Thursday, November 16, 2017

Revenge Is a Rotten Way to Run a Country

I just voted NO on the Republican tax plan. Here's why

A director at the DHS resigns after past comments criticizing blacks for "laziness, drug use and sexual promiscuity" came to light

JUST IN: Jared Kushner reportedly got emails about WikiLeaks and Russia in 2016, but failed to turn them over to investigators

JUST DISCOVERED: The Senate tax bill includes a tax break for private aircraft. Can you believe this? Not a joke

Big doc request by Senate Judiciary Committee leaders sent to Jared Kushner—they’re asking for transcripts from other committee interviews, communications with Michael Flynn, docs related to his security clearance and more

McCain warns Trump he can’t staff the Pentagon with industry insiders: I won’t support nominees with that background

NEWS: Senate Judiciary says KUSHNER received & forwarded docs concerning a “Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite" last year, and was copied on campaign officials' communications with Sergei Millian

Trump Considers Naming Mulvaney Interim CFPB Director

BREAKING: WSJ: Special counsel Mueller’s team in mid-October issued a subpoena to President Donald Trump’s campaign requesting Russia-related documents from more than a dozen top officials, per a person familiar w/ the matter

In a move that helps conservative Sinclair, the FCC has repealed a longstanding rule prohibiting one company from owning a newspaper and TV station in the same local market:

Pentagon retweets post calling on Trump to resign

Sen. @alfranken, the Minnesota Democrat is the latest prominent American to be accused of sexual assault.

I want to apologize to Leeann Tweeden, to everyone who was part of the USO tour, to all who've worked for me, to all I represent, & to all who've considered me an ally & supporter & champion of women. I am sorry.

JUST IN: Keystone pipeline shut down after large oil spill

Live Briefing: House Approves $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut in Mostly Party-Line Vote

"Russia must be assumed to be the region of origin of radioactive release," German officials said

Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump is acting like a dictator

Is billionaire VC Peter Thiel trying to break up Google?

GOP governors fear a 2018 wipeout after Virginia loss

Republicans going all in before 2018 — whatever the cost

My staff just delivered this letter to @RepMarkMeadows. The @freedomcaucus has always been a supporter of reducing our national debt, what happened?

The Trump administration has yet to approve a single student debt relief claim

Senate GOP is ramming judicial nominees through the Senate Judiciary Committee without giving them the scrutiny they deserve. It’s a becoming a joke and it’s getting really embarrassing.

All hands on deck. Let's save the ACA again. Call Congress now: (202) 224-3121.

Venture Capitalist Challenges His Peers to Not Be 'F**king Scumbags'

American-led airstrikes against ISIS have killed far more civilians than anyone has acknowledged

The sight of angry white men destroying their own coffee machines seemed to be the perfect visual expression for Americans voting against their own self-interests

Shep Smith’s long history of infuriating Fox News viewers

Wilbur Ross Sued Over Fees By Firm’s Former Executives

Koch Brothers WARNING

Trump judicial nominee Brett Talley appears to have defended “the first KKK” on a message board

One way to interpret what the Trump Administration is up to with its absurd denials of climate science is as a play for time.

FCC Plans December Vote to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

“...the strongest evidence yet of a Russian attempt to use social media to manipulate British politics...”

Monsanto, U.S. farm groups sue California over glyphosate warnings

Opinion: The Republican tax plan’s five worst dangers

Senate Energy Gears Up for Alaska Drilling Fight

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is mounting a cross-country roadshow to persuade businesses and the Republican faithful to put their weight behind a proposed tax overhaul

McCain calls on Tillerson to stop hiring freeze at State Department

Did the Feds Flip Turkish Businessman Reza Zarrab—and Could He Bring Down Michael Flynn?

China denounces U.S. call to register Chinese journalists as agents

BREAKING: Lithuanian parliament UNANIMOUSLY passes Magnitsky Act 91-0 on 8th anniversary of Sergei Magnitsky’s murder by the Putin regime

Mercedes Colwin, a managing partner at the law firm Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, has been fired from her job because of these outrageous remarks against assaulted women on Hannity.

Nearly 9 million families claim the medical expense deduction nationwide, worth nearly $10,000 on average. #GOPTaxScam would permanently eliminate that benefit.

‘Fiddler on the Roof’ explains the GOP tax bill. Here’s how

Impeaching Trump is all about Bob.

What repealing Obamacare's individual mandate means

Hope Hicks may hold the keys to Mueller's Russia puzzle

Republicans stall budget talks for tax reform

9 key differences between the dueling Senate and House tax bills

How a New Inflation Measure Would Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

Koch Brothers Said to Back Time Inc. Deal Talks With Meredith

Democrats say 55 uncounted ballots in Virginia could swing control of House of Delegates

We ask @RealDonaldTrump supporters if they think @HillaryClinton should be impeached...

Trump nominee for No. 2 spot at Education Department stumbles on key questions at confirmation hearing

The current head of the State Dept has an Order of Friendship award from the dictator who had Magnitsky jailed and tortured

Fed insiders are pushing for a radical policy review as the Powell era dawns

Fire drills became popular decades ago. Today, teachers and children are preparing for something entirely different: mass shootings

Canada is fighting back against Trump tariffs

Russian disinformation around Ukraine set the stage for the Kremlin’s election meddling here. Clinton saw it coming, but couldn't stop it.

Trump drinks FIJI Water while decrying trade deficits.

Shooter in deadly California rampage wasn't allowed to have guns

House G.O.P. Tax Writers Take Aim at College Tuition Benefits

Hannity says Moore answered his questions after giving him 24-hour ultimatum

GOP ready to pass tax bill — without Trump’s help

We shouldnt be rushing through such an ill-conceived, backwards bill. Remember it is being called the #GOPTaxScam and "HR1%"

Moderate Collins back in prominent role in Senate tax drama

The Gateway Pundit continuously publishes unverified and wrong information, but the Alabama Senate candidate's wife still shares its articles about her husband

Can Fox News survive the Trump presidency? Embattled network faces lawsuits, aging viewership, new competitors

Only 25% approve of the GOP tax plan. Only 16% (!) think the GOP plan will reduce their taxes.

Congress’ number one priority has almost nothing to do with the biggest problems facing the country today.

JUST IN: Not only are Republicans trading Americans' health care for corporate handouts, but they shot down every amendment for veterans, Medicare & Social Security and red, white and blue jobs.

Trey Gowdy just shot down Jim Jordan's demand for another special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton: "I don't think the threshold has been met for an appointment of special counsel"

A notorious far-right blogger may have provoked WikiLeaks' outreach to Donald Trump Jr

Lesbian Democrat defeats GOP opponent in deeply conservative Oklahoma district's special election

Just a friendly reminder that the GOP wants to raise taxes on the middle class & take health insurance away from millions of Americans so people like Louise Linton and Steve Mnuchin can get a tax cut.

Exclusive: @HillaryClinton tells me @realDonaldTrump threat to prosecute her "such an abuse of power” & "like some dictatorship, like some authoritarian regime"

ABC: Trump admin. to reverse ban on elephant trophies from Africa

Clinton hits back at possibility of Uranium One special counsel

We honor the memory of Sergey Magnitskiy, who died on November 16, 2009, while in custody in a Moscow prison.

"We believe that President Trump has violated the Constitution, and we've introduced five articles of impeachment."

Why are we fighting massive tax cuts for millionaires, paid for by tax increases on students, teachers, and homeowners, and healthcare cuts for 13 million? Basic fairness, I suppose.

Former KGB Putin friend hired for US Moscow embassy security

Rachel Maddow reports on the no-bid contract the Trump administration gave to a company run by a former KGB colleague of Vladimir Putin to handle the security for the U.S. embassy in Moscow, and notes a pattern of odd Trump overtures to Russia

Warren: New Consumer chief needs record resisting Wall Street

Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about the resignation of Richard Cordray from the Consumer Financial Protection Board and the kind of person the American people need to replace him.

Senator Warren: GOP tax bill a "double punch" to middle class

Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about the consequences for the American middle class if the Republicans are able to pass their their tax/health care bill.

Alabama GOP standing by Roy Moore despite new lurid accusations

Rachel Maddow relays reports that despite four new women coming forward today with stories of being pursued by Roy Moore as schoolgirls, the Alabama Republican Party is sticking with Roy Moore as their candidate for Senate.

Democrats feeling new energy, flipping seats in red Oklahoma

Anna Langthorn, new chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, talks with Rachel Maddow about recent blue victories in her very red state and the momentum she hopes to build with her party.

GOP follows string of failures with ill-conceived tax plan

Rachel Maddow reviews the string of failures by the current Republican Congress which it hopes to break with a new, wildly unpopular tax plan that they have not done a good job of disguising as not being designed to benefit rich people.

Still more women report past lurid Roy Moore behavior

Beth Reinhard, Washington Post investigative reporter, talks with Rachel Maddow about two more women describing being sexually pursed as school girls by grown man Roy Moore, including one who was literally called on the phone by Moore at school.