and nationals from seven countries and demanding an end to Australia's offshore detention of asylum seekers.

Mitch McConnell - Karmas coming