Thursday, August 10, 2017

Trump Brings Shame To America By Praising Putin’s Move To Kick U.S. Diplomats Out Of Russia

CNN fires Jeffrey Lord after Nazi salute tweet

Poll: Majority of Americans think Republicans in Congress are a "failure"

Has Manafort's son-in-law flipped? Manafort's son-in-law met with federal investigators, sources say

Manafort alerted authorities to the Trump Jr.-Russian lawyer meeting, sources say

Trump has caught his generals off guard by questioning whether the effort to stabilize Afghanistan is still worth it

Some erosion in relative US stability given Trump's inconsistency in global affairs

Farmers say worker shortage leaving entire fields in California, other states to rot

Lawrence: Manafort raid means 'probable cause' crime committed

Lawrence O'Donnell explains why Paul Manafort is not the only one who should be very, very worried that the FBI, working with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, raided his house in the middle of the night in search of evidence of a crime.

Opinion: Pence may deny it. But he’s preparing for a post-Trump landscape.

Operation Clean Up Trump’s Mess

FBI also raids office of (Russia defender) Rep. Duncan Hunter's campaign treasurer.

How the FBI raid on Paul Manafort's home went down

Ret. ATF Special Agent Jim Cavanaugh, who worked with Robert Mueller when he was FBI Director, gives a riveting look at the raid on Paul Manafort's home and the likely state of the special counsel's legal case. John Heilemann & Mieke Eoyang join Lawrence O'Donnell.

DOJ: Ex-Manafort Associate Firtash Is Top-Tier Comrade of Russian Mobsters

Trump finds his newest Republican target

After Mitch McConnell publicly questioned Donald Trump's understanding of the legislative process, Trump (of course) hit back on Twitter. Plus, a GOP senator blames McCain's vote against repeal on his brain tumor. John Heilemann joins Lawrence O'Donnell.

US still assessing North Korea nuclear capability

Andrea Mitchell, NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent, talks with Rachel Maddow about whether U.S. intelligence agencies are yet unified on their assessment of North Korea's military capability.

State Dept evades on bizarre Cuba story's 'incidents,' 'symptoms'

Rachel Maddow reports on the array of questions following a report that Cuban diplomats were expelled from the US in relation to Americans in Cuba suffering "symptoms" related to "incidents."

China dodges blame, urges U.S. to stop hurling threats at North Korea

FBI Manafort raid seen as 'shock and awe' moment in Trump-Russia

Carol Leonnig, reporter for The Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about a pre-dawn FBI raid on the house of former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Paul Manafort's son-in-law accused of Ponzi scheme

For all their bluster, white supremacists sure do cry hysterically when others exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

Updated: Devin Nunes Ahead in Contest to Decide the Biggest Damn Fool in the RussiaGate Scandal

Trump’s legal team is no match for Mueller’s

Nixon White House Counsel John Dean Sees Uphill Climb For Trump In Leaks Fight

5 Big Unanswered Questions About The Russia Investigations

43 years ago today. Concise and to the point.

Trump looks to friends to fill important US prosecutor positions

Rachel Maddow notes that Donald Trump is looking at candidates from his own lawyer's firm and Rudy Giuliani's firm to fill prominent U.S. attorney positions that would likely have jurisdiction over investigations into Trump and his associates.