Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This Voting Shit doesn't stop. Voters being turned away in Georgia. Being told they don't live in the district that they do.

Why Donald Trump's idea to strip the IRS is incredibly dumb. Robert Reich

Study supports what Syria eyewitnesses reported, & what Pentagon has denied: U.S. bombed mosque filled w/ civilians

Seriously! America needs to wake up to #Trumprussia ..This Kremlin plot to take over the US is at least a decade old and very well organized

Gov. Walker signs into law bill banning required labor agreements

Rep. Maxine Waters: I Think President Donald Trump Is Going Down | AM Joy

Rep. Maxine Waters joins Joy Reid on the nationwide rallies held Saturday demanding that Donald Trump release his tax returns, and more efforts to resist the Trump presidency.

The Latest: Prime Minister Theresa May has said she is planning to call a general election for June 8.

Ex-CIA operative: We may need a new vote

Turkey just granted Prez Erdogan super powers. State Dept cites "irregularities" in vote. And Prez Trump called Erdogan to offer congrats.

Election Equipment Stolen In Georgia Ahead Of Tuesday’s Special Election

Poor Tiffany Prays To Republican Jebus

News Sources Rated By Credibility