Saturday, March 28, 2020

Putting Peter Navarro in charge of the National Defense Production Act is beyond ludicrous. First, he fought the implementation of the act. Next, he is incompetent. Third, he is a crackpot who is respected by not one single economist of note. Fourth, see the last two.

My grandmother tested positive for COVID19 on Wednesday and died peacefully tonight in a hospital in Massachusetts. One of her five children got to be with her for a while in the hospital but, ultimately, she died alone. She was one of my favorite ladies.

Google has banned the Infowars Android app over false coronavirus claims

“She was asked what she had learned from the Holocaust, and she said that 10 percent of any population is cruel, no matter what, and that 10 percent is merciful, no matter what, and that the remaining 80 percent could be moved in either direction.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Taiwan foreign minister invites U.S. reporters expelled by China

“Gig workers for Instacart are planning an emergency strike starting Monday to protest the company’s lack of worker protection during the coronavirus pandemic, a move that is likely to cause waves in the already-disrupted grocery space.”

This is eugenics.

"The year 2020 will be remembered as a turnaround point in human history. ... The Covid-19 pandemic is offering us a chance to reinvent ourselves," Marcelo Gleiser writes for

States in chaotic scramble for supplies without federal COVID leadership

Volume of new COVID-19 patients makes processing the first problem

Despite focus on New York, coronavirus is a national crisis

Pelosi vows oversight of relief funds, contradicting Trump

Pelosi: $2 trillion relief package 'the least we can do'

You can't deal with the economic crisis until you deal with the public health crisis. It's a false choice.

Prayer for our time: may the Red-state survivors direct their grief and fury at those that did this to them.

Pope at Urbi et orbi: Full text of his meditation

What a time to be alive... Rhode Island Police to Hunt Down New Yorkers Seeking Refuge

Trump says no one ever expected this to happen. The truth is EVERYONE expected this to happen.

Whether it’s military aid or ventilators, a foreign ally or an American governor, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You cannot count on Donald Trump to do what’s right for this country. You can count on him to do what’s right for Donald Trump.

Why couldn't all of the networks have done fact checking chyrons just like this one for the past three years? You owe your viewers that. You owe it to them.

You guys still parsing the foreign-owned Mob asset's propaganda ops? Taking up oxygen with that? How about looking up Felix Sater, Bayrock, Putin, Kushner, Netanyahu? Anything that *got* *us* *here*.

This is a national crisis, which would make it wonderful if we had national leadership and a national response. But we don't. So we do what we can.

Bad lawyer is not a doctor.

Almost two years ago Republicans, #MoscowMitch, Paul Ryan and Trump rammed through the nearly $2 trillion #GOPTaxScam that benefits the ultra-wealthy and harms our children and future. Today's actions were the least we could do #ForThePeople. We have *much more* to accomplish.

Charge Pence & Kushner on State “involuntary manslaughter” charges Do IT

Something you learn when taking command of any Army unit, no matter size or scope of reaponsibility: You own it, on day one. No matter what your predecessor did or didn’t own it. If you don’t like those rules, don’t take command.

Lord I wish America had an “overprepared” President right now ...

Violence erupts in China as people try to leave coronavirus-stricken Hubei province - The Globe and Mail

This chyron on @CNN right now is very important for people to see and understand.

Michigan ⁦@GovWhitmer⁩ asks Trump for help. This small-minded man hears the request as a personal attack that his crisis response has been less than perfect. His response? Vengeance on the people of Michigan. His petty ego will cost lives.

BREAKING: Venezuelan general wanted for drug trafficking and terrorist financing for Nicolas Maduro is in the United States and will testify against the ex-president

Trump released a statement that he would not abide certain oversight provisions in the coronavirus relief bill. @RepKatiePorter tells @AliVelshi that the congressional oversight commission, which she wants to be a part of, needs to be appointed immediately

We have entire fleets of USAF C-5 Galaxies, advanced C-17 Globemasters, and C-130 Hercs, with crews fully trained and experienced in delivering supplies under the most difficult conditions AND capable of operating in biologically active environments. Why aren't we using THEM?

I intubated my colleague today, a young, healthy ER doc like me. This is what I learned...

If so, Trump told America to ignore the death toll of 27 September 11ths, that it would "go away." And to go to church just as the pandemic peaks from Texas to Pennsylvania, killing more.

It's no surprise to anyone that the current occupant of the White House would make such a statement. But rest assured that *we will* provide accountability and oversight. That's the difference between them and us: we are worker-focused while they prioritize corporations.

Sometimes we get a call....not to cook....but to help those heroes who are cooking! We will be delivering ingredients to the Sisters each week so they can keep serving the elderly in LA

The Villages, Florida's huge Republican-rich retirement community, is experiencing community spread of coronavirus more than a week after Gov. Ron DeSantis was criticized for his slow and cautious response

A source close to Rodriguez told @ABC the call with Trump was “pleasant” adding that Trump was seeking thoughts from ARod about the coronavirus response. Sources say there was no discussion of AROD or his fiancé Jennifer Lopez taking on any official effort.

Rudy Giuliani has advice for governors and mayors: Take the blame when you have to... when you play with your boss, sometimes it’s better when you don’t win the golf game. He’s the boss, he’s got all the resources

Trump on governors: "When they're not appreciative to me, they're not appreciative to the Army Corps of Engineers." "I say ’Mike [Pence], don’t call the governor of Washington. If they don’t treat you right, I don’t call.” With 100,000 Americans sick, this is chilling.

I’m not going to let personal attacks from the president distract me from what matters: beating this virus and keeping Washingtonians healthy.

Donald Trump is a mass murderer and his presidency is a crime against humanity.

@ABC’s @jonkarl: So everybody who needs a ventilator will be able to get one? @realDonaldTrump: Look, don't be a cutie pie. A large hospital group in #Michigan just issued its worst-case plan that would DENY ventilators to certain high-risk patients.

He personally handed them pens. That he touched.

"The governor's actions are creating mass confusion and panic across the state," Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton, a Democrat, said in an interview with The Daily Beast

It's not just lungs. Coronavirus appears to be causing heart damage, too

Alabama’s disaster preparedness plan says that “persons with severe mental retardation, advanced dementia or severe traumatic brain injury may be poor candidates for ventilator support.”

You can't deal with the economic crisis until you deal with the public health crisis. It's a false choice.

Trump issued an order late Friday night that permits the Pentagon to bring former U.S. troops and members of the National Guard and Reserve back to active duty to augment forces already involved in the U.S. military’s response to the coronavirus.