Monday, March 23, 2020

Why does Trump think they’re a “prime” candidate for help? Well, he happens to be friends with Micky Arison, chairman of Carnival, which also sponsored The Apprentice. And this president always puts his ‘friends’ first.

Despite warnings from public health officials, the president is reportedly eager to ease off the COVID-19 guidelines.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he’s been very clear with the White House about his state’s immediate need for 30,000 ventilators and other protective medical equipment and “there has been no response.”

This is the president of the United States speaking in the White House briefing room during a pandemic and shortage of medical supplies, right after the 500th American died from the virus.

‼️INSANITY. If we don't lock down, 4 million Americans are projected to DIE from #coronavirus over the coming months. The corresponding 1.2% fatality rate (no lockdown) is higher than the 0.86% *annual* mortality rate in the US from **ALL CAUSES**.

I’m kind of upset by Larry Kudlow and Donald Trump’s new plan to just let covid-19 kill off like two percent of America.

I am so grateful to @chefjoseandres for his inspiring work to feed those in need in our communities. We are in this together—and we’ll get through it by stepping up and doing whatever we can to help each other out.

Folks, there is a reason medical experts like Farci are alarmed. Heard from an ER doc today in Texas who told me they have deaths there that have not been counted because they haven’t been tested. And there are tests available that aren’t being administered.

How many seniors would you sacrifice to get the DOW back on track?

If it’s public health versus the economy, the only choice is public health. You cannot put a value on human life. You do the right thing. That’s what Pop taught us @ChrisCuomo

Imagine President Obama creating a $500 billion corporate slush fund and making himself the sole authority on where the $ was spent. Would Republicans support that?

This Trumpian idea that we should sacrifice the lives of our seniors to avoid short-term economic hardship is deplorable—and from people who claim to be pro-life. Utter moral collapse!

The truly soul-shaking thing about it is nobody has the evidence they'd need to be justified in the belief that easing up on containment to keep the economy humming now won't just make the economy even worse later, amidst the mass death. But it's a gamble they're willing to take?

My proposal would give the American public access to information related to how the Defense Production Act is used, like: ๐Ÿ“„ items ordered (quantity and type) ๐Ÿ“„ delivery dates ๐Ÿ“„ names of manufacturers

While we have Bill Barr in the press briefing room, it's a good time to recall the fact just last month, the DOJ was embroiled in a firestorm due to Barr interfering in cases of Trump allies. Thousands of former attorneys called on him to resign

It sure sounds like Trump and Pence aren't planning for their social distancing recommendations to extend beyond 15 days

Gov. Cuomo: "No pharmacist shall dispense hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine except when written as prescribed for an FDA-approved indication; or as part of a state approved clinical trial."

Attorney General: "We have started to see some evidence of potential hoarding & price gouging. So, earlier today the president signed a second executive order providing the authority to address...hoarding that threatens the supply of those necessary health and medical resources."

WHO Director General this afternoon: "Using untested medicines without the right evidence could raise false hope and even do more harm than good."

AG Barr begins his remarks by praising Trump

Bill Barr gets to do the awkward standing-around thing today

What having Coronavirus looks like: mild, moderate and critical. In due time, half to most of us will get it, so this is an important watch

I did not have Death panels on my dystopian hellscape bingo card but I do now.

Wow. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) loses his cool with Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), when Cotton keeps interrupting him with inquiries: "I know you always want to do Trump -- the president's bidding."

NEW: Dems have found a measure that Rs buried in the stimulus that would restrict small business money from going to a range of health care providers that take Medicaid. This includes providers for the disabled and even rape crisis centers. New piece

Sears sues Mnuchin alongside former CEO for alleged multibillion-dollar theft

Rush Hour.

This is how you answer the bull argument that the Dems are causing the slowdown.

Fox News Stars Begin Pushing Trump to End Coronavirus Restrictions

Next come the eugenics arguments. "They come from weak stock and must be culled for the common good."

Margin call bitches...

I do not condone doxxing... except for this guy. Who is he and what police department should I call?

"Assange’s lawyers will apply for his release on bail because of the risk of contracting coronavirus while in prison..."

Attorney General Bill Barr will be at today’s White House coronavirus task force briefing, an administration official tells

JEEZ. A man has died and his wife is under critical care after the couple, both in their 60s, ingested chloroquine phosphate, an additive commonly used at aquariums to clean fish tanks. Don't do this! Don't self medicate!

Let me guess: will Barr offer a brief summary of Fauci's findings?

In the face of crisis, FDR had the New Deal to help suffering Americans. Now, @realdonaldtrump, you and your fellow Republicans are pushing the #SelfDeal. See the difference?

Joe Biden

Somber video from Spain: "Doctors tell how people over 65 must have their respirators removed to give it to the younger patients with #coronavirus. Seniors are sedated so they don't suffer.” For the love of God and each other,

Trump Won’t Order Vital Coronavirus Supplies Because Corporate CEOs Asked Him Not To. They’re worried it could be bad for business

Impressive. These fine public servants are continuing to do their work in trying circumstances even when you fail to defend them when your Party smears them and your boss calls them deep staters while standing right next to you. Come to think of it, do we really need a SecState?

To flatten the curve so not everyone shows up at the same time so we can still have continuity of government

It’s quite incredible that Mnuchin and McConnell would *by their own account* rather crash the American economy than relent in their demand for a huge, secret, no-strings payout to the Trump family

“...Beijing understands that if it is seen as leading, and Washington is seen as unable or unwilling to do so, this perception could fundamentally alter the United States’ position in global politics and the contest for leadership in the twenty-first century.”

The money we put into businesses should be for the workers and their communities - not for their executives. The McConnell plan is nothing more than a corporate bailout.

BREAKING: @SpeakerPelosi announces the Take Responsibility for Families and Workers Act and urges @SenateGOP to stop prioritizing corporations and CEOs over families, workers, and children. WATCH

In the face of crisis, FDR had the New Deal to help suffering Americans. Now, @realdonaldtrump, you and your fellow Republicans are pushing the #SelfDeal. See the difference?

The US may be short >300k ventilators because of #COVIDใƒผ19. I believe the MIT Emergency Ventilator (E-Vent) is one of our best options for surge capacity ventilation. Please share widely.

President Hassan Rouhani said the U.S. should lift sanctions if it wants to help Iran contain the coronavirus outbreak, adding that it had no intention of accepting Washington's offer of humanitarian assistance

Financial Times and Wall Street Journal within hours of each other have reports Facebook ‘knew for years’ about key metrics issue. Docs name COO Sandberg and CFO Wehner. Here is FT

NEW: Gov. Ron DeSantis said he still doesn’t want to lock down Florida in an effort to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, saying the state has seen a “huge amount” of New Yorkers flying in since that city issued stay-at-home orders.


A team of researchers in The Netherlands will begin a clinical trial this week that will test whether a tuberculosis vaccine can boost the immune system to more effectively fight against the novel coronavirus

The head of the emergency department at a Manhattan hospital went to Home Depot to buy extra protective gear for his staff in case the hospital runs out. While he was there, he was harassed by three men who then followed him out into the parking lot.

Police showing respect to all the Doctors and Nurses fighting this war in Spain and around the world! ๐Ÿ˜”What you hear is the Anthem of Asturias, where I was born, played with a bagpipe in from of Hospital de Jove in Gijรณn! #Coronavirus hard times ahead but this gives hope..

Because Mitch McConnell is an evil monster

NEW: New Jersey approved an order mandating that any inmate currently serving a county jail sentence as a condition of probation, or as a result of a municipal court conviction, shall be released. Other states should follow suit.

"Every time we hear the Majority Leader come out, it's a partisan screed. While I'm in my office with the president's secretary of treasury, the president's congressional liaison, getting things done" -- Schumer dunks on McConnell

NEW: Tensions are brewing among the president, his advisers and public health experts over how long America needs to be shut down as they weigh the massive economic cost versus the public health benefits

President Trump and Mitch McConnell are trying to put a corporate bailout ahead of families. It's simply wrong. We need to be focused on helping hardworking Americans, communities, and small businesses — not handing big corporations a blank check.

A reminder on today's 10 year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act: Trump wants to "terminate it" in the midst of the #Coronavirus crisis. We, on the other hand, will not stop fighting to #ProtectOurCare and put #FamiliesFirst.

No, this is why we need you to resign and be incarcerated

Dear @realDonaldTrump: I don’t know if you were misinformed or if you lied to the AMERICAN people, but automakers are not making ventilators right now. Can you please activate the Defense Production Act? We need protective equipment & ventilators to fight the #COVIDใƒผ19 outbreak.

Amy Klobuchar's husband tests positive for coronavirus

I'm about to deliver remarks on the Coronavirus pandemic. Tune in to watch live: — Joe Biden

"I think, in some respects, they welcome my voice out there telling the truth. I’m going to keep doing it. And no matter what happens to me, I’m going to keep doing it," Fauci said regarding his habit of fact checking Trump's lies live during briefings

Trump is signaling interest in scaling back "social distancing" and other steps promoted by health officials as a growing number of conservatives argue that impact on the U.S. economy has become too severe

Today I issued an emergency order requiring all businesses and organizations that do not provide #COVID19 essential services to close their physical workplaces and facilities to workers, customers and the public.

Trump: GM and Ford are making ventilators "right now." AP fact check: GM and Ford are not yet making ventilators.

Ten years ago today, I signed the Affordable Care Act into law. It protected preexisting conditions, cut the uninsured rate in half, and lots more. But it's still under political attack right when we need care the most. We have to protect it, build on it, until we cover everyone

U.S. surgeon general says coronavirus outbreak 'to get bad' this week

WATCH: Markets are in for another volatile day of trading, as Wall Street awaits a fiscal stimulus plan from Washington to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Watch the Dow trade live.

New York Stock Exchange moves to all-electronic trading for first time in history

The D.C. Circuit is set to hear oral arguments this morning on Playboy reporter Brian Karem's lawsuit challenging the White House revoking his press access over a shouting match with former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka last July in the Rose Garden.

Emma, 12, no preexisting conditions and “fighting for her life" in an Atlanta hospital after testing positive for the coronavirus, according to her cousin.

Susan Collins comes out in favor of Trumps corporate slush fund in the GOP bill

Spent some time tonight with a low-income family who works in the service sector. They're struggling and scared. I know this will sound trite, but: It's hard for those of us in (relatively) comfortable positions to understand how truly dire this situation is for so many.

If you're a medical device company thinking of filing IP/copyright claims against people 3D printing or crafting desperately-needed respirator valves, PPE, etc, you'd better expect a furious public backlash

Hard haggling today on the Senate economic aid bill. Will be interesting to see whether McConnell will bend on banning payouts to Trump personally - or whether that is the real GOP red line.

McConnell sets 945a procedural vote on the stimulus tomorrow, giving negotiators until right after the markets open to cut a deal

A Few Things... 1. Where the fuck are the tests? 2. Where the fuck are the masks? 3. Where the fuck are the ventilators? That. Is. All.

Outrageous. We are in the middle of a global pandemic and Donald Trump wants to strip health care from millions of Americans. This is why we fight

Astronaut @StationCDRKelly shares his advice for isolation from his year in the @Space_Station

"In several key respects, the outbreak’s early stages are unfolding very differently in Republican- and Democratic-leaning parts of the country. That disconnect is already shaping, even distorting, the nation’s response to this unprecedented challenge."

The German government signs off on taking on billions in new debt as part of an unprecedented $800 billion package to cushion the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic

basically the only chance we’ve got is coronavirus gets him

Bill de Blasio is on the TV right now begging anyone who can get NYC a ventilator to get him one, even private citizens-says the federal government has only a few days left to deliver the promised supplies or many people will die. This is insane.

Gov. Pritzker on CNN: "When I'm competing with foreign countries for my state's needs to keep the people of the U.S. alive, that's just wrong, and the president, although he says he's invoked the Production Act ... he signed something, but then he hasn't actually invoked it."

Cannot draw enough attention to this chart of nationwide unemployment claims as of Thursday. Stunning.

President Trump’s dithering on preparing us for this global pandemic and his lies about his response to this dangerous crisis is one of the most unjustifiable failures of presidential leadership in American history.

This is a US Senator that gets paid almost $200k taxpayer dollars a year. I truly hope people look at these public servants and see them for the bottom feeders that they are.@JohnCornyn needs to loose his seat. Disgraceful.

Mr. President, you need to stop watching so much tv. We have a national crisis on our hands, and you're in charge of the nation.

Those reporters have families and loved ones who they desperately want to stay healthy. They want you to s͟u͟c͟c͟e͟e͟d͟ and begin thinking more about Americans’ lives than yourself. Mr. President, everyone’s life depend on your solutions for this pandemic, not your self-pity.

China’s top envoy to the U.S. breaks with the foreign ministry on the virus, refusing to promote theories that it originated in an American military lab

China warns Malaria drug Trump’s touting as coronavirus Tx. can be deadly. In February, China recommended the malaria drug chloroquine to treat infected patients. *But just days later—cautioned doctors/health officials about the drug’s deadly side effects.

Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve”

U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo arrives in Kabul

"We’re all building the airplane as we fly.. It would be nice to have a national strategy.” A growing gulf b/w White House and leaders on pandemic front lines who fear @realdonaldTrump lacks a coherent plan to confront the crisis

“U.S. intel agencies were issuing ominous, classified warnings in Jan. & Feb. about the global danger posed by the coronavirus while Trump & lawmakers played down the threat and failed to take action that might have slowed the spread of the pathogen...”

This is a disaster. Some on these trains will get seriously ill. Others will infect and possibly kill vulnerable people. The voluntary just isn’t working. Not enough people are following government directives. And it will inevitably lead to involuntary enforcement.

US Secret Service employee tests positive for coronavirus

"Return to work" is clearly coming, folks. You're going to hear a growing drumbeat of economy over public health. "Cure worse than disease." Acceptable levels of death.

So trump's slush fund lunacy. Going to HIS BUSINESSES, of course. Cruise ships FOREIGN COMPANIES who avoid paying taxes TO BEGIN WITH.. money off shore. There will be NO oversight, of course. Deja vu when companies did stock buy backs, closed factories WHILE GETTING TAX BREAKS!

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Here’s the problem. After 15 days, people still would not want to go on a cruise ship, fly, sit at a crowded restaurant etc. This behavior change will slow our economy for a long time. That’s why the @GOP stimulus plan is far too small & too short.

“I’ve said it for weeks now. Mr President, I’ll say it again: This is not an economic crisis; this is a health care crisis. If you will do everything that’s required to take care of the health care crisis, then the economic crisis will go away.”

I’m in Washington right now fighting for a major emergency bill that ACTUALLY puts people first: a real medical surge& help for our economy & workers in despair. Our nation’s Governors have rightly called out this administration for its response. We can’t afford more of the same

People should know that if and when there is another crisis, Trump will do this again, possibly worse. The only way to "do better" is you have the capacity to reflect on your actions and have a willingness to improve. Trump has neither...he's a walking Groundhog's Day

Never forget: When the country needed Congress most, Republicans put a $500 billion corporate slush fund in the bill that is meant to provide relief to suffering Americans.

The 2 notorious predators, Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, were reportedly friendly—until Weinstein allegedly made an aggressive sexual move on one of “Epstein’s girls”

Gaynor confirms Trump hasn't used DPA, despite Trump offering several different answers Friday about whether he had. When I asked how many companies he'd directed to up production, he said, "A lot. A lot. And they’re making a lot of ventilators and they’re making a lot of masks."

Update: My father’s best friend 84 has been hospitalized at Lutheran in Brooklyn for 3 days. Today he tested positive for #coronavirus. They are releasing him from the hospital. He isn’t being offered a ventilator. He’s being told to go home. They don’t have a ventilator for him

Trump unleashes late-night Twitter rant suggesting he’ll ‘cure’ coronavirus crisis by sending America back to work


Don’t forget one of our leaders—appointed by Trump—said this.

We’re sorry that our desire to not die is interferin’ with your re-election plans.

In good times & bad, a hot plate of food is vital nourishment for body & soul. Let’s put the restaurant industry’s 15mil workers at the service of ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ to feed elderly, vulnerable families and first responders. With the urgency of now, we’ll make food the solution, not the problem.

At a time of a national crisis, with people sick and dying, Trump is asking us for sympathy because he is allegedly losing billions of dollars for running for president. Incredible.

There’s no sugarcoating it. As Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, said recently: “This is an unmitigated disaster that the administration has brought upon the population.”

Fox News host Steve Hilton last night: “You know that famous phrase, ‘The cure is worse than the disease’? That’s exactly the territory we’re hurtling towards.” Trump later last night: “WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF.”

Sens. Chris Murphy and Brian Schatz are introducing a bill to require Trump to fully use the Defense Production Act to ensure the U.S. has the crucial medical equipment it needs. The bill requires the production of key equipment like ventilators and masks

There are now more confirmed cases of coronavirus in New York City (10,764) than there are in all of South Korea (8,897).

Did he make this kind of offer to Italy? Britain? Poland? France?

Burger King To Offer Free Kids’ Meals During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Taking Precautions at Pot Shops

completely bonkers

President Trump and some of his senior officials are losing patience with the doctors’ orders.

“Fox failed its viewers and the broader public in ways both revealing and potentially lethal,”

why the fuck was Facebook just sitting on 720,000 masks

For years, Trump has been insulating his base against facts and against anything that doesn't come directly from him. He was building up capital for a moment like this, which is why I don't think anything he does now will make his base desert him - and why he could be reelected.

EVERY Democrat participated in the cloture vote today in the Senate. Guess who missed the vote? Bernie Sanders.

Until 1999, when Donald Trump needed a bailout, he turned to Fred Trump. From the mid 2000s until 2016, when Donald Trump needed a bailout, he turned to shadowy oligarchs in Russia. Now it's your turn

Asked about using chloroquine for this, Trump says, "Why should we be testing it in a test tube for a year and a half when we have thousands of people that are very sick, very, very sick, and we can use it on those people?" (Clinical trials are not done via "test tube"...)

Ah, now I understand why Trump hasn't invoked the Defense Production Act (which would compel companies to make what's needed)

BREAKING: Canadian Olympic Committee says not sending athletes if Tokyo Games go ahead as scheduled, calls for 1-year postponement

Some of Italian nurses & doctors after long hours of work in intensive care

About half of rural hospitals operate in the red. Without federal help to offset coronavirus costs, hospital CEOs warn they may close for good. "And yet I hear they're going to bail out the cruise lines?" one says. "Really?"

We need a bill that does more for the working folks who are struggling the most, not no-strings bailouts for corporations. The Senate will get something done for the American people, but we need to stop wasting time on political games.

US now definitely has the steepest slope (highest exponential growth because Y axis is log) in #COVID cases. Also notice Spain ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ Germany and France are all just 7-10 days behind Italy.

How we beat the #coronavirus

With Iran ravaged by virus, U.S. is pressured to ease sanctions

Anthony Fauci interview in Science: "[Some of what Trump is saying just doesn't comport with facts." Fauci: I know, but what do you want me to do? I mean, seriously Jon, let’s get real, what do you want me to do?

worst President eve

Illinois governor tells Trump to "get off Twitter & do your job" instead of "throwing tantrums" amid coronavirus pandemic

Boris Johnson threatens U.K. lockdown as public ignores virus warnings

Bernie Sanders is in Burlington livestreaming a virtual rally while other Senators are in DC voting on the coronavirus relief package. Bernie also missed the March 5 coronavirus vote. Bernie can’t be bothered to do the job he was elected to do. Bernie is MIA