Monday, February 19, 2018

Trump Jr. to give foreign policy speech while on "unofficial" business trip to India

Ordinary Americans carried out inhumane acts for Trump

Trump Suggests USPS Cut Retirement, Health Benefits in $80B Savings Package

Funerals are being held today for the teenagers lost in this senseless assault rifle massacre. @realDonaldTrump is teeing off on the par-4 7th hole right about now. Shame on you, Mr. President.

Something is not right...we all felt it on election night watching the returns come in from PA, MI, WI.

Florida House Republican won't seek reelection

JUST IN: Trump official called Florida shooting a "reprieve" for White House

Exclusive: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s interest in Jared Kushner has grown to include his efforts to secure financing for his company from foreign investors during the presidential transitio

I can’t believe we let this happen.

WATCH: Teens hold "lie-in" protest for gun reform outside of the White House in the wake of Florida school shooting.

It's not just Anita Hill. Multiple women report sexual misconduct by Clarence Thomas, indicating he lied under oath to Congress. - The Case for Impeaching Clarence Thomas

We Have a President Who Won’t Defend Our Nation

The War America Isn’t Fighting

Happy President's Day

Russia's interference in presidential election hit Colorado voters: Analysis shows troves of voters exposed to propaganda

“A belligerent strain of authoritarianism”... it’s called being a Nazi. It’s always been called that.

Omerta in Putin's Russia. The dictator wants to gloriously defend Mother Russia from its made up enemies, but cannot admit anyone has been harmed because no one wants these wars

NRA's America

“If you can’t get elected without taking money from child murderers, why are you running?”

“It’s kind of cruel what’s going on right now and the president should put these defendants out of their misery,” said Larry Klayman, a conservative legal activist. “I think he should pardon everybody — and pardon himself.”

Trump asked the president of Georgia about a Trump project in the country during a White House meeting last May, two ex-business partners tell Forbes.

The man holding phone is Jamie Baker who is US Rep, John Ratcliffe's director of public policy. This is days after the Parkland slaughter

This is Chris Williams who is in critical condition, shot 9 times in back shielding 3 classmates who got trapped after teachers locked doors. Chris is senior and only was in building because he volunteered to tutor freshman who needed help in Math

In the last weeks, America learned Trump had simultaneous affairs with a stripper and a Playboy Bunny. Nobody (other than possibly, Melania), seemed to bat an eyelash. If the Russians have something on him, it’s gotta be a lot more than “golden showers”.

Peter Wang died a 'hero' in Florida shooting, wearing his ROTC uniform. Petition seeks a full honors military funeral

Tools of Trump’s Fixer: Payouts, Intimidation and the Tabloids

Parkland's Emma Gonzales schools Trump for lack of Twitter maturity: 'The best thing for us to do is ignore him'

My family is burying my cousin today because of your inaction and cowardice and this is what you have to say. You are an evil, pathetic, and worthless stain on humanity

Schumer: Trump budget would ‘cripple’ gun background checks

More Guns

Hoping to counter waves of Russian Twitter bots, fake social media accounts, and hacking attacks aimed at undermining American democracy, state election officials around the country are seizing on an old-school strategy: paper ballots.

U.S. Postal Service truck driver shot and killed on I-30, Dallas police say

Putin thought he could juggle Iran and Israel in Syria

Trump is ignoring the worst attack on America since 9/11

Florida school shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez on President Trump’s tweet: “The FBI were some of the amazing first responders who were helping us get to safety and the fact that he wants to discredit them in any way… it’s not acceptable.”

There will be funerals today for two Parkland, Florida shooting victims, 14-year-old Alaina Petty and 15-year-old Luke Hoyer. Services will be held for at least five more victims later this week. 14 students and 3 adults were killed in the shooting.

These Florida school shooting survivors have a message for the NRA: “Don’t you dare come back here…”

#MorningJoe slams 'lackey' Florida governor for helping Trump undermine the FBI

'Agree' vs. 'Disagree' on Russian interference in 2016

Mueller indictments and Israeli police set up Trump-Netanyahu Goodfellas summit

Scoop: Skirmish in Beijing over the nuclear football

IDEA: How about we reverse the tax cuts so Anthony Borges doesn’t need a damn gofundme page for his medical care and recovery.

The policymaking process: @jdawsey1 and @PhilipRucker report Trump has been asking Mar-a-Lago members whether he should champion gun control measures, saying he’s been watching the Douglas students on TV.

NEW: Dems want Congress to give national platform to women who accused Trump of sexual harassment

The NRA will host its annual meeting on May 4th. Who’s scheduled to speak? Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Trump en route to Ireland

More shootings! Texas Roadhouse shooting: 4 people hit outside San Antonio steakhouse, suspect at large

'This guy says we're not going to be a laughing stock?': John Oliver's makes perfect Trump smackdown in epic return

How Vladimir Putin mastered the cyber disinformation war

"History suggests you can wear out your welcome with Americans by talking to them too often when you have nothing to say."

NRA pal Paul Ryan is in Florida collecting money while kids are being buried

Syrian TV: Pro-government forces to enter Kurdish enclave of Afrin "within hours," which may prompt Turkish pullout

Deripaska to step down as president of EN+ and Rusal

How the @NRA helped get Bernie Sanders elected

Survivors of the Florida school shooting announce a nationwide, student-led march in Washington on March 24 to push for gun control

Pruitt postpones trip to Israel after backlash for spending taxpayer dollars on first-class flights

Trump attacks everyone but Russia

Schumer tears into GOP senators for silence on guns, Russia probe: It's "deafening"

“With new evidence that Clarence Thomas lied to get onto the Supreme Court, it’s time to talk seriously about impeachment.”

Even if the “America’s Harvest box” proposal is just a fantasy, how telling it is that America’s leaders fantasize in such detail about punishing the poor for being poor.

Trump brags about poll that shows Dems beating Republicans on generic ballot

Emma Gonzalez’s instantly historic speech got the nation to stop and listen about gun reform. Now she’s taking her message to Washington D.C. in the hope of making Parkland America’s last mass shooting.

A former Trump staffer told me tonite that w/ news that Mueller has been able to flip Rick Gates, in addition to Mike Flynn & George Papadopoulos, “there’s nobody more nervous than Trump” right now. He added Trump’s “always been paranoid” but his paranoia has reached new heights.

Bill Gates: People as wealthy as me "need to pay higher taxes"

Seen along the the motorcade route from Trump golf course to Mar-a-Lago

Trump’s response to the Parkland shooting and Rob Porter “underscored the extent to which this White House... remains rudderless in a crisis and curiously flat-footed when true emergencies like the Florida shooting arise."

Trump asked Mar-a-Lago members if he should take action on gun control: report

Great moments in American treason.

What could possibly explain all of this strange behavior from Trump with regard to Russia? The answer will not be good

Former intelligence chief Clapper calls Facebook official's post that Trump touted "false"

John Oliver on Florida school shooting

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver 2/18/18

Democratic Super PAC ad slams Scott for 'doing nothing' about gun violence

Limbaugh warns Trump: Don't claim you're vindicated in the Russia investigation

Obama ethics czar: Gates guilty plea shows Mueller's flipping Trump allies 'like a short order cook'

Breaking: Jared Kushner had classified material lockbag w/ him in Iraq April 3, 2017 - while on interim security clearance. Why did he bring classified docs?

The Russians... caught doping... in curling.


My daughter @julleeg composed this letter to @SenToomey on the night of the #ParklandShooting. Our children are pleading for their lives.

This is Anthony Borges, 15. He used his body to hold a classroom door shut, protecting 20 other students inside as the gunman fired through the door, hitting him five times. Let's pray for his speedy recovery.

Trump tweet angers survivors of Parkland shooting

THIS ---> Fox anchor shames GOP for blocking life-saving research on gun violence

Trump: I Never Said Russia Did Not Meddle In Our Election. Reality: Your Pants Are On Fire

Trump blasts Oprah over 60 Minutes episode

“‘As bad as the Comey firing,’ one White House official bluntly assessed, expressing a sentiment shared this week by several senior Trump aides—that the tumult and mismanagement of the past few days is only matched by... the sacking of... Comey in May.”

Russian propagandist quoted in Mueller's indictment: "I created all these pictures and posts, and the Americans believed that it was written by their people."

“White House aides advised the president against golfing so soon after the tragedy, so Trump spent much of the holiday weekend watching cable television news and grousing to club members and advisers.”

Ex-Russian troll: “You were in some kind of factory that turned lying, telling untruths, into an industrial assembly line... there were huge numbers of people, 300 to 400, and they were all writing absolute untruths. It was like being in Orwell’s world.”

Out of Trump's first 87 judicial nominees, a full 92% are white. Just one is black and one is Hispanic

Indictment makes clear Russia is waging a virtual war against the United States. But with Trump focused on what it means for him, the American side of the war seems to be without a commander in chief

Trump’s gravest responsibility is to defend the United States from foreign attack—and on that count, he's displayed a gross dereliction of duty

Russia warns the U.S. not to "play with fire" in the Syrian conflict

Dem lawmaker: Trump is the "eunuch in chief"

They are laughing their asses off in Moscow. Get smart America! — Donald J. Trump

Gergen –> Trump's behavior "reminds me very much of the last days of President Nixon -- when he became deeply, deeply insecure, lashed out in all sorts of ways and didn't remain focused… This, I'm afraid, has been President Trump's pattern for some time."

Lockheed Martin got $35,200,000,000 from taxpayers last year.

Ex-wife of former White House aide says Hatch has apologized

Using American bank accounts, drivers’ licenses and disposable phones, about 80 Russians worked to disparage Hillary Clinton, promote Trump and sow political discord

Top U.S. officials tell the world to ignore Trump’s tweets

In a democracy, we don't ask for, or wait for, saviors. We create our own salvation—or we fail to. That is the very essence of the project. Institutions won't save us. The question is whether we will save them.

Whatever Trump Is Hiding Is Hurting All of Us Now

20 tweets in one day from the President of the United States of America? Unbelievable.

Trump campaign adviser to testify against Manafort as part of plea deal with Mueller: report

GOP senator: It shouldn't be harder to buy gun used in deadly Florida school shooting

Reading the Mueller Indictment: A Russian-American Fraud